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m807 c10 518 519 1 12 06 3 11 PM Page 519,Vocabulary. Choose the best term from the list to complete each sentence. 1 The term means per hundred,2 A is a comparison of two numbers. 3 In a set of data the is the greatest value minus the. least value ratio, 4 A is in simplest form when its numerator and denominator. have no common factors other than 1, Complete these exercises to review skills you will need for this chapter. Simplify Ratios,Write each ratio in simplest form,5 5 50 6 95 to 19 7.
Write Fractions as Decimals,Write each fraction as a decimal. Write Fractions as Percents,Write each fraction as a percent. 14 8 15 2 16 3,17 4 18 20 19 10 20 5,Operations with Fractions. Add Write each answer in simplest form,3 1 1 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2. 21 8 4 6 22 6 3 9 23 8 4 8 2 24 3 4 5,Multiply Write each answer in simplest form.
3 1 2 6 3 14 13 3,25 8 5 26 3 7 27 7 2,4 11 5 3 27 4 1 30. 29 5 4 30 2 4 31 8 9 32 15 9,Probability 519,m807 c10 520 520 1 12 06 3 11 PM Page 520. Vocabulary Vocabulario,Previously you,combination combinaci n. found the probability of, independent events dependent events sucesos dependientes. experimental probabilidad,constructed sample spaces for.
probability experimental,simple or composite,experiments independent events sucesos. independientes,made inferences based on, analysis of given or collected mutually exclusive mutuamente. data excluyentes,outcome resultado,permutation permutaci n. Study Guide Preview,probability probabilidad,simulation simulaci n. You will study,theoretical probability probabilidad te rica.
finding the probabilities of,independent and dependent. events Vocabulary Connections, selecting and using different To become familiar with some of the. models to simulate an event vocabulary terms in the chapter consider the. following You may refer to the chapter the,using theoretical probabilities. glossary or a dictionary if you like,and experimental results to. make predictions 1 The word dependent means determined. by another What do you think,dependent events are,2 The prefix in means not What do you.
suppose independent events are,You can use the skills. 3 The word simulation comes from the Latin,learned in this chapter. root simulare which means to represent, to make predictions based on What do you think a simulation is in. theoretical and experimental probability,probabilities in science. courses like biology,to learn how to create more,advanced simulations for use.
in fields like computer science,and meteorology,520 Chapter 10. m807 c10 521 521 1 18 06 3 45 PM Page 521,Reading Strategy Learn Math Vocabulary. Mathematics has a vocabulary all its own To learn and remember new. vocabulary words use the following study strategies. Try to figure out the meanings of new words based,on their context. Use a dictionary to look up root words or prefixes. Relate the new word to familiar,everyday words,quartile fo. Use mnemonics or memory tricks to ur,remember the definition outlier out.
Reading and Writing Math,Once you know what a word means write. its definition in your own words variability,Term Study Notes Definition. The root word quart Three values that,Quartile means four divide a data set. into fourths,Relate it to the word A value much greater. Outlier out which means or much less than the,away from a place others in a data set.
Relate it to the The spread or,Variability word variable which amount of change. is a value that can of values in a set,change of data. Complete the table below,Term Study Notes Definition. 1 Systematic sample,3 Quartile,4 Frequency table,Probability 521. m807 c10 522 526 1 12 06 3 11 PM Page 522,10 1 Probability.
Learn to find the An experiment is an activity in which results. probability of an event,are observed Each observation is called a. by using the definition,of probability,trial and each result is called an outcome. The sample space is the set of all possible,outcomes of an experiment. Vocabulary,experiment Experiment Sample space,trial flipping a coin heads tails. outcome rolling a number cube 1 2 3 4 5 6,sample space.
guessing the number of whole numbers,event marbles in a jar. probability,An event is any set of one Event of rolling. impossible Sample space,or more outcomes The an odd number. certain probability of an event is a 1 2 3,number from 0 or 0 to 1 or 5 Outcome of. 100 that tells you how likely 4 6 rolling a 6,the event is to happen.
The probability of an, event can be written A probability of 0 means the event is impossible or can never. as P event happen, A probability of 1 means the event is certain or has to happen. The probabilities of all the outcomes in the sample space add up to 1. Never Happens about Always,happens half the time happens. 0 0 25 0 5 0 75 1,0 25 50 75 100, EXAMPLE 1 Finding Probabilities of Outcomes in a Sample Space. Give the probability for each outcome,The weather forecast shows a Outcome Snow No snow.
30 chance of snow,Probability,The probability of snow is. P snow 30 0 3 The probabilities must add to 1 so the. probability of no snow is P no snow 1 0 3 0 7 or 70. 522 Chapter 10 Probability,m807 c10 522 526 1 12 06 3 11 PM Page 523. Give the probability for each outcome,Outcome Red Yellow Blue. Probability, One half of the spinner is red so a reasonable estimate of the. probability that the spinner lands on red is P red 12. One fourth of the spinner is yellow so a reasonable estimate of. the probability that the spinner lands on yellow is P yellow 14. One fourth of the spinner is blue so a reasonable estimate of the. probability that the spinner lands on blue is P blue 14. Check The probabilities of all the outcomes must add to 1. To find the probability of an event add the probabilities of all the. outcomes included in the event,EXAMPLE 2 Finding Probabilities of Events.
A quiz contains 3 multiple choice questions and 2 true false. questions Suppose you guess randomly on every question The. table below gives the probability of each score,Score 0 1 2 3 4 5. Probability 0 105 0 316 0 352 0 180 0 043 0 004, What is the probability of guessing 4 or more correct. The event 4 or more correct consists of the outcomes 4 and 5. P four or more correct 0 043 0 004,0 047 or 4 7, What is the probability of guessing fewer than 3 correct. The event fewer than 3 correct consists of the outcomes 0 1. P fewer than 3 correct 0 105 0 316 0 352,0 773 or 77 3. What is the probability of failing the quiz getting 0 1 2 or 3. correct by guessing, The event failing the quiz consists of the outcomes 0 1 2 and 3.
P failing the quiz 0 105 0 316 0 352 0 18,0 953 or 95 3. 10 1 Probability 523,m807 c10 522 526 1 12 06 3 11 PM Page 524. EXAMPLE 3 PROBLEM SOLVING APPLICATION, Six students are running for class president Jin s probability of. winning is 18 Jin is half as likely to win as Monica Petra has the. same chance to win as Monica Lila Juan and Marc all have the. same chance of winning Create a table of probabilities for the. sample space,1 Understand the Problem, The answer will be a table of probabilities Each probability will be a. number from 0 to 1 The probabilities of all outcomes add to 1 List. the important information,P Jin 8 P Monica 2P Jin 2 8 4.
P Petra P Monica 4 P Lila P Juan P Marc,2 Make a Plan. You know the probabilities add to 1 so use the strategy write an. equation Let p represent the probability for Lila Juan and Marc. P Jin P Monica P Petra P Lila P Juan P Marc 1,4 4 p p p 8 3p 1. 8 8 Subtract 8 from both sides,3p Multiply both sides by 3. Outcome Jin Monica Petra Lila Juan Marc,1 1 1 1 1 1. Probability,8 4 4 8 8 8,4 Look Back,Check that the probabilities add to 1.
1 1 1 1 1 1,8 4 4 8 8 8,Think and Discuss, 1 Give a probability for each of the following usually sometimes. always never Compare your values with the rest of your class. 2 Explain the difference between an outcome and an event. 524 Chapter 10 Probability,m807 c10 522 526 1 12 06 3 11 PM Page 525. 10 1 Exercises,KEYWORD MT7 10 1,KEYWORD MT7 Parent. GUIDED PRACTICE, See Example 1 1 The weather forecast calls for a 60 chance of rain Give the probability. for each outcome,Outcome Rain No rain,Probability, See Example 2 A game consists of randomly selecting 4 colored ducks from a pond and.
counting the number of green ducks The table gives the probability of. each outcome,Number of Green Ducks 0 1 2 3 4,Probability 0 043 0 248 0 418 0 248 0 043. 2 What is the probability of selecting at most 1 green duck. 3 What is the probability of selecting more than 1 green duck. See Example 3 4 There are 4 teams in a school tournament Team A has a 25 chance. of winning Team B has the same chance as Team D Team C has half. the chance of winning as Team B Create a table of probabilities for the. sample space,INDEPENDENT PRACTICE, See Example 1 5 Give the probability for each outcome. Outcome Red Blue Yellow Green,Probability, See Example 2 Customers at Pizza Palace can order up to 5 toppings on a pizza The table. gives the probabilities for the number of toppings ordered on a pizza. Number of Toppings 0 1 2 3 4 5,Probability 0 205 0 305 0 210 0 155 0 123 0 002. 6 What is the probability that at least 2 toppings are ordered. 7 What is the probability that fewer than 3 toppings are ordered. See Example 3 8 Five students are trying out for the lead role in a school play Kim and. Sasha have the same chance of being chosen Kris has a 30 chance of. being chosen and Lei and Denali are both half as likely to be chosen as. Kris Create a table of probabilities for the sample space. 10 1 Probability 525,m807 c10 522 526 1 12 06 3 11 PM Page 526.
PRACTICE AND PROBLEM SOLVING, Extra Practice Use the table to find the probability of each event. See page 800,Outcome A B C D E,Probability 0 306 0 0 216 0 115 0 363. 9 A C or E occurring 10 B or D occurring,11 A B D or E occurring 12 A not occurring. 13 Consumer A cereal company puts prizes in some of its boxes to attract. shoppers There is a 0 005 probability of getting two tickets to a movie. theater 18 probability of finding a watch 12 5 probability of getting an. action figure and 0 2 probability of getting a sticker What is the. probability of not getting any prize, 14 Critical Thinking You are told there are 4 possible events that may. occur Event A has a 25 chance of occurring event B has a probability of. and events C and D have an equal likelihood of occurring What steps. would you take in order to find the probabilities of events C and D. 15 Give an example of an event that has 0 probability of occurring. 16 What s the Error Two people are playing a game One of them says. Either I will win or you will The sample space contains two outcomes so. we each have a probability of one half What is the error. 17 Write About It Suppose an event has a probability of p What can you. say about the value of p What is the probability that the event will not. occur Explain, 18 Challenge List all possible events in the sample space with outcomes A.
19 Multiple Choice The local weather forecaster said there is a 30 chance. of rain tomorrow What is the probability that it will NOT rain tomorrow. A 0 7 B 0 3 C 70 D 30, 20 Gridded Response A sports announcer states that a runner has an 84. chance of winning a race Give the probability as a fraction in lowest. terms that the runner will NOT win the race,Evaluate the powers of 10 Lesson 4 2. 21 10 4 22 10 1 23 10 5 24 10 7, Find the slope of the line through the given points Lesson 7 5. 25 A 2 5 B 2 4 26 G 4 3 H 5 2 27 R 8 4 S 10 1 28 J 3 2 K 1 2. 526 Chapter 10 Probability,m807 c10 527 530 1 18 06 3 45 PM Page 527. 10 2 Experimental Probability, Learn to estimate Despite the rising price of gasoline sports.
probability using utility vehicles SUV s remain popular The. experimental methods public perception of the safety of SUV s varies. widely The accident rate of SUV s is about the, Vocabulary same as with other vehicles but SUV s tend to. experimental have a higher rate among accidents involving. probability fatalities Insurance companies estimate the. probability of accidents by studying accident,rates for different types of vehicles. In experimental probability the likelihood of an event is estimated. by repeating an experiment many times and observing the number of. times the event happens That number is divided by the total number. of trials The more the experiment is repeated the more accurate the. estimate is likely to be,number of times the event occurs. probability total number of trials,EXAMPLE 1 Estimating the Probability of an Event. After 1000 spins of the spinner the following information was. recorded Estimate the probability of the spinner landing on red. Outcome Blue Red Yellow,Spins 448 267 285,number of spins that landed on red 267.
probability 0 267,total number of spins, The probability of landing on red is about 0 267 or 26 7. A marble is randomly drawn out of a bag and then replaced The. table shows the results after 100 draws Estimate the. Reading and Writing Math m807 c10 521 521 1 18 06 3 45 PM Page 521 522 Chapter 10 Probability 10 1 Probability Learn to find the probability of an event by using the definition of probability Vocabulary certain impossible probability event sample space outcome trial experiment An is an activity in which results are observed Each observation is called a and each result is called an The

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