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SKA TEL SE CONF SKO PR 001,Revision 1,DOCUMENT HISTORY. Revision Date Of Issue Engineering Change Comments. A 2013 03 01 First draft release for internal review. B 2013 02 20 Changes following review,C 2013 02 25 Implementation added section 6 6. D 2013 02 26 Figure 2 added,E 2013 02 28 Editorial. 1 2013 03 10 Released for RfP,DOCUMENT SOFTWARE,Package Version Filename. Wordprocessor MsWord Word 2007 SKA TEL SE CONF SKO PR 001 E Change Proc docx. Block diagrams,ORGANISATION DETAILS,Name SKA Organisation.
Registered Address Jodrell Bank Observatory,Lower Withington. Macclesfield,United Kingdom,Registered in England Wales. Company Number 07881918,Website www skatelescope org. 2013 03 10 Page 2 of 19,SKA TEL SE CONF SKO PR 001. Revision 1,TABLE OF CONTENTS,1 INTRODUCTION 6,1 1 Purpose of the document 6.
1 2 Scope of the document 6,2 REFERENCES 7,2 1 Applicable documents 7. 2 2 Reference documents 7,2 3 Glossary 7,3 ENGINEERING CHANGE PROPOSAL ECP 8. 3 1 What is an ECP 8,3 2 When is an ECP Minor 8,3 3 When is an ECP Major 8. 3 4 When is an ECP System Level 9,3 5 Identifying an ECP 9. 4 THE ECP PROCESS AT GLANCE 9,4 1 The simplified process for Minor ECPs 12.
4 2 The enhanced process for System Level ECPs 12,4 3 The Fast Track for urgent ECPs 12. 5 ROLES 12,5 1 SKA Configuration Manager CM 12,5 2 ECP Initiator 13. 5 3 SKA Consortium Project Manager CPM and the Element Project Manager EPM 13. 5 4 SKA Element System Engineer ESE 13,5 5 Configuration Control Board CCB 14. 5 6 Change Review Board CRB 14,5 7 ECP Implementer s 14. 5 8 SKA Product Assurance PA 15,6 THE CHANGE PROPOSAL PROCESS 15.
6 1 Creating an ECP 15,6 2 First technical managerial analysis 16. 6 3 Classification of an ECP 16, 6 4 If needed Detailed technical managerial analysis 17. 6 5 Final decision 17,6 6 ECP closing 18,6 7 Rejected ECP 18. 6 8 Implementation 18,6 9 Time table 18,7 ECP FORMS DEFINITION 19. 2013 03 10 Page 3 of 19,SKA TEL SE CONF SKO PR 001.
Revision 1,LIST OF FIGURES,Figure 1 The normal ECP work flow 10. Figure 2 The ECP work flow diagram 11,LIST OF TABLES. Table 1 Glossary 7,Table 2 Timetable 19,2013 03 10 Page 4 of 19. SKA TEL SE CONF SKO PR 001,Revision 1,LIST OF ABBREVIATIONS. AD Applicable Document,AN Another,CCB Configuration Control Board.
CI Configuration Item,CM Configuration Manager,CPM Consortium Project Manager. CRB Change Review Board,CSE Consortium System Engineer. ECP Engineering Change Proposal,E ELT European Extremely Large Telescope. EPM Element Project Manager,ESE Element System Engineer. EX Example,RD Reference Document,SEMP System Engineering Management Plan.
SKA Square Kilometre Array,TBC To be confirmed,TBD To be determined. TBR To be reviewed,TBS To be supplied,WBS Work Breakdown Structure. WP Work Package,2013 03 10 Page 5 of 19,SKA TEL SE CONF SKO PR 001. Revision 1,1 Introduction,1 1 Purpose of the document. This document details the process of handling Engineering Change Proposals ECPs from their. creation to final decision, This procedure is the implementation of the Change Management concepts defined in RD1 and it is.
mandatory for every ECP generated for the SKA project either from SKA internally or by a. Consortium, Change Requests generated within Contracts and that have no impact on any SKA Configuration. Item i e any CI that has been subject of any Consortium SKA activity are handled according to the. Consortium s procedure defined in the Consortium specific Configuration Control Plan This. procedure can be used as guideline for such localized procedures. 1 2 Scope of the document, The handling of Requests for Waiver Requests for Deviation and Contract Amendments are not in. the scope of this procedure, The applicability of this procedure to ECPs against high level documents such as the Design. Reference Mission RD3 and the Concept of Operations RD4 is TBC. This document is based upon RD2,2013 03 10 Page 6 of 19. SKA TEL SE CONF SKO PR 001,Revision 1,2 References.
2 1 Applicable documents, The following documents are applicable to the extent stated herein In the event of conflict between. the contents of the applicable documents and this document the applicable documents shall take. precedence, AD1 SKA Document Management Plan SKA TEL MGT DMT SKO MP 001. AD2 Work Breakdown Structure,2 2 Reference documents. The following documents are referenced in this document In the event of conflict between the. contents of the referenced documents and this document this document shall take precedence. RD1 System Engineering Management Plan, RD2 ESO E ELT Change Request Procedure E PRO SKA 156 0119 Issue 2 22 10 2008. RD3 The Square Kilometre Array Design Reference Mission SKA Phase 1 SCI. 020 010 020 DRM 002, RD4 Concept of Operations for the SKA Observatory SKA TEL SE OPS SKO COO 001 0 A.
2 3 Glossary,Term Meaning in this document, Configuration A product or a documentation artefact created or used by the SKA. Item Project that is under configuration management. Initial change A change request made in isolation and not made as a consequence of. a change already proposed but not yet approved, Consequential A change request made for consideration as it is necessitated by a prior. change proposed request,Table 1 Glossary,2013 03 10 Page 7 of 19. SKA TEL SE CONF SKO PR 001,Revision 1,3 Engineering Change Proposal ECP. 3 1 What is an ECP, An ECP expresses the need for a permanent change of one or more Configuration Items The.
rationale for a change could be one or more of the following. Functional Performance improvement or correction,Change of interfaces. New requirements, A change in schedule and or costs above a certain threshold TBD. The ECP process is the formal way to evaluate and to assess possible impacts that a proposed. change will have on,Performance,Full lifecycle cost. Interfaces to other Elements or the external world. According to their impact ECPs are classified as either Minor Major or System Level based on an. evaluation by the SKA Chief System Engineer SKA Architect SKA Project Manager and following. guidelines provided by the SKA Configuration Control Board see below. All ECPs are considered initially to be associated with an Element even if the proposed CI change is. at System level This ensures that the appropriate technical expertise is involved at the outset. Minor ECPs are handled with a simplified process, The final and only authority to decide on the acceptance of a change is the SKA Configuration. Control Board ECPs that are delayed by the action or inaction of the proposer without justified. reasons are deemed to be closed rejected,3 2 When is an ECP Minor.
An ECP is classified as Minor if at system level the impact is within all the following limits. Total cost impact less than 10 000 Euro including costs associated with schedule. Schedule deviation of less than 1 month of delay at Element level. Performance deviation at Telescope level is negligible typically within 2 with respect to. performance requirements at the discretion of the SKA Architect. All necessary initially proposed consequential changes are confined to one Element. No interfaces external to the Element are affected. This definition is subject to variation by CCB action. 3 3 When is an ECP Major, An ECP is classified as Major if it is outside the boundaries set for a Minor one AND all changes are. confined to one Element OR if despite falling within the Minor limits the SKA Chief System. 2013 03 10 Page 8 of 19,SKA TEL SE CONF SKO PR 001. Revision 1, Engineer SKA Architect and SKA Project Manager vote for it to be referred to a Change Review. This definition is subject to variation by CCB action. 3 4 When is an ECP System Level, An ECP is classified as System Level when the proposed changes affect more than one Element. This definition is subject to variation by CCB action. 3 5 Identifying an ECP, Each ECP will be identified by a unique document number generated by the SKA Office according to.
the SKA document numbering scheme AD1, The process involves several steps whose execution is the responsibility of various roles within the. SKA Office orchestrated by the SKA Office Configuration Manager each providing a separate. contribution form Each form uses the unique ECP document number as root for the identification. plus a suffix to identify the specific part, At the end of the process all parts are collected and consolidated into a single document under the. unique ECP document number,4 The ECP process at glance. The ECP process described in this procedure is the means by which a proposed permanent change is. Fully motivated,Fully and unambiguously described, Thoroughly analysed to assess technical feasibility and managerial suitability as well as to. have the best estimate on both positive and negative expected impacts. Formally discussed to achieve a sound decision on whether to accept and implement the. proposed change in the project, All changes to configuration items shall be handled via the ECP process but as not all changes may.
have the same level of impact the procedure foresees a simplified path for Minor ECPs being those. the ones with a limited impact, For urgent ECPs a Fast Track process is given below 4 3. Following sections provide the detailed definition of the roles the activities and the tools forms. involved during the processing of an ECP A map of the ECP process is shown below. 2013 03 10 Page 9 of 19,SKA TEL SE CONF SKO PR 001. Revision 1,Element PM Element SE,Initiator PM Consortium. or Element,Configuration Control Board,6 Configuration Manager. Configuration Control Board,Change Review Board,Figure 1 The normal ECP work flow.
Steps in the normal workflow, 1 Need for a permanent change identified ECP definition and scope formalised by joint action. between Consortium PM if from a Consortium or Element Project Manager if from outside. a Consortium and the initiator A complete and procedurally satisfactory ECP is then. submitted to the Configuration Manager Any proposal for Fast Track processing is agreed. 2 First technical managerial assessment EPM recommendation for classification System. Level Major Minor Fast Track status and follow up Accept Reject ask for a CRB. 3 Based on EPM recommendation CCB goes either for a final decision System. Level Major Minor Accepted Rejected or to follow up with a detailed analysis If a final. decision is reached step 4 and 5 are skipped, 4 The Change Review Board performs technical and managerial detailed analysis providing. final recommendation, 5 Final decision of the CCB on CRB recommendation If CCB unsatisfied return to CRB for. further work return to step 4, 6 Decision recorded by CM and transmitted to initiator for implementation Implementation is. then monitored until completion criteria are met the Chairman of the CCB signs it off and. the CM archives the whole record,2013 03 10 Page 10 of 19.
Is ECP Classify Is ECP Major or, Draft ECP Submit ECP Register ECP classification Nominate CRB. compliant Prioritise ECP System,Is ECP Register, Notify initiator CCB disposition Is ECP minor Conduct CCB 1. rejected disposition,Conduct CRB,implementation,Implementation Register. recommendation,NO Is implementation,verified Is ECP System. Conduct CCB 3,NO Are all associated ECPs,processed recommended.
for approval,satisfied YES,Register as closed,Conduct CCB 2. Figure 2 The ECP work flow diagram, Figure 2 shows a flow diagram reflecting the sequences for Minor Major and System level ECPs CCB. 1 CCB 2 and CCB 3 refer to meetings of the Configuration Control Board for the purposes of. ratifying the initial assessment ratifying the Change Review Board recommendations and closing out. the ECP process following a completed implementation respectively. 4 1 The simplified process for Minor ECPs, If the SE recommendation is endorsed by the CCB steps 4 and 5 are skipped. 4 2 The enhanced process for System Level ECPs, System Level ECPs affect the cost schedule interfaces performance development design or. operations of more than one Element This fact may be recognised at the outset or may not emerge. until analysis has been carried out In both cases the consequential changes are entered into the. change management process by the Element Project Manager and treated according to their. classification These consequential ECPs progress up to the approval stage and are held until all. other associated ECPs have been similarly processed The CCB will then approve or reject the initial. ECP along with all the associated ECPs,4 3 The Fast Track for urgent ECPs.
In exceptionally urgent cases the SKA Element Project Manager can provide rationale and ask for. immediate submission of the ECP to CCB fast track, In this case and with reference to the previous page step 2 is skipped and the ECP goes directly to. the CCB step 3 CCB can take a final decision or send back the ECP to the normal flow step 2. The ECP process involves the following roles,Configuration Manager CM. Consortium Project Manager CPM possibly supported by the Consortium System.

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