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Certified Medical Administrative Assistant CMAA,Table of Contents. DESCRIPTION 3,FEATURES 3 EDUCATOR,IMPLEMENTATION,IMPLEMENTATION STRATEGIES 4. Where to Start, Mapping the National Certification Test to Course Curriculum. Using the Certification Prep Study Guide,Why to use the materials. How to use the materials,Recommended time,In the Classroom General Instructional Strategies.
General instructional strategies for educators,Active instructional strategies for educators. PRODUCT SUPPORT 6,TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS 7,REFERENCES 7. www atialliedhealth com 2015 Assessment Technologies Institute Inc. Certified Medical Administrative Assistant CMAA,Description. The goal of the Certified Medical Administrative Assistant CMAA Learning Certified. Package 2 0 is to provide directed preparation for the CMAA certification. STUDY GU t CCMA, exam and to instill the knowledge and standards needed for excellence in. medical administrative assistant practice IMPLEMENTATION. Preparation materials include an online or printed study guide and three. online practice assessments These materials may be purchased separately. but this implementation guide refers to using the study guide in conjunction. with the practice assessments as a suite of preparation resources. While certification is important certification candidates are often anxious to sit for. exams The CMAA study guide and practice assessments will help prepare certification. candidates for the exam and reduce test anxiety These materials are not meant as. replacement for career training and education in field. The study guide available in both printed and online formats focuses on the principles of medical. administrative assistant practice as aligned with the CMAA exam blueprint The online version includes. audio video and animation to engage various learning styles. Pop up and drill questions with rationales reinforce learning. Illustrations images and tables help explain and clarify concepts. The glossary allows certification candidates to review definitions of selected terms. Case studies provide real world critical thinking practice. Online practice assessments match the CMAA exam blueprint and provide rationales for each question. Focused Review is provided for remediation based on practice assessment results. Built in progress tracking features are included for educators and students. The study guide is not intended to have a 1 1 match with the certification. exam It is intended to provide a categorical review of the general content. areas included on the test outline It is not a comprehensive review for all. questions included on the exam Test takers should have completed a program. of study in the area being tested or have recent work experience to draw from. www atialliedhealth com 2015 Assessment Technologies Institute Inc. Certified Medical Administrative Assistant CMAA,Implementation Strategies.
Where to Start, MAPPING THE NATIONAL CERTIFICATION TEST TO COURSE CURRICULUM IMPLEMENTATION. Course curriculum extends beyond the national certification test plan GUIDE. www nhanow com test plans aspx but this can help to ensure all certification exam content will be. covered throughout the duration of the course, Certification preparation materials should be used in addition to existing course curriculum but never. as a replacement for course curriculum,Using the Certification Prep Study Guide. WHY USE THE MATERIALS, Promote certification candidate s success in medical administrative assistant education. Facilitate content mastery,Help certification candidates improve confidence.
Supports certification candidate understanding and review of competencies. Teach essential medical administrative assistant practice skills. Advocate certification candidate self learning, Enforce critical thinking and application of knowledge with case studies. Provide review materials to assist with preparation for CMAA exam. Study guide can be viewed in printed or online format for customized learning. Online practice assessments provide test questions and answers to assess learning. Glossary reinforces vocabulary,Support faculty teaching practices. Assign selected chapters as an adjunct to lecture in an aligning course. Assess and reinforce the effectiveness of in class presentations. www atialliedhealth com 2015 Assessment Technologies Institute Inc. Certified Medical Administrative Assistant CMAA,Implementation Strategies continued. HOW TO USE THE MATERIALS, Administer the first online practice assessment EDUCATOR. A certification candidate s first attempt on the practice assessment should be done toward the end. IMPLEMENTATION,of the program GUIDE, Data suggests the first practice assessment should be administered 10 to 50 days prior to the.
certification exam date, Give certification candidates ample time to review any content areas that provided challenges on the. practice assessment, As the practice assessment mirrors the certification exam in length and format it is recommended to. disable the rationales for a certification candidate s first attempt. Direct certification candidates to use the study guide. The study guide provides a review of core subjects on the national certification test plan. The study guide may be used as supplementary material throughout the course but leveraging. these resources in a closer proximity to the exam date data suggests within 2 weeks can help keep. tutorial content fresh in the certification candidate s mind. Administer additional online practice assessments, The last practice assessment should be administered in close proximity to the NHA certification. exam date Data suggest within 5 days, Administering the last practice assessment close to the NHA certification exam can keep the. candidate more engaged as well as reduce test anxiety through increased familiarity with the. exam format, As a candidate may attempt each practice assessment twice ATI Allied Health advises administrators.
leave at least 10 days in between practice assessments encouraging the use of Focused Review. between attempts, Additional attempts can help mitigate test anxiety but upward movement in scoring especially. when practice assessments are taken in very close proximity to one another may not indicate. increased exam readiness but rather could be a result of answer memorization. Leverage reporting tools to assess certification candidate s learning. Administrators can use ATI Allied Health s reporting tools to identify trends at the candidate. class program or institution level to determine content areas that appear to present certification. candidates with the greatest challenges and then provide additional support and training on. these topics,RECOMMENDED TIME,Study Guide with Case Studies 6 hours. Chapter Drill Questions 1 hour 30 minutes,Practice Assessment 1 hour 40 minutes. www atialliedhealth com 2015 Assessment Technologies Institute Inc. Certified Medical Administrative Assistant CMAA,Implementation Strategies continued. In the Classroom General Instructional Strategies, GENERAL INSTRUCTIONAL STRATEGIES FOR EDUCATORS IMPLEMENTATION.
Read the study guide to know exactly what topics are covered and in what order GUIDE. Inform certification candidates where policies and procedures differ from the study guide. Supplement the study guide with handouts that explain the rules and regulations of your state. Consider adding common certification candidate questions with detailed answers and explanations. to each chapter, Highlight real world application of knowledge and skills from your experiences in medical. administrative assisting, Conduct assessments of material mastered and as opportunities for setting goals for improvement. Assign a project that pertains to news stories or current events If new legislation is in the news ask. certification candidates to research the topic,Use the practice questions in the chapters. Keep in mind that adult learners often do better with hands on learning. Encourage questions from certification candidates, Meet one on one to talk about progress and challenges. Invite a past certification candidate who recently passed the exam to visit the class and talk about his. or her experience and best practice for preparation. ACTIVE INSTRUCTIONAL STRATEGIES FOR EDUCATORS, Have certification candidates teach the new concepts to the class.
Assign readings and follow up the next day with tasks that relate to the subject matter of. the chapter, Create index cards with questions from the chapter and have each certification candidate. read the question and teach the content to the class After each lesson request that the group. provide feedback, Whenever possible break facts into segments Larger lessons become more manageable when. broken into segments,Product Support, At ATI Allied Health we pride ourselves on timely effective support to meet your needs Please contact us. at 800 499 9092 if you need assistance with this product. www atialliedhealth com 2015 Assessment Technologies Institute Inc. Certified Medical Administrative Assistant CMAA,Technical Requirements. For optimal testing experience we recommend a wired network connection Full system. requirements are available at http www atialliedhealth com TechnicalRequirements aspx EDUCATOR. IMPLEMENTATION,References, Aging With Dignity Retrieved July 8 2014 from http www agingwithdignity org.
AHIMA s long term care health information practice documentation guidelines Retrieved July 11. 2014 from http ahimaltcguidelines pbworks com w page 46493963 Record 20Systems 2C 20. Organization 20and 20Maintenance, American Health Information Management Association 2011 Record Systems organization and. maintenance Retrieved July 29 2014 from http ahimaltcguidelines pbworks com w page 46493963. Record 20Systems 2C 20Organization 20and 20Maintenance. Assurant Health Frequently asked health insurance questions Retrieved July 29 2014 from. http www assuranthealth com corp ah Customers health insurance questions htm. Booth K A Whicker L G Wyman T D Pugh D J Thompson S 2009 Medical Assisting. Administrative and Clinical Procedures 3rd Edition Chapter 12 Scheduling Appointments Powerpoint. Slide 17 New York McGraw Hill Companies, Bostwick P and Weber H 2013 Medical terminology A programmed approach 2nd Ed New York. McGraw Hill Companies Inc, Casto A B and Forrestal E 2013 Principles of healthcare reimbursement 4th Ed pp 75 Chicago IL. AHIMA Press, Centers for Medicare Medicaid Services 2013 November Advance beneficiary notice of. noncoverage ABN Retrieved July 29 2014 from http www cms gov Outreach and Education. Medicare Learning Network MLN MLNProducts downloads abn booklet icn006266 pdf. Centers for Medicare Medicaid Services April 2013 ICD 10 CM PCS The next generation of. coding Retrieved June 17 2014 from https www cms gov Medicare Coding ICD10 downloads. ICD 10Overview pdf, Centers for Medicare Medicaid Services Rev 2013 Dec 27 Medicare claims processing manual.
Chapter 26 Retrieved July 22 2014 from http www cms gov Regulations and Guidance Guidance. Manuals downloads clm104c26 pdf, Equal Rights Center 2011 Ill prepared Health care s barriers for people with disabilities Retrieved July 29. 2014 from http www equalrightscenter org site DocServer Ill Prepared pdf docID 561. Geisinger Health Plan UB 04 claim form instructions Retrieved July 22 2014 from https. www thehealthplan com documents providers ub04 instructions pdf. Ill Prepared Health Care s Barriers for People with Disabilities 2010 Washington D C The Equal. Rights Center Retrieved July 8 2014 from http www equalrightscenter org site DocServer Ill. Prepared pdf docID 561, www atialliedhealth com 2015 Assessment Technologies Institute Inc. Certified Medical Administrative Assistant CMAA,References continued. Insure com August 3 2012 Birthday rule determines health insurance coverage Retrieved June 17. 2014 from http www insure com articles healthinsurance birthday rule html EDUCATOR. IMPLEMENTATION, Jobs Descriptions 2008 Back office medical assistant job description and responsibilities Retrieved June. 17 2014 from http www jobsdescriptions org assistant back office medical assistant html GUIDE. Lindh W Pooler M Tamparo C Dahl B Morris J 2013 Delmar s comprehensive medical assisting. Administrative and clinical competencies Independence KY Cengage Learning. Milum Corporation 2012 Appointment scheduling with Office Tracker http www officetracker com html. appointmentscheduling html, National Institutes of Health HIPAA Privacy Rule information for researchers Retrieved July 22 2014 from.
http privacyruleandresearch nih gov pr 06 asp, PBworks 2011 Young Adams A P 2011 Kinn s The administrative medical assistant An applied learning. approach 7th Ed St Louis MO Elsevier Saunders, Reimbursement Concepts University The insurance verification process Retrieved June 17 2014 from. http www rcuonline net images InsuranceVerificationProcess pdf. Sanderson S M 2012 Computers in the medical office 8th Ed New York McGraw Hill. Sayles Nanette B Ed 2013 Health information management technology An applied approach 4th ed. Chicago American Health Information Management Association. Silver L 2013 The Practice Solution Magazine Five steps to HIPAA Privacy Rule compliance. http magazine thepracticesolution net 2005 05 five steps to hipaa privacy rule com. CErTIfIEd MEdICAL AdMInIsTrATIvE AssIsTAnT CMAA Description The goal of the Certified Medical Administrative Assistant CMAA Learning Package 2 0 is to provide directed preparation for the CMAA certification exam and to instill the knowledge and standards needed for excellence in medical administrative assistant practice

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