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Track type Tractor steering,Hydraulically actuated multiple disc oil clutches. require no adjustment Oil cooled contracting band, transmission brakes are hydraulically boosted Mechanical parking brake. Power shift Planetary type power shift with 21 Clutch and brake assemblies can be serviced as a unit. 530 mm diameter high torque capacity oil clutches fin l drives. Speci l valve permits unrestricted speed and direction changes. under full load Crown shaved double reduction fin l drive gears. Filtered full pressure lubrication and Duo Cone, Single stage torque converter with output torque divider floating ring seals Sprockets with bolt on replaceable rim. combines smoothness and economy Connected to transmis segments. sion by double universal joint for unit construction to provide. servicing ease l track roller frame,Forward Speed Reverse. Reverse Reinforced box section construction Welded on. Gear MPH km h MPH km h l track guiding guards with bolt on replaceable wear. 1 0 2 5 4 0 0 3 1 5 0 strips Outside mounted carrier rollers Lifetime Lubricated. 2 0 4 4 7 1 0 5 4 8 7 rollers and idlers,13 5 Number of rollers each id 7.
3 0 6 8 10 9 0 8 4,Oscillation at front idler 15 7 399 mm. Drawbar P li Sealed and Lubricated Track,kilogram pounds. in lOOOs in lOOOs Sealed and Lubricated Track surrounds the track. l pin with lubricant to virtually eliminate internal. 50 bushing wear Lubricant is held in pl ce by a sealing arrange. ment consisting of a polyurethane seal and a rubber load ring. Additional lubricant is contained in a reservoir drilled into. 40 Drawbar P li the track pin Extends undercarriage maintenance intervals. and reduces costs Split master link standard Hydraulic track. Ground Speed adjusters standard,i GEAR Number of shoes each id 41. Width of standard shoe 22 560 mm,Length of track on ground 124 3150 mm. Ground contact area, i 2 id GEAR with standard shoes 5 437 sq in 3 51 m2.
X Grouser height from ground face,GEAR of shoe 3 06 78 mm. service refill capacities,i i i i i i i i 1 i U S Gallons litres. km h Fuel tank 170 640,Cooling syst m 32 121,Lubrication systems. Usable p li will depend on traction and equipped weight of tractor Diesel engine crankcase 8 7 32 9. Direct drive Constant mesh with helical gears and fast for Power shift transmission bevel gear. ward reverse shift Filtered cooled full pressure lubrication and steering clutch compartments. Unit construction for servicing ease includes torque converter 31 117. Flywheel clutch has three metallic faced plates with hydrau Direct drive transmission flywheel. lically boosted over center engagement Clutch lubricated clutch steering clutch and bevel. and cooled by pressure circulated oil Connected to the trans gear compartments 35 132. mission by double universal joint Fin l drives each 9 5 36 0. Speeds and drawbar p l Weight approximate,Forward Reverse. Gear MPH km h MPH km h, l 1 7 2 7 1 7 2 7 Shipping includes lubricants coolant and 10 fuel.
2 2 2 3 5 2 2 3 5 Power shift 54 700 Ib 24810 kg,3 3 0 4 8 3 0 4 8 Direct drive 53 500 Ib 24270 kg. 4 3 9 6 3 4 0 6 4 Shipping includes above plus ROPS canopy. 5 5 1 8 2 5 1 8 2 Power shift 56 400 Ib 25 580 kg,Direct drive 55 200 Ib 25040 kg. 6 7 0 11 3 7 1 11 4, Operating includes lubricants coolant full fuel tank hydrau. Drawbar P li Forward lic control 8S Bulldozer ROPS canopy and oper tor. At Rated RPM Maximum at Lug Power shift 70 500 Ib 31 980 kg. Gear Lb kg Lb kg Direct drive 69 300 Ib 31430 kg,l 56 000 25 400 71 730 32 540. 18930 53 830 24 420,3 28 640 12 990 37 380 16 955, 4 20 650 9370 27 340 12 400 ROPS canopy is standard in U S A only.
5 14 580 ROPS Rollover Protective Structure offered by Caterpillar. 6610 19 720 8945, for this machine meet ROPS criteria SAE J395 SAE J1040a. 6 9 010 4090 12 730 5770 and ISO 3471 They also meet FOPS Falling Object Protec. Usable p li will depend on traction and equipped weight of tractor tive Structure criteria SAE J231 and ISO 3449. Rugged undercarriage design means less downtime,lower maintenance costs. Split master link Oil reservoir Main frame,Pos tivesea. Track link, Sealed and Lubricated Track can greatly reduce undercarriage Rugged undercarriage delivers long service life with minimum. maintenance and expense A speci l sealing arrangement main maintenance. tains an oil film between pin and bushing contact surfaces Pinned equalizer bar prevents excessive lateral movement of. virtually eliminating internal wear The thicker bushing has track roller frames thus reducing bending stresses in. longer external wear life And the pin contains an oil reservoir sprocket shaft and misalignment of fin l drive gears and. in the center for continuous lubing Sealed and Lubricated bearings. Track potentially extends component life and noticeably re Strong diagon l braces are built from heat treated steel for. duces track noise strength and durability, Main frame has a heavy st steel saddle blended into the.
Split master link makes installation and breaking of track less id of the deep frame for improved strength and durability. time consuming Serrated two piece link is held in pl ce by Fin l drives h ve nickel alloy steel bull gears for strength and. bolts which fasten the track shoe to each link Split master life. link is standard,Serviceability,Reliable Cat built less time on maintenance. power train power you can depend on easier repair,Injection capsules. Planet gears, Cat 0342 Diesel Engine with 1 246 Planetary power shift transmission per Bolt on sprocket rim segments sav on. cu in 20 4 litres displacement mits on the go shifting for quick speed repair costs and reduce downtime Re. delivers 300 flywheel horsepower for and direction changes Large diameter rimming can be don in the field. productive dozing ripping push loading clutch packs which surround inherently without breaking the track o removing. o skidding And it includes many time balanced planetary gearing are hydrau the roller frame. proven benefits of Cat diesel power lically modulated to smoothly absorb. Adjustment free fuel syst m has in shift torque loads. dividual injection pumps and injec,tors that precisely meter the proper. amount of fuel for peak performance,Turbocharging packs more air into.
the cylinders for more complete com,bustion more power. Built in convenience comfort and protection,mean more oper tor efficiency. Hand steering braking,hydraulic valve group, Steering clutch Caterpillar Modular Cab option features. brake assemblies controls completely elf contained in. the cab unit permitting entire cab to,tilt rearward for servicing power train. components underneath Cab is an, Combined hand lever hydraulic steering Controls mean that oper tor can both dis integr l all welded ROPS connected to.
engage steering clutches and apply brakes with the hand levers P li back slightly the frame with rubber mountings to. for gradual turn back all the way for pivot turn Hydraulically boosted mechan reduce noisy vibration Structure meets. ical foot pedals are retained for times when oper tor may prefer them Both sys all current OSHA U S A require. tems can be u ed independently o oper tor can combine clutching with the hand ments for oper tor rollover protection. levers and braking with the foot pedals to precisely control speed and turning rate Included with cab are many standard. Mechanical brake linkage provides an emergency backup syst m in ase of hydrau oper tor efficiency features padded. lic syst m failure seat air pressurizer with filter tinted. glass windshield wipers swing open,id windows Air conditioner and. heater are available options, Increased machine versatility with rugged Cat built attachments. No 8 Series D Rippers are available with, Multishank Ripper either hydraulic tip angle adjustment. for easy operation o manu l adjust,ment for use when you seldom change. tip angle Single shank ripper has,optional hydraulic pin puller to adjust.
shank length from operator a seat,Multishank ripper shown at left lets. you choose on two o three shanks,depending on job conditions. Optional Cat 58 Winch operates with,only on lever for easy control of reel. in reel out inching and braking Drum,speeds are matched to tractor ground. speeds in Ist gear so cable unwinds,smoothly There s also easy access for.
Ripper specifications servicing the brakes and gear train. Maximum Weight Weight,Clearance without tractor with. Beam Cross Maximum Raised Shank hydraulic 8S blade. Ripper Width Section Penetration under tip Positions controls and ripper. Single shank 4 6 17 x 19 47 39 4 10 020 Ib 80 800 Ib. standard 1370 mm 432 x 483 mm 1190 mm 990 mm 4550 kg 36 650 kg. Single shank 4 6 17 x 19 69 39 6 11 000 Ib 81 6001b. deep ripping 1370 mm 432 x 483 mm 1750 mm 990 mm 4990 kg 37 014 kg. Multishank 8 7 15 x 18 28 32 2 10 330 Ib 81 0001b, 2620 mm 381 x 457 mm 710 mm 810 mm 4690 kg 36 742 kg. Includes hydraulic controls blade tilt cylinder lubricants coolant full fuel tank ROPS canopy oper tor and on shank Add 730 Ib 331 kg for. each additional shank, hydraulic controis Four valves for 8S o 8U Bulldozer tilt and. ripper with hydraulic adjustment 1 300 Ib 590 kg,Complete syst m consists of pump tank filter Pump. valves line linkage and control levers Hydraulic Output 1000 psi 69 bar 78 gpm 295 litres min. pilot controis tak most of the effort out of operating the Tilt cylinder flow 22 gpm 83 litres min. ripper and do er tilt levers The six optional hydraulic sys RPM rated engine speed 1885. tems all with external valves include Reli f valve settings. One valve for 8A Bulldozer 950 Ib 430 kg Bulldozer 2400 psi 166 bar. Two valves for 8S o 8U Bulldozer Ripper 2400 psi 166 bar. and tilt 1 165 Ib 528 kg Tilt cylinder 2500 psi 172 bar. Drive Geared from auxiliary drive, Two valves for 8A Bulldozer and Control valve positions.
ripper with manu l adjustment 1 070 Ib 485 kg Bulldozer Raise hold lower float. Three valves for 8A Bulldozer and Ripper Raise hold lower. ripper with hydraulic adjustment 1 175 Ib 533 kg Tilt cylinder Tilt right hold tilt left. Three valves for 8S o 8U Bulldozer tilt Reservoir, and ripper with manu l adjustment 1 280 Ib 580 kg Mounting Fender. Tank capacity 18 5 gallons 70 litres,Rugged D8K bulldozers h ve durable. DH 2 cutting edges and end bits Push,arm braces connect to a sliding center. bal that absorbs id stress on push,arms and blade A single lever controis. all blade movement including tilt,Bulldozer specifications.
Overall Operating,Width Weight,tractor with Digging Ground Maximum tractor with. Blade bulldozer Height Depth Clearance Tilt Weight bulldozer. 8S 13 3 5 0 20 4 7 40 12 080 Ib 70 500 Ib, 4040 mm 1520 mm 510 mm 1400 mm 1020 mm 5480 kg 31 979 kg. 8U 13 11 5 0 20 4 7 41 7 13 310 Ib 71 7001b, 4240 mm 1520 mm 510 mm 1400 mm 1060 mm 6040 kg 32 523 kg. 8A straight 15 6 f 3 8 24 2 4 4 13 11 590 Ib 69 800 Ib. 4720 mm 1120 mm 610 mm 1320 mm 330 mm 5260 kg 31 661 kg. Angled 25 14 0 3 8 31 5 2 13,4270 mm 1120 mm 790 mm 1570 mm 330 mm. Width ov hot cupped end bits Width ov standard forged end bits is 4 102 mm less. tWidth with C frame only is 11 5 3480 mm, Does not include hydraulic controis but 8S and 8U include blade tilt cylinder.
lncludes hydraulic controis blade tilt cylinder 8S and 8U lubricants coolant full fuel tank ROPS canopy and oper tor. dimens ons approximate,Ground clearance from ground. faceof shoe per SAE J894 17 1 434 mm,WITH FOUOWING ATTACHMENTS ADD. Drawbar height from ground face of shoe 21 530 mm TO BASIC TRACTOR IENGTH OF. 17 3 5260 mm,SINGLE SHANK,6 7 2010mm,MULTISHANK,5 0 1520 mm. S DO ER 4 4 1320 mm,U DO ER 5 5 1650mm,A DO ER 4 5 1350mm. T 5 2260 mm,2 8 810 mm, 3050 mm l l 5 3480 mm WITH OPTIONAL SOUND SUPPRESSED ROPS CAB.
CATERPILLAR,standard equipment, Seat belt Turbocharger Reversible fan with automatic belt ten. 24 volt direct electric starting 35 amp altern tor Muf sion adjustment Engine oil cooler Coolant flow warning horn. fit fler Rain cap Fuel priming pump 7 roller track frame Spin on oil and fuel filters Dry type air cleaner and automatic. 22 560 mm grouser tracks 41 section Hydraulic track ad dust ejector Crankcase guard Front p li hook Hinged radi tor. justers Sealed and Lubricated Track Pinned equalizer bar guard Decelerator Forward warning horn U S A only Steel. Rigid drawbar ROPS canopy U S A only Suspension seat fin l drives cases. optional equipment Lighting systems, Four lights for use with ROPS mounting 80 Ib 36 kg. Rear light for use with ripper, with approximate installed weights requires four light syst m 23 Ib 10 kg. Oil change syst m quick service 6 Ib 3 kg, Air conditioner with heater 132 Ib 60 kg Prescreener 6 Ib 3 kg. Without heater 104 Ib 47 kg Radi tor core protector grid 82 Ib 37 kg. Altern tor 50 amp 11 Ib 5 kg Ripper pin puller hydraulic for. Cab ROPS sound suppressed single shank ripper only 137 Ib 62 kg. Power shift 1 110 Ib 500 kg Ripper solid upper link for. Direct drive 1 525 Ib 690 kg manu l shank adjustment 226 Ib 103 kg. Cab accessory group 15 Ib 7 kg Screen for ROPS cab o canopy 64 Ib 29 kg. Canopy ROPS standard in U S A 1 670 Ib 760 kg Seat shock dampening 25 Ib 11 kg. Counterweight rear mounted 3 350 Ib 1520 kg Starting receptacle 3 Ib l kg. Front mounted 2 000 Ib 907 kg Sweep logging 374 Ib 170 kg. CATERPILLAR Track type Tractor Summary of features Turbocharged Cat D342 Engine delivers 300 flywheel horse power keeps full rated power up to 7 500 ft 2300 m altitude Sealed and Lubricated Track greatly reduces interna pin and bushing wear for lower undercarriage maintenance costs Pinned equalizer bar reduces bending stresses in sprocket shaft and misalignment of

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