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Cllr Updates, Cllr Bowles talked about the archaeological site beside Carnoustie High School and how there. had been a significant find of things Some of the soil had been sent away to Glasgow for. examination The dig was likely to be on going for a further 12 weeks Cllr Bowles commented. on how interesting the site was and he was looking forward to seeing what else came from the. Cllr Boyd mentioned that the old Kinloch site had a closing date put on it and that there had. been some offers but nothing confirmed as yet The council will need to consider the offers. decide who the preferred buyer is and get the best price for the site Hopefully by the next. Community Council meeting they will have a better idea as to what decision had been made. Cllr Bowles still believes that we should have a town square of some sort with a multi functional. EO asked the question to both Cllr s if it was true that the phone boxes in Carnoustie were to be. removed Both Cllr Boyd and Cllr Bowles could not confirm what ones if any were to be taken. away but they would be notified and would let the Community Council know. AR thanked Cllr Bowles and Cllr Boyd for attending the meeting and welcomed them to stay or. leave at this point,Matters Arising,Police Report, There was no police representation at tonight s meeting however a report was read out by NR. There had been a good reduction in crime in Angus and only one noted incident in Carnoustie. and that was the theft of a Honda motor cycle Dangerous and anti social parking in Angus was. still an issue and many of the community councillors could identify places in Carnoustie that had. this problem, The police will now send a monthly local community policing area report for us to read out The. report has a section at the end part B where the community council can fill in with any issues. and raise them with the police, The bowling club in Maule street had been damaged there was a smashed shed window signs. had been kicked in bins over turned and flowers destroyed The police had attended but as yet. no one had been caught for the incident that occurred. Financial Report, KN had sent out the financial report to all prior to the meeting There were no issues with the.
report The report was proposed by AE and seconded by DB. Carnoustie Development Group will finish in order for it to become a trust The group will be. named CCDT Carnoustie community development trust They currently have 140 members. registered and have a total of 6 projects on the go It was agreed it would be good if the. community council could work together with the group so that whatever they are working on. the community council don t co inside with them AR is to talk to Derek Miller and find out how. we can start working together, DR will bring membership forms to the next community council meeting should anyone want to. join the group DR did give out membership forms before but due to everyone not being in. attendance that evening he will bring more along at the next meeting. Town Services, EO had been contacted by a group Changing Places Toilets and would like the Community. Council to give them as much support as we can They look at things such as any new public. builds should have proper facilities for disabled access It was agreed that NR would write to. them and offer our support to them if needed, EO brought to our attention that the recent Festival of House event that was cancelled in our. area is now looking to do a similar event in Dundee EO expressed his disappointment on how. we were given every reassurance on how the event was going to run and how the company had. clearly not covered every possibility this was agreed by all at the meeting. With all the new builds in Carnoustie concern is being raised about what effect this will have on. the towns services e g Schools that are already at capacity and the doctor surgery where trying. to get appointments is difficult etc DR said that lots of other organisations such as teachers and. doctors are not being made aware of proposed developments and is there not a way in which. this could be communicated to them It was agreed that NR would contact Lynn McGovern and. raise our concerns on this and find out if consideration is taken into account on the current. provisions in the town, AM submitted a report to both SD and NR prior to the meeting and this was read out by NR. The main planning submissions for the past month were as follows. W C 29th August Erection of 41 homes at the former Maltings Victoria St Carnoustie on. behalf of D J Laing Ref No 16 00660 FULL Presumably the same impacts on the. infrastructure as were identified in the Persimmon Homes application would have to be. considered although the Maltings is presumably a brown field site. W C 5th September Installation of new plant equipment with associated enclosure alterations. to building and car park erection of barriers and bollards and erection of advertising signage on. behalf of the Co op 3 High Street Ref No 16 00693 FULL and Ref No 16 00708 ADV. W C 12th September Only 4 individual routine domestic applications only. W C 19th September No results found as of 2pm on 26th September. East Haven, AM submitted a report to both SD and NR prior to the meeting and this was read out by NR.
At the Beautiful Scotland Awards Ceremony held in Aberdeen on 14th September the village. was awarded Gold Best Coastal Village Trophy and the Garden for Life Biodiversity Trophy. Subsequently East Haven was also awarded Gold in the Angus Council Pride in Place Awards. and the Silver Salver Along with Colourful Carnoustie East Haven also appeared on Beechgrove. Garden to promote 50 years of Beautiful Scotland, In October East Haven Together will make a presentation on Biodiversity and Climate Change at. the Beautiful Scotland annual seminar in Stirling, KN said he had watched the Beechgrove garden episode and said how fantastic the programme. was it was agreed by all that saw the programme how wonderful it showcased not just East. Haven but Carnoustie as well, The Community Council are to write to both East Haven and Colourful Carnoustie to. congratulate them both on their recent awards NR will write to them both on our behalf. Citizen Junior citizen of the year, AR confirmed that the citizen junior citizen of the year presentations will be on the 28th October. at 7pm in the British Legion Kirsty will arrange the hall and catering as normal Paul Grant will. be in attendance to present citizen of the year trophy Both recipients have agreed to accept. the trophy and will be in attendance on the night AE will organise the flowers for citizen of the. year and AR is to organise the certificates and also find out what charity both parties want to. donate the chq too,Xmas Lights, NR gave a run down on how things are progressing with the event Angus council would like to.
meet with us to discuss the event both NR and SR will meet with them NR will confirm the date. and time of that meeting to us all SR has put together a poster that can be placed around the. town advertising the event once all the details are confirmed such as road closures etc SD is to. approach SPAR to see if they can help out with selection boxes to give to the children from. Santa Fundraisers are to be had to help gather funds for the Christmas lights a quiz night and a. children s disco are two very good ideas NR is to contact the Aboukir to confirm a date for the. quiz night proposed date 10th November MR will contact the school seniors and pupil council at. the high school to find out if they have any volunteers that can help out on the night of the. switch on AE will ask Allan Allardice who is a qualified electrician if he can also help out on the. night DB will contact Scott the school janitor regarding a disco and Roger Brunton regarding a. PA system The date for the switch on will be Sunday 24th October. NR read out a letter from Ian Cochrane head of technical and property services. Angus Council prohibition and restriction of waiting and loading on street parking. Decriminalised enforcement order 201X, Angus council has recently authorised the preparation of the above noted traffic regulation. order The reason for the proposed order are to ensure that existing on street restrictions are. effectively enforced by permitting council parking attendants to issue parking charge notices for. infringements of on street parking restrictions, NR read out a letter from Kate Cowey service manager planning Angus Council regarding. Adoption of the Angus Local Development Plan Details are as follows. Dear Sir Madam,ADOPTION OF THE ANGUS LOCAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN. TOWN AND COUNTRY PLANNING SCOTLAND ACT 1997 AS AMENDED. THE TOWN AND COUNTRY PLANNING DEVELOPMENT PLANNING SCOTLAND. REGULATIONS 2008, Angus Council adopted the Angus Local Development Plan on 23rd September 2016 A. formal notice has been published in the local press advising of the adoption. This Plan provides the planning framework for the Council area and the policy context for. the determination of planning applications It replaces the Angus Local Plan Review. The Plan can be viewed on Angus Council s website at. www angus gov uk localdevelopmentplan or at Council offices located at County. Buildings Market Street and Angus House Orchardbank Business Park Forfar all local. libraries mobile libraries and ACCESS offices in Angus during normal opening hours A. free CD version of the Plan is also available on request. Further information may be obtained from Angus Council by email to. localplan angus gov uk or by calling the ACCESSLine on 03452 777 778. Yours sincerely,Kate Cowey,Service Manager Planning.
Kirsty will be at next meeting to confirm all the details regarding the remembrance Sunday. AR has asked us all to start thinking about the beach cleans for next year April September so. we can try and get them better attended A discussion on this will be had in the early part of. next year to see if we can work on a way forward, Monday 24th October 2016 at 7pm please note the meeting will be a week early this month. Division DPEA at the Scottish Government who in turn At the Beautiful Scotland Awards Ceremony held in Aberdeen on 14th September the village

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