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Welcome to a very special family concert, Today we explore orchestral music that represents animals. Saint Sa ns original music evokes the size the shape the sounds. and the personality of animals from the elephant to the lion to a. kangaroo And in this performance Bradley Trevor Greive s witty. and informative script leads us into the world of Australian and. endangered species We are thrilled to introduce the Atlas of. Living Australia to your families today At home after the concert. you can explore the species in your locality using the website. ala org au, After the concert look for the unique wildlife on the foyer screens. Climb up to the Northern Foyer follow the purple carpet down the. stairs to the Kids Activity Zone Explore some unusual animal. sound making objects in the Exotic Instruments display Stop by. the Percussion Club to play some animal rhythms with Saint. Sa ns Join Dangerous Creatures composer Matthew Hindson at. the Composing Wall to compose your own animal motif Don t. forget you can get techno down in the Mobile Orchestra. And in a special treat after the concert you can see some real. live Aussie animals with the keepers at the Zoomobile down on. ground level under the main stairs as you exit the Sydney Opera. Linda Lorenza,Director of Learning Engagement,Sydney Symphony Orchestra. Special sighting,After the concert head down to the ground. level under the main stairs to meet some,living Australian animals in the Taronga.
Community Zoomobile until 4pm,Composing Wall, Test out your musical ideas for a lyrebird lullaby or. dugong duet Meet Dangerous Creatures composer, Matthew Hindson as you hear your composition in an. exclusive world premiere Post concert only, Exotic originating in or characteristic of a distant. country Just like animals instruments can look,Get techno Make animal music to groovy. unusual and make amazing sounds,beats on our mobile devices.
Exotic Instruments,Mobile Orchestra,Percussion Club. Join Melanie Young to play along on claves,drums and tambourines to Saint Sa ns. Carnival of the Animals themes,Animal Onesie Selfie Corner. Find the SSO banner and platform Capture your own carnival moment. Share your photo on social media with hashtag sydsymph and tag us. to win your own copy of The Bush Concert book,sydneysymphony sydneysymphonyorchestra sydsymph. 2017 CONCERT SEASON,FAMILY CONCERTS,SUNDAY 24 SEPTEMBER 2PM.
SYDNEY OPERA HOUSE CONCERT HALL,CARNIVAL OF THE,AUSTRALIAN ANIMALS. Toby Thatcher conductor,Laurence Matheson piano,Peter de Jager piano. Richard Morecroft narrator, CAMILLE SAINT SA NS 1835 1921 The concert will be performed. Carnival of the Australian Animals without interval and will conclude. at approximately 3pm,with words by Bradley Trevor Greive. See page 6 for a list of today s menagerie COVER IMAGE Illustrations by Nadya. Art Shutterstock,Laurence Matheson piano,Peter de Jager piano.
Richard Morecroft narrator,MATTHEW HINDSON born 1968. Four movements from Dangerous Creatures,with words by Chris Jarvis. Rhinoceros Tango,Richard Morecroft narrator,Join us in the Northern Foyer after the concert. for our musical Activity Zone for kids,ABOUT THE MUSIC. Carnival of the Australian Animals, Music Saint Sa ns Carnival of the Animals Grand Zoological Fantasy.
Words Bradley Trevor Greive, BTG s poems are listed first for each musical section followed by Saint Sa ns original animal titles. 1 Introduction A Toast to Camille Saint Sa ns Ghost. Royal March of the Marsupial Lion His Terrifying Majesty. Introduction and Royal March of the Lion,2 Nature s Most Gifted Artist The Superb Lyrebird. Hens and Roosters,3 Swift Animals The Emu s Crazy Legs. Wild Asses Speedy Animals,4 Slow Animals The Koala and the Blobfish. 5 The Happy Heavyweight The Dugong,The Elephant, 6 Hopping Animals All you Need to Know About the 67 Species of Macropods.
7 God s Aquarium The Coral Reef, 8 Omniaudient All Hearing Animals with Long Ears The Greater Bilby. Personages with Long Ears, 9 The Boobook in the Depth of Night Nature s After Party. The Cuckoo in the Depths of the Forest, 10 Keep Australia Beautiful Or Else The Australian Tiger Beetle. 11 Looking for Trouble The Mulga Snake, 12 Little Whiskers Big Hearts The Passionate Antechinus. 13 The View from Heaven Soaring with the Wedge Tailed Eagle. 14 Finale A Land of Countless Wonders,Grand Finale.
perhaps and a talkative one loud voiced and,Camille Saint Sa ns. noisily opinionated,Born Paris 1835,He also struck those who knew him as childlike. Died Algiers 1921,in a way in spite of his great and unquestioned. Saint Sa ns reminded many people of a bird mastery of his art No wonder he wrote one of. with his hooked nose his stocky frame perched the most enduring musical entertainments for. on thin legs and his way of bouncing along children of all ages. energetically so that you could recognise him Saint Sa ns began his career as a prodigy. even from a distance by his walk A parrot precocious both as a pianist and as a composer. this as the music for The Dying Swan the ballet,solo that he choreographed for Anna Pavlova. The Swan was the only part of the Carnival,Saint Sa ns allowed to be published or even.
performed during his lifetime He was afraid,that this light hearted musical creation would. harm his reputation as a serious composer,Nevertheless it is a very good member of a rare. species the musical joke,The Carnival can be enjoyed as an amusing. characterisation in music of various animals, That is the level on which it is usually taken and. which has inspired the narrations with which it,is often accompanied The most famous verses.
are those by Ogden Nash which begin with the,useful couplet Camille Saint Sa ns was wracked. with pains When people addressed him as,Saint Sains. and mastering everything he tackled with,But Carnival of the Animals is also a private. disconcerting ease When he gave his first public,joke conceived by a musician for musicians. concert aged ten he played a Mozart piano,It s full of witty references to other composers.
concerto and then offered to perform any one,and other pieces of music to name just two. of the 32 piano sonatas of Beethoven from,you ll hear a very slow version of the Can Can in. memory as an encore,Tortoises and Saint Sa ns own Danse macabre. But despite tremendous talent and all outward,in Fossils no doubt the original listeners. signs of professional success Saint Sa ns,recognised even more.
personal life was not very happy He married late, the marriage broke down and his two young sons ADAPTED FROM A NOTE BY DAVID GARRETT 2013. died tragically Saint Sa ns paternal instincts, found a substitute in his relationships with his Bradley Trevor Greive. students at the cole Niedermeyer founded to Born Hobart 1970. train church organists and choirmasters One of,Bradley Trevor Greive am is an author artist. these the budding composer Gabriel Faur,naturalist actor adventure sportsman and media. became a lifelong friend almost the son Saint,personality He began his career in the Australian.
Sa ns was never granted With friends such as,Army but in 1993 gave up regimented life of the. Faur Saint Sa ns enjoyed bantering and many,military elite to undertake a series of underpaid. private jokes,but creatively enlightening positions including. stints in advertising modelling and table waiting, Carnival of the Animals Since then he has written more than 20 books. About 1861 Saint Sa ns promised his students of which the best known is The Blue Day Book. a grand zoological fantasy he finally got 2000 an uplifting collection of amusing animal. around to writing it 25 years later The result is photos and inspirational texts In 2000 he also. a collection of 14 musical miniatures each joined the ranks of the Taronga Foundation. depicting a different animal supporting and sponsoring wildlife. Carnival of the Animals was intended as a His creative projects too numerous and. surprise for the famous cellist Lebouc for whom varied to list here have included cartooning. The Swan was written Michel Fokine later used a collaboration with wildlife photographer. Mitsuaki Iwago Priceless The Vanishing Beauty researching a book on brown bears and Tlingit. of a Fragile Planet voicing the Albatross in culture and taking on the role of Executive. Finding Nemo travelling to Antarctica programs Creative Consultant to Disney Global Creative. with presenter Christopher Lawrence on In 2016 he wrote his Australian themed set. ABC Radio producing An Intimate Evening With of verses for Carnival of the Animals premiered. John Cleese starring Cleese and featuring by the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra He lives. Richard Morecroft living in Alaska while on a remote farm on the east coast of Tasmania. Dangerous Creatures,Music Matthew Hindson,Words Chris Jarvis.
Rhinoceros Tango, This piece was conceived as a contemporary find a scorpion in one s tent The original work is. Carnival of the Animals but filled with animals in seven movements concluding with Humans. that can hurt or harm us They range from the the most dangerous creature of all Today we. enormous Rhinoceros Tango Big Black Bears perform a selection of four movements The. to the tiny Spiders Army Ants and Scorpions accompanying poems are by BBC presenter. In addition to portraying the animals themselves Chris Jarvis and were written for the premiere. some of the movements depict their interactions by the London Philharmonic Orchestra in 2009. with humans for example waking at night to,Matthew Hindson. BEX PHOTOGRAPHY,Born Wollongong 1968,Matthew Hindson is one of the most performed. and commissioned composers of his generation,His works have been performed by ensembles. and orchestras throughout Australia and,overseas and he has been featured at national.
and international festivals with orchestras and,by Musica Viva His music has been used for. dance by such companies as the Birmingham,Royal Ballet San Francisco Ballet Ballett. Schindowski and the Sydney Dance Company,and earlier this year Sydney audiences heard. his music when the Australian Ballet performed,David Bintley s Faster. His music often displays influences of popular, music styles within a classical music context and spontaneous joie de vivre has enabled him to.
and is characterised by directness and break down barriers and reach new audiences. immediacy And his innate sense of drama wit hindson com au. THE ARTISTS,JULIAN KINGMA,Toby Thatcher conductor Richard Morecroft. SSO Assistant Conductor supported by Rachel narrator. Geoffrey O Conor and Symphony Services International. Toby Thatcher was born in Melbourne and Richard Morecroft is one of Australia s most. raised in Sydney where he studied at the familiar television faces particularly as the ABC s. Conservatorium of Music and participated in nightly news presenter for 20 years the host of. the Symphony Australia Young Conductor many wildlife documentaries and most recently. Development Program He subsequently the SBS quiz Letters and Numbers He is. completed a Master s degree at the Royal particularly remembered for reading the TV news. Academy of Music in London where he studied with a baby flying fox wrapped up inside his shirt. oboe as well as participating in international The book and film Raising Archie told the story. conducting masterclasses In his final year of of his fostering the little bat until its eventual. studies he performed with the Philharmonia release into the wild. Orchestra and London Sinfonietta and was Richard Morecroft s enthusiasm for the natural. offered a trial with the Royal Philharmonic world has been a lifelong commitment and he has. Orchestra for the position of Principal been a Trustee of the World Wide Fund for Nature. Cor Anglais WWF Patron of the Wildlife Information and. After graduating he was a finalist and prize Rescue Service WIRES and is a Governor of the. winner at the 2015 Georg Solti International Taronga Zoo Foundation. Conducting Competition That same year he Together with his partner Alison Mackay he has. won a Neeme J rvi Prize at the Menuhin Festival authored books on wildlife for children and adults. and was appointed Assistant Conductor to the Richard Morecroft appears by arrangement with. SSO In 2016 he received Sydney University s Saxton Speakers Bureau. Outstanding Achievements of Young Alumni,Award and the Brian Stacey Award for Australian. Conductors and he was recently invited by the,Salzburg Festival to apply for their prestigious. Young Conductors Award He is founder and,director of the London based Ensemble Eroica. and conductor of contemporary music group,Ensemble x y This year for the SSO Toby.
Thatcher has conducted concerts in the Playlist,Family and Mozart in the City series as well as. on tour in Central West NSW,Laurence Matheson Peter de Jager. piano piano, Melbourne pianist Laurence Matheson studied Peter de Jager is a Melbourne based pianist. with Tim Young at the Australian National harpsichordist and composer His diverse. Academy of Music having previously been repertoire encompasses all periods of western. involved in the Young ANAM program 2005 08 classical music as well as musical theatre and. We are thrilled to introduce the Atlas of Living Australia to your families today At home after the concert you can explore the species in your locality using the website ala org au After the concert look for the unique wildlife on the foyer screens Climb up to the Northern Foyer follow the purple carpet down the stairs to the Kids Activity Zone Explore some unusual animal sound

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