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Table of Contents,Who is Nurse Next Door 3,Happier Aging 4. Our Services 5,What People Say About Us 9,What s Next 11. Frequently Asked Questions 12,Researching Home Care Options Checklist 15. Happier Aging Stories 16,Getting Parents to Accept Help 19. 2 2019 Nurse Next Door All Rights Reserved,Who is Nurse Next Door.
Nurse Next Door Home Care Services is one of North America s fastest growing home care providers and is dedicated to. delivering flexible affordable and quality care options to seniors Founded in 2001 Nurse Next Door has 190 locations across. the United States Canada and Australia It is swiftly becoming a globally admired brand. Whatever It Takes to Bring You Peace of Mind, The Nurse Next Door promise is to do whatever it takes to bring you peace of mind This is embodied by every one at Nurse. Next Door we listen to our clients understand their needs and make sure every detail is taken care of. The Perfect Match Fast and Easy Access, Nurse Next Door promises a 100 match guarantee We promise that care can be set up quickly and with. We pair our clients and Caregivers up based on their as little as 24 hours notice Our Caregivers keep us up. personalities interests and requests Consistency is to date on their availabilities so we can have them at. important to us and we want you to build trusting and your door promptly and efficiently. caring relationships with your Caregivers,Always Open We Manage Everything. 24 7 Access with 24 7 Service Every Step of the Way. Our Care Services Center is always here for you so a Once you meet with our Care Designer for a Caring. live person can respond to your call around the clock Consult they will create a customized care plan based. Whether it s 2 00PM in afternoon or 2 00AM in the on your needs Tell us your desired schedule and we ll. middle of the night we re happy to support you work to make it happen. Call us now 1 866 318 7932 or visit www nursenextdoor com. Happier Aging, At Nurse Next Door we ve always thought aging was something to be celebrated That s why we have the unique concept of. Happier Aging infused in our care It starts with a simple question. What did you use to love doing that you no longer do. Happier Aging means reconnecting seniors with interests hobbies and passions that might have gotten lost amid busy. schedules health concerns or other distractions It could be something simple such as tabletop gardening for those with a. green thumb or learning how to cook a new dish because love is in the details. When you book a free Caring Consult you ll meet with a Care Designer to identify the activities that will bring happiness no. matter how small or simple We ll match your loved one to a perfect fit Caregiver who can help bring the plan to life Keep. reading for some Happier Aging stories and see how we ensure that seniors have choice in their lives. Caring Consult, Our Caring Consult is free of charge The Care Designer comes to visit you gets to know you and creates a Care Plan that takes.
a holistic approach covering your physical emotional and environmental needs There is no obligation to book services and. the Caring Consult can be conducted in your home or at a location of your choice such as a hospital or facility Our number one. goal is your happiness If there is something you loved to do but are unable to do presently we always find ways to help you. experience that happiness once more through our unique Happier Aging philosophy. Sometimes providing care for a loved one can be a difficult decision and there are times when your loved one will resist the. support If that s the case we can discuss your situation and meet with you privately During that time we will provide you with a. number of great tips to support you in your discussions We promise that the information provided will remain confidential. Home care is a great solution to maintaining one s independence while receiving care in the comfort of your own home. Read on to learn more about the range of home care services Nurse Next Door can provide. 4 2019 Nurse Next Door All Rights Reserved,Our Services. It s about caring not just health care That s why we re here to provide quality care for your loved one while also helping. them get back to doing the things they love Nurse Next Door offers a variety of home care services to support seniors. independence so they can continue to age happily and healthily in the comfort of their own home. Whether it s a little help around the house with chores meal prep medication reminders or personal care let us do the caring. Companionship, Loneliness and isolation are among the leading causes of depression in seniors Nurse Next Door understands you may need. help with certain activities and a friend along the way Our trusted Caregivers are specifically chosen to provide and support. social interaction for maintaining health and mental well being It s all about happiness. Our companionship services include activities such as. Doing crafts and hobbies Light gardening, Social activities at home or in the community Attending family events concerts or festivals. Going for leisurely walks dogs are welcome Conversation storytelling and reading books. Meal Preparation, Good nutrition and healthy eating become more and more important as we age Our Caregivers love to prepare delicious. meals and you can request specific ethnic cuisines and dishes. Our Meal Preparation services include, Menu planning and food choice education Preparing specialized diets.
Shopping for groceries Cooking your favorite recipes together. Homemaking, At Nurse Next Door we offer light housekeeping services to our clients to assist them with daily activities so our clients can. remain at home in a safe and clean environment,Our Homemaking services include. Laundry Tidying up,Washing dishes Vacuuming,Dusting Bedmaking. Call us now 1 866 318 7932 or visit www nursenextdoor com. Transportation or Accompaniment, Being able to go to and from daily activities is a large part of maintaining one s sense of independence and lifestyle We can. arrange for a Nurse Next Door Caregiver to provide transportation and or accompaniment. Available services vary depending on location, Our Caregivers may provide this professional service for.
Appointments Physical activities,Shopping Religious services. Groceries Family events,Personal Care, Some days handling day to day tasks on one s own can feel like quite a challenge Whether it s bathing or shaving Nurse. Next Door can assist with your ADL s Activities of Daily Living Our goal is to assist clients to maintain an independent lifestyle. wherever they live at home in assisted living or in a long term care facility. Personal Care services may include, Bathing and personal hygiene Oral hygiene brushing flossing denture care. Personal grooming and getting dressed Toileting assistance. Hair and skin care Ambulation assistance and transfers with or without. mechanical aids, If around the clock care is needed Nurse Next Door offers 24 7 services This is a great option for clients who require. ongoing services throughout the day and night Depending on your needs a range of services can be scheduled daily. weekly or monthly,24 7 care services can include,Companionship Medication reminders.
Homemaking Dementia care,Personal care,6 2019 Nurse Next Door All Rights Reserved. End of Life Care, At Nurse Next Door our end of life care is supportive and compassionate It focuses on comfort quality of life and support for. families We will respect your personal health care treatment decisions Care can be provided where the client is living whether. at home in hospice an assisted living residence or a residential care facility. Available services vary depending on location,Our services can include. Provide respite care so family caregivers can rest. Assistance with personal care such as bathing or,medication reminders. Alzheimer s and Dementia Support, Nurse Next Door understands that when a loved one has been diagnosed with dementia it can be a very challenging time.
Our Caregivers are trained to deal with Alzheimer s and related dementia We provide support and guidance to clients and. their families in dealing with ongoing challenges and responsibilities of providing care. Our services include Memory games and activities for mental stimulation. Providing techniques to improve communication Family support through resources training educating. Coping strategies for family caregivers to deal with and respite care. challenging behavior Promoting a physical activity plan. Maintaining a familiar and safe environment with a. daily routine,Caregiver Relief Respite Care, Caring for a loved one can be demanding Nurse Next Door provides respite care for families who need temporary relief you. may need to attend to other responsibilities or a chance to simply recharge Being rested and present allows you to be able to. enjoy more fulfilling and meaningful time with your loved ones. Available services vary depending on location, Call us now 1 866 318 7932 or visit www nursenextdoor com. Medication Reminders, Did you know that seniors aged 65 are three times more likely to end up in the ER as a result of adverse drug events. Did you know that seniors are nearly seven times more likely to be hospitalized after an emergency visit. Adverse drug events occur for a number of reasons and may include but are not limited to accidental overconsumption of. medication This is why Nurse Next Door provides medication reminder services our Caregivers will help you keep track of. your medication and when to take it,Nursing Care, Nursing Care is an integral part of Nurse Next Door s services We define nursing as a dynamic caring helping relationship in. which the nurse assists the client to achieve and maintain optimal health Our Care Team will select a Licensed Practical Nurse. LPN or Registered Nurse RN that suits your medical and personal care needs best. Our nursing staff can assist with the following for clients in the acute rehabilitative or chronic stages of their illness. Assessment and care planning Wound care management changing dressings. Administering medication Management of enteral feedings. Pain and symptom management Procedures e g catheter insertions tracheostomy care. Intravenous therapy Client health education,Post surgical care Wellness checks.
Nurse Next Door believes that having happy and healthy feet is a crucial part of everyday life Our qualified and certified nurses. assist our clients with foot care to improve their comfort mobility and general health. Our Foot Care services include, Foot care assessment Care of ingrown toenails corns and calluses. Nail cutting and filing Foot care education, Give us a call today to book your free Caring Consult. 1 866 318 7932,8 2019 Nurse Next Door All Rights Reserved. What People Say About Us, The greatest thing about Nurse Next Door is the people who. work for them They are caring and responsive to both the client. and their family I believe if it wasn t for them my mother in law. would probably have to go to a nursing home She is 88 years old. and has problems ambulating and with incontinence Nurse Next. Door with their daily care has offered her the freedom of staying in. her own familiar home They offer her both physical and emotional. support and accompany her to her many MD appointments and. even hairdresser appointments I find them caring loving and. warm and it is a pleasure working with them,Lois D Client s Daughter in law.
In my time of desperation a friend recognizing my need. for help suggested a wonderful service called Nurse Next. Door Amy and Randy came to my house to explain the. service There are no contracts the hours are flexible. and they are willing to accommodate my need for, food preparation light housework and hygiene It is. heartwarming to have my companion come in,my door with a bright cheery smile ready and. willing to make my life much better,Sara S Client, Call us now 1 866 318 7932 or visit www nursenextdoor com. Their care allows me to run the rest of my life you. know because I have a full time job and two 16 year olds who. need to go places Nurse Next Door has taken the burden off. of me There s really no other way we could have managed. it And it really gave me peace of mind too because that s. what I was most concerned about when she was living. independently I d tell her Geez Mum if you fell I wouldn t. even know about it until I called that night at 5 o clock So. that s what they give me,Sari F Client s Daughter, When my grandmother was coming to stay with me for three. weeks I needed to ensure she was safe and happy while I was. working I contacted Nurse Next Door who from the initial Caring. Consult impressed us with their approach to the creation of the. Care Plan focusing on her happiness We had peace of mind. knowing they were providing excellent care and companionship. for her while we were out of the house They were extremely. flexible with my changing schedule and the Caregivers. treated my grandmother like their own with patience. and compassion I highly recommend them to anyone looking for. short term or long term care,Steve M Client s Grandson.
10 2019 Nurse Next Door All Rights Reserved,What s Next. We are so happy you contacted Nurse Next Door,Please enjoy reading our Care Information Booklet. Call us now 1 866 318 7932 or visit www nursenextdoor com 3 Call us now 1 866 318 7932 or visit wwwnursenextdoor com 3 Happier Aging At Nurse Next Door we ve always thought aging was something to be celebrated That s why we have the unique concept of Happier Aging infused in our care It starts with a simple question What did you use to love doing that you no longer do Happier

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