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00 01 CaptivatingJourn 5 28 10 1 32 PM Page vii,Introduction. elcome and well done Choosing to purchase this guided journal means. that you are hungry for more More of God more healing and more. restoration into the woman you were created to be It says that you are. willing to take a journey of discovery with him You have said yes to God You are. continuing to say yes May he meet you in the deep places of your heart and bring. you hope courage healing and the delights of intimacy that only God can bring. First this is not your normal workbook There are no wrong answers No fill. in the blanks You don t have to struggle or worry about getting it right Who wants. another workbook anyway We have enough work to do already Besides calling this. a workbook would imply that the messages in the book Captivating are to be mastered. And mastered in a measurable way Not at all The messages in the book are to be pon. dered considered Some embraced Some practiced Some set aside for a later time. This journal is for your heart,And words are the voice of the heart. The excerpts from the book and the questions we ask are here simply to provoke. further exploration of your own heart and the heart of God The pages provided allow. space for your soul to express what lies within Don t edit yourself These pages are for. you and God alone If you choose to journey with other women in a small group. share what you desire You don t need to be afraid of getting it wrong or saying some. thing stupid We really are in this thing together It s amazing how much in common. we have in our experiences our feelings our doubts our fears. Within each chapter we have included special features called Windows to the. Heart and Lifting the Veil These include excerpts from other books and movies. as well as side notes that we wanted to include but couldn t fit in the companion. book Captivating We hope you enjoy them and that they are helpful in your jour. ney with God,00 01 CaptivatingJourn 5 28 10 1 32 PM Page viii. Introduction, If you are using this little book to facilitate deeper conversations don t try to. answer all of the questions together in one gathering Three or four will be enough. React Respond Share honestly Take the risk of being vulnerable with one another. A covenant of privacy will help Decide together that what is shared within the con. fines of your gathering is sacred and not to be shared with others. Providing a haven where one s heart is welcomed to show up is a great gift Your. heart is wanted Whether you are using this journal alone with God or with a group. of women and God allow room for your heart to show up Quiet yourself Relax. Invite the Holy Spirit to guide you speak to you reveal what he desires to reveal. The invitation is a true one It is from God And it is ever before you to come. more fully into his presence and know him Know yourself And become ever more. you ever more his, All of us are on a journey whether we know it or not A journey of becoming.
Henri Nouwen writes in The Life of the Beloved that the spiritual life is not simply a. way of being but also a way of becoming May God use this book in your life to aid. you in becoming the woman you truly are May he draw near to you as you draw near. to him Ask him to come And rest assured that he will for indeed he has promised. to do so he delights in coming,Stasi Eldredge,00 01 CaptivatingJourn 5 28 10 1 32 PM Page ix. Introduction,For Zion s sake I will not keep silent. for Jerusalem s sake I will not remain quiet, till her righteousness shines out like the dawn until you shimmer. her salvation like a blazing torch,The nations will see your righteousness. and all kings your glory your beauty,you will be called by a new name.
that the mouth of the LORD will bestow, You will be a crown of splendor in the LORD s hand the crown of creation. a royal diadem in the hand of your God,No longer will they call you Deserted. or name your land Desolate, But you will be called Hephzibah and your land Beulah. for the LORD will take delight in you and your land will be married. As a young man marries a maiden he pursues her romances her. So will your sons marry you, as a bridegroom rejoices over his bride you are lovely. so will your God rejoice over you,IS 62 1 5 NKJV,00 01 CaptivatingJourn 5 28 10 1 32 PM Page 1.
CHAPTER ONE,The Heart of a Woman,Sometimes it s hard to be a woman. TAMMY WYNETTE,You belong among the wildflowers,You belong in a boat out at sea. You belong with your love on your arm,You belong somewhere you feel free. TOM PETTY WILDFLOWERS, love the sentence Sometimes it s hard to be a woman from the old Tammy. Wynette song Talk about an understatement Yes there are many many times. when it is very hard to be a man as well Yet we women are living at a time when. the pressures from without and the pressures from within to live well as a woman. often feel massive and relentless Sometimes it s harder to be a woman. Welcome Beloved of God Take a deep breath Relax You are among friends. here Before you pick up a pen take a moment to invite Jesus into your time now. ask Him to guide and lead and have his way with your thoughts and your heart He. is after all the creator of our hearts as women He knows who we are He knows and. understands the stories of our lives much better than we do And he knows the desires. of our hearts with intimate detail He placed them there Let s ask him to come and. to help us,00 01 CaptivatingJourn 5 28 10 1 32 PM Page 2.
Captivating A G UIDED J OURNAL, Dear Jesus I love you I need you I come before you now once again as. yours asking for your help your grace My life is yours My heart is. yours Would you please come and shine your light into the depths of my. heart that I might understand myself better and come to know your heal. ing and your presence more deeply Help me to remember what I need to. remember Help me to see to understand to repent to forgive and to. become Jesus I give you access to all of my heart I invite you into every. part Come Holy Spirit have your way that I might love you God. more deeply and truly with all of my heart soul mind and strength In. Jesus name I pray Amen,Windows to Your Heart, John and I love movies because they speak so deeply to the heart You ll. remember that Jesus loved to tell stories too He did it to reach the heart. In chapter one of the companion book we said Look at the games that little. girls play and if you can remember what you dreamed of as a little girl Look. at the movies women love Listen to your own heart and the hearts of the. women you know What is it that a woman wants What does she dream of. It might be really helpful as a way of entering into this journey to go back. and watch one or two of your favorite movies And as you do ask yourself. Why do I love this What does it stir in me, In fact why don t you jot down the names of several movies you love. right here,00 01 CaptivatingJourn 5 28 10 1 32 PM Page 3. The Heart of a Woman, Now as you begin flip back over chapter one in Captivating and skim the pages Did.
you highlight anything What strikes you What did it evoke in your heart. What do you like about this chapter,00 01 CaptivatingJourn 5 28 10 1 32 PM Page 4. Captivating A G UIDED J OURNAL, What do you not like about it What are you struggling with. What if anything presented in this chapter are you having a hard time believing. C OMING A LIVE, I began chapter one in the companion book by retelling the story of our Oxbow Bend. canoeing experience the beauty of it and the dangerous turn it took. We rose to the challenge working together and the fact that it required all of. me that I was in it with my family and for my family that I was surrounded. by wild shimmering beauty and it was well kind of dangerous made the. time transcendent,00 01 CaptivatingJourn 5 28 10 1 32 PM Page 5. The Heart of a Woman,A WOMAN S J OURNEY, Have you experienced something similar Can you recall a time in your life when you.
felt alive as a woman Who were you with What happened How did you feel. When did you first know that you were no longer a girl but had become a woman. a grown up Was there a milestone An event, Do you feel like you are a woman Are there places in your heart where you still. feel young,00 01 CaptivatingJourn 5 28 10 1 32 PM Page 6. Captivating A G UIDED J OURNAL, There seems to be a growing number of books on the masculine journey rites. of passage initiations and the like many of them helpful But there has been pre. cious little wisdom offered on the path to becoming a woman Oh we know the. expectations that have been laid upon us by our families our churches and our cul. tures There are reams of materials on what you ought to do to be a good woman But. that is not the same thing as knowing what the journey towards becoming a woman. involves or even what the goal really should be, What expectations have been laid upon you as a woman What do you feel the pres. sure to be, The church has not been a big help here No that s not quite honest enough The.
church has been part of the problem Its message to women has been primarily you. are here to serve That s why God created you to serve In the nursery in the kitchen. on various committees in your home in your community Seriously now picture. the women we hold up as models of femininity in the church They are sweet they. are helpful their hair is coiffed they are busy they are disciplined they are composed. and they are tired, Think about the women you meet at church They re trying to live up to some model. of femininity What do they teach you about being a woman What are they saying. to us through their lives,00 01 CaptivatingJourn 5 28 10 1 32 PM Page 7. The Heart of a Woman, What have you been taught that a mature godly woman should look like. U NSEEN U NSOUGHT AND U NCERTAIN, I know I am not alone in this nagging sense of failing to measure up a feeling of not. being good enough as a woman Every woman I ve ever met feels it something. deeper than just the sense of failing at what she does An underlying gut feeling of. failing at who she is I am not enough and I am too much at the same time. Have you ever felt that way Are you feeling it these days In what ways. The result is Shame the universal companion of women It haunts us nipping at. our heels feeding on our deepest fear that we will end up abandoned and alone. After all if we were better women whatever that means life wouldn t be so. hard Right,00 01 CaptivatingJourn 5 28 10 1 32 PM Page 8.
Captivating A G UIDED J OURNAL, Do you believe that That if you were better life wouldn t be so hard Better in. Why is it so hard to create meaningful friendships and sustain them Why do our. days seem so unimportant filled not with romance and adventure but with duties and. demands We feel unseen even by those who are closest to us We feel unsought that. no one has the passion or the courage to pursue us to get past our messiness to find the. woman deep inside And we feel uncertain uncertain what it even means to be a. woman uncertain what it truly means to be feminine uncertain if we are or ever will be. Do you feel like you know what it means to be a true woman Do you feel like you are. Aware of our deep failings we pour contempt on our own hearts for wanting. more Oh we long for intimacy and for adventure we long to be the Beauty of some. great story But the desires set deep in our hearts seem like a luxury granted only to. those women who get their acts together The message to the rest of us whether. from a driven culture or a driven church is try harder. 00 01 CaptivatingJourn 5 28 10 1 32 PM Page 9,The Heart of a Woman. Do you resonate with that Do you ever feel that way How have you how are you. now trying harder,T HE H EART OF A WOMAN, And in all the exhortations we have missed the most important thing of all We have. missed the heart of a woman And that is not a wise thing to do for as the Scriptures. tell us the heart is central Above all else guard your heart for it is the wellspring of. life Prov 4 23 NKJV Above all else, Think about it God created you as a woman God created man in his own image. male and female he created them Gen 1 27 NKJV Whatever it means to bear. God s image you do so as a woman Female That s how and where you bear his image. Your feminine heart has been created with the greatest of all possible dignities as a. reflection of God s own heart You are a woman to your soul to the very core of your. being And so the journey to discover what God meant when he created woman in his. image when he created you as his woman that journey begins with your heart. Is it a new thought to you that your heart as a woman is the most important thing. about you What does that mean to you,00 01 CaptivatingJourn 5 28 10 1 32 PM Page 10.
Captivating A G UIDED J OURNAL,TO B E ROMANCED, Listen to your own heart and the hearts of the women you know We think you ll find. that every woman in her heart of hearts longs for three things to be romanced to. play an irreplaceable role in a great adventure and to unveil beauty That s what. makes a woman come alive, Amen Do you see those desires within your own heart In the movies that you love. In your dreams In your disappointments,I will find you. No matter how long it takes no,matter how far I will find. Captivating A GUIDED JOURNAL TO AID IN UNVEILING THE MYSTERY OF A WOMAN S SOUL BY JOHN AND STASI ELDREDGE j 00 01 CaptivatingJourn 5 28 10 1 32 PM Page i vii Introduction W elcome and well done Choosing to purchase this guided journal means that you are hungry for more More of God more healing and more restoration into the woman you were created to be It says that you are willing

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