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TABLE OF CONTENTS,INTRODUCTION 3,Program Description 3. Eligibility Requirements 3,CERTIFICATES AND FEES 4. APPLICATION PROCESS 4,Submission 4,Deadlines 4,Special Accommodations 4. ASSESSMENT ADMINISTRATION 5,Development of CLT Assessment 5. Language 5,Assessment 5,Assessment Options and Locations 5.
Assessment Security 5,Assessment Preparation 6,Assessment Admission 6. Assessment Rules and Procedures 6,Actions Disqualifications 7. Examinee Conduct 7,Confidentiality Statement 8,Information Release Policy 8. Rescheduling Cancellation andWithdrawal Policy 9,Retaking the Assessment 9. RECERTIFICATION 9,Recertification Requirement 9,Recertification Process 9.
APPEAL PROCESS 9,Right to Appeal 9,Administrative Appeal 10. Appeal Procedures 10,Personal Appeal 10,CODE OF ETHICS 10. CLT LOGOS 11,Logo Usage 11,Affirmation of Proper Usage of CLT Logo 11. VERIFICATION OF PERSONAL DATA 12,ASSESSMENT CONTENT OUTLINE WORK STANDARDS 12. Certified Logistics Associate Content Area Weighting 12. Certified Logistics Technician Content Area Weighting 14. CLA CLT SAMPLE QUESTIONS 16,Answer Key 19,CLT APPLICATION CHECKLIST 19.
MSSC 2018 All rights reserved 2,CANDIDATE and CERTIFICANTHANDBOOK. Welcome to the Certified Logistics Technician CLT certification program. MSSC developed the CLT program to assess and certify the skills of front line logistics workers. We define front line logistics workers as material handling and distribution workers from entry. level through first level of supervision within all supply chain logistics facilities in warehouses. distribution centers transporters factories and raw material providers According to the U S. Bureau of Labor Statistics there are about 6 million jobs in this category in the U S. MSSC is a leading nationwide national certification body Those who succeed in MSSC. Assessments receive industry recognized nationally portable MSSC credentials The CLT. program was developed by industry experts and is updated annually to ensure that the skills. assessed are the most relevant to today s logistics employers For more information about. MSSC please visit our website at www msscusa org,INTRODUCTION. Program Description, The purpose of the Certified Logistics Technician program CLT is to recognize through. certification individuals who demonstrate mastery of the core competencies of material handling. at the front line level entry level through front line supervisor through successful completion of. the certification assessments The goal of the CLT certification program is to raise the level of. performance of material handling and distribution workers both to assist the individuals in finding. higher wage jobs and to help employers ensure their workforce increases the company s. productivity and competitiveness, The CLT program consists of two parts The foundational level Certified Logistics Associate. CLA Certificate and the mid level technical CLT Certification Before sitting for the CLT. assessment candidates must have a CLA Certificate,Eligibility Requirements.
Certified Logistics Associate Certificate In order to earn the CLT certification candidates must. already have their CLA Certificate, Additional Requirements MSSC does not have any other specific educational requirements in. order to sit for the CLT assessment However MSSC strongly suggests that candidates. possess at least a 10 grade reading English and 8 grade math level. Training Requirements MSSC does not require candidates to take a specific course or training. program in order to sit for an assessment However we find that students enrolled in a training. program perform better than those who do not There are many training programs available and. many used MSSC s own Authorized Courses, MSSC Courses were developed in strict adherence to the industry recognized nationally. validated standards upon which the Certified Logistics Technician CLT is based These. Courses delivered by The Quality Group have a proven track record of success in teaching the. knowledge and skills identified in the national standards MSSC. Courses are highly interactive and utilize state of the art computer based e learning technologies. and are delivered by MSSC Authorized Instructors MSSC does not authorize review or endorse. any other courses or curricula MSSC does not require that individuals take MSSC Courses or. any other MSSC related courses before taking an MSSC Assessment. MSSC 2018 All rights reserved 3,CERTIFICATES AND FEES. To obtain the total cost for registration and assessments please contact your local assessment. Candidates are able to download from any computer a FREE high quality high resolution copy of. your MSSC certificate s MSSC will provide a candidate who is Full CLT certified with a copy of. their Full CPT certificate and a patch via mail Please note Certificates will be available for. download three 3 business days after your assessment date. Certificates,Individual Items,25 for one certificate 15 shipping 40. 5 for one patch 15 shipping 20, Registrations and Assessments are non refundable No refunds will be issued for individuals.
who take the assessment or who fail to appear for a scheduled assessment. REGISTRATION PROCESS,Submission, Prior to sitting for an MSSC assessment all candidates must register with MSSC online at. https login msscusa org, Registrations must be completed at least 72 hours prior to the scheduled assessment date. NOTE Individual Assessment Centers may have additional deadlines. Special Accommodations, MSSC strives to provide a favorable environment for every participant during the assessment. session Special accommodations must be approved by MSSC The application for special. accommodations must be submitted by the site coordinator to MSSC two weeks prior to the. assessment date The online assessment system supports the following accommodations when. requested and or determined appropriate, Text to speech audio and visual enhancements for online assessments. Extended time option for adding time to assessment administration sessions to. accommodate individuals with documented reading or computer operation disabilities. Readers additional copy of the assessment can be provided when a reader is used to. accommodate individuals with documented eyesight difficulties. MSSC does not allow for translators or translation of assessments into. languages other than those of the country in which the assessment is given. MSSC 2018 All rights reserved 4,ASSESSMENT ADMINISTRATION.
Development of CLT Assessment, The CLT certification program was developed in 2007 under a federal grant from the U S. Department of Labor to the North Central Texas Workforce Board NCTWB Since that time. MSSC has released the program nationally and it continues to expand. CLT was the first ever certification for front line material handling workers in the United States. MSSC and the NCTWB recruited subject matter experts from throughout the supply chain. logistics industry to develop the workforce standards upon which this certification is based. These standards were then validated by actual front line workers performing the core. competencies that assess a cross section of the industry and a representative sampling of the. populations working in the industry The MSSC National Experts Panel for Logistics ensures that. the assessments and the standards upon which they are based are updated annually The. assessments are also reviewed annually to ensure that questions which are unclear inaccurate. or outdated are modified or deleted from the assessment item bank. The CLT certification is awarded only when a candidate has completed the application submitted. the registration and assessment fees and successfully completed the CLA and CLT. assessments, The CLT assessments are offered in English and Spanish To earn the Full CLT certification a. candidate must pass both assessments CLA CLT in the same language. Assessment, CLA The CLA assessment consists of 87 multiple choice questions Candidates are allowed 90. minutes to complete the assessment, CLT The CLT assessment consists of 94 multiple choice questions Candidates are allowed 120. minutes to complete the assessment,Assessment Options and Locations.
MSSC offers assessments at various Authorized Assessment Centers throughout the country To. find a center near you see this map http msscusa org locations. Computer Based The primary method of delivery for MSSC assessments is through an. online assessment process supported by NOCTI The Whitener Group. Paper Pencil If computers are not accessible MSSC offers paper pencil assessments. Please read the Candidate and Certificant Handbook for Certified Logistics Technician. CLT Program Paper Pencil Testing,Assessment Security. A significant component of a successful and respected professional certification credential is. maintaining the security of the assessment MSSC relies upon the ethical behavior of certificants. and applicants to maintain the security of the CLT assessments When those. who seek to obtain the credential or those who hold the CLT credential reveal information about. CLT assessment content other than that information published by MSSC they violate the. Affirmation and Authorization agreement all candidates agree to and accept when they apply for. certification and take the assessment They also violate the MSSC Code of Ethics. MSSC 2018 All rights reserved 5, The MSSC Board will take action against individuals who violate MSSC Board Policies and the. Code of Ethics Actions taken may include permanently barring individuals from pursuing MSSC. credentials and revoking certifications from those who have been awarded the credential MSSC. will also pursue legal action against individuals or organizations who infringe upon our copyrights. proprietary rights and intellectual property,Assessment Preparation. The MSSC Board employs strict measures to prevent the possession reproduction and removal. of assessment materials A strategy for taking this assessment is. 1 Prepare in advance by becoming familiar with the concepts of the CLT Logistics. Standards MSSC does not require that individuals take any courses however before. taking a CLA or CLTassessment, 2 When you login to the online exam answer the questions that you know and skip. those which you do not know the answer to or are uncertain about. 3 On the second review go back through the questions you skipped and try to choose the. best answer, 4 Use remaining time to answer any last questions and to make sure that you have.
answered all questions,Assessment Admission, You are responsible for bringing your MSSC Identification Number received upon registration. with you to the assessment and a valid photo ID Candidates who do not possess valid. identification will be denied access to the assessment Identification must be a current government. issued picture ID bearing the candidate s signature Acceptable forms of government issued ID. include a driver s license passport military ID federal state or county issued ID. You will not be permitted to take the assessment without a valid photo ID. Assessment Rules and Procedures, The following rules and procedures will be strictly enforced on the day of the assessment. The assessment will begin promptly at the hour designated by the proctor and end at the. stated time allowed for each particular exam offering. Candidates will not be allowed to enter the assessment after it starts. Visitors are not permitted in the assessment room,Pencils are not provided. Candidates are allowed to leave the room during the assessment with the proctor s. permission Lost time cannot be made up,Textbooks and notes are NOT permitted. Calculators and other such aids are NOT permitted A four function calculator is provided. with the online testing system, Scratch paper may be permitted but may not be taken from the assessment room.
No cellular phones pagers or other audible electronic devices including watches with. alarms are permitted to be used during the assessment. MSSC will invalidate your assessment and take action in accordance with the disciplinary. procedure if you access prohibited materials have contact with anyone except proctoring. staff or engage in disruptive unprofessional or conduct that violates the Code of Ethics at. any assessment facility,MSSC 2018 All rights reserved 6. Actions Disqualifications, The assessment center proctor or MSSC will take appropriate actions up to and including. disqualification from taking the assessment and withdrawal or revocation of certification when a. Impersonates a candidate,Creates a disturbance,Gives or receives help on the assessment. Uses a calculator or other such aid which is prohibited during the assessment. Attempts to remove assessment material or notes about the assessment from the. assessment room, Exhibits irregular assessment taking behavior including consulting or attempting. to consult with or give or obtain assistance during the assessment bringing in or. using unauthorized materials including cheat sheets printed and or other. handwritten materials, Provides false misleading or incomplete information on the application form.
Examinee Conduct, All candidates are required to sign a statement agreeing not to disclose the contents of the. assessment nor remove assessment materials from the assessment room All candidates are. The assessment center proctor or MSSC will take appropriate actions up to and including disqualification from taking the assessment and withdrawal or revocation of certification when a candidate

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