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INTRODUCTION,Background, One of the Government of Canada s global Canada and to assess the potential capacity of this. commitments to fight climate change includes industry to scale with new customer demands for. reducing methane emissions from the oil and gas emissions reduction solutions. industry 40 to 45 below 2012 levels by 2025, Methane the principal component of natural gas This report contains a review of companies with. was targeted as an important greenhouse gas for offices located in Canada and the associated. Canada to reduce as part of the Pan Canadian number of jobs within each of those organizations. Climate Framework December 2016 and the Alberta related specifically to methane emissions reduction. Climate Plan November 2015 To achieve this activities The report does not include jobs from. commitment producers will have to deploy methane the supply chains that support the technology. mitigation technologies across the value chain and and service sectors analyzed The data is broken. enlist the services of local businesses to support down by methane source category in order to. methane reduction management activities Methane demonstrate which sources are currently served and. emission reductions are achievable at low cost using to what capacity market demand can be met upon. readily available technologies to recover leaking or implementation of federal and provincial methane. vented methane regulations This report did not seek to quantify the. total number of jobs but rather to provide a sense. The Methane Emissions Leadership Alliance of the scale and opportunities for job creation in this. conducted a market survey in Q1 2017 to identify the sector A Phase 2 report is being planned to quantify. current number of methane mitigation companies in the total number of jobs. About the Methane Emissions Leadership Alliance, The Methane Emissions Leadership Alliance MELA Advance and support the deployment of methane. members provide the data services and technology emissions reduction solutions and technologies. solutions critical to methane emissions management throughout the oil and gas industry in Canada. in the Canadian oil and gas industry The Alliance is Promote clean efficient and cost effective technologies. a partner to government industry and other key and services that reduce operating costs and minimize. stakeholders focused on building a clean economy regulatory compliance costs for oil and gas producers. and generating new jobs Elevate public awareness and profile of methane. emissions reduction technologies, The Alliance serves as a centralized location for Educate all levels of government and industry. technology and service providers to collaborate organizations on the value applicability and performance. with industry and government on building a robust results of methane emissions reduction technologies. economy in a changing regulatory environment The Foster and support relationships with mutual stakeholders. core objectives of the Alliance include and partners of methane emissions management. 1 Canadian Methane Jobs Market Analysis,EXECUTIVE SUMMARY.
There are more 40 of companies,than 170 Canadian,surveyed anticipate. companies providing 100 growth in,methane emissions headcount due to. management methane regulations,80 of companies More than three. surveyed expect job quarters of the,growth in the next companies have. 12 18 months as a offices in Alberta,result of methane.
regulations,One third of This survey does not,companies provide. include small businesses,field inspection with no internet. services to help their presence,customers manage,fugitive emissions. 2 Canadian Methane Jobs Market Analysis,METHANE MITIGATION BY THE NUMBERS. Geographic Reach, More than half of the technology and service a satellite office in Alberta One company.
providers identified are headquartered in interviewed explicitly mentioned that there. Alberta A few organizations with US or are stronger oil and gas methane regulations. international headquarters have satellite in the United States and unless Canada. offices located in Canada that provide develops comparable regulations it may be. methane related services to the oil and gas more cost effective to move some jobs from. industry Data shows that 78 of identified Canada to the U S. companies are either headquartered or have,Outside of. North Amercia,8 Location of AB,Headquarters 60,3 Canadian Methane Jobs Market Analysis. METHANE MITIGATION BY THE NUMBERS,Office Locations Number of Offices. in Alberta HQ Number of Offices That Are Headquarters. Airdrie 1 HQ 0 Medicine Hat 3 HQ 0,Athabasca 1 HQ 0 Morrin 1 HQ 1. Bentley 1 HQ 0 Niksu 4 HQ 0,Bonnyville 3 HQ 0 Okotoks 1 HQ 1.
Brooks 6 HQ 0 Olds 1 HQ 0,Calgary 97 HQ 61 Peace River 6 HQ 0. Calmar 2 HQ 1 Provost 2 HQ 0,Clairmont 1 HQ 0 Rainbow Lake 2 HQ 0. Drayton Valley 5 HQ 1 Red Earth 1 HQ 0,Drumheller 3 HQ 1 Red Deer 21 HQ 5. Edmonton 55 HQ 21 Rimbey 1 HQ 0,Edson 3 HQ 0 Rockey Montain House 2 HQ 0. Fort McMurray 14 HQ 2 Slave Lake 3 HQ 0,Grande Prairie 20 HQ 2 Sherwood Park 1 HQ 1.
Hardisty St Albert 2 HQ 1,Strettler 1 HQ 0,High river 1 HQ 0. Hinton 1 HQ 0 Sundre 1 HQ 1,Innifsfail 1 HQ 0 Sylvan Lake 1 HQ 1. Lac La Biche 1 HQ 0,Taber 3 HQ 0,Lacombe 2 HQ 1 Three Hills 1 HQ 1. Leduc 3 HQ 0 Valley View 2 HQ 0,Lethbridge 4 HQ 1 Wabasca 1 HQ 0. Lloydminster 2 HQ 0 Whitecourt 3 HQ 1, Totals Number of Offices 292 HQ Number of Offices That Are Headquarters 104.
4 Canadian Methane Jobs Market Analysis,METHANE MITIGATION BY THE NUMBERS. Company Size,Company size is determined 6,by publicly available data on 5000. total employees unless informed 7,by a specific company survey. response Therefore some 51 200 Company,figures exceed the number. of jobs directly associated,with methane mitigation Not.
technologies and services within Reported,the organization 17. Funding Mechanism Industry Group,Company Type,Organization Technology. Organizations are characterized,Type Provider,by the following categories 49. Technology Provider Service,Provider Funding Mechanism. or Industry Group This study,did not include government or.
regulatory bodies,5 Canadian Methane Jobs Market Analysis. METHANE SOURCE CATEGORY,None Funding Well Completions. Overview 4,Combustion,Canadian methane mitigation companies. are evaluated by the methane source,category to which their technology Pneumatics. or service applies These emissions,source categories are informed Methane.
by Canadian Federal and Alberta Source,Compressors. regulatory developments They include 9,Combustion Compressors Fugitive. Emissions Pneumatics Venting Well,Completions Funding Measurement Emissions. Monitoring and Reporting MMR 22,Well Completions,Combustion Venting. Technology,Providers Pneumatics,Compressors Fugitive.
The following two charts demonstrate the 17 Emissions. breakdown of methane source categories,by the two largest Organization Types. Technology and Service Companies Pneumatics Compressors. designated as MMR Measurement 1 1, Monitoring and Reporting are classified as Venting. a Service Provider and represent the highest,percentage of organizations in this offering. category due to the diversity in services,covered The 23 fugitive emissions service Service. Fugitive MMR, providers largely conduct leak detection and Emissions Provider 63.
repair services This segment is expected to 30,grow under the likely three times per year. federal leak detection requirements,6 Canadian Methane Jobs Market Analysis. A CLOSER LOOK METHANE MITIGATION SURVEY RESULTS, About With the upcoming release of management in the Canadian oil and gas industry. draft Federal and Provincial Each company was asked 5 questions to help. the Survey methane emissions reduction determine an accurate employee count and the. regulations the Methane job growth potential for this sector as a result of. Emissions Leadership Alliance new methane rules At the time of publication. surveyed 174 companies 49 organizations had provided a response Only. identified as being directly raw data was used below No assumptions or. involved in methane emissions extrapolations were made. QUESTION 1 Do you engage,with government,and or regulators 42 No 7. on methane Yes,regulations in,QUESTION 2 How many,employees are.
directly related 11 15,to methane 6 10,7 Canadian Methane Jobs Market Analysis. A CLOSER LOOK METHANE MITIGATION SURVEY RESULTS,QUESTION 3 How would you. estimate your 45,potential business,Significant,growth as a result of. the regulations,QUESTION 4 How many people 0 12,will you hire 1 5 47. in the next 12 6 10 8,18 months as a 11 15 8,result of the new 16 20 10.
regulations 21 30 0,QUESTION 5 How will your,organization grow 1 49 100. 0 50 99 149,11 22 8 16,as a percentage of,existing headcount. as a result of the,proposed methane,regulations,150 200 Unknown. 199 299 4 8,8 Canadian Methane Jobs Market Analysis. 3PAnalysis and Consulting Energy Profiles Limited OptaSense. Able Seal and Design Inc Enviro Trace Ltd Pace Technologies. ACCURATA Inc Enviro access Inc Parker, ACS Applied Compression Systems Envirosoft Pason Systems Inc.
ACTIA Alberta Clean Technology Envirotech Engineering Petro Techna International Ltd. Industry Alliance Envision Manufacturing and Supply Ltd Power Diagnostic Technologies Ltd. Advanced Coil Tubing Inc Epscan PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP. AEREON Ernst Young LLP Process Ecology, Aeryon Labs Evergreen Energy Technologies Inc PTAC Petroleum Technology Alliance. AET Group Inc Extreme Telematics Corp ETC Canada,AirDar Technology FERUS Pure Technologies Ltd. AIRTEK SYSTEMS Inc First Environment Inc Quest Gasket Supply Inco. Alberta Innovates Energy FLIR Questor, and Environmental Solutions FMC Technologies R J A Contracting Ltd. Alberta Welltest Incinerators Forum Energy Technologies Raise Production Inc. Amberg Corp Freudenberg Oil Gas Rapid Rod Service, AMEC Americas Limited Gas Recon Inc Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton LLP. AMEC Earth and Environmental GASPRO Compression Corp REM Technology Reciprocating Equip. ARCADIS Canada Inc GE General Electric ment Management. Atlantis Labs General Magnetic RME geomatics,ATZ Applied Technologies GHGSat Robco Inc.
BalanceCO2 Ltd Global Energy Services 2011 Roska DBO Inc. Bechthold Becker Green Sky Sustainability Consulting Inc Rotech Pumps Systems Inc. Beta Machinery Greenpath Energy SafeSeal Valve Systems Corp. Black Gold Rush Industries Hallite Seals Ltd SafetyScan. Blair Air System HC Piper Manufacturing Inc SAGE Energy Corp. BlueSource Heat Seeking Thermal Imaging LTD SAI Global. BOREAL Hetek Saskatchewan Research Council SRC,Brahma Compression Hi Tech Seals Sirius Controls. BrezaWorks Consulting Inc HSE Integrated SNC Lavalin. Brightspot Climate Illusense Solar West,Bruin Pumps Industrial Skyworks SPARTAN Controls. CALSCAN Solutions Infratech Corporation Stantec Consulting Ltd. Cameron Instruments Insight Emissions Management Inc Stimline. Canadian Pump and Packing Co Internat Energy Solutions Canada Inc StreamFlo. CanDyne Inc InterPraxis Consulting Sustainable Development Technology. CAP OP IRIS Infrared Imaging Solutions Canada, Carbon Quantum Inc John Crane Canada Inc Synodon Inc. Cenco wireline Inc K C Seals Inc Tanknology Canada Inc. Central Inc Keystone Environmental Target Emissions Services. C FER Technologies Inc Kinetica Ventures Tarpon, CH2M HILL Canada Limited Kineticor TCI Incinerators. ClearSky Engineering Inc KPMG Performance Registrar Inc Tec Edmonton. Clearstone Engineering Kuzuka Ltd Tenaris,ClydeUnion Pumps LCO Technologies TETRA TECH.
CMC Research Institutes Levelton Consultants Ltd WSP Titanium Corporation. Colfax Fluid Handling Linewise Aerial T RAM Canada Inc. ComEnCo Systems Inc LOOKNORTH Triangle Fluid Controls Ltd. Compass Oil and Gas Solutions Ltd LUXMUX TRIDO Industries. Conestoga Rovers Associates GHD MCI Solar MFG LTD Tundra Process Solutions. Canada Millenium EMS Solutions Ltd T V Rheinland Energie und Umwelt. Consultants Enviroconseil MNP LLP GmbH, COSIA Canada s Oil Sands Innovation Modern West Advisory Unified Valve Group LTD. Alliance Morrison Hershfield Ltd VaporTech, DARKAI Valve National Oilwell Varco Vapure Engineering Ltd. Deloitte and Touche LLP Nelgar Williams Engineering Canada Inc. Delphi Group New Paradigm Engineering Ltd Winterhawk Well Abandonment. EagleBurgmann Canada Nexsource Wise Intervention Services Inc. Ecometrica Canada Limited North Shore Environmental Consultant Yokogawa Canada. Emission Control International Ltd Nsolv Corp ZEECO. ENERFLEX Opgal,9 Canadian Methane Jobs Market Analysis. For more information,on the Methane Emissions,Leadership Alliance. mitigation technologies across the value chain and enlist the services of local businesses to support methane reduction management activities Methane emission reductions are achievable at low cost using readily available technologies to recover leaking or vented methane The Methane Emissions Leadership Alliance conducted a market survey in Q1 2017 to identify the current number of methane

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