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TABLE OF CONTENTS,Chapter 1 Introduction,1 0 User Warnings 3. 1 1 Applicable Codes and Standards Listing 4,TracPipe Specification Data Sheet 5. Chapter 2 Description of System and Components,2 0 Tubing 6. Fittings 6,Accessories 6,Manifolds 6,Pressure Regulators 6. Protection Devices 6,Shut off valves 7,2 1 Material Use and Limitations 7.
2 2 System Components 9,TracPipe Flexible Gas Piping 9. AutoFlare Fittings 10,TracPipe Accessories 11 12,Chapter 3 System configurations and Sizing. 3 1 System configurations 13,3 1A Low Pressure Systems Series and Parallel 13. 3 1B Dual Pressure Systems 13,3 1C System Design 14. 3 1D System Pressure Choices 14,3 2 Sizing Methods and Examples 15.
3 2A Use of Sizing Tables 15,3 2B Sizing Examples Longest Length Method 15. Example 1 Low Pressure System Series Arrangement 15. Example 2 Medium Pressure Systems 16, Example 3 Elevated Pressure Systems Parallel Arrangement 17. Example 4 Medium Pressure Systems Parallel with Branch 18. 3 2C Sizing Hybrid Systems Combination Black Iron and TracPipe Systems 19. Example 5 Low Pressure Hybrid Systems Series Arrangement 19. Example 6 Low Pressure System Series Arrangement 20. 3 2D Alternate Sizing Method Sum of Pressure Loss Calculations 21. Example 7 Low Pressure System Series Arrangement 21. Example 8 Low Pressure Hybrid System Series Arrangement 22. Chapter 4 Installation Practices,4 1 General Installation Practices 25. Minimum Bend Radius 25,Debris Protection 25,Support Vertical Runs Horizontal Runs 26. 4 2 How to Assemble TracPipe AutoFlare Fittings 27. Tubing Cutting End Preparation 27,Assembly Procedure 28.
Minimum Tightening Torque 28,AutoSnap Assembly video click here. How to Assemble TracPipe AutoSnap Fittings 29,4 2A Trouble Shooting Fitting Connections 31. Re assembly Procedure 31,4 3 Routing 31,Clearance Holes and Notching 32. 4 3A Concealed Locations for Fittings 32,4 3B Outdoor Installation Issues 33. 4 4 Protection 34,4 4A Striker Plate Requirements 34.
Spiral Metal Hose Requirements 35,Thru penetration Fire Stop UL Classifications 35. 4 5 Meter Connections 37,Termination Mounts Meter Mounts 37. Direct Connection 37,4 6 CSST Connection to Outdoor Propane Tanks 38. 4 7 Appliance Connections 39,Moveable Appliances 39. Fixed Appliance Connections 39,Termination Fittings with Appliance Connectors 39.
Recessed Wall Box Installation Instructions 40,4 7A Pad Mounted Equipment Roof Top Equipment 42. 4 7B Outdoor Appliances Barbecue Grill and Gas Light Connections 43. 4 7C Fireplace Installations 44,4 8 Manifold and Regulator Stations 45. 4 8A Regulators and Elevated Pressure Systems 46,Installation Requirements 46. Vent Limiter Option Vent Line and Sizing Requirements 46. 4 8B Regulator Adjustments 46, 4 8C Regulator Supply Pressure and Capacities Drop for Single and Multiple Appliances 47. Capacities Table 47,4 8D Over Pressure Protection 48.
4 9 Underground Installations 48,4 9A Guidelines for Underground Installations 49. 4 9B TracPipe PS II 51, 4 9C TracPipe PS II Fitting Attachment Instructions 52. 4 10 Electrical Bonding Grounding 54, 4 10A TracPipe CounterStrike CSST Installation Instructions 54. 4 10B Bonding Conventional Yellow Jacketed TracPipe 55. Chapter 5 Inspection Repair and Replacement,5 1 Minimum Inspection Requirements Checklist 57. 5 2 Repair Replacement of Damaged Tubing 58,Chapter 6 Pressure Leakage Testing.
6 0 Pressure Test Procedure 59, 6 1 Pressure Test for Elevated Pressure Systems 59. 6 1A Appliance Connection Leakage Check Procedure 60. 6 1B Regulator Performance 60,Chapter 7 Capacity Tables 61. 7 0 Sizing Tables for TracPipe,Table N 1 Low Pressure Standard 62. Table N 2 Medium Pressure 1 inch drop 62,Table N 3 Elevated Pressure 2 PSI 63. Table N 4 Elevated Pressure 5 PSI 63,Table N 5 Elevated Pressure 20 PSI 64.
Table P 1 Propane Low Pressure Standard 64,Table P 2 Propane Elevated Pressure 2 PSI 65. Table P 3 Propane Elevated Pressure 20 PSI 65, 7 1 Pressure Drop per foot Tables for TracPipe Natural Gas 66. Table PD 1A Pressure Drop per foot for TracPipe Natural Gas 10 675 CFH 67. Table PD 1A Pressure Drop per foot for TracPipe Natural Gas 700 3700 CFH 68. Table PD 1A Pressure Drop per foot for TracPipe Natural Gas 3800 40000 CFH 69. Table PD 2A Pressure Drop per foot for Metallic Pipe Natural Gas 10 675 CFH 70. Table PD 2A Pressure Drop per foot for Metallic Pipe Natural Gas 700 3900 CFH 71. Table PD 2A Pressure Drop per foot for Metallic Pipe Natural Gas 4000 15000 CFH 72. Table PD 2A Pressure Drop per foot for Metallic Pipe Natural Gas 16000 45000 CFH 73. 7 2 Sizing Table for Steel Pipe, Table SP 1 Maximum Capacity of Pipe in Cubic Feet of Gas per Hour 74. Chapter 8 Definition of Terminology 75,Appendix A UL Classification 77. Appendix B Manufactured Housing Guidelines 80,Appendix C.
C1 1 AUTOTRIP Low Pressure Excess Flow Valves for Natural Gas and Propane Service 84. C1 2 AUTOTRIP LFD SERIES Excess Flow Valves for Meter and Branch Line Manifold Applications 85. C1 2 1 Application and Selection of AUTOTRIP LFD SERIES Excess Flow Valves 86. Table C 1 AUTOTRIP LFD Series Excess Flow Valves Application Data 86. C1 2 2 Gas Piping System Sizing with LFD Series Excess Flow Valves 87. C1 2 3 Methods of Sizing 87, C1 2 4 Sizing Instructions For AUTOTRIP LFD SERIES EFVs Used With TracPipe CSST Systems 87. C1 2 5 Sizing Instructions For AUTOTRIP LFD SERIES EFVs Used With Low Press Steel Pipe Systems 88. C1 2 6 LFD Installation Instructions 88, C1 3 AUTOTRIP AFD SERIES Excess Flow Valves for Appliance Connector Inlet Applications 89. C1 3 1 Application and Selection of AUTOTRIP AFD SERIES Excess Flow Valves 90. C1 3 2 AFD Installation Instructions 91, Table C 2 AUTOTRIP AFD Series Appliance Connector Inlet Excess Flow Valves 91. C1 4 GASBREAKER EXCESS Flow Valves 92,AUTOTRIP LFD Series Capacity Charts. Table N 1AT AUTOTRIP TracPipe Low Pressure System 93. Table N 3AT AUTOTRIP TracPipe Dual Pressure System 93. Table N 5AT AUTOTRIP TracPipe 2 PSI System 94,Table SP 1AT AUTOTRIP Steel Pipe Low Pressure 94.
Table 3 3 Propane AUTOTRIP LFD Series Excess Flow Valves 95. Table P 1AT AUTOTRIP Propane Low Pressure System 11 in w c TracPipe 95. Table C 4 AUTOTRIP GasBreaker Equivalency Chart 96. Figure C 3 Pressure Drop across AUTOTRIP LFD Series EFV at given Flow Rates 97. INTRODUCTION, SECTION 1 0 USER WARNINGS B149 1 Sound engineering principles and. practices must be exercised for the proper, The TracPipe gas piping material CSST design of fuel gas piping systems in addition. Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing must to compliance with local codes The installa. only be installed by a qualified person tion instructions and procedures contained. who has been trained or otherwise quali in this Design Guide must be strictly followed. fied through the TracPipe Gas Piping in order to provide a safe and effective fuel. Installation Program gas piping system or system modification All. installations must pass customary inspections, Any installer must also meet qualifications by the local official having authority prior to. in accordance with provincial and or local having the gas service turned on All require. requirements as established by the adminis ments of the local natural gas utility or pro. trative authority which enforces the plumbing pane supplier must also be met. or mechanical code where the gas piping is, installed Only the components provided or specified by. OMEGAFLEX as part of the approved piping, This document provides general instructions system are to be used in the installation.
for the design and installation of fuel gas pip, ing systems using gas piping material CSST The use of TracPipe tubing or fittings. The guide must be used in conjunction with with tubing or fittings from other flexi. federal provincial and local building codes ble gas piping manufacturers is strictly. Local codes will take precedence in the prohibited and may result in serious. event of a conflict between this guide and bodily injury or property damage. the local code, In the absence of local codes installation If this system is used or installed improperly. must be in accordance with the current edition fire explosion or asphyxiation may result. of the National Standard of Canada Natural The installation instructions and applicable. Gas and Propane Installation Code CSA local codes must be strictly followed. 451 Creamery Way 1 800 671 8622 www omegaflex com, Exton PA 19341 2509 Copyright Omega Flex Inc 2011 2015. OmegaFlex TracPipe AutoFlare AutoSnap CounterStrike and. 610 524 7272 Fax 610 524 7282 AutoTrip are registered trademarks of Omega Flex Inc. SECTION 1 1,APPLICABLE CODES AND STANDARDS,MODEL CODES AND STANDARDS LISTING. CSST AS AN ACCEPTABLE GAS PIPING,a ANSI IAS LC 1 CSA 6 26 Standard.
b CANADA CSA B149 1 Natural Gas,and Propane Installation Code. c Factory Mutual Flexible Piping,Systems for Flammable Gases. d UL Through Penetration Firestop,Systems Classified See Appendix A. e Tested to Code Requirements per,ASTM E84 UL 723,This Design and Installation Guide has been. written in accordance with the most current,edition of ANSI LC1 CSA 6 26 Fuel Gas.
Piping Systems using Corrugated Stainless,Steel Tubing CSST. WHILE EVERY EFFORT HAS BEEN MADE TO PREPARE THIS DOCUMENT. IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE MODEL CODES IN EFFECT AT IT S PRINTING. OMEGAFLEX CANNOT GUARANTEE THAT THE LOCAL ADMINISTRATIVE. AUTHORITY WILL ACCEPT THE MOST RECENT VERSION OF THESE CODES. THE INSTALLER IS ULTIMATELY RESPONSIBLE TO DETERMINE SUITABILITY. AND ACCEPTANCE OF ANY BUILDING COMPONENT INCLUDING GAS. PIPING OMEGAFLEX ASSUMES NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR MATERIALS OR. LABOR FOR INSTALLATIONS MADE WITHOUT PRIOR DETERMINATION OF. LOCAL CODE AUTHORITY ACCEPTANCE,SPECIFICATION DATA SHEET. FGP SS4 CHART, TracPipe Part No FGP SS4 375 FGP SS4 500 FGP SS4 750 FGP SS4 1000 FGP SS4 1250 FGP SS4 1500 FGP SS4 2000. Size inch 3 8 1 2 3 4 1 1 1 4 1 1 2 2,EHD AGA size 15 19 25 31 37 46 62. Jacket O D max 668 868 1 108 1 383 1 665 1 920 2 590. Inside Diameter nom 440 597 820 1 040 1 290 1 525 2 060. Wall Thickness inch 01 01 01 01 012 012 012, EHD Equivalent Hydraulic Diameter A relative measure of Flow Capacity This number is used to compare individual sizes between different manufacturers.
The higher the EHD number the greater flow capacity of the piping. STRAIGHT AUTO FLARE FITTINGS,1 ADAPTER Brass,2 INSERT Stainless Steel. 3 NUT Brass AVAILABLE IN SIZES, 4 SPLIT RINGS Brass or Stainless Steel Tube size 3 8 1 2 3 4 1 1 1 4 1 1 2 2. 5 FLEXIBLE PIPE Stainless Steel NPT Thread 1 2 or 3 8 1 2 or 3 4 3 4 or 1 2 1 or 3 4 1 1 4 1 1 2 2. FLANGE MOUNT AUTO FLARE FITTINGS,1 ADAPTER Brass,2 INSERT Stainless Steel. 3 FLANGE NUT Brass,4 SPLIT RINGS Brass or Stainless Steel. 5 FLANGE Malleable Iron Brass AVAILABLE IN SIZES, 6 FLEXIBLE PIPE Stainless Steel Tube Size 3 8 1 2 3 4 1 1 1 4.
NPT Thread 1 2 or 3 8 1 2 3 4 1 1 1 4,CONSULT FACTORY FOR OTHER TERMINATION METHODS. DESCRIPTION of SYSTEM and COMPONENTS, SECTION 2 0 TracPipe A Manifolds allow parallel installations. FLEXIBLE GAS PIPING MATERIAL with home runs to each appliance. DESCRIPTION 1 2 inch,1 TUBING NPT out,The TracPipe fuel gas piping system con lets and. sists of corrugated semi rigid stainless steel 3 4 inch. tubing with brass mechanical attachment fit and 1 2. tings terminating in NPT pipe fittings for easy inch. attachment to traditional black iron pipe sys female. tems and direct connections to gas applianc NPT, es Tubing is available in sizes 3 8 inch 1 2 inlets Large size manifolds are also. inch 3 4 inch 1 inch 1 1 4 inch 1 1 2 inch available for use with commercial size. and 2 inch The 300 series stainless steel TracPipe. tubing is jacketed with a non metallic cover,which provides ease of running through joists.
studs and other B Pressure Regulators pounds to inches. building compo for use in elevated pressure system instal. nents The jack lations over 14 inches water column. et is marked at one half,intervals with the PSI to. amount of tubing reduce,left on the reel pressure,for quick mea to stan. surement dard low,2 FITTINGS ances,Straight NPT pipe fittings are standard and are. available in sizes shown above to fit all tubing Regulators are available for use on. Additional fittings include termination mount natural and propane gas. and flange mount straight and 90 degree,elbow fittings for termination of gas lines near. movable appliances and meter termination C Protection Devices for use where flexible. accessories for support of TracPipe at utility piping passes through studs joists and. meter sets on building exteriors and roof pen other building materials and is restricted. etrations Tee fittings are available for addition from moving to avoid nails screws and. of branch lines into tubing runs reducer tees other puncture threats There are five. are available in popular sizes and pipe outlet striker plate configurations made from. tees terminate in pipe threads on the outlet leg stamped steel and specially hardened. for size changes utilizing available black iron to resist penetration from screws and. reducer fittings pneumatic,3 ACCESSORIES quarter strik.
Table PD 2A Pressure Drop per foot for Metallic Pipe Natural Gas 4000 15000 CFH 72 Table PD 2A Pressure Drop per foot for Metallic Pipe Natural Gas 16000 45000 CFH 73 7 2 Sizing Table for Steel Pipe

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