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A0 fm camp indd 2 08 11 13 2 40 PM,C a m p b e l l. Concepts Connections,C ANA D IAN E D ITION,Jane B Reece. Berkeley California,Martha R Taylor,Cornell University. Eric J Simon,New England College,Jean L Dickey,Clemson University. Kevin G E Scott,University of Manitoba,A0 fm camp indd 3 08 11 13 2 40 PM.
Vice President Editorial Director Gary Bennett,Senior Acquisitions Editor Lisa Rahn. Marketing Managers Kim Ukrainec and Jenna Wulff,Supervising Developmental Editor Maurice Esses. Lead Project Manager Avinash Chandra,Project Manager Sarah Gallagher. Program Manager Darryl Kamo,Manufacturing Coordinator Jane Schell. Production Editor Roxanne Klaas,Copy Editor Deborah Cooper Bullock.
Proofreader Julie Lewis,Compositor S4Carlisle Publishing Services. Photo and Permissions Researcher Terri Rothman,Cover and Interior Designer Anthony Leung. Cover Image Breene Yuen, Credits and acknowledgments for material borrowed from other sources and reproduced with permission. in this textbook appear on pages C1 C9, Original edition published by Pearson Education Inc Upper Saddle River New Jersey USA Copyright 2012. Pearson Education Inc This edition is authorized for sale only in Canada. If you purchased this book outside the United States or Canada you should be aware that it has been imported. without the approval of the publisher or the author. Copyright 2014 Pearson Canada Inc All rights reserved Manufactured in the United States of America Thi. publication is protected by copyright and permission should be obtained from the publisher prior to any p rohibited. reproduction storage in a retrieval system or transmission in any form or by any means electronic m. photocopying recording or likewise To obtain permission s to use material from this work please submit a w ritten. request to Pearson Canada Inc Permissions Department 26 Prince Andrew Place Don Mills Ontario M3C 2T8 or. fax your request to 416 447 3126 or submit a request to Permissions Requests at www pearsoncanada ca. 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 CJV, Library and Archives Canada Cataloguing in Publication.
Campbell biology concepts connections Jane B Reece et al Canadian ed. Includes index,ISBN 978 0 321 77448 4,1 Biology Textbooks I Reece Jane B. QH308 2 C343 2013,C2012 908453 0,DESIGN SERVICES OF. 111009 Cust Pearson Education NJ CHET Au Campbell Pg No iv C M Y K. A0 fm camp indd 4 Title Biology Concepts and Connections Server Short Normal. S4carlisle,Publishing Services 08 11 13 2 40 PM,About the Authors. Jane B Reece has worked in bi Essential Biology Fourth Edition and Campbell Essential. ology publishing since 1978 when she Biology with Physiology Third Edition. joined the editorial staff of, Benjamin Cummings Her education Jean L Dickey is a professor of. includes an A B in biology from biology at Clemson University She. Harvard University where she was had no idea that science was inter. initially a philosophy major an M S esting until her senior year in high. in microbiology from Rutgers school when a scheduling problem. University and a Ph D in bacteriol landed her in an advanced biology. ogy from the University of California course Abandoning plans to study. Berkeley At UC Berkeley and later as a postdoctoral fellow in English or foreign languages she. genetics at Stanford University her research focused on enrolled in Kent State University as. genetic recombination in bacteria Dr Reece taught biology at a biology major After receiving her. Middlesex County College New Jersey and Queens borough B S in biology she went on to earn a Ph D in ecology and. Community College New York During her 12 years as an evolution from Purdue University Since joining the faculty at. editor at Benjamin Cummings she played a major role in a Clemson in 1984 Dr Dickey has specialized in teaching non. number of successful textbooks She is lead author of Campbell science majors including a course designed for preservice. Biology Ninth Edition and coauthor of Campbell Essential elementary teachers and workshops for in service teachers. Biology Fourth Edition and Campbell Essential Biology with She also developed an investigative laboratory curriculum for. Physiology Third Edition general biology Dr Dickey is author of Laboratory Investiga. tions for Biology Second Edition and coauthor of Campbell. Martha R Taylor has been teach Essential Biology Fourth Edition and Campbell Essential. ing biology for more than 35 years Biology with Physiology Third Edition. She earned her B A in biology from, Gettysburg College and her M S and Neil A Campbell 1946 2004.
Ph D in science education from combined the inquiring nature of a. Cornell University She was assistant research scientist with the soul of a. director of the Office of Instructiona caring teacher Over his 30 years of. Support at Cornell for 7 years teaching introductory biology to both. Dr Taylor has taught introductory science majors and nonscience ma. biology for both majors and nonma jors many thousands of students had. jors at Cornell University and is currently a lecturer in the the opportunity to learn from him and. Learning Strategies Center teaching supplemental biology be stimulated by his enthusiasm for. courses Her experience working with students in classrooms the study of life While he is greatly. in laboratories and with tutorials has increased her commit missed by his many friends in the biology community his. ment to helping students create their own knowledge of and coauthors remain inspired by his visionary dedication to edu. appreciation for biology She has been the author of the Stu cation and are committed to searching for ever better ways to. dent Study Guide for all nine editions of Campbell Biology engage students in the wonders of biology. Eric J Simon is an associate pro Kevin G E Scott is a senior in. fessor in the Department of Biology structor at the University of Manitoba. and Health Science at New England where he teaches introductory biology. College in Henniker New Hampshire for science majors and nonscience. He teaches introductory biology to sci majors ecology for nonbiology majors. ence majors and nonscience majors as and upper level animal physiology lab. well as upper level courses in genetics oratories In the past he has also taught. microbiology tropical marine biology courses in immunology parasitology. and molecular biology Dr Simon re human anatomy and physiology and. ceived a B A in biology and computer microbiology Dr Scott received a B Sc. science and an M A in biology from Wesleyan University and in zoology and a Ph D in zoology and cellular molecular and. a Ph D in biochemistry from Harvard University His research microbial biology at the University of Calgary As an instructor. focuses on innovative ways to use technology to improve Dr Scott has centred his career on teaching and the classroom. teaching and learning in the science classroom particularly for where he shares his excitement for biology This is the first ti. nonscience majors Dr Simon is the lead author of Campbell Dr Scott has authored a biology textbook. DESIGN SERVICES OF, 111009 Cust Pearson Education NJ CHET Au Campbell Pg No v C M Y K. A0 fm camp indd 5 Title Biology Concepts and Connections Server Short Normal. S4carlisle,Publishing Services 08 11 13 2 40 PM,Brief Contents. 1 Exploring Biology 1 23 Nutrition in Plants 489,24 Control Systems in Plants 506. The Living Cell 19,2 The Essential Chemistry of Lif 20. Structure and Function of Animals 525, 3 The Compounds of Cell 38 25 Unifying Concepts of Animal Structure.
and Function 526,4 Cellular Structure 58,26 Nutrition in Animals 546. 5 Cellular Function 82,27 Gas Exchange 569,6 How Cells Harvest Chemical Energy 100. 28 Circulation and Waste Removal 585,7 Photosynthesis 119. 29 Hormones and Endocrine Systems 611, UNIT II 30 Animal Reproduction and Development 630. Cellular Reproduction and Genetics 137 31 Neurons and Nervous Systems 660. 32 Sensation 685, 8 The Cellular Basis of Reproduction and Inheritanc 138.
33 Animal Locomotion 704,9 Patterns of Inheritance 168. 34 Animal Immune Systems 722,10 Molecular Genetics 199. 11 Gene Expression 224 UNIT VII,12 DNA Technology and Genomics 246 Ecology 743. 35 The Biosphere An Introduction to Earth s Diverse. Environments 744,Concepts of Evolution 269,36 Behavioural Ecology 767. 13 Evolution In the Beginning 270 37 Population Ecology 789. 14 Mechanisms of Evolution 289 38 Community Ecology 806. 15 Speciation and Phylogeny 311 39 Symbioses 825,40 Ecosystem Ecology 845.
41 Conservation and Sustainability 858,The Evolution of Biodiversity 337. 16 Viruses and Other Acellular Life 338 Appendix A The Periodic Table A 1. 17 Bacteria and Other Prokaryotes 359 Appendix B The Amino Acids of Proteins A 2. 18 Biodiversity of Protists and Fungi 376, Appendix C Some Organic Functional Groups and Their. 19 Biodiversity of Plants 396 Properties A 3, 20 Biodiversity of Invertebrate Animals 415 Appendix D The Language of Biology A 5. 21 Biodiversity of Vertebrate Animals 440 Appendix E Answers to Chapter Review Questions A 16. Glossary G 1,Plants Structure and Function 465 Credits C 1. 22 Plant Structure Growth and Reproduction 466 Index I 1. DESIGN SERVICES OF, 111009 Cust Pearson Education NJ CHET Au Campbell Pg No vi C M Y K.
A0 fm camp indd 6 Title Biology Concepts and Connections Server Short Normal. S4carlisle,Publishing Services 08 11 13 2 40 PM,Table of Contents. 1 Exploring Biology 1, 2 6 Covalent bonds join atoms into molecules through. electron sharing 26, 2 7 Ionic bonds are attractions between ions of opposite. Themes in the Study of Biology 3 2 8 Hydrogen bonds are weak bonds important in the. 1 1 All forms of life share common properties 3 chemistry of life 28. 1 2 In life s hierarchy of organization new properties 2 9 Chemical reactions make and break chemical bonds 29. emerge at each level 4, 2 10 RUMOUR HAS IT Is there a chemical indicator in swimming. 1 3 Cells are the structural and functional units of life 5 pools that detects urine 30. 1 4 Organisms interact with their environment exchanging. matter and energy 6 Water s Life Supporting Properties 31. 2 11 Hydrogen bonds make liquid water cohesive 31, Evolution the Core Theme of Biology 7 2 12 Water s hydrogen bonds moderate temperature 31.
1 5 The unity of life is based on DNA and a common. genetic code 7 2 13 Ice is less dense than liquid water 32. 1 6 The diversity of life can be arranged into three 2 14 Water is the solvent of life 32. domains 7 2 15 The chemistry of life is sensitive to acidic and basic. 1 7 Evolution explains the unity and diversity of life 9 conditions 33. 2 16 EVERYDAY BIOLOGY Acid precipitation and ocean. The Scientific Method 10 acidification threaten the environmen 34. 1 8 Scientific inquiry is used to ask and answer questions 2 17 EVOLUTION CONNECTION The search for extraterrestrial life. about nature 10 centres on the search for water 34. 1 9 Scientists form and test hypotheses and share their. results 11 Chapter Review 35,Biology and Everyday Life 14. 1 10 BIOLOGY AND SOCIETY Biology technology and society are. connected in important ways 14 3 The Compounds of Cells 38. 1 11 EVOLUTION CONNECTION Evolution is connected to our. everyday lives 14 Introduction to Organic Compounds 40. 1 12 RUMOUR HAS IT Do malicious rumours spread like 3 1 Life s molecular diversity is based on the properties of. diseases 15 carbon 40, Chapter Review 16 3 2 A few chemical groups are key to the functioning of. biological molecules 41, 3 3 Cells make a huge number of large molecules from a. UNIT I limited set of small molecules 42,Carbohydrates 43. The Living Cel 3 4,Monosaccharides are the simplest carbohydrates 43.
Two monosaccharides are linked to form a,disaccharide 44. 2 The Essential Chemistry of Life 20 3 6 RUMOUR HAS IT Is high fructose corn syrup to blame for. obesity 44, 3 7 Polysaccharides are long chains of sugar units 45. Elements Atoms and Compounds 22 Proteins 46, 2 1 Organisms are composed of elements in combinations 3 8 Proteins are made from amino acids linked by peptide. called compounds 22 bonds 46, 2 2 EVERYDAY BIOLOGY Trace elements are common additives 3 9 A protein s specific shape determines its functio 47. to food and water 23, 3 10 A protein s shape depends on four levels of structure 48.
2 3 Atoms consist of protons neutrons and electrons 24. 2 4 EVERYDAY BIOLOGY Radioisotopes can help or harm us 25 Nucleic Acids 50. 3 11 DNA and RNA are the two types of nucleic acids 50. Chemical Bonds 26 3 12 Nucleic acids are polymers of nucleotides 51. 2 5 The distribution of electrons determines an atom s. chemical properties 26 3 13 EVOLUTION CONNECTION Lactose tolerance is a recent event in. human evolution 52,DESIGN SERVICES OF, 111009 Cust Pearson Education NJ CHET Au Campbell Pg No vii C M Y K. A0 fm camp indd 7 Title Biology Concepts and Connections Server Short Normal. S4carlisle,Publishing Services 08 11 13 2 40 PM, 3 14 Fats are lipids that are mostly energy storage. molecules 53,5 Cellular Function 82, 3 15 Phospholipids and steroids are important lipids with a Membrane Structure and Function 84. variety of functions 53, 5 1 Membranes are fluid mosaics of lipids and proteins with. She is lead author of Campbell Biology Ninth Edition and coauthor of Campbell Essential Biology Fourth Edition and Campbell Essential Biology with Physiology Third Edition Martha R Taylor has been teach ing biology for more than 35 years She earned her B A in biology from Gettysburg College and her M S and Ph D in science education from Cornell University She was assistant director

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