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Cambridge IELTS 6,Examination papers from,University of Cambridge. ESOL Examinations,English for Speakers,of Other Languages. UNIVERSI TY P RESS,CAMBR I DGE UNIVERS ITY PRESS, Cambridge New York Melbourne Madrid Cape Town Singapore Sao Paulo. Cambridge University Press,The Edinburgh Building Cambridge CB2 8RU UK. www cambridge org, Information o n this title www cambridge org 9780521693073.
Cambridge University Press 2007, It is normally necessary for written permission for copying to be obta ined in. advance from a publisher The cand idate a nswer sheets at the back of this. book a re designed to be copied and distributed in class The no rmal. requirements are waived here and it is not necessary to write to. Cambridge University Press for permission for an individual teacher to make. copies tor usc within ltis or her own classroom Only those pages which carry. the wording UCLES 2007 Photocop1 t ble may be copied. First published 2007, rinted in the United Kingdom at the University Press Cambridge. A catalogue record for this publication is m ailab efrom the British Libmry. ISBN 978 0 521 693073 Sl1tdent s Book with answers. ISBN 978 0 521 693097 Cassette Set,ISBN 978 0 52 1 693103 Audio CD Set. ISBN 978 0 521 693080 Self study f ack,Introduction 4. General Training Reading and Writing Test A I0 I,General Training Reading a nd Writing Test B 114.
Tapescripts 127,Answer key 151,Model a nd sample a nswers for Writing tasks 161. Sample answer sheets 173,Acknowledgements 176,SECTIO N 1 Questions 1 10. Questions 1 4,Complete the notes below,Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answe1. Notes on sports club,Example Answer,Name of club JC f e. Facilities available Golf,Classes available Kick boxing.
Additional facility 4 restaurant opening,Questio11s 5 8. Complete rile table below,Wrire NO MORE THAN TWO NUMBERS or each mswel. MEMBERSHIP SCHEMES,Type Use of Cost of Times J oining Annual. facilities classes fee subscription,GOLD All Free Any time 250 5. SILVER All 6 from 7 to 225 300,f om 10 30 to 3 30,BRONZE Restricted 3 50 8.
weekdays only,Questio11s 9 alld 10,Complete tile sentences below. Write ONE WORD ONLY for each cmsn e1, 9 To join the centre you need to book an instructor s. 10 To book a tria l session speak to David 0458 95311. SECTIO N 2 Questions 11 20,Questions 11 16, What cha nge has been made to each part of the theatre. Choose S IX cmsll ersfrom the box and ll ri e the correctletfel A G nexf 10 ques ions 11 16. RIVENDEN CITY THEA TRE,A doubled in number,B given separate entrance. c reduced in number,D increased in size,E replaced.
F strengthened,G temporarily closed,Part of the theatre. 11 box office,13 ordinary seats,14 seats for wheelchair users. 16 dressing rooms,Questio11s 17 20,Complete the table below. Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS AND OR A NUMBER for each lii1S1re1. Play Dates Starting time Tickets available Price,Royal Hunt October 13th to 18 pm for 19 20. of t te Sun 17 and,SECTION 3 Questio11s 21 30,Questio11 21.
Choose the correct lelfe1 A B or C, 21 What is Brian going to do before the course starts. A attend a class,B write a report,C read a book,Questio11s 22 25. Complete the table below,Write N O MORE THA N TWO WORDS for each ansll el. College Facility Information,Refectory inform them 22 about special dietary. require ments,23 long waiting list apply now,Careers advice drop in centre for information.
Fitness centre reduced 24 for students, Library includes books journals eq uipmen t room containing. audio visual materials,Computers ask your 25 to arrange a password with. the technical support team,Questio11s 26 30,Complete the summmy below. Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS for each answer,Business Centre. The Business Resource Centre contains materials such as books and manuals to. be used for training It is possible to hire 26 and 27. There are mat erials for working on study ski lls e g 2S and other. subjects include flnance and 29,30 membership costs 50 per year.
SECTION 4 Questio11s 31 40,Questio11s 31 37,Complete the table be ott. Write N O MOR E THAN T WO WORDS for each ans1re1,S ocial history of the East End of London. P eriod Situation, Ist 4th centuries Produce from the area was used to 31 the. people of London, 5th 10th centuries New technology allowed the production of good s made of. II th century Lack of 33 in the East End encouraged. the growth o f businesses, 16th century Construction of facilities for the building o f.
34 stimulated international trade,Agricultural workers came from other parts o f. 35 to look for work, 17th centu ry Marshes were drained to provide land that could be. 19th century Inhabitants lived in conditions of great 37. with very poor sanitation,Questions 38 40,Choose THREE leuers A G. Which THREE of the following problems are mentioned in connection with 20th century. housing in the East End,A unsympathetic landlords,B unclean water. c heating problems,D high rents,E overcrowding,F poor standards of building.
G houses catching fire,READING PASS AGE 1, You should spend about 20 minutes on Questions 1 13 which are based on Reading Passage I. AUSTRALIA S, A They play hard they play often and they play to win Australian sports teams win more than. their fair share of titles demolishing rivals with seeming ease How do they do it A big part of. the secret is an extensive and expensive network of sporting academies under pinned by. science and medicine At the Australian Institute of Sport AIS hundreds of youngsters and. pros live and train under the eyes of coaches Another body the Australian Sports Commission. ASC finances programmes of excellence in a total of 96 spor ts for thousands of sportsmen. and women Both provide intensive coaching training facilities and nutritional advice. B Inside the academies science takes centre stage The AIS employs more than I 00 sports. scientists and doctors and collaborates with scores oi others in universities and research. centres AIS scientists work across a number of sports applying skills learned in one such as. building muscle strength in golfers to others such as swimming and squash They are backed. up by technicians who design instruments to collect cata from athletes They all focus on one. aim winning We can t waste our time looking at ethereal scientific questions that don t help. the coach work with an athlete and improve performance says Peter Fricker chief of. science at AIS, C A lot of their work comes down to measurement everything from the exact angle of a. swimmer s dive to the second by second power output of a cyclist This data is used to wring. improvements out of athletes The focus is on individLals tweaking perfor mances to squeeze an. extra hundredth of a second here an extra millimetre there No gain is too slight to bother. with It s the tint gradual improvements that add up to world beating results To demonstrate. how the system works Bruce Mason at AIS shows off the prototype of a 30 analysis tool fer. studying swimmers A wire frame model of a champion swimmer slices through the water her. anms moving in slow motion Looking side on Mason measures the distance between strokes. From above he analyses how her spine swivels When fully developed this system will enable. him to build a biomechanical profile for coaches to use to help budding swimmers Mason s. contribution to sport also includes the development of the SWAN SWimming AN alysis. system now used in Australian national competitions It collects images from digital cameras. running at 50 frames a second and breaks down each part of a swimmer s performance into. factors that can be analysed individually stroke length stroke frequency average duration of. each stroke velocity start lap and finish times and so on At the end of each race SWAN spits. out data on each swimmer, D Take a look says Mason pulling out a sheet of data He points out the data on the swimmers in. second and third place which shows that the one who finished third actually swam faster So. why did he finish 35 hundredths of a second down His turn times were 44 hundredths of a. second behind the other guy says Mason If he can improve on his turns he can do much. better This is the kind of accuracy that AI scientists research is bringing to a range of sports. With the Cooperative Research Centre for Micro Technology in Melbourne they are. developing unobtrusive sensors that will be embedded in an athlete s clothes or running shoes. to monitor heart rate sweating heat production or any other factor that might have an impact. on an athlete s ability to r un There s more to it than simply measuring performance Fricker gives. t he example of athletes who may be down with coughs and colds I I or 12 t imes a year After. years of experimentation AI and the University of Newcastle in New South Wales developed. a test that measures how much of the immune system prot ein immunoglobulin A is present in. athletes saliva If lgA levels suddenly fall below a cer tain level training is eased or dropped. altogether Soon lgA levels start r ising again and the danger passes Since the tests were. introduced A I athletes in all sports have been remarkably successful at staying healthy. E Using data is a complex business Well before a champ ionship sports scientists and coaches. start to prepare the athlete by developing a competition model based on what they expect. will be the winning times You design the model to make that time says Mason A start of this. much each free swimming period has to be this fast with a certain stroke frequency and stroke. length with turns done in these times All the training is then geared towards making the athlete. hit those targets both overall and for each segment of the race Techniques like these have. transformed Australia into arguably the world s most successful sporting nation. F Of course there s nothing to stop other countries copying and many have tried Some years. ago the A IS unveiled coolant lined jackets for endurance athletes At the Atlanta Olympic. Games in 1996 these sliced as much as two per cent off cyclists and rowers times Now. everyone uses themT he same has happened to the attitude tent developed by A I to replicate. the effect of altitude training at sea level But Australia s success story is about more than easily. copied technological fixes and up to now no nation has replicated its all encompassing system. Questions 1 7,Reading Passage I has six paragraphs A F.
Which paragraph contains the following information. Write the correct letter A F in boxes 1 7 on your answer sheet. NB You may use any letter m ore than once, 1 a reference to the exchange of expertise between different sports. 2 an explanation of how visual imaging is employed in investigations. 3 a reason for narrowing the scope of research activity. 4 how some AIS ideas have been reproduced, 5 how obs tacles to optimum achievement can be investigated. 6 an overview of the funded support of athletes, 7 how perfonnance requirements are calculated before an event. Questions 8 11, Classify the following techniques according to whether the writer states they. A are currently exclusively used by Australians,B will be used in the future by Australians.
C are currently used by both Australians and their rivals. Write the correct letter A B or C in boxes 8 11 on your answer sheet. Cambridge IELTS 6 Examination papers from University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations English for Speakers of Other Languages CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PRESS CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PRESS Cambridge New York Melbourne Madrid Cape Town Singapore Sao Paulo Cambridge University Press The Edinburgh Building Cambridge CB2 8RU UK www cambridge org Information on this title www cambridge org

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