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Callsafe Services Limited,SERVICES PROVIDED,Callsafe Services Limited has been providing. health and safety advice assistance and training, to our clients and our clients projects since 1987. Our clients have included many central and local,government organisations as well as private. industry clients designers and contractors,Consultancy CDM Co ordinator CDMC. Our consultants consistently Callsafe Services Limited. ensure effective communi are a Registered CDM, cations on projects and Co ordinator Practice with.
within health and safety the Association for Project. management systems with Safety APS so can,the minimum amount of demonstrate our commit. paperwork produced ment to continuous, continuously questioning improvement of our clients. why a document is required and our projects processes. and whether it is any use in Our consultants trainers are. effective management all practicing health and,safety professionals working. Training within the construction, The training provided by industry and have extensive. Callsafe Services Limited experience as health and. includes a focus on effec safety advisors officer, tive communication and managers for client designer.
management rather than and contractor organisations. just the production of,documentation If you need an organisation. that understands the, Training provided is made as requirements of CDM proj. appropriate and relevant to ects other health and safety. our trainees incorporating requirements and how,client procedures and these requirements can be. processes where possible achieved in a cost effective. way to act as your CDMC, Accredited training is also provide health and safety. available Callsafe Services advice and assistance,Limited provides courses and or provide effective.
accredited by training please contact, Institute of Occupational Callsafe Services Limited to. Safety and Health IOSH discuss your requirements,Chartered Institute of. Environmental Health CIEH,Association for Project,Safety APS. Safety Pass Alliance SPA,www callsafe services co uk 3. Risk assessment is the HEALTH AND SAFETY,application of common OR JUST PAPERWORK.
sense The published accident being involved in a compen. statistics Health and Safety sation case,Executive indicate that. significant improvements All paperwork should be, have been made in health regularly questioned as to. and safety management its necessity and its useful. and standards applied in ness If it is necessary and. the workplace over the useful the next considera,years which we believe tion should be can it be. ourselves to have been an simplified and made more. integral part of by supplying user friendly,effective advice assistance. and training to all levels of Will the documentation be. management supervision useful and informative,and staff Our consultants trainers.
consistently ensure effective,The challenge to all communications on projects. involved in health and and within health and safety. safety management today management systems,is to maintain or even with the minimum amount. better our performance of paperwork produced, while reducing the amount continuously questioning. of paperwork that has why a document is required, grown into an industry in and whether it is any use in. its own right effective management, One of the principle criti If communication is effective.
cisms of health and safety management will also be. legislation is the perceived effective Construction. need for copious amounts of projects will achieve what. paperwork As a practising should be the overall project. health and safety profes objectives delivering the. sional and CDM co ordinator project within budget on. CDMC it continues to time to the necessary tech, confound Callsafe Services nical and quality standards. Limited as to the number of without damaging the, organisations and construc environment and without. tion projects that are pre hurting people,occupied with paperwork. and the desire to preclude Paper in the form of,any liabilities policies procedures. reports contracts specifi, It appears that documentary cations risk assessments.
evidence is the primary method statements etc,concern of management are required due to legisla. rather than the effectiveness tion and or the need to. of the documentation This communicate something to. is probably due to manage another person or organisa. ment s fear of prosecution tion This however should. or more likely the fear of be kept to a minimum with. 4 www callsafe services co uk,Callsafe Services Limited. concise clear and relevant method statements is that still just a paper exercise. information included they actually say very little The accuracy of any value is. Words such as sufficient doubtful as what value is. Thick documents not only suitable appropriate placed on the risk has more. discourage anyone reading adequate as necessary to do with whether the. them but make finding a correctly and other words assessor is an optimist or a. specific piece of information of a similar nature are pessimist than anything. much more difficult consistently used in these about risk. It is evident in many of the The following extract from. health and safety manage These documents are the Health and Safety. ment documentation that is supposed to inform the Executive s HSE s leaflet. in place within organisations competent worker the INDG163 rev3 Five. and utilised on projects that specific issues that he she steps to risk assessment. the criteria of ease of read needs to know for the safe may help in dispelling the. ing and understanding had and healthy performance need to place values on. not been addressed by the of a particular task risks. author Flow charts bullet, points drawings pictures Risk Assessments Step 4 Record your. and other easily and quickly Risk assessments also findings and implement. understood information and or appear to be overly complex them. requirements would be much with many numeric and When writing down your. more efficient in communi alphabetic scoring systems results keep it simple for. cating these things to the used for the risks It is example Tripping over. people who need to know questionable as to whether rubbish bins provided staff. all of this scoring has any instructed weekly house. Callsafe Services Limited re benefit in regards to keeping checks or Fume. view many procedures risk eliminating reducing and from welding local exhaust. assessments and method controlling risks so far as is ventilation used and. statements produced by reasonably practicable regularly checked. others and are continually, dis heartened by the lack of Many organisations are just INDG163 also includes a. information provided within producing documentation template that clearly. these verbose documents rather than addressing demonstrates that the HSE. risks producing complex do not consider it necessary. Policies Procedures documentation for what is to place values in any. Plans essentially a simple form on the records of risk. A common comment from process What is not gener assessments. the review of policies ally understood is that we, procedures and construction are continuously performing Risk assessment records.
phase plans is There risk assessments as part of should only include the. appears to a significant life such as when crossing identified hazards who is. amount of generic and the road or boiling a kettle likely to be affected what. duplicate information so are we going to do about it. making an extremely thick Many risk assessment pro and has this been done. and bulky document Meth cedures require a value to. ods of reducing the volume be placed upon the risk. of paper in the document first considered without any. without detracting from controls then again taking The likelihood of a. the detailed specific into account current con, arrangements should be trols and yet again after document being read is. considered adopting some new con,trols This is supposed to inversely proportionate. Method Statements demonstrate that the risks, Analysis of procedures and have been reduced but it is to its thickness. www callsafe services co uk 5,EFFECTIVE HEALTH,AND SAFETY TRAINING. Training that is enjoyable and informative, The training provided by on our website at The following are a cater for individual.
Callsafe Services Limited www callsafe services co uk selection of our clients student needs Callsafe. focuses on effective commu most of which are provided references and Services have included. nication and management in house where the trainer endorsements personal experience. rather than just the produc travels to the client venue all the courses I at regarding good engi. tion of documentation It is so reducing travel and tended and from which I neering practice and at. accepted that documentation accommodation costs for received delegate feed the same time make the. is necessary but it should the client back were clear practi courses fresh and. be concise and understand cal and comprehensive exciting EDF Energy plc. able emphasising what is Our courses that are RLE Channel Tunnel Rail now UK Power Networks. important for effective accredited are shown Link Operations Ltd. health and safety manage below, ment We do make reference Institute of Occupational Callsafe Services have We take pride in deliver. to the legal requirements Safety and Health proved to be flexible in ing training that provides. during the training but IOSH Managing Safely in being able to provide the necessary knowledge. concentrate on how these Construction training to meet the in a friendly atmosphere. can be achieved in a practical IOSH Management of the needs of the organisa Here are some of our. and cost effective way Construction Design tion They have been delegates comments. rather than just identifying Process in the Republic of able to provide staff help. the legal requirements Ireland and advice tailoring the Good use of examples. IOSH Safety for Senior courses to cater for the from real situations to. The trainers perform the Executives organisation s needs add to training material. training as part of their work Transport for London which helped to make. as CDM co ordinators and Chartered Institute of Streets the course interesting. providing health and safety Environmental Health, consultancy to many and CIEH Level 3 Award in Callsafe have pro Great trainer knowl. varied organisations All of Health and Safety in the vided practical and com edgeable interested in. the trainers have previously Workplace prehensive guidance to delivering course Learnt. performed the role of health delegates and provided some important facts. and safety officers advisors Association for Project knowledgeable and within the short session. or managers within many Safety professional tutors who. diverse organisations This APS Design Risk provide clear no non Very well trained A. means that the trainers can Management sense advice to dele usually dull subject mat. bring both their previous gates Their training ter was made interesting. and current experience to Safety Pass Alliance approach provides inter and enjoyable Thought. the training and describe SPA Passport Core active and interesting provoking. real situations rather than events which satisfy our. hypothetical ones The above accredited needs Halcrow now Very enjoyable and. courses are occasionally part of CH2M HILL beneficial course. The training provided covers provided as public courses. office plant and construction to allow single delegates to Callsafe Services have. health and safety with benefit for the training proved to be flexible in. standard programmes that Public courses are advertised being able to provide. can be adapted to a partic on our website training in varied. ular client s and or course diverse locations They. delegates needs have been able to give,the students help and. The range and extent of insight into the require, the training courses that ments of the regulations. we provide can been seen tailoring the courses to,6 www callsafe services co uk.
Callsafe Services Limited,Our Commitment,We are committed to pro. Health and safety is,viding accurate and relevant,information to our delegates. about managing risk and,and clients,communicating effectively. To this end we provide a,free electronic newsletter to. anyone who wishes to re,ceive it on a monthly basis.
The Construction Health,and Safety News informs,our readers of any new. legislation approved codes,of practice guidance stan. dards and news that per,tains to construction health. and safety plus relevant,prosecutions within the,previous month. Registration to receive this,newsletter is through our.
website www callsafe ser,vices co uk where previous. newsletters can be seen,and downloaded,www callsafe services co uk 7. OVER 25 YEARS PROVIDING,EFFECTIVE AND EFFICIENT HEALTH. AND SAFETY ADVICE AND,TRAINING TO THE CONSTRUCTION. INDUSTRY AND OTHERS,Callsafe Services Limited,Are you sure that you.
understand the duties and,requirements of CDM2007,and or other health and. safety requirements,Have you amended your,policies and procedures to. Callsafe Services Limited www callsafe services co uk 3 Consultancy Our consultants consistently ensure effective communi cations on projects and within health and safety management systems with the minimum amount of paperwork produced continuously questioning why a document is required and whether it is any use in effective management Training

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