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Disclaimer, The WWC Screening Unit and the Department for you do apply It is not designed for the purpose of. Child Protection and Family Support accepts no specific legal or other advice of any kind If you. responsibility or liability for any loss or damage you need any information for a specific or legal matter . may incur as a result of reliance on the information you should obtain appropriate professional legal. within this guide This guide is provided to assist you advice that takes into account your particular set. to access general information about applying for a of circumstances . WWC Check and to understand what occurs when, E,Section 1 What is child related work . Child related work has a specific definition which is See below and Factsheet 5 Child Related Work and. PL,found in section 6 of the WWC Act Answering the. questions below will assist you to determine if you. are in child related work ,1 Do you carry out a business paid unpaid or. volunteer work or work as a student on placement,in connection with one or more of the categories.
Exemptions on the WWC Check website , If you answered YES to question 3 you are not. in child related work If you answered NO then, you are in child related work and must apply for a. WWC Check , Does an exemption apply ,listed on page 3 If you are unsure which category. Certain people do not require a WWC Check because. of work applies please contact your employer , M, they fit within the description of an exemption that. volunteer organisation or education provider before. applies to the specific category or categories of. completing the application form , child related work they do If all your work is covered.
2 Do the usual duties of the work involve or are by an exemption then you are NOT in child related. they likely to involve contact with a child where work and are ineligible to apply for a WWC Check . that child is not a fellow employee or employed Some general exemptions are . SA,by you Contact includes physical contact oral, parents volunteering in certain activities where. communication e g telephone and electronic, their child is also involved unless attending. communication e g email SMS social media or, an overnight camp or. the internet , work carried out on a voluntary basis by a. Special provisions apply to Managerial Officers in child or. connection with Category 1 a child care service work carried out on an unpaid basis by a. who are deemed to be in child related work whether student under 18 years of age as part of their. or not they have contact with a child educational or vocational course of study with. If you answered YES to the above questions then an education provider . please consider Question 3 below If you answered There are some general exemptions which apply. NO to the above questions you are not in child across all categories while others are specific to. related work a particular category Remember to consider all. 3 Does an exemption apply to you If you are the work you do before deciding whether a WWC. involved in child related work in more than one Check is or is not required for your situation More. category you will require a WWC Check if an information about exemptions is available on the. exemption applies to one category but not the other WWC Check website . Page 2, Category, Category of child related work, number.
01 A child care service means a child care service as defined in the Child Care Services Act 2007 s4 or an education. and care service as defined in the Education and Care Services National Law Western Australia s5 1 . 02 A community kindergarten registered under the School Education Act 1999 Part 5 . An educational institution for children Includes any school as defined in the School Education Act 1999. 03 but does not include universities recognised or established under a written law or educational institutions. prescribed by the WWC regulations , 04 A coaching or private tuition service of any kind but not including an informal arrangement entered into for. private or domestic purposes , An arrangement for the accommodation or care of children whether in a residential facility or private residence. 05 but not including an informal arrangement made by a parent of the child concerned or accommodation or care. provided by a relative of the child , E, 06 A placement arrangement or secure care arrangement under the Children and Community Services Act 2004 . The performance by an officer as defined in the Children and Community Services Act 2004 section 3 of a. 07 function given to the officer under the Act Officer means a person employed or engaged by the Department for. Child Protection and Family Support whether as a public service officer under the Public Sector Management. 08, 09, PL, Act 1994 under a contract for services or otherwise . A detention centre as defined in the Young Offenders Act 1994 section 3 . A community child health service , 10 A counselling or other support service .
M, 11 A religious organisation , A club association or movement including of a cultural recreational or sporting nature and whether. 12 incorporated or not with a significant membership or involvement of children but not including an informal. arrangement entered into for private or domestic purposes . 13,SA, A ward of a public or private hospital in which children are ordinarily patients . 14 A baby sitting or child minding service but not including an informal arrangement entered into for private or. domestic purposes , 15 An overnight camp regardless of the type of accommodation or how many children are involved . 16 A transport service specifically for children . 17 A school crossing service being a service provided to assist children to cross roads on their way to or from school . 18 A children s entertainment or party service , The categories below are NOT for general use. 19 Any other work of a kind prescribed by the regulations Do not use unless you have checked the WWC. Check website or contacted the WWC Screening Unit to see if your type of work has been added . Work that is the exercise or performance by a person of a power or duty delegated to the person by the. 20 CEO under section 45 of the Working with Children Criminal Record Checking Act 2004 . WWC SCREENING UNIT USE ONLY , Page 3, Section 2 What am I agreeing to when I apply for a WWC Check .
Ongoing consent Information obtained by the WWC Screening Unit. When you complete and sign an application form about you is treated as confidential and is used only. you provide ongoing consent to the collection use as required or permitted by law including . and disclosure of information about you including information provided to authorised persons . criminal records that is relevant to whether you criminal records agencies and other appropriate. should be issued with a WWC Card persons and bodies for the purpose of obtaining. By providing ongoing consent you are agreeing to records and details for the checking process . 1 initial checking from the date you sign an application This includes providing the information in this. form to the date your application is finalised and form to the Commonwealth CrimTrac Agency so. that the agency may disclose that information,2 checking on an ongoing basis . E, to Australian Police Agencies in order to obtain. Ongoing consent means that you agree that as police history information relating to you and. long as you hold a current WWC Card the WWC return that information to the WWC Screening. Screening Unit is able to obtain and use further Unit in accordance with any laws applying to. PL, relevant information about you including any changes. in your criminal record information New information. received during that time may result in your eligibility. to hold a WWC Card being re assessed You will be,advised if this occurs . Information collected, that information , information given to persons or bodies in other.
jurisdictions that perform similar functions to, WWC Checks . if you are an employee a volunteer or a student on. placement your employer volunteer organisation, The information obtained as part of a WWC Check or education provider if known to the WWC. includes but is not limited to , M, Screening Unit must be advised when you are. criminal history information from various sources issued with either a WWC Card Interim Negative. including a National Police History Check which Notice or Negative Notice or if you withdraw your. discloses information held by police services application The details of your criminal record. across Australia including where a court has will not be provided and. SA, made a formal finding of guilt in relation to if it is required by law or in the public interest to do. an offence so certain public authorities may be advised of. convicted you of an offence your application and the decision made Please. accepted a plea of guilty from you or refer to the WWC Check website for a current list. acquitted you of an offence because of as this may change through regulation . unsoundness of mind WWC Check Privacy Policy, criminal record check information from any The WWC Screening Unit is committed to ensuring.
jurisdiction about the privacy of your personal information complies with. any convictions you have all relevant State and Commonwealth legislation . any spent convictions you have Information outlining the WWC Check Privacy Policy. charges and convictions when you were a and who to contact should you have a complaint is. child under 18 years available at , where you were charged with an offence but. not convicted , any pending charges charges that have not. yet been finalised and www workingwithchildren wa gov au privacypolicy. the circumstances surrounding any of these, charges and convictions . Page 4, Section 2 What am I agreeing to when I apply for a WWC Check . How to withdraw from ongoing checking you understand that . If you have a current WWC Card and want to the WWC Screening Unit collects information. withdraw your consent for ongoing checking you about you for the purpose of assessing your. may only do this by application under the WWC Act and you. stopping any paid or unpaid child related work and consent to any relevant information held about. you by any person or agency being disclosed, contacting the WWC Screening Unit and providing to the WWC Screening Unit to be used for.
the information that is required in writing to have. that purpose , your WWC Card cancelled , the WWC Screening Unit may disclose. If you do not have a current WWC Card but have a, information provided by you when necessary. E,pending application and you have not been issued. to obtain any information that is relevant,with an Interim Negative Notice you may withdraw. to your application for a WWC Check from,your application as long as you do not engage in.
authorised persons criminal records agencies, any child related work and provide a written request. and other appropriate persons and bodies and,to withdraw . To apply to withdraw please mark your, PL,correspondence to the attention of Manager. Screening and Assessment WWC Screening Unit ,and either . send your request by post to PO Box 1262 West, Perth WA 6872 OR.
that your consent permits those authorised, persons criminal records agencies and other. appropriate persons and bodies to disclose, relevant information either directly to the. WWC Screening Unit or through the CrimTrac, Agency where appropriate . authorised persons and criminal records, email your request to checkquery cpfs wa gov au agencies include Australian Police Agencies . M, Your declaration the Commonwealth CrimTrac Agency courts .
prosecuting authorities and other government,When you complete and sign the Application for a. agencies both in Western Australia and other,WWC Check form you are declaring that . jurisdictions and, you are the applicant named in the application. form you have fully completed the application the information obtained includes but is not. SA, form and the personal information provided in it limited to details of convictions and pending. relates to you or non conviction charges or circumstances. relating to offences committed or allegedly, all information you have provided is true and.
committed by you including spent convictions , correct and that you have not left out any names. regardless of when and where the offence or, including prior to marriage that you have. alleged offence occurred , previously used , the consent that you provide for the disclosure. you are in or propose to be in child related work . that no exemption applies to you and that you and use of information about you for the purposes. have provided correct details about that child of the WWC Act is ongoing consent . related work you acknowledge that your personal information. you understand that it is an offence to give may also be disclosed to Australian Police. information for the purposes of the WWC Act Agencies for them to use for their respective law. that you know to be false or misleading in a enforcement purposes including the investigation. Application for a Working with Children Check APPLICATION NUMBER CONTACT US ATTACH RECEIPT HERE Your application receipt is proof that you have a pending application and in most cases this allows you to start or continue child related work However people with certain offences an Interim Negative Notice or Negative Notice may not do so

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