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Dat a, signal, and pow er connect ivit y solut ions in formfactors ranging from latest generat ion to legacyC4ISR / tactical communicationsconnectors and cablesC4ISR / tactical communications solutions overview4 C4ISR and M ission-Systems Capabilities• Extensive Harsh Environment Program Heritage• Quick Turn Custom Solutions8 Ten-Pin M ini Data Connectors• Supports Data Rates up to 10 Gigabits / Second• Under ½ Inch (13mm) Diameter Shells18 M IL--DTL--55116 Connectors• QPL, NSA, Filtered, and Specialized Solutions• 5 to 27 Contacts7 Hot Shoe Connectors• Cable and Panel-M ount Solutions• Accordion or Pogo-Pin Contacts10 M icro-M ilitary Connectors• Signi cantly Smaller Sizes and Lower Weights thanM IL--DTL--38999 Connectors26 M IL--DTL--55181 Connectors• QPL and Specialized Plugs and Receptacles• Power Splitting Solutions and CablesLatest generation and legacy form factors40 GPS Panel-M ount Connectors• Program Heritage Includes SINCGARS• M eets M IL--STD-810 Water Immersion42 M IL--DTL--26482 Connectors• 2 to 13 Contacts• Extensive Vehicle Intercom Heritage44 Battery Connectors• BB-590/U Battery Compatible Panel M ount• M iniaturized In-Line Solutions46 Power Tray Connectors• Program Heritage Includes SINCGARS• EM I/RFI and ESD Protected Solutions48 M IL--DTL--10544 Connectors• 10 Contact Solutions• Receptacles and Straight or Right-Angle Plugs50 M IL--DTL--12520 Connectors• Round and Cathedral Form Factors• 4 to 30-Contact SolutionsC4ISR and mission systems solutionsHeritage proven products andcustom capabilities position Eatonas a primary source for C4ISR andmission systems interconnect forM IL-DTL-38999 Series III and IV solutions support applications ranging frombattle eld-weapons control to airborne-weapons release.all physical domains: air, space,sea, and terrestrial.Eaton has the product breadth and demonstrated eld-provenperformance needed to support a broad range of C4ISR andmission-system applications.QPL and specialized standard products and modi ed/customsolution capabilities include:• Form factors ranging from latest generation miniaturizedto legacy.• High-current power, high-speed data, and lteredsignal solutions.• Operation in extreme EM I/RFI, temperatures,shock/vibration, radiation, corrosive media, andvacuum/pressures.• Custom connectors, cable assemblies, w iring harnesses,and non-explosive actuators.M ission-system-connectivity heritage includes shoulder red guided missilesand shipboard vertical launch missiles.Naval interconnect heritage includes sonar arrays, minesweepers, propulsioncontrol, ROVs, and weapons control.C4ISR and mission systems program heritageM ultiple generations of C4ISR and mission systemsplatforms have relied on Eaton connectors, cables, andnon-explosive actuators.The table below is a partial listing of the programs thatcomprise over 40 years of harsh-environment-applicationsuccesses extending from the depths of the M arianas Trenchto the reaches of deep space.A p p l i c at i o n Ty p eEaton’s heritage includesenabling ordinanceguidance- n releasesand propulsion-stageseparations.Pro g r am s• Bowman and Clansman Radio SystemsC4ISRTacom Radio Systems• Joint Tactical Radio Systems (JTRS):• Ground Mobile Radios (GMR)• Consolidated Single Channel Handheld Radios (CSCHR)• Handheld, Manpack, and Small Form Fit (HMS)• Single Channel Ground and Airborne Radio System (SINCGARS)• VIC5 Integrated Vehicle Intercom System• Abrams and Bradley Tanks• Javelin and TOW Guided-Missile SystemsTerrestrial C4ISRand Mission Systems• MRAP, and Stryker Combat Vehicles• Multiple Generations of the Howitzer• Patriot Missile System• MK105 Magnetic Influence Minesweeping System• Harpoon Missile SystemNaval C4ISRand Mission Systems• MK41 Vertical Launch System• Sea Lance, Standard, and Tomahawk Missile Systems• Trident Ballistic Missiles• Virginia-Class Submarine, Launch-Tube Control• F-18 Wing-Pylon Connector• Global Hawk Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)Airborne C4ISRand Mission Systems• Joint Direct Attack Munition Guidance Kits• Predator A, Predator B Reaper, and Predator CAvengers UAVsHeritage proven custom capabilitiesEaton combines advancedengineering tools with anextensive array of manufacturingresources to quickly delivercustom solutions.Harsh environment, custom capabilities include connectors for cryogenic fueland coolant monitoring.3D modeling software is integrated w ith CAM resources to concurrently manufacture parts for prototype solutions including inserts, w hich can be machined ormolded as needed to meet schedule requirements. An extensive array of in-house environmental test equipment, including thermal-vacuum chambers, also accelerates prototype development.Mission crit ical engineering resourcesTechnology port folioExtensive experienceAn extensive portfolio of eld-provenproducts and technologies satis esEaton has an in-depth understandingof the materials, mechanisms,Hotshoe connectorsEaton utilizes standardized designs and production processesto facilitate quick-turn development of custom hotshoeconnector solutions. Design options include:• Accordion or pogo pin style contacts.• Single or redundant contacts for each position w ith pointed,2D cupped, or radiused-tip geometries.• Tail con gurations include through hole, SM T, verticalmating, and right-angle mating.• Custom connector/cable assemblies.Please contact Eaton to discuss hotshoe connectors tailoredto your speci c application requirements.A c c o r d i o n -Sp r i n g Co n t ac t s Co m p ar ed To Tr ad i t i o n al D esi g n sLarger Contact Surface Areas Reduce ImpedanceElectricalImproved Contact Resistance StabilitySingle-Piece Design Eliminates the Possibility of Contaminant Build UpBetween Contact PartsMechanicalMechanical Properties are Maintained over an Exponentially Higher Numberof Engagement CyclesScrubbing action of accordion-style contacts providesreliable connections even after exposure to moisture360° EM I/RFI shieldingMiniaturized ten-pin connectorsEaton’s miniaturized 10-pin connectors deliver high-speed datacapabilities in form factors that are approximately one-halfinch in diameter. Additional features of these ultra-compactsolutions include:• Supports data rates up to 10 gigabits per second.• EM I/RFI protection includes shielded cables and receptaclecase-grounding pins.• 1.4 amps per contact current rating.• Rugged designs survive 2000 engagement cycles.Gen er al Sp ec i c at i o n sMaterials and FinishesElectricalMechanicalReceptacle and Plug ShellsPanel NutsContactsInsertsCable Shield FerruleCable Overmold MaterialDielectric StrengthInsulation ResistanceCurrent Rating per ContactCable ConstructionEnvironmental SealingWater ImmersionMate/Unmate DurabilityEM I/RFI protectionincludes cable shieldingand receptacle shellground pinsPassivated Stainless SteelPassivated Stainless SteelPhosphor Bronze/Gold over NickelNylon Type 6/6 (Zytel 101)Brass/NickelBlack Santoprene500 VRMS1000 Megaohms Minimum at 500VDC1.4 Amps10 Conductor, 28AWGShielded Cable15 PSIOne Meter2000 CyclesSupports data ratesup to 10 Gb/sMiniaturized ten-pin data connectorsPlug/cable assembly ordering informationM ates w ith receptacle part number CIM P1-10P-1CIMDC1 - 10S - LLLPrefix for miniaturizeddata-cable assemblyPlug/cable assembly length incentimeters as per drawing below10 socket contact designatorLength as per part num ber LLL designator2.0”(50.80m m )0.50”(12.70m m )Over M oldCIM DC1-10S plug0.38”(9.65m m )Flats0.55”(13.97m m )Ø0.65”(Ø16.51m m )Jam Nut10 conductor,28 AWG shielded cable0.15”(3.81m m )Typ.Ø0.56”(Ø14.22m m )CIM P1-10P-1 Recept acle0.09”(2.29m m )0.15”(3.81m m )0.12”(3.05m m )M ax. Panel ThicknessSolder-pin terminationsinclude case ground.Micro-military circular connectorsEaton’s micro-military circular connectors incorporate latestgeneration designs that deliver uncompromised performancein harsh environment applications ranging from C4ISR tospace ight. Additional features include:• Signi cantly smaller sizes, lower weights, and highercontact densities than M IL--DTL--38999 connectors.• Coupling mechanisms that stay engaged in high shock andvibration environments and redundant insert retention.• A comprehensive range of solutions; dual start: shell sizes6 – 10 and triple start: shell sizes 8 – 12.• M ating compatibility w ith micro-miniature connectors fromother manufacturers.M i c ro -M i l i t ary Ci r c u l ar Co n n ec t o r s Over v i ewSolutionsM1 Series (Dual Start)M5 Series (Triple Start)Coupling ThreadsACMEThreadsACMEThreadsCoupling MechanismsAll Products Feature Ruggedized, Anti-Decoupling Ratchet MechanismsMating1.5 Turns to Full Mate1 Turn to Full MateShell Sizes6,7,9, & 108,9,11, & 12Contact Con gurations#23 AWG: 7 – 26 Contacts per Connector, #16 AWG: 1 – 4 Contacts per ConnectorContacts Meet MIL-C-39029 and Utilize Crimped TerminationsCustom CapabilitiesApplication-Speci c Inserts, Materials, Platings, Cable Assemblies, and Space-Rated SolutionsLatest generation designs deliver uncompromised performancein mission-crit ical applicat ionsExtremely robust, insertretention design includesepoxy bonds and redundantmechanical retainersAnti-decoupling ratchetingFinish options includecadmium/olive drab ratedto survive 500 hours of saltspray and RoHS compliant,electroless nickelApplication speci cperformance modi cationsinclude compliance to NASAMicro-military circular connectorsGen er al Sp ec i c at i o n sMaterials and FinishesElectricalMechanical andEnvironmentalShell and Coupling Ring6061 AluminumContactsCopper Alloy, Gold PlatedInsertsLPS (Liquid Crystal Polymer) 30% Glass FilledGrommet and SealFluorosiliconeContact Retaining SpringsBeryllium CopperDielectric Withstand Voltage (DWV)23 AWGContact Inserts: 500 VAC16 AWGContact Inserts: 1800 VACInsulation Resistance (IR)5000 Megaohms MinimumContact Current Ratings#23 Contacts – 5 Amps, #16 Contacts – 13 AmpsEMI/RFI ShieldingM1 Series: 55 dB Minimum from 100MHz to 1000MHzM5 Series: 85 dB Minimum from 100MHz to 1000MHzContact Retention#23 Contacts: 15 pounds, #16 Contacts: 25 poundsShock and Vibration300 g’s Shock, 37 g’s Random VibrationInsert RetentionEpoxy Bonds and Redundant Mechanical RetainersWater ImmersionMIL-STD-810, Method 512, One Meter Immersion for One HourMate/Unmate DurabilityM1 Series: 2000 Cycles, M5 Series: 500 CyclesFi n i sh Cl assesClass FClass WPlating TypeElectroless NickelCadmium/Olive DrabCompliancesASTM B733 & RoHSQQ-P-416Operating Temperatures-65°Cto 200°C(-85°Fto 392°F)-65°Cto 175°C(-85°Fto 347°F)Micro-military circular connectorsM icro-military connector ordering informationM1 G6 F 06 - 07 P ASeriesKeying PositionsShell TypeContact TypeFinish ClassInsert ArrangementShell SizeTy p e/D esi g n at i o nSeriesShell TypeFinish ClassesD esc r i p t i o nM1Double Start ACMEThreadsM5Triple Start ACMEThreads06M1 In-Line Plug, Accessory Thread (no EMI)16M1 In-Line Plug, Banding Platform (no EMI)G6M5 In-Line Plug, Accessory Thread (EMI)H6M5 In-Line Plug, Banding Platform (EMI)00Square-Flange Receptacle, Accessory Thread10Square-Flange Receptacle, Banding Platform03Ty p e/D esi g n at i o nD esc r i p t i o nPPinSSocketAPin Compatible Insert Shipped without ContactsBSocket Compatible Insert Shipped without ContactsContact TypeX°Y°A150°210°B75°210°In-Line Receptacle, Accessory ThreadKeying Positions C95°230°13In-Line Receptacle, Banding PlatformD140°275°07Jam-Nut Receptacle, Accessory ThreadE75°275°17Jam-Nut Receptacle, Banding PlatformF95°210°FElectroless Nickel per ASTM B733WCAD/OD per QQP-416NotesNormalM1 Series OnlyKeyingPosit ionsMicro-military circular connectors123AWGContactInsert Arrangements637542323 2 11774109864128161319 18 17111518233 1 225 26 2449121621M1 Series Shell - Insert #06-0707-1009-1910-26M5 Series Shell - Insert #08-0709-1011-1912-26Number of Contacts7101926Current Rating per Contact5 Amps5 Amps5 Amps5 Amps124316AWGContactInsert ArrangementsM1 Series Shell - Insert #06-0109-04M5 Series Shell - Insert #08-0111-04Number of Contacts14Current Rating per Contact13 Amps13 AmpsContact Eaton to discuss quick turn, application speci ccontacts and insert arrangements.End-to-End Connectivity Solutions Include CustomCable AssembliesCable assembly and w iring harness design and manufacturingcapabilities include: overmolded; RF coaxial; at ribbon; beroptic; and voice, data, and hybrid communications.Our engineers are experts at providing protection againstharsh-environmental conditions including:• Extreme high and low temperatures• Shock and vibration• RadiationIn-line plug mechanical drawingsM1 SeriesSize 16 contacts: .13 M ax.Size 23 contacts: .00 M ax.Size 16 contacts: .15 M ax.Size 23 contacts: .00 M ax.1.05 M ax.(26.67 m m )1.05 M ax.(26.67 m m )ØCØCØGD ThreadE ThreadE ThreadM odels w it h rear accessory t hreadsSh el l si zeM odels w it h banded plat form sØCD Th r eadE Th r eadØG60.690.3750-32 UNEF-2A.3750-.05P-.1L-2B0.32070.775.4375-28 UNEF-2A.4375-.05P-.1L-2B0.38090.910.5625-24 UNEF-2A.5625-.05P-.1L-2B0.498100.995.6250-24 UNEF-2A.6250-.05P-.1L-2B0.584M5 Series1.05” M ax.(26.67 m m )1.08” M ax.(27.43 m m )D ThreadØCØCE ThreadØGE ThreadJam-nut receptacle mechanical drawingsM1 SeriesSize 16 contacts: 0.08” M ax.Size 23 contacts: 0.00” M ax.0.99” M ax.(25.15 m m )0.93”(23.62 m m )ØB M ax.F ThreadA M ax. FlatE ThreadE Thread0.39” M ax(9.91 m m )0.06” M ax(1.52 m m )G ThreadA M ax. Flat0.44” M ax.(11.18 m m )M odels w it h rear accessory t hreadsSh el l si ze0.06” M ax.(1.52 m m )G ThreadM odels w it h banded plat form sABE Th r eadF Th r eadG Th r ead60.6200.660.3750-.05P-.1L-2B.3750-32 UNEF-2A.4375-28 UNEF-2A70.7480.780.4375-.05P-.1L-2B.4375-28 UNEF-2A.5625-28 UN-2A90.8150.855.5625-.05P-.1L-2B.5625-24 UNEF-2A.6250-28 UN-2A100.8800.915.6250-.05P-.1L-2B.6250-24 UNEF-2A.6875-28 UN-2AM5 SeriesSize 16 contacts: 0.25 M ax.Size 23 contacts: 0.00 M ax.Size 16 contacts: 0.03 M ax.Size 23 contacts: 0.00 M ax.1.17” M ax.(29.72 m m )1.17” M ax.(29.72 m m )0.75” M ax.(19.05 m m )0.75” M . C4ISR / tactical communications connectors and cables Data, signal, and power connectivity solutions in form factors ranging from latest generation to legacy. C4ISR / tactical communications solutions overview 4 C4ISR and Mission-Systems Capabilities • Extensive Harsh Environment Program Heritage • Quick Turn Custom Solutions 7 Hot Shoe Connectors • Cable and Panel-Mount Solutions ...

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