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U l t ra H i gh Pe rf o rm a n c e L i q u i d C h r o m a t o g r a p h. Maximizing the Potential of,UHPLC HPLC Analysis, Meet the Nexera X2 the most advanced UHPLC available today. The flexible system design achieves a true fusion between UHPLC. and HPLC technologies enabling the Nexera X2 to be used for a. much broader range of applications This completely new UHPLC. system not only offers maximum speed sensitivity resolution. stability and reliability it also features a revolutionary i PDeA. separation technology and an i DReC function that extends the. dynamic range so that both concentrated and trace components. can be quantitated simultaneously, Intelligent Peak Deconvolution Analysis patent pending. Intelligent Dynamic Range Extension Calculator patent pending. Nexera X2 Series, The flexible module design allows you to choose an optimal Nexera X2 system according to your. analytical needs Some typical configurations are shown below. Nexera SR System Nexera Quaternary System, This UHPLC system offers maximum sensitivity and resolution This system enables four solvent gradient analysis. It features the new i PDeA separation method making it especially easy to migrate methods from. Intelligent Peak Deconvolution Analysis general purpose HPLC systems. Nexera Method Scouting System Nexera UHPLC HPLC System. Providing comprehensive support for method development This system offers complete UHPLC and HPLC. this system is capable of automatically developing methods using capabilities in a single system by automatically. up to 96 different combinations of mobile phases and columns switching between mixers and columns. Nexera MP System, This LC MS front end UHPLC system is ideal for high throughput multianalyte analysis.
Combine the Nexera X2 with a UFMS unit to achieve ultrafast LC MS MS analysis. Nexera X2 Components, The CBM 20A is a network compatible controller capable of monitoring systems from a. separate room In addition to Nexera X2 systems it can be used to integrate the control of. variety of components to create a customized system tailored to specific analytical. objectives,Solvent Delivery Unit, Adding this four solvent gradient unit allows you to use. a wide variety of delivery methods It is also capable of. blending mobile phases for automated mobile phase,preparation. Autosamplers,SIL 30AC SIL 30AC Rack Changer II SIL 30ACMP. This multifunctional model is capable of Together with this rack changer the This open access autosampler. pretreatment and trap injection methods autosampler accommodates up to 12 plates accommodates up to six plates. Column Ovens,CTO 30A CTO 20AC CTO 30AS, Temperature controllable up to 150 C Large capacity column oven capable of Space saving column oven for.
Max column length 150 mm housing multiple columns and valves use as an MS front end. Max column length 300 mm Max column length 50 mm,Detector While. hile achieving high,h sensitivity and low dispersion this. photodiode array detector features the new i PDeA,separation function and the i DReC dynamic range. extension function Its temperature controlled optical system. provides outstanding stability for true high speed analysis. SPD M30A Intelligent Peak Deconvolution Analysis, Achieves maximum sensitivity and separation Intelligent Dynamic Range Extension Calculator. Higher Sensitivity and Resolution Than Ever Before. Nexera SR System,The SPD M30A, SP photodiode array detector included in Nexera SR systems has been completely.
redesigned from previous models and features uncompromised improvements throughout the. design from the cell structure to the temperature control method This not only increases the. sensitivity of UHPLC systems but also improves the sensitivity and separation of HPLC systems. making it suitable for the flagship model of the Nexera X2 series. Detector Cell Offers Both Sensitivity and Resolution. While the SR Cell sensitivity and resolution cell used in the mV About 2 3 times Standard SPD M30A cell. 150 higher S N ratio Standard SPD M20A cell, SPD M30A has an optical path length of 10 mm it features. low dispersion specifications compared with previous models. It achieves sharper peaks in UHPLC analysis while remaining just 100. as easy to use for HPLC as before and can be used for a wide. range of applications from UHPLC to HPLC,About 1 5 times. Analytical Conditions higher S N ratio,Flow rate 1 0 mL min. Column Shim pack XR ODS II 75 mmL 2 0 mmI D 2 2 m 0 0 1 0 2 0 3 0 4 0 5 0 6 0 7 0 min. Even Higher Sensitivity with an Optional Cell, While the optional high sensitivity cell features an optical path mV. length of 85 mm the noise level is kept to a minimum 120. High sensitivity SPD M30A cell,Standard SPD M30A cell.
The improved S N ratio enables analysis of trace impurities and 110. trace components which was not possible before 100. Impurity 2,Impurity 1,Analytical Conditions,Impurity 4. A 20 mmol L phosphate buffer solution with pH 2 8,Mobile Phase 60. Impurity 3,B Acetonitrile,Impurity 5,Column Shim pack XR ODS II 150 mmL 3 0 mmI D 40. Sample Cefazolin sodium 30,Comparison of Signal Strength 0. High Sensitivity Cell Standard Cell,1 00 1 50 2 00 2 50 min.
Impurity 1 49109 7931,Impurity 2 81339 11438,Impurity 3 16345 2290. Impurity 4 37922 5548,Impurity 5 7726 968,Not Just Sensitivity High Data Reliability. The SPD M30A adopts the new temperature controlled TC Optics mAU. with the SR Cell which has an optimized heat exchange inlet 10 SPD M30A. pipe These features achieve faster stabilization with low external 0. dispersion for UHPLC analysis, The faster stabilization shortens the wait time for analysis. thereby increasing total analytical throughput Other vendor s. 30 PDA detector,0 10 20 30 40 50 min,Baseline after instrument startup. Excellent Stability Even with Subtle Changes in Room Temperature. Subtle fluctuations in room temperature are unavoidable even in mAU. temperature controlled laboratories Incorporating TC Optics 20 30 C. which provides a stable baseline even if the room temperature 15 temperature. fluctuates the SPD M30A provides highly reliable data 25 C. 5 SPD M30A,15 Other vendor s,PDA detector,0 100 200 300 400 500 600 min.
Superior spectrum resolution and linearity, The SPD M30A provides unrivaled spectrum resolution by In addition the new signal treatment technology realizes. adopting an optimized optic system A benzene spectrum is excellent spectrum linearity across a wide area from low to high. often used for evaluation of spectrum resolution concentration The SPD M30A supports analyses such as purity. The SPD M30A offers the world s highest spectrum resolution analysis that require a wide dynamic range. B A 2 90 As of November 2012 according to Shimadzu survey. Caffeine 1000 mg L,Caffeine 100 mg L,Similarity 0 9998. 230 240 250 260 270 280 nm 250 300 350 nm,SPD M30A Ideal for Both UHPLC and HPLC. Needless to say Nexera family SPD M30A detectors can be installed in Shimadzu. Prominence series HPLC systems as well Each year users continue to demand higher. sensitivity not only for food products and chemicals but in other fields as well. The SPD M30A detector is ideal for all sorts of fields. High Performance Autosamplers,Facilitate Ultra High Sensitivity Analysis. Popular Low Carryover Performance Now Further Improved. Nexera X2 series autosamplers are carefully designed to reduce carryover in increasingly. high sensitivity analytical applications with features such as a multi rinse mechanism. included as standard that allows you to select from multiple types of solvents They also. offer high accuracy at the injection volumes optimal for column sizes typically used in. UHPLC applications Together with the broad injection volume linearity this makes Nexera. X2 series autosamplers more than capable of handling applications from UHPLC to HPLC. Multi Rinse Mechanism Eliminates Carryover, When analyzing multiple components simultaneously they often have significantly different polarities In such cases a single rinse.
solution is insufficient for adequate rinsing To solve this problem Nexera X2 series SIL 30AC and SIL 30ACMP autosamplers feature a. hardware structure that resists adsorption as well as a rinse mechanism that minimizes carryover. Multi rinse mechanism supports up to 4 solutions, The needle surface can be rinsed by a maximum of two rinse solutions Sample loop. and the needle inner surface can be rinsed by a maximum of three Needle. rinse solutions Of course rinsing with just one solution in the usual. way is also possible The rinsing order can be set as desired Rinse ports. Contact surfaces of needle and needle port,where carryover is likely to occur Drain. R0 R1 R2 R3,For rinsing needle surface and For rinsing needle. inner surface 3 types surface 1 type,Needle port,schematic diagram Multi rinse mechanism can. accommodate up to 4 solutions, Port section is rinsed by any of the rinse solutions Needle port rinsing mechanism.
1 to 3 solutions, The needle port is one of the places on an autosampler. where carryover is likely to occur On the SIL 30AC MP the. Discharge to drain port needle port is rinsed automatically. HPLC detectors such as mass spectrometers are becoming increasingly sensitive each year Consequently the carryover levels required. for HPLC systems are becoming extremely strict Nexera X2 series SIL 30AC and SIL 30ACMP autosamplers offer the ultimate in. low carryover performance due to the thorough carryover reducing mechanism. Ultralow carryover achieved without rinsing Ultralow carryover even on a high sensitivity LC MS MS. When rinsing is performed to keep carryover low the total analysis time Ultralow carryover performance is required with LC MS systems. sometimes increases as the number of analyses increases Nexera The SIL 30ACMP demonstrates exceptional carryover performance even on. autosamplers excel in suppressing carryover even without rinsing compounds such as chlorhexidine that are very prone to adsorption. Moreover the SIL 30ACMP features an improved rinsing mechanism to. achieve even lower carryover,5 0 x10 000,0 0004 without rinsing Chlorhexidine 500 ng L. 3 0 1 5 0 0001,Caffeine 4 g L 0 5, 0 1 0 2 0 3 0 4 0 5 0 min 0 00 0 25 0 50 0 75 1 00 min. Broad Injection Volume Range Enables Both UHPLC and HPLC. Nexera X2 series autosamplers offer 2 500 000, excellent injection reproducibility over a R2 0 999795. Area value,wide range of injection volumes,Applications in the UHPLC to HPLC region.
require a diverse range of analytical 1 000 000,column sizes Using a Nexera X2 series 500 000. autosampler allows you to choose the, optimal injection volume for the given 0 0 10 0 20 0 30 0 40 0 50 0 60 0. column size without any compromise in Injection volume L. analytical reliability, Injection Volume L Repeatability n 6 Injection Volume L Repeatability n 6. 0 1 0 67 2 0 09,0 2 0 32 5 0 05,0 5 0 26 10 0 05,0 7 0 14 20 0 04. 1 0 11 50 0 03,Injection Repeatability Actual Values.
Accurate Analysis Even at Volumes Below 1 L, Nexera X2 series autosamplers enable highly accurate mAU. analysis even at injection volumes below 1 L For UHPLC. 9 RSD of Area n 6, analysis using small columns the optimal injection volumes Caffeine 0 35. are correspondingly small as well 8, Especially when using sample solvents with a high elution 7. strength it is difficult to increase the injection volume. Normally that means samples must be diluted to reduce the. effects of the sample solvents, Nexera X2 series autosamplers are capable of highly accurate 4. micro volume injection allowing even samples with high 3. organic solvent concentrations after pretreatment to be. injected directly without dilution,0 0 0 5 1 0 1 5 2 0 2 5 3 0 min.
Reproducibility Test for 0 1 L Injection Volume,Easily Accommodates a Large Number of Samples. If a large number of samples needs to be placed at the same. time and their temperature must be kept constant then an. optional Rack Changer II for the SIL 30AC is especially useful. This rack changer can hold up to 12 microplates 96 384 well. MTPs or DWPs or 1 5 mL vial racks which provides ample. capacity for large numbers of samples,Rack Changer II. True High Throughput Analysis,Nexera MP System Ideal as an LC MS Front End LC. The Nexera MP system equipped with the SIL 30ACMP autosampler serves as a. high performance front end LC to maximize the performance of LC MS systems. In the standard configuration six microplates 96 384 well MTPs or DWPs or 1 5. mL vial racks can be used This provides an open access system that allows you. to use different plates for each rack and place samples at any time even during. sample injection except on the rack being used for injection Just as with the. SIL 30AC thorough measures have been taken to minimize carryover which. makes it an ideal system for use as a front end LC for LC MS systems. Nexera MP System Sample Processing Capacity,Plate Type Number of Samples Processed. 1 5 mL vial plates 324,96 well plates 576,384 well plates 2304.
Note In addition to the above ten 1 5 mL vials can be used. The Nexera MP system is able to access samples via the quickest path. by moving the needle in both X and Y directions simultaneously. This achieves higher injection speeds than ever before with shortest. This LC MS front end UHPLC system is ideal for high throughput multianalyte analysis Combine the Nexera X2 with a UFMS unit to achieve ultrafast LC MS MS analysis Nexera UHPLC HPLC System This system offers complete UHPLC and HPLC capabilities in a single system by automatically switching between mixers and columns This UHPLC system offers maximum sensitivity and resolution It features the

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