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User Agreement, The presentation file and its content can be. reposted and uploaded on other websites as, long as they are used strictly for not for profit. purposes and are not altered In other words , selling them to make money or profit and. changing the content and links are not allowed , Disclaimer. The information in this presentation is very, sensitive and controversial Viewers should use.
their judgment and intuition to discern the, information None of the information and advice. in this presentation are meant as substitutes for. professional medical advice or legal advice , Welcome to My Fourth Seminar. The topics I will be presenting in this seminar are . The art of magic, The power of words and sound, The birthing process. The commerce process, The legal name process, The school process. The court and banking process, Sacred geometry and word play.
Currency and how it is used to steal your energy, After reading and viewing the content in this seminar check out my. empowering book titled Word Magic The Powers Occult. Definitions of Words to learn more about the magic powers of words . What Is Word Magic , A word is defined as a sound or a combination of sounds or. its representation in writing or printing that symbolizes and. communicates a meaning and may consist of a single. morpheme or of a combination of morphemes As for magic it. is the art of directing and controlling energy using natural forces. to produce a desired effect When you put these two words. together you get the term word magic which means the art. of communicating using sacred sounds and symbols to direct. and control energy to produce a desired effect , In simple terms word magic is the art of using word play . phonics anagram sacred sounds symbols and metaphors to. strengthen the intent of a word , Word magic is often used to hide the deeper meaning of a word. to deceive us However if it is used in a positive way it can. empower us , The Power of Words and Magic, Words are not just elements of speech or writing because they.
can be used to strengthen the effects of magic When spoken. out loud words transform into frequencies and vibrations that. can be used to direct energy This is one of the first steps to. creating real magic , Most people will laugh at the idea of magic being real but if only. they knew what magic really is and how magic is being used to. control them they would not be laughing Remember magic is. the art of directing and controlling energy using natural. forces i e sound thought to produce a desired effect In other. words magic is the art of directing and controlling energy . What most of us do not understand about the reality of Earth is. that we live in a world dominated by magic Until you learn how. magic works and how it is being used to control you you will. never know how the world really works , The most powerful thing in the Universe is energy If you. learn how to control and direct this energy you will. become one of the most powerful people on Earth This is. why the Controllers the Dark Magicians are so obsessed. with magic and energy , , The word magic comes from Old French magique Latin. magicus and Greek magikos Magic has a strong, relationship with magnetic and electrical energy Did you. notice that the word magnetic has the word magic in it . Take out net in mag net ic and you are left with the. word magic , The art of magic is often practiced along with certain words.
and sacred geometries The types of words that are used. in magic rituals are the words that produce powerful sound. tones When these words are spoken out loud they, produce sound tones with powerful vibrational patterns. that can be used to direct energy and harness its power . Sound is able to direct, energy because it contains. certain frequency patterns, that attract energy to flow in. a controllable manner , Furthermore sound is one, of the natural forces used. by Nature to create sacred, geometries which are, some of the building blocks.
of matter , If you have studied cymatics you should know that sound. and vibration can organize matter into sacred geometries . Cymatics is the study of sound and vibration made. visible typically on the surface of a plate diaphragm or. membrane , Cymatics Sacred Geometries, Formed by Sound. Visit the link below to watch a short video on cymatics This short video. will show you visual evidence of the power of sound and how sound. organizes matter into sacred geometries , https www youtube com watch v vFRtjZ3NrqM. Cymatics Experiment Mozart s, Una Donna a Quindici Anni . Cymatics experiment using a home made tonoscope , Click here to watch this fascinating short video .
The two videos about cymatics that you just watched . showed how the power of sound and frequency could be. used to direct and control energy to produce sacred. geometries Like cymatics words that are spoken out loud. can direct and control energy because they carry sound. and frequency , Once you realize how powerful words are you may agree. with me that words can be as powerful or even more. powerful than swords When you move the letter s in the. term words to the front you get sword This did not. happen by accident , Nearly all words in the English language are carefully. designed and put together in a way that produces magic. effects so that the creators of these words which are the. Dark Forces and their minions can trick you to play their. con game By the end of this presentation you will know. exactly what that means , The Birthing and Commerce. Process, The words that are used to describe the birthing process. are strongly related to commerce Because of this you. need to know some information about merchants and the. sea business or you will have a hard time seeing the. connection If you have studied the information in my. second seminar you should have little problem, understanding the birthing and commerce process .
Before there were airplanes automobiles and trains . when one country wanted to send products to another. country they would often send them on a ship Using ships. to send goods to other countries became so important that. many laws were created to protect merchants and their. products , The two laws that dominated the sea business were. Admiralty Law the Law of the Sea and Maritime Law. Law Merchant Both of these laws originally heard, cases involving commerce on the high seas Today . nearly every courthouse in the United States Canada . the United Kingdom and certain Western and Eastern. countries are operating under Admiralty Maritime Law . This means that the courts in these countries are. operating under military law and commercial law , and therefore when people go to court they are. treated as properties and war criminals This is why. when you mention your common law or constitutional. rights in a U S courtroom the judge may tell you to sit. down and shut up There is no justice in a court that. operates under Admiralty Maritime Law , Let us turn our attention back to ships and merchants When. a ship reaches its destination the captain orders his crew to. prepare the ship to be docked After the ship docks the crew. can start to unload the cargoes and products off the ship A. ship is also a vessel so after a ship docks onto the shore it. is considered a berthed vessel The word berthed is. phonetically similar to the word birthed , Before the crew can unload all the cargoes and products off.
the ship and onto the dock they have to first show a. certificate of manifest This manifest is a record that has. information about the products i e the registration number . the country of origin the manufacturer etc The certificate. of manifest is basically your birth certificate On your birth. certificate there is a registration number country of origin . and manufacturer Metaphorically speaking the, manufacturers that created you the product are your. parents , Unloading Products From Docked, Ships, . Disclaimer The information The Power of Words and Magic Words are not just elements of speech or writing because they can be used to strengthen the effects of magic When spoken out loud words transform into frequencies and vibrations that can be used to direct energy This is one of the first steps to creating real magic Most people will laugh at the idea of magic being real but if

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