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more composites to cut down on fuel,consumption,Global automotive production is pro. viding a major opportunity for Turkey,as it spreads from North to South and. from West to East,Greenhouse applications,As greenhouse cultivation develops. obstacles to cutting edge greenhouse,investments have been eliminated and. incentives have been implemented in,recent years in Turkey paving the way.
for greenhouse producers,New technologies have allowed cheap. er more durable cutting edge applica,tions in greenhouse production In. this context GRP greenhouse applica,tions are becoming more widespread. both in Turkey and worldwide,Corrugated GRP plates offer many. advantages they are flexible light,impact resistant and transparent.
SUBOR Boru Sanayi A S one of the biggest pipe producers of Turkey in its installation activity. allowing a homogenous distribution,of natural light can be used alone or. ments in an Advanced Technology It is estimated that these markets will with any roof material are resistant to. Free Zone already being established grow 8 10 per year on average over chemicals and UV radiation and offer. in the Yalova region the upcoming period GRP pipes are film coated production opportunities. Worldwide carbon fibre is predomi being used more and more in water. nantly used in the industrial aero projects Pipes up to 4 metres in diam Solar panels. space defence and sports equipment eter are currently being produced in Significant growth is expected in the. sectors Applications where this mate Turkey production of solar energy as a renew. rial is particularly used include wind able source so. turbine blades plastics for electronics Automotive and transport solar panels. pressurized vessels automotive parts Reducing the carbon emis should be an. building and construction reinforce sions of vehicles is important. ment and maritime and oil platforms becoming a priority market for. A rapid increase in carbon fibre use is for the automo composite. anticipated in Turkey primarily in the tive sector The materials. above listed areas as investment and simplest method. production both increase appears to be Construc,the manufac tion rein. GRP pipe applications ture of lighter forcements, Global warming also brings drought vehicles The Although. along with it In order to solve this strategic plans still at. problem irrigation investments are on of many,the increase in both the Middle East firms in. and Turkey As infrastructure require the sector,ments grow especially for irrigation include ve.
projects glass fibre reinforced polyes hicle weight. ter GRP pipe production is develop and cost,ing particularly in China India the reduction. Middle East North Africa and Turkey and the use of. Special Feature Turkey country guest of honour jec composites magazine 5. Turkey country guest of honor,The capacity of the firms produc. ing for this application field is also,increasing,Engineering plastics. Thermoplastic resins especially when,reinforced with fibres offer unique. advantages for composite products,Designers are focusing on the proper.
ties of thermoplastic composites to in,crease product performance and lower. production costs Thermoplastic res,ins are structurally robust and exhibit. extraordinary impact resistance They,reach their maximum hardness when. cooled Due to these features they,can contribute to reduce the cost of. parts Thermoplastics are recyclable,and applications for them are develop.
Wind blades produced by Aero company,ing rapidly especially in the automo. tive market Reinforced thermoplas, an initial stage prototype trials Of these wind energy accounts for a tics account for 36 in value and 38. of composite materials are giving large share and Turkey is in the lead in volume of the world s composite. positive results It is likely that in the in Europe among countries with the production In Turkey this rate is still. near future composites will replace highest wind potential The key ele around 10 so the country has room. steel as reinforcement in hospital ments of a wind turbine are the rotor to develop in thermoplastics. construction especially because blades and the generator that produc. steel blocks electromagnetic signals es the power Maritime. A 20 growth is anticipated in this This is a dynamic sector in Europe. area Construction reinforcement is Wind turbine blades are made of com Asian boat manufacturers are es. a developing market especially for posites with high mechanical strength tablishing partnerships with their. countries in seismic zones Common Epoxy which is least affected by envi European counterparts and they. reinforcement applications are avail ronmental impacts is used as a matrix are playing a greater role in Europe s. able for new building designs for his and carbon aramid and glass fibres boat industry The number of boat. torical buildings and for rehabilitat are used to ensure fatigue strength manufacturers producing large boats. ing old buildings against earthquake Due to its performance and advanta is gradually increasing and they are. risks and for critical infrastructure geous price glass fibre is particularly now manufacturing boats longer than. such as bridges tunnels airports and sought after However the demand 30m In parallel with this develop. hospitals Woven and technical glass for carbon fibre to strengthen the ment there is also some movement in. and carbon fibre textiles and the blades is gradually increasing as blade Turkey. composite structural profiles made of lengths are extended from 40 metres. these materials are being used more to 65 metres in response to increases Car roof applications. commonly in turbine capacities Due to the advantages of glass mat. reinforced thermoplastics GMT car, Wind energy Wind energy should register growth roof applications for them are growing. The energy crisis starting in the 21st of up to 18 20 in the near future as faster than for polyurethane n. century with the depletion of fossil it is being counted on to relieve the. fuel and especially oil resources has energy bottleneck in Turkey. placed clean renewable energy on the More information. agenda Renewable energy sources PPRC heating pipes www kompozit org tr. include solar geothermal hydrogen The demand for composite heating. biomass hydroelectric wave and wind pipes used in gas fired combination First picture is courtesy. energy boiler systems is growing significantly of SUBOR Boru Sanayi A S. 6 jec composites magazine Special Feature Turkey country guest of honour. sustainability,Nanotechnology enhanced,biocomposites for greener technologies. Composite materials are key materials for the future and are already. replacing metals and many other material systems In transportation. systems their low density reduces the weight of vehicles helping to. reduce CO2 emissions They are also essential in the wind turbine in. dustry where they allow the use of larger turbine blades with higher. efficiency Using composites makes for a smaller carbon footprint and. provides the world with sustainable solutions One direction compo Asst Prof Dr M zg r Seydibeyoglu. Department of Materials Science and, site research is taking is towards the use of bio based materials and Engineering.
reinforcement with nanoparticles from natural resources Izmir Katip Celebi University. Biobased polyurethanes polyacrylonitrile PAN polymer can. One of the teams works on developing be replaced partially with lignin form. new cutting edge biobased polyure ing a blend of PAN and lignin This. urrent technological trends for thanes reinforced with nanoparticles improves the mechanical properties. composite materials are to reduce Biobased polyurethane foams are used of PAN reduces its cost and increases. waste recycle resins increase in sandwich composite panels offering the biocontent of the carbon materials. the use of thermoplastic systems and new solutions and replacing petrole. increase the use of robotic and auto um based polymer foams Lignin will Natural fibres. matic systems The push for greener be the main polyol used in these foams and thermoplastic resins. more sustainable materials is growing Their structure will be reinforced with The group also works on natural fibres. stronger every day contributing to cellulose nanocrystals but nanoclays and thermoplastic resins A study is. make polymers and composites and will also be used to provide mechanical about to start with many new weaving. the technology used more environ strength and flame retardancy inventions paving the way for a variety. ment friendly of new fibre architectures,The research group in the Department New. of Materials Science and Engineering carbon fibre,at Izmir Katip Celebi University Tur precursors. key is working on different aspects Another,of composites with several goals in aspect of. mind Divided into several teams it the group s,is seeking cost effective high perfor research fo. mance biobased materials for use in cuses on new,composites and attempting to enhance lignin based.
the properties of biocomposites with carbon fibre, nanoparticles from natural resources precursors Its. This article summarizes the group s new research 50 microns. publications and current industry findings, based research findings show that Fig 1 Lignin particles left electron microscopy image right optical microscopy image. Special Feature Turkey country guest of honour jec composites magazine 7. Turkey country guest of honor, Nanotechnology and nanoparticles nanocellulose has been well documented in Flame retardancy. Besides natural fibres nanotechnology the literature The group s current research The last group of studies focuses on. and nanoparticles play an important role focuses on the reinforcement of biobased the flame retardancy of polymers Dr. in the composite industry The group is polymers Nanocellulose is also very Seydibeyo lu has patented a new nano. currently working on nanoclays nanocel important for the production of biomedical material called nano zinc borate which. lulose carbon nanomaterials and polyhedral materials Nanoclays can reinforce polymers provides flame retardancy at the nanoscale. oligomeric silsesquioxane POSS at low percentages and without reducing the The flame retardancy study is not limited to. Nanocellulose obtained from natural elongation values of polymers Nanoclays zinc borate as the group also focuses of new. resources is of key importance for the also provide properties like flame retar low cost mineral solutions for the produc. environment as it is a renewable material dancy good anti bacterial and gas barrier tion of nanomaterials for flame retardancy. with a modulus of 150 GPa close to that performance and UV absorption Among The flame retardant properties of carbon. of carbon fibre The reinforcing power of carbon nanomaterials graphene is the most nanomaterials and POSS are also under. promising with easy manufacturing possi investigation. bilities and lower cost potential The group s The group is open to projects for industrial. initial studies with graphene show that it uses of composites and to scientific discus. can increase the strength of carbon fibre sions and new collaborative projects within. reinforced epoxy composites demonstrating the FP7 framework and other international. the importance of carbon nanotechnolo frameworks n. gies In another study graphene was used as, the reinforcing material for synthetic fibres More information seydibey gmail com. showing potential as a new reinforcing fibre ozgur seydibeyoglu ikc edu tr. Fig 2 Nanocellulose material, Autoclaves for high performance composite materials type air ducts built inside the autoclave The.
composite materials are placed in the central,sections of the autoclave for curing Before. Akar Makina founded in 1990 and located in Eskisehir Turkey offers the end of the cycle the autoclave is cooled by. composite autoclaves and pressure vessels for production and labo a cold water circulation through the built in. heat exchanger Throughout the process the, ratory purposes for various applications including aerospace motor. processing time pressure heat vacuum and, sports automotive industry and marine cooling phases with certain gradients are. managed with critical delta values with the,help of advanced computer control systems. he autoclaves are provided with other certifications as required by authorities. advanced user friendly control Autoclaves are usually heated using electri Warranty and certificates. systems along with autoclave trolleys cal heaters and internally insulated against The size of Akar s autoclaves can vary depend. vacuum systems and cooling units as part of heat loss during the process Temperature ing on customer needs The useful diameter. Akar s turnkey project execution approach uniformity is critical when curing composite of an autoclave may range from 500 mm to. Designed and produced for unique customer materials To create the required uniformity 5000 mm and the useful length can be as. needs they can be used in composite material a circulation of non flammable gas such as long as 15 000 mm The working pressure. production processes as well as laboratory air nitrogen carbon dioxide or mixed gases can be as high as 20 25 bars and the working. applications is achieved by means of a motor fan system temperature can go up to 400 C. Worldwide carbon fibre is predomi nantly used in the industrial aero space defence and sports equipment sectors Applications where this mate rial is particularly used include wind turbine blades plastics for electronics pressurized vessels automotive parts building and construction reinforce ment and maritime and oil platforms

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