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PRESENTS, The crucible, By, Arthur miller,This study guide for The Crucible contains back . ground information for the play suggested themes, and topics for discussion and curriculum based TABLE OF Contents. lessons that are designed by educators and theatre. The Players Synopsis 3,professionals , The Story 4. The lessons and themes for discussion are organ , ized in modules that can be used independently or Who s Who in the Play 5. interdependently according to the class level and, time availability Director s Notes Designer s Notes 6.
Classroom Applications, The crucible, Before Attending the Play 14 20. Running time 2hrs 50 approx , After Attending the Play 21 28. including one intermission, Glossary of Theatre Terms 29. Previews June 3 2006, Opens June 23 2006 Response Sheet 30. Closes October 14 2006, 2, The Players, Ezekiel Cheever Guy Bannerman.
Giles Corey Bernard Behrens, Hopkins Anthony Bekenn. Tituba Lisa Berry, Thomas Putnam Norman Browning, John Proctor Benedict Campbell. Betty Parris Katie Cambone Mannell, Elizabeth Proctor Kelli Fox. Abigail Williams Charlotte Gowdy, Ann Putnam Mary Haney. Townsperson Evert Houston, Francis Nurse Al Kozlik.
Reverend John Hale Peter Krantz, Mary Warren Trish Lindstrom. Marshall Herrick Jeff Meadows, Deputy Governor Danforth Jim Mezon. Rebecca Nurse Jennifer Phipps, Guard Micheal Querin. Reverend Samuel Parris Ric Reid, Judge Hathorne David Schurmann. Susanna Wallcott Nelly Scott, Sarah Good Wendy Thatcher.
Mercy Lewis Taylor Trowbridge, Directed by Tadeusz Bradecki. Set Designed by Peter Hartwell, Costumes Designed by Teresa Przybylski. Lighting Designed by Kevin Lamotte, Original Music by Paul Sportelli. Stage Manager Meredith Macdonald, Assistant Stage Manager Amy Jewell. Technical Director Jeff Scollon, Synopsis, A powerful fictional re telling of a historical moment in 17th century America the witch trials of Salem .
Massachusetts in 1692 A play famous for rousing the conscience of America and one of the landmark dramas. of the century it depicts how difficult it is to defend principles and human dignity under conditions of para . noia fear and hysteria The Crucible is an allegory of the insidious spread and reach of McCarthyism in the early. 50s , 3, The Story, The Crucible is based upon the 17th century witch . hunts that took place in the community of Salem ,a small religious colony of Puritans near Boston . Massachusetts Miller wrote this play as an allegory. to 1950s McCarthyism it parallels the activities of. the House Of Un American Activities Committee,in the USA during the mid 20th century when para . noia about communism pervaded the USA and, spread to Canada The Crucible is a story of a village. overtaken by religious fervor and mounting panic ,where people are arrested for being witches with .
out evidence In Salem matters of good and evil, are clearly defined dissent is not merely unlawful . it is associated with satanic activity , Early in the year of 1692 a collection of girls from. the colony fall victim to supposed hallucinations, and seizures after dancing in the forest with a black. Costume design for John Proctor by Teresa Przybylski . female slave named Tituba Suspicion surrounds, craft fill the town Abigail Williams 17 years old. Tituba and soon accusations and fears of witch , and beautiful appears to be the girls ringleader .
and when Tituba and Abigail begin accusing vari , ous townsfolk of conspiring with the devil the. other girls join in Soon the colony is beset with. jealousies bitter quarrellings and deeply held ha . treds rise to the surface Local farmer John Proctor. is a deeply honest man and he suspects Abigail of. being a fraud But Proctor has a guilty secret to, protect an affair with Abigail when she was a ser . vant in his house This proves to be his downfall . Jealous and vindictive Abigail accuses Proctor s, wife of dealings with the devil and as the hysteria. grows Proctor hesitates to expose Abigail in fear. of having his secret exposed and losing his good, name Old grudges and religious fervour result in. tragedy as good people are hanged for witchcraft . others are jailed and a community is left with its. conscience in tatters , Death Warrant for Rebecca Nurse.
Original court document , 4, Who s in Miller himself said The play is not report . ible age of any kind nobody can start to write a, Who T h e Cruc tragedy and hope to make it reportage . what I was doing was writing a fictional story, about an important theme . At the center of the Salem tragedy were real people the bewitched young girls the towns. people who fell prey to the hysteria and the innocent individuals accused of witchcraft . Whether they helped create the witch hunt or were at the mercy of the events these people. made up a community consumed by jealousy fear hysteria superstition and hypocrisy . Abigail Williams is a tormented charac John Proctor is a deeply honest man who is troubled by. ter who represents absolute evil and The Devil his act of lechery with Abigail Driven by guilt Proctor be . She is the mass murderer whose actions bring comes the hero of this play but he is painfully human His. about the death of so many innocent people fall from grace is part of his humanity He is weak and unde . She was deeply in love with John Proctor and cided full of contradictions and yet he makes heroic. now that love has been taken away from her choices He is a man who can be easily understood because. her vengeance is powerful She wants revenge he is imperfect Part of this imperfection is the knowledge. But her life is not an easy one She is an orphan that his bond with Abigail is not completely ended His. whose parents were murdered by the Wabanaki choices are difficult but in the end heroic . see pg 9 She has raised herself feeling some , what on the edge of society and observing all Deputy Governor Danforth is the Deputy Gover . the manipulation and hypocrisy around her Her nor of Massachusetts and the presiding judge at the witch trials . power comes from her intelligence empathy Honest and scrupulous Danforth is a tough Boston lawyer. and courage She s like an animal instinctual who is basically fair honest and scrupulous but overconfident. and strong She knows what she has to do to in his ability to judge the truth He is always right at least in. get what she wants his own mind and is convinced that he is doing right in rooting. out witchcraft Danforth feels that it is his duty and destiny to. purge society of evil and establish the Kingdom of Christ on. earth He is therefore temperamentally inclined to interpret all. Elizabeth Proctor is a good woman who has been treated. evidence as proof that Satan s forces are operating in Salem and. badly and she pays the ultimate price Her love and understanding. seems to feel particularly strongly that the girls are honest He. of her husband John is powerful but if she accepted his adultery . is sensitive to the presence of the devil and reacts explosively to. she did not intend to let it continue She is no fool and under . whatever evidence is presented , stands Abigail s intentions well better than Proctor himself She is.
a loving mother and is sent to prison even though she carries a. Reverend John Hale, child She is described as being cold but is perhaps merely accept Mary Warren is a. is a tight skinned eager eyed, ing of her life intellectual This is a beloved servant in the Proctor house . errand for him on being called hold and used by Abigail to. here to ascertain witchcraft he accuse Proctor s wife Eliza . Reverend Parris is Pastor of the church in Salem He is the. has felt the pride of the spe beth John takes Mary to the. father of Betty uncle of Abigail Williams and master of Tituba . cialist whose unique knowl court hoping she will con . He believes that he is being persecuted and that the townspeople. edge has at last been publicly fess to the girls pretense . do not respect his position as a man of God The people have. called for Miller As the play But Mary fears Abigail and. ousted the last few pastors and Parris fears the same fate He. progresses however Hale when Abigail leads the other. chooses to believe the girls because to do otherwise would mean. experiences a transformation girls against her Mary turns. that the trouble would be connected to his own household If this. His belief in witchcraft falters on Proctor and accuses him . happened he may not be trusted by the village , as does his faith in the law . 5, Director s Notes, Arthur Miller s classic parable of mass accusations have repeatedly scythed. hysteria draws a chilling parallel their bloody crops Miller s comment on. between the Salem witch hunts of his work written in 1953 is striking . 1692 one of the strangest and most When one rises above the individual. awful chapters in human history villainy displayed one can only pity. and the McCarthyism that gripped them all just as we shall be pitied some. America in the 1950s And yet when day It is still impossible for man to. read from the perspective of over half organize his social life without. a century after the play was written its repressions and the balance has yet to. core message seems today to be far be struck between order and freedom . more universal analyzed in The Crucible I remain particularly touched by the. are not only those two particular Costume design for deep understanding humanism of this. Danforth by Teresa Przybylski , moments of American history but also play What is man asks Miller Look with.
some general fatal pattern of human behaviour no illusions he seems to say these two legged. repeatedly re occurring like a disease through monsters seem capable of every possible evil every. the centuries Salem like witch hunts happened imaginable cruelty And yet we humans wretched. and still do happen in many places in the world creatures in many ways are able to reach almost. Innumerable communities and whole nations have angelic levels of goodness and beauty thanks to. been stirred into madness by superstition malice the unique human treasure we all possess our free. and ideological paranoia The evils of mindless will . persecution and the terrifying power of false Tadeusz Bradecki Director. Set Designer s Notes, Strongly rooted in its historical well It represents the eternal. time frame of 1692 director machinery of human madness . Tadeusz Bradecki and designer like some kind of gigantic. Peter Hartwell saw the set design guillotine pushing us from one. for The Crucible as reflecting a place to the other And the. metaphysical space in keeping backdrop is a cyclorama of a. with the sense of the play as a vast forest reminding us that. parable A large black grid the wilderness the ever . dominates the stage rotating on stretching American continent . its axis to form a horizontal floor was never far away The large. or vertical walls to create four black strip running along the. different places of action Each backdrop echoes the long rec . rotation is accompanied by the tangular windows used by the. sound of metal chains and media to view the McCarthy. Costume design for hearings in the 50s ,grinding machinery Says Hart . Sarah Good by Teresa Przybylski , 6, Arthur Miller 1915 2005. He was a great playwright a great man and a man, Born Manhattan 1915. of rare integrity in his writing He was a landmark. Died Roxbury Connecticut 2005,and a leader Harold Pinter London 2005.
Overview, Arthur Miller transformed American theatre Following the end of World War II he tapped into a sense of. dissatisfaction and unrest within the greater American psyche His dramas were provocative insightful and. probing He became the public conscience Regarded as a brilliant writer a staunch humanitarian and a man. of great dignity it is said that not a day goes by when one of Miller s plays is not being performed somewhere. in the world , Family, Major Works, Parents Jewish immigrants Isidore and. All My Sons 1947 Death of a Salesman Augusta Miller . 1949 won the Pulitzer Prize The Cruci Father a ladies wear manufacturer . ble 1953 A View from the Bridge 1955 Mother a school teacher and housewife . The Misfits 1961 screenplay Sister actress Joan Copeland . Brother Kermit , Major Themes A young Arthur Miller. School,Moral plight of the working class moral, responsibility struggles of conscience Graduated from high school and paid. sociopolitical commentaries betrayal his way through college Attended. death injustice University of Michigan 1934 38 , Bachelo.
The crucible Running time 2hrs 50 approx including one intermission Previews June 3 2006 Opens June 23 2006 Closes October 14 2006 This study guide for The Crucible contains back ground information for the play suggested themes and topics for discussion and curriculum based lessons that are designed by educators and theatre professionals

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