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Large Traffic Volumes High Vehicle Speed,High Speed Roads. Characteristics,Multiple lanes,Central median,Full Partial Access control. Restricted to Motorized Traffic,High Speed Roads,Autobahns Freeways. Motorways Expressways,Arterial roads,Divided Highways. doubtful without control on access and traffic mix. Requirements,Vehicles have choice to travel safely at high.
Divided Carriageway,Control on Access,Restriction for slow moving vehicles. pedestrians two wheelers,Restrictions on parking,An elaborate and clear system for Route. User Facilities Enroute,Areas of Attention,Maintaining the hierarchical system of network. Upfront Investment for Low Life Cycle Cost,Safety in Construction Zone. Operation and Maintenance,Safety Management,Traffic Management.
Asset Management,Toll Operations,Challenges,Willingness and Commitment for Safety by. Planners Designers,Awareness for All Stake Holders on Criticality. of Safety on Roads,Maintaining smooth traffic at high speeds. Safety of travels,Mixing of slow and high speed traffic. Challenges,Proactive and efficient Incident Management.
Prompt Emergency Medical Services help,Land Acquisition. Environmental Impact,Commitment and Performance of. Concessionaire on Projects under PPP,Present Approach Lessons to be learnt. Tendency for quick results short term view at,lowest initial investment. Lowest construction cost approach,Stage Construction Development.
Use of minimum Standards instead of optimum,Disregard Compromise on Standards for Cost. Present Approach Lessons to be learnt,Hurried Investigations. Lack of Planning and design for all categories of,Road Users. Redesign during construction,Absence of life cycle costing approach to save. Belief that Human Error is Major cause of,Crash Causing Factors.
Changing Understandings,Vechicle Humans,Driver 54 62. Safety Issues to be Addressed,In the Approach for framing the Policy. Formulating Policy for Infrastructure,Development,Planning Design and Operation Stages. Prevention through Safety Audit,Reduction through Design and Provision of. Safety Features,Stage Construction Long Term Systems.
Approach Approach with Vision,and Design,Stage PWD Culture Customer Service. Scattered ITS,Integrated Programme,Incident Response Proactive Approach. Physical Performance Based,Output Outcome,Haddon s Matrix for System Approach. Phase Approach Human Vehicle Environment,Pre crash Crash Information Road Road layout. Prevention Attitudes Worthiness Road designs,Police Lighting Speed limits.
Enforcement Breaking Pedestrian,Handling Facilities. Management,Crash Injury Use of Occupant Crash,Prevention Restraints Restraints protective. during Crash Impairment Other safety roadside,devices objects. protective, Post crash Life Sustaing First aid Skill Ease of access Rescue. Access to Fire risk facilities,Medics Congestion,Approach for Safer Highways.
Humans Drivers are bound to commit,mistakes and make errors. Responsibility to be shared between Road,Users and Systems Providers. Drivers Other Users to follow Rules,Designers to provide safe road. A P Bahadur Former CE DORTH Large Traffic Volumes High Vehicle Speed High Speed Roads Characteristics Multiple lanes Central median Full Partial Access control Restricted to Motorized Traffic High Speed Roads Types Autobahns Freeways Motorways Expressways Arterial roads Divided Highways 2 1 Road doubtful without control on access and traffic mix Requirements

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