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Effective Writing,An Essential Career Tool, Face it every day you work with words Whether you re. writing EMAILS to coworkers REPORTS to your boss or. LETTERS to customers, Your message reflects your ability confidence and savvy. The level of respect you attain is affected by the way you write. Your promotion raise or bonus may be a direct result of your impressive writing skills. You might think writing ability is a talent few lucky people are Learn the secrets of turning out snappy letters. born with Sure it comes more naturally to some but don t buy maximum effect emails perfect proposals. into the myth only certain people can write If you ve always told clean organized writing in any format. yourself and others you just don t have a gift for writing. it s time to dispel that notion n Procedure manuals n Performance reviews. n Technical materials n Newsletters, You can produce clear sharp effective copy it s just a mat. ter of learning a basic set of writing skills Attend Business n Personnel evaluations n Reports. Writing for Results and you ll learn step by step how to n Articles n And others. shape your thoughts and organize your words Forget about stuffy. grammatical rules that are complicated and hard to remember. This seminar focuses on day to day writing bringing you up to Business Writing for Results. speed with skills that will be useful to you every day for the rest. of your life Only 179,www pryor com,Thousands of Satisfied Professionals. Attest to This Program s Effectiveness, Met my expectations by teaching techniques I learned to be concise and to the point For Exceeded my expectations I didn t think a.
and hints for writing effective documents in an anyone wanting to improve writing skills this class on business writing could be interesting. everyday business environment seminar is a must Class was upbeat and fun. Tom Setzer Chuck Blum Kim Havinga,Consultant Estimator Production Services. Stratagem Gly Construction Mead,20 Powerful,Business Writing Skills. At this seminar you ll discover, 1 How to identify and eliminate monotonous 11 Powerful openings and closings for your letters. repetitive language and write clear and concise and memos they ll inspire your readers to. letters and emails take action, 2 Tips for painlessly saying no in a letter memo or 12 Specific professional recommendations on. email without offense or hurt feelings the toughest writing assignments such as. complaint letters bad news memos and, 3 Strategies for deadlines how to write proposals to upper management.
effectively in a time crunch, 13 The secrets of successful sales letters be more. 4 How to trim the fat from any document and persuasive in writing than you ever thought possible. eliminate the word inflation that muddles your, message and dilutes its impact 14 Down to earth hints on word choices how. to choose the perfect word to express your, 5 Three surefire ways to break down writer s block thoughts every time. no matter how much you ve dreaded writing, in the past 15 Common writing flaws that almost guarantee your. business document won t be taken seriously,6 A fail safe method to cut down on editing.
time and guarantee you won t need to change 16 How to develop and fine tune a writing style that. documents again and again expresses your own personality you ll never. sound stiff or self conscious again, 7 Valuable reference tables to help you choose the. right format for any written document 17 The impressive proposal essential elements for. getting your ideas approved and acted on more, 8 An innovative conversation test to eliminate quickly than ever before. choppiness and ensure your writing flows, smoothly from start to finish 18 No procrastination tactics to take the agony out of. beginning a writing project,9 Special writing techniques to use when you need. to get a response fast 19 How to present details numbers and technical. information in a lively interesting format, 10 How to tell if you re rambling including simple.
measures to correct the problem with better 20 40 words and phrases you should never use in. organization and precise wording business writing,to Writing Success. Comprehensive Program Overview,9 00 a m 4 00 p m, 1 Your Writing Style n Glide easily between paragraphs sentences and ideas. with a handy list of transition words and phrases,How to develop a crisp readable style that. works for you n Understand the difference between the active and. passive voice and why voice is one of the most essential. Discover the surprisingly easy key to clear powerful elements in business writing. business writing, n Learn how a simple rearrangement of your words will. n Follow six simple rules to guarantee clarity and lead to a more direct under standable style. simplicity in any kind of written document, n Choose the best word for the job Use professional tips to.
n Get rid of jargon and avoid pompous language that select words that appeal to the reader. muddles your message,n Discover how using action verbs can make every. n Learn how to identify your document s key words and document you write come to life. repeat them for greater impact,n Use lists and headings to maximize. 2 Focusing on the Reader, reader comprehension How to ensure your writing is read. remembered taken seriously and, n Identify and eliminate pretentious wordy sentences acted on. and make every document clear and reader friendly,n Identify your specific objective and ensure it.
n Master professional writers tactics to weed out doesn t get lost in the writing process. wordiness and cut out deadwood language,n Appeal to the reader s needs discover powerful. n Pinpoint redundant phrases that obscure your persuasion techniques and develop the ability to sell. message and confuse readers anything on paper, n Banish habitual offenders clich s and trite phrases n Learn innovative practices that give your writing. that can creep into your writing and dilute your impact a you orientation and get action and results. every time,n vagueness reducing your effectiveness Prevent. confusion with expert ways to spot and correct n Use an indispensable table to identify the five audience. language vacuums types and write a tailor made document that really. gets attention, n Know the 40 words and phrases you should never use. in business writing n Master four practical approaches to writing documents. that appeal to readers of varied backgrounds, n Writing tone Learn exactly what it is and and interests.
evaluate the tone you should strive for in your, written communications n Follow a simple three step blueprint to help you. anticipate reaction to your writing, 3 Organizing the Information n End your correspondence with strong closings and get. the action and results you want,How to move from planning to a. finished document easily logically n Craft effective goodwill letters to impress people open. and painlessly doors and create opportunities, n The first word is always the hardest Overcome n Write a complaint letter to get the results you. writing fears leading to delay and procrastination want without anger browbeating or. intimidation tactics, n Go from start to finish with a five phase plan to help you.
complete any writing project with greater ease n Know how to convey bad news Compose tactful bad. from short memos to complex proposals news letters using a positive professional tone. n Distribute the writing task and effectively tackle even the n Discover four key ingredients in sales letters that really. hardest to face projects do sell, n Develop a good outline the fast easy way and save n Learn and employ 13 positive trigger words and. time on writing and rewriting sell anything more effectively in writing. n Learn four simple hints to help you write a first draft freely n Use a simplified one page Letter Planner enabling you. and naturally without getting sidetracked to write every letter faster more efficiently and much. more effectively, n Discover six steps you can take to avoid complicated and. time consuming rewrites 5 Professional Reports and. n Master four sensible approaches that will ensure you Proposals. write logically and clearly whatever your objectives. How to write reports that get attention and,or audience. action for your ideas and recommendations, 4 Effective Emails Memos and n Break reports down into eight basic building blocks and. Letters handle even the most complex reports with greater ease. How to inform persuade and get results from n Pinpoint the specific information managers want. every piece of correspondence you write from reports about problems new projects and ideas. experiments and tests and other subjects, n Use a four part quick assessment to evaluate your memos.
as key readers might n Report planning made easy Use a concise one page form. n Learn the four characteristics of every effective email to organize your report quickly and efficiently. and pinpoint your own strengths and weaknesses n Avoid the Essay Syndrome sure ways to eliminate stiff. n Implement four practical suggestions for memo boring prose and long winded language from your reports. content and format to make all of your memos n Learn the 10 most common report writing failures. informative readable and clear easily prevented once you know what they are. n Start with attention getting openings to your,correspondence 11 ways to draw readers in. and build rapport instantly,7 Sound Reasons,to Enroll Today Think About It. 1 Compare Course Content 5 Consider the Value of Excellent. Look closely at the comprehensive program overview on Reference Materials. pages 4 and 5 Compare it to any other business writing At no extra charge you ll receive a comprehensive. course you ll see we cover all the essential elements of workbook filled with charts lists reference forms and other. better business writing in one fast paced well designed day indispensable materials you can use later on the job. 2 Consider Practical Benefits 6 Compare Our Experience and. Examine the direct hands on benefits you ll get from this Know How. course listed on page 3 and throughout the overview You ll. see we are committed to delivering a full range of powerful Our record of customer satisfaction is unsurpassed. business writing concepts and tools you can benefit from over 30 years in business and over 10 million satisfied. every working day customers from over 300 000 organizations clearly attest. to our ability to deliver what we promise Our customer. satisfaction rate speaks for itself,3 Notice the Tuition Cost. We believe in quality training at a price affordable for 7 Guaranteed Results. you This seminar will pay for itself almost immediately. For maximum results send your entire team 5 or more All of our seminars are 100 SATISFACTION. registrants from the same organization can attend at a GUARANTEED We re confident this seminar will provide. discounted rate you with the tips and techniques you need to write. powerful business communication If for any reason you. are dissatisfied send us a letter Attn Customer Relations. 4 Think About Time and within 30 days of your seminar attendance stating the. Convenience Factors reason you were not satisfied and we ll arrange for you. We ensure you can attend at your convenience we bring to attend another one of our seminars or receive a full. the seminar to you saving you the hassle inconvenience refund hassle free. and expense of travel And one intensive day is all you need. to invest No filler material no introductions no history. of business writing We get right down to work in this. complete one day program,EMAILS REPORTS LETTERS MEMOS PROPOSALS. www pryor com,for Results, Writing Techniques for Everyday Business Communication.
Registration Information, Enroll Today Hurry our seats fill fast Guarantee your enrollment by paying your Continuing Education Units CEUs. tuition today You will receive a confirmation once your registration is complete. Fred Pryor Seminars offers CEU credits based on program length and. Payment is due before the program, completion Credits are issued according to the National Task Force for. Quick Confirmation To receive your confirmation within 48 hours please Continuing Education guidelines and approval is at the discretion of your. complete the Quick Confirmation section of the registration form Be sure to provide licensing board Questions or concerns should be directed to your. us with your email address and or fax number professional licensing board or agency. Program Schedule Continuing Professional Education CPE. Check in 8 30 a m 9 00 a m Fred Pryor Seminars and CareerTrack divisions of Pryor. Program 9 00 a m 4 00 p m Learning Solutions Inc are registered with the National. Association of State Boards of Accountancy NASBA as a. Cancellations and Substitutions sponsor of continuing professional education on the National. You may cancel your registration up to 10 business days before the program Registry of CPE Sponsors State Boards of Accountancy have. and we will refund your tuition less a nominal cancellation fee Substitutions the final authority on the acceptance of individual course for. and transfers may be made at any time to another program of your choice CPE credit Complaints regarding registered sponsors may be submitted to the. scheduled within 12 months of your original event Please note if you do not National Registry of CPE Sponsors through its website www nasbaregistry org. Business Writing Writing Techniques for Everyday Business Communication EMAILS REPORTS LETTERS MEMOS PROPOSALS n No more missed deadlines Learn professional techniques to help you overcome writer s block and complete every writing project faster and easier n Get support and approval for your ideas with proposals letters and emails to inform and persuade your reader n Use surefire

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