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Course Description, This course introduces students to the theory of entrepreneurship and its practical implementation. It focuses on different stages related to the entrepreneurial process including business model. innovation monetization small business management as well as strategies that improve. performance of new business ventures Centered around a mixture of theoretical exploration as well. as case studies of real world examples and guest lectures students will develop an understanding of. successes opportunities and risks of entrepreneurship Students will also develop skills in written. business communication and oral presentations that allow students to integrate entrepreneurship. concepts and interact with business experts This course has an interdisciplinary approach and is. therefore open to students from other Majors,Course learning objectives. At the end of this course students should be able to. 1 Explore and experience the joy of creating unique solutions to market opportunities. 2 Create and exploit innovative business ideas and market opportunities. 3 Turn market opportunities into a business plan, 4 Build a mindset focusing on developing novel and unique approaches to market. opportunities, 5 Demonstrate and present successful work collaboration and division of tasks in a. multidisciplinary and multicultural team, 6 Demonstrate understanding and application of the tools necessary to create.
sustainable and viable businesses,In terms of skills. Use appropriate referencing and bibliographic methods. Demonstrate effective oral presentation skills,Demonstrate effective and integrative team work. In terms of attitudes students should develop in this course. critical attitudes which are necessary for life long learning. an attitude of open mindedness and self critical reflection with a view to self. improvement, sensibility towards the ethical dimensions of different aspects of the content of this. an open attitude towards inter cultural team work,Teaching methods. The teaching method is based on the presumption of a maximum level of independence of. thought and work You will be divided into groups and remain within these groups in order to. develop a business idea The course requires a high level of commitment diligent and. continuous work organizational skills and planning as well as profound dedication to your work. as an individual as well as member of your group This means you should display an attitude. of strong professionalism when it comes to sticking to agreed group deadlines division of. labour and quality of work, During the course you will present ideas to both peers and experts from the community who.
provide feedback and insight into what it takes start a successful business. It is a team based and project oriented course It requires a high level of independence time. and information management as well as an impeccable level of professionalism and work. ethics A mature approach to teamwork efficient division of labour adherence to clear time. lines and deadlines and the early resolution of potential conflicts between team members is. The teaching will be done using lectures seminars tutorials powerpoint slides guest lectures. case studies and videos whenever available Due to the highly practical nature of the course. the guest lecturing will prevail The invited guest speaker in the course will be Ulrich Penzkofer. Formerly a VP Corporate Finance at Hypo Vereinsbank New York Director Mergers and. Acquisitions at Siemens AG CEO and Regional Head EMEA of Siemens IT CEO Siemens IT. BeLux CEO of NRB Group Belgium and Owner and Founder of UJP Consulting Sprl Marc. Van Gastel and Michel de Kemetter will also do a lecture each during the semester. Main Course Materials please note that you can find the readings for each week and. session in the Course Schedule section below, Every successful entrepreneur is an avid reader Immersing oneself in material of all kinds. broadens your perspective and helps you see patterns that others might miss Zacharakis. The course material consists of powerpoint presentations lecture notes and readings from the. textbook Powerpoint presentations will be made available after the respective classes have. taken place A week by week overview of the course readings can be found in the section. The syllabus powerpoint presentations and important messages will be uploaded to the. Vesalius portal Pointcarre Students are expected to visit this site regularly to keep abreast of. course evolutions, Course material marked as suggested readings and additional sources is helpful for research. and to gain an increased understanding but is not mandatory This material can be found. online or will be made available upon individual request. Bygrave W Zacharakis A 2017 Entrepreneurship 4th Edition 3rd Edition is ok too Wiley. Recommended References books, Eric Reis 2017 The Startup Way How Entrepreneurial Management Transforms Culture and. Drives Growth, Active Learning and Intensive Reading around the Subject Additional Sources. Recommended Journals and Websites, Learning should be an active and self motivated experience Students who passively listen to.
lectures copy someone else s notes and limit their readings to required chapters are unlikely. to develop their critical thinking and expand their personal knowledge system At the exam. these students often fail to demonstrate a critical approach Students are strongly. recommended to have an updated understanding of developments related to this course and. related to their wider Major Active and engaged learning will turn out to be enriching to the. overall course and class discussions Students are invited to deepen their understanding of. both theoretical and current issues from a variety of sources Please find a list of suggestions. compassing the entire course below You are encouraged to read and browse in the leading. journals of your discipline,Journals Relevant for this Course. The Journal of Entrepreneurship Sage publications, The International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Sage publications. Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal Wiley Online Library. International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business InterScience. Websites of Interest, http www nolo com for standard legal forms such as NDAs contracts etc. http www offices2share com for some shared office space. http www fdncenter org for a search database of grants and foundations. http www iprint com for cheap printing of business cards and letterheads. If you want to be an Entrepreneur you should read about them Magazines. http money cnn com magazines business2 http www redherring com. http www entrepreneur com http www inc com,http www fastcompany com http www wired com. http www garage com resources index shtml http www forbes com. Really Great Website with All Kinds of Links to Other Entrepreneurship Websites. http www entrepreneurship org,Work Load Calculation for this Course.
This course is not heavy lecture based course Instead the course hours will be used to guide. students in the establishment of their final business plan. Each day another aspect of developing a business is discussed Students are offered adequate. time to work on including the new knowledge into their business plan However they will have. to show time management skills in order to end up with a satisfactory end product Feedback. will be given regularly during the course, You are expected to spend roughly 10 hours per week on this course This includes 3 hours. of lectures or seminars per week and 7 hours out of class time spent on preparatory readings. studying time for exams as well as time spent on preparing your assignments and group. Course Assessment Assignments Overview, Your grade will be based on the following assignments. Mid term exam 20,Final presentation of the business plan 20. Business plan 40,Final exam 20, Group work is not graded separately but a failure to cooperate within a group can lead to. reduction in individual grade in final presentation and business plan You will need to submit. with your business plan peer evaluation form for group work feedback on team dynamics. and minutes of your meetings including time duration who was present what things were. Description of course assessment, Mid Term Exam written Mid term exam will test you on the chapters that were covered.
before the mid term Ch 1 8 20 of the mid term will be multiple choice questions 40. short answer and 40 long answer questions The exam will test how well you understood. the knowledge from the classes core book and the cases. The presentation, You will present your business plan in front of a jury There you will pitch your business idea. and lay out in as much your ideas are ready for the market You will be evaluated on clear. defined guidelines see grading rubric presentation. Due date Week 12 20th and 23rd of April during class time. Deliverable In class presentation of the hard copy of the PowerPoint slides please print 2 3. slides per page, Articulating your business concept is critical First impressions matter and many potential. investors or other stakeholders may never read your plan You will have 10 minutes to pitch. your plan followed by some Q A,Final business plan 40. You will be evaluated on the basis of defined rubrics on how to make a business plan. The business plan should be externally focused Externally focused plans target goals that are. important to external stakeholders particularly financial stakeholders They typically have. detailed information about the organization the strategy and the organization s goals. The business plan is written in order to provide the most important information to external. shareholders It should be a convincing well written and well researched document using. feasible assumptions in order to predict future flows. It needs to contain the following,Cover page,Table of contents. A description of the business, The market analysis SWOT analysis industry background competitor analysis.
market analysis based on primary and secondary resources. The strategical plan,The financial plan,Conclusions. If needed the necessary attachments, Include the documents requested for your group work too as an attachment. Written plan due date is week 12 On Monday 30th of April you need to submit it during the. class through turninit and bring the hard copy to the lecture Turnitin will no longer accept. papers after 13 30 on the 30th of April, Please submit one hard copy and one copy through turnitin The access code is given above. Deliverable 15 17 pages including financials and appendices. Teams will work together over the term to write a business plan The team goal is to produce. a final plan and presentation that you would be proud to present to an angel a venture. capitalist a banker or private investor or Mom and Dad. Group work, One of the main emphasis lies on group work During group work you will. Design an effective division of labour, Actively comment on each other s ideas and work progress.
Act as a cohesive learning and studying group, Sometimes even the most well meaning group members might run into troubles particularly. in more stressful times Group members are required to refer all major disputes to the course. instructor this is not a case of grassing up on your peers but a must for the fair and smooth. running of your semester s work, In order to ensure that group work and each individual contribution are fairly assessed the. course facilitator will organize at least two 360 Degree Team evaluation sessions through. which each group member has to evaluate him herself and evaluate the other group members. The 360 Degree evaluation is described below,360 Degree Evaluation Group Contributions. In order to ensure that each student does his her best in terms of contributing to the group. effort there will be a 360 evaluation session on two occasions at the beginning and end of the. course As part of this evaluation you are required to assess yourself and the members of. your group on the following aspects, Pro active Contribution to the Group including contribution to the end product. Fair burden sharing of work load,Display of leadership.
Reliability punctuality adherence to deadlines attendance etc. Personal Growth Improvement in Tackling Weaknesses. The group evaluations will be used by the course facilitator as moderation tools that will. contribute to the final grade of the group assignment An unsatisfactory evaluation may result. in the student s group grade being discounted i e O points. The Importance of Group Work and Individual Contributions to the Group s Success. Even though individual assessments and individual skill training is also part of the course the. core emphasis lies on group work The purpose of the group is. to pool expertise in order to come up with a end of term proposal. to design an effective division of labour of work under the leadership of a team leader. this person can be elected for the entirety of the course or installed on a rotating. to actively comment on each other s ideas and work progress. to act as a cohesive learning and studying group, The Student Groups are encouraged to keep minutes of their meetings and manage their tasks. effectively with an effective division of labour and an effective inter group communication. The evaluation categories range from individual contributions to the group leadership. BUS162G INTRODUCTION TO ENTREPRENEURSHIP Number of ECTS credits 6 Time and Place Mondays Fridays 13 30 15 00 Contact Details for Professor Name of Professor Munira Aminova E mail Munira aminova vub ac be Office hours Mondays 11 30 12 30 CONTENT OVERVIEW Syllabus Section Course Prerequisites and Course Description Course Learning Objectives Overview Table Link between MLO CLO Teaching

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