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OUR PHILOSOPHY, Passion for the research and technology innovation the will to produce and place on the market reliable and timeless. products and a particular attention to the Design are the foundations of Microdevice s philosophy since 1981. Microdevice is specialized in Building Automation Systems and offers you customized solutions for professional. environments like Hotels accommodation facilities hospitals nursing homes companies offices and luxury homes. ONE HEART FOUR DIMENSIONS, H Supervisor is the more complete and powerful control system able to manage in real time all existing processes in one built. It s the only one with distributed intelligence that enables you to quickly and surely monitor consumptions and wastes optimizing the available resources. Microdevice hardware components and software interfaces are perfectly connected one each other to be adapted in every situations Hotel Supervisor a. quickly centralized system that manages the entire hotel building the complete Hotel building. Hospital Supervisor the building automation that satisfies all health facilities and home care. Office Supervisor the global management supervisor system for offices and warehouses. Home Supervisor an intelligent user friendly system that pays particular attention to the design and to simply manage the technological systems. Hotel Ambassadori Tblisi Georgia,HOTEL SUPERVISOR, A modern Hotel has to guarantee an optimal service to the guest a comfortable location provided with the best technologies the. highest security the right atmosphere able to raise unique emotions and leave good referrals. Hotel Supervisor is a functional and complete tool that guarantees to the guest a high quality standard and gives to the hotel owner an. easier way to easier manage the building and the service staff. The Microdevice system assures to get a detailed report of every single room even for common and technological areas it allows also to. control the guest habits and the staff behavior, All wastefulness and disservices are avoided thanks to an accurate data collection top quantity and quality of the info. HOSPITAL SUPERVISOR, This supervisor system is the more flexible one and it s able to be adapted to the many different needs in every single health facility.
integrated and sure impatient call dynamic control of porter s lodge and wards detection and warning of alarms and anomalies access. and presence supervisor employee clock in supervisor of suppliers and relatives controlled access for sensitive areas supervisor of. locker lockers and drugs global manage of all environmental parameters like temperature and air ricycle in every single room corridors. operating rooms funeral homes and common areas, Hospital Supervisor takes correctly charge of the assistance assures to the guest a short time reply to his call makes the relatives. comfortable about an accurate health care gives to the medical staff a correct information related to therapy needed allows the hospital. management to get a complete supervision of all distributed services. A very complete system able to be updated over the years easily to be installed the ward won t be closed ready to be used for sick and. elderly home care,Residenze Orpea Casa Mia Verdello Bergamo. Sede Vigilanza Group Brescia,OFFICE SUPERVISOR, An office intelligence 4 0 system that complete answers to the business man s different needs able to supply data and. reliable reports and that makes the the workplaces protected and supervised. Office Supervisor can collect clear and user friendly data in real time these info can be used for the productivity. examination for the control of every single process and staff activity. The business man feels more comfortable because is able to know everything without asking to none staff clock in. related to every single access point break management and adjustment of the location setting maintenance planning. and integrated security through alarm systems, An industrial system with high technological value born to simplify the business man. work without ignoring comfort and design,HOME SUPERVISOR.
Home Supervisor is a flexible system reliable simple to be used which never disappoint the user expectations. A professional tool introduced in the house environment able to simplify the daily management and control anything off site by. tablet or smartphone You can control any kind of alarm water leak blackout electric loads balance scenography setting lights and. curtains rotation safe access monitor integrated alarm system and surveillance service interaction Any anomaly or status change. can be set and communicated by e mail, Microdevice automation is the only one that gives to the owner all the information he desires about his staff. Thanks to Home Supervisor you can go on holidays or at work mindless. You ll come back home without unpleasant surprises ex flooding turned off boiler theft defrosted freezer damaged electrical. appliances caused by electric shocks or a garden to be redone. A complete system that simplify the electrical technological and air conditioning systems through a high design products totally. free colour and shape personalization in order to make your home unique and prestigious. Attico privato Brembate Bergamo,CLICK TOUCH LINE,MOTION DETECTOR ACCESS CONTROL STAFF CLOCK IN. Room internal reader that identifies and External reader to access into the room Access control and clock. distinguish every single card user technical locals garage archives gates in panel with date hour. It activates the room facilities according warehouses with integrated functions minute second collection. to the kind of user guest hotel manager likes doorbell alarm activation and. maintenance man service security service signal Possibility to customize it. with specific functions,LIGHTS AND,SCENOGRAPHIES,MANAGEMENT. Sensylight panel for rooms and common areas up to, 8 commands for the control of lights roller shutters. scenographies and curtains, Icones and functions can be personalized for each button.
TEMPERATURE NUMERIC KEYPAD,MANAGEMENT FOR ACCESS, Control panel provided with display to External panel for access management. manage the air conditioning ventilation through secret and univocal code. C F and lights Numeric code system that can be, It s available at 5 or 7 customized buttons combined with online reservations. Hospital Supervisor the building automation that satisfies all health facilities and home care Office Supervisor the global management supervisor system for offices and warehouses Home Supervisor an intelligent user friendly system that pays particular attention to the design and to simply manage the technological systems

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