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Building a Strong and Diverse Teacher and Principal Recruitment Pipeline. Introduction including in STEM special education and ELL and urban. Strengthening the educator recruitment pipeline is an and rural areas serving a significant number of students. urgent issue nationally and in every community across the from low income families. country Impending retirements an increasing student. population and the racial and ethnic disparity between Recruitment cannot be an isolated strategy and must be. student enrollment and the teaching force require greater linked to concurrent efforts to build a continuum of teach. demand for educators The total number of elementary ing excellence and increase the attractiveness of joining. and secondary school positions needed in the United and staying in the teaching profession According to a. States is projected to increase by over 40 percent in the 2015 ACT survey only 5 percent of 2014 high school grad. next twenty years requiring approximately 375 000 new uates intended to pursue teaching 2 As outlined in detail. hires each year 1 by the Coalition in its other four policy papers recruitment. efforts must be closely tied to efforts to strengthen teach. Smart investments in establishing robust teacher and prin er preparation entry development and support Teach. cipal recruitment pipelines can bring significant returns to ers must have opportunities for professional learning and. students Research shows that the quality of both princi opportunities to grow throughout their career and be. pals and teachers matters the most as in school variables compensated on par with other professionals By taking. for student learning Leithwood Seashore Anderson a comprehensive approach to strengthening the teaching. Wahlstrom 2004 RAND 2012 The existing pipelines are workforce states and districts can improve working con. not positioned to meet the expanding and changing de ditions increase teacher retention and ensure all students. mands Strengthening the teacher and principal pipelines have access to accomplished teaching. is critical especially in high need fields such as STEM and. special education and in terms of diversity of the work Strategies for Teacher Recruitment. force Ingersoll Merrill Stucky 2014 Solidifying and To strengthen the teacher recruitment pipeline the Coali. diversifying these pipelines must be key components of tion for Teaching Quality CTQ recommends that policy. systems level improvement strategies to support access makers. to excellent educators for each and every child A Invest in programs that meet local workforce needs. B Support high quality early opportunities for second. Students pay the steepest price for the significant long ary school students to explore teaching as a potential. term consequences of these shortages and a lack of a career path. diverse teaching workforce When faced with shortages C Expand investments in grant and loan forgiveness. schools and districts often hire less qualified educators opportunities for prospective teachers and. or assign teachers trained in another field or grade level D Diversify the workforce. to teach the understaffed area Ingersoll p 32 1999. This persistent problem occurs most frequently in A Invest in Programs That Meet Local. under resourced schools where educator recruitment Workforce Needs. and retention are particularly challenging As a result of Since over 60 percent of teachers teach. an insufficient pipeline every year millions of students within 20 miles of where they went to high. especially those who are most disadvantaged are being school Reininger 2012 communities count. taught by educators who lack the knowledge and skills on those homegrown teachers to perform as. necessary for quality instruction Voke 2003 high caliber professionals particularly in high need fields. and in high need schools Grow Your Own programs, To address these issues in the teacher and principal pipe often draw from the paraeducators education support. lines policymakers and practitioners must accelerate the professionals ESPs and others currently serving high. recruitment of individuals who demonstrate the academic need schools and provide the appropriate coursework. capacity dispositions foundational teaching skills and and experiences so these individuals can become cre. cultural competence to become high caliber teachers dentialed teachers Grow Your Own programs generally. and principals In enacting these recruitment policies and prepare new teachers for jobs in hard to staff schools and. strategies policymakers should give particular attention have been successful in recruiting teachers of color into. to building a diverse workforce that meets local needs the profession. Retrieved on 9 9 2015 from http nces ed gov programs digest d14 tables dt14 208 20 asp current yes. www act org content act en newsroom html,Coalition for Teaching Quality 3. Building a Strong and Diverse Teacher and Principal Recruitment Pipeline continued Building a Strong and Diverse Teacher and Principal Recruitment Pipeline continued. Residency programs are another type of program often B Support High Quality Early Oppor C Expand Investments in Grant and. designed to address local workforce needs in high need tunities for Secondary Students to Loan Forgiveness Opportunities for Richmond Teacher Residency. schools or subject areas 3 The iTeachAZ program at Arizo Explore Teaching as a Potential Prospective Teachers Funded by the Teacher Quality Partnership Grants. na State University uses a residency model to recruit and Career Path Many bright passionate students with the. the Richmond Teacher Residency RTR is a partner, prepare teachers with a focus on meeting local workforce The high school based career academy potential to be excellent teachers steer away. ship between Virginia Commonwealth University and, needs Through one of its initiatives the Planting the SEED structure is a proven strategy to prepare from teaching since the average starting. project https education asu edu seed teacher candi students for college and careers Stern Dayton Raby salary of 36 141 does not offer a route out of student loan Richmond Public Schools To date 100 percent of RTR. dates receive a living stipend during their residency year 2010 In secondary school many young people decide debt 4 A greater public financial commitment must be graduates teach in Richmond Public Schools in the. and in exchange commit to teach for two years in either a their career path By offering coursework anchored by made to attract high caliber aspiring educators The fed high need fields of STEM and special education RTR. high need school or in a middle school science or math strong professional teaching standards and featuring best eral government should consider expanding and strength has developed an extensive recruitment strategy that. class www growyourownteachers org practices in teacher preparation teacher academies are a ening front end grant programs such as the Higher ensures that only those who are suited to teaching in. significant mechanism for broadening the tent for recruit Education Act s HEA TEACH grants as well as expanding high need urban schools will be admitted to the pro. ment providing authentic understanding of the job and existing loan forgiveness programs for those who have the gram By 2018 RTR plans to have 181 new teachers. Project MNET helping students to cultivate relevant skills content knowl potential to be excellent teachers. in the Richmond Public Schools committed to at least. Ohio State University is collaborating with edge dispositions and cultural competence Many of. these programs operate successfully as career and tech The Coalition supports providing scholarships to high three years in a high need field. the National Association of State Directors of, nical education pathways High quality teacher academy caliber students who have the potential and dedication.
Special Education to partner with states with, programs can provide the inspiration tools and savvy for to be excellent teachers For example high caliber teach. high need and hard to staff school districts students to persist and succeed as teaching candidates ing candidates selected through a rigorous application D Diversify the Workforce. to increase the pipeline of special education Therefore the Coalition recommends that states and process could receive a full scholarship for their teacher In teacher recruitment targeted efforts. teachers This program identifies special edu districts establish or strengthen secondary based co cur education program contingent on a four year service must be made to ensure a teaching pop. cation teachers or prospective special educa ricular education pathway programs including rigorous obligation The scholarships should incentivize teaching in ulation that is not only diverse in skills and. tion teachers that are hired will be hired by the coursework facilitated by an accomplished teacher and a a high need subject or in a low income community abilities but also racially ethnically culturally. school district who are seeking full certification clinical internship and linguistically diverse All students benefit. in special education through a nontraditional or In addition the Coalition supports incentivizing strong from having high quality teachers from a variety of back. partnerships between PK 12 and higher education like grounds better preparing them to succeed in our diverse. alternative certification program Each teacher, teacher residencies to ultimately provide quality prepa society 5. participant receives 3 000 to subsidize course Educators Rising. ration and monetary support to potential teachers Such. work The project works to ensure that the most Currently 14 500 students in approximately 800 partnerships identify promising teacher candidates who Similarly students with disabilities can greatly benefit by. qualified teachers serve at least three years with schools are affiliated with Educators Rising the may already be involved with schools such as paraprofes having teachers with disabilities who serve as role models. the partnering school district sionals substitute teachers and parents and then provide for completing high school and pursuing post secondary. national network supporting teacher academy, additional monetary support as the candidates complete education and employment English learners also benefit. In addition to the 3 000 in funding each programs By contrast over 610 000 students in their teacher preparation The Teacher Quality Partnership from teachers with multiple language skills 6. special education teacher seeking full state over 7 600 schools participate in agriculture re TQP grants authorized by Title II of HEA require partner. certification receives intensive support through lated programs as members of FFA formerly ships between higher education and high need districts From teacher diversity flows principal diversity which can. to address shortages of teachers in high need schools also have a significant impact on student achievement and. online coaching and mentoring Professional Future Farmers of America In Mississippi and. and high need fields Candidates who already possess an success For instance the presence of a person of color. development on best practices has included Arizona two states enduring severe teacher undergraduate degree receive a stipend to cover living serving as a principal can impact teacher working condi. Co teaching shortages the state departments of education expenses and participate in a one year residency learning tions and school policies such as special education place. Pedagogical content knowledge for STEM how to be a teacher through extensive mentorship in the ment disciplinary actions and promotion rates 7 If the. have each assigned a full time program special, Culturally relevant teaching classroom and pedagogical coursework pool of teachers is not diverse it follows that the emerging. Formative assessment and ist to coordinate and strengthen Educators Ris principal candidates will also not be diverse Students will. Data analysis for student learning outcomes ing programs in their states resulting in sharp benefit from diversity on a school level and we must start at. that enables teachers to change teaching participation increases the teacher level to ensure diverse leadership at all levels. practices behavior, See the following papers for discussions of the impact of residency programs on increasing the diversity of the teaching workforce meeting.
Retrieved on 9 8 15 from https www nea org home 2012 2013 average starting teacher salary html. shortage needs and promoting retention Learning Policy Institute 2016 Teacher residencies Building a high quality sustainable workforce Re. http www shankerinstitute org sites shanker files The 20State 20of 20Teacher 20Diversity 0 pdf. trieved on June 1 2016 from https learningpolicyinstitute org wp content uploads 2016 01 LPI Brief TeacherResidencies pdf Silva T McKie A. http mydigitalpublication com article From The Field 2455152 297949 article html. Knechtel V Gleason P and Makowsky L 2014 Teaching residency programs A multisite look at a new model to prepare teachers for high need. http www shankerinstitute org sites shanker fileds The 20State 20of 20Teacher 20Diversity 0 pdf. schools NCEE 2015 4002 National Center for Education Evaluation and Regional Assistance Washington D C. www richmondteacherresidency vcu edu, 4 Coalition for Teaching Quality Coalition for Teaching Quality 5. teacher residencies to ultimately provide quality prepa ration and monetary support to potential teachers Such partnerships identify promising teacher candidates who may already be involved with schools such as paraprofes sionals substitute teachers and parents and then provide their teacher preparation The Teacher Quality Partnership

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