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Contents,i4 1 About this report 30 4 People, 01 A note from the EY Turkey Country Managing Partner 31 EY Turkey 2014 highlights. 03 A note from the EY Turkey Climate Change and 33 Creating the highest performing teams. Sustainability Leader 35 Developing and supporting our people. 04 EY Turkey at a glance through world class learning. 05 Determining report content and materiality 38 Celebrating and supporting diverse talent. 09 Stakeholders and mechanisms of engagement 41 Hjgna af geh lalan geh fkYlagf Yf Z f lk. 10 2 About EY 44 5 Community,12 Purpose 46 Supporting our communities. 12 Strategy 47 Supporting entrepreneurship, 12 Performance 51 Increasing opportunities for women in business. 13 Awards and recognition 52 Supporting the workforce of the future. 53 Demonstrating environmental stewardship,14 3 Marketplace. 15 Exceptional client service, 56 6 How EY Turkey is organized.
18 Investing in EY services 57 EY Turkey organization structure. 20 Applying an industry focus 58 faf l Zgmf Yjq g l j hgjl. 21 Promoting sustainability as a global 59 Appendix 1 GRI G4 Content Index for In accordance Core . leader in professional services 62 Appendix 2 Data overview. 23 Instilling professional values 65 Contacts, 3, About this report. 4, Q Lurceq is pdeYse to present its rst,sustainability report that has been prepared. in accordance with the GRI G4 Reporting,Guidelines or the Q Lurcey scal year roe . Buly 3 to 3 Bune 4 ,Lhis report is one o the rst GRI G4 reports. to be published in Turkey and covers all EY,Turkey legal entities and o ce buildings It is.
the intention of EY Turkey to continue to report,annually to its stakeholders starting froe the. current year , Kee the GRI G4 Index towards the back of this report for the full list of EY Turkey. legal entities , 5, Eukta a zael a,A note from the EY Turkey . Country Managing Partner,EY Turkey Country Managing Partner. Our aim which is expressed in the motto that accompanies our logo is Building a Better Working World . L jgm l lae dq Yf ljYfkhYj fl af gjeYlagf o hjgna o dh lg Zmad ljmkl Yf gf f af l YhalYd . markets and in economies across the world We help organizations operating in Turkey to reinforce their. efforts to invest in transparency and prevent corruption thus improving the business environment and making. the country more attractive to investors , Today s business world is complex and fast paced Globalization technological advances and demographic.
shifts have brought opportunity to many empowering and connecting people and creating a vibrant and. diverse world But these trends also have created complexity As the pace of change continues to accelerate . Q Lmjc q ak gfklYfldq Ydd f af go o dggc Yl gmj jgd af l ogjd Yf j Y je gmj k fk g hmjhgk . lg Zmad Y Z ll j ogjcaf ogjd Al k Y hmjhgk l Yl j lk Yf j kh lk l mfaim jgd Q Lmjc q hdYqk Yk Y . professional services organization in creating social economic and environmental value This value needs to be. sustainable value something that cannot be achieved in isolation Every strategy every initiative every action. has to be considered through the lens of sustainability . 9 jgkk l e eZ j jek g l dgZYd Q gj YfarYlagf kmklYafYZadalq ak eZ af l gj YfarYlagf k . hmjhgk dgZYddq Q e eZ j jek Z da n l Yl af Y Z ll j ogjcaf ogjd Y fmeZ j g hgkalan l af k . Yhh f2 ljmkl af j Yk k3 YhalYd gok keggl dq3 afn klgjk eYc af gje akagfk3 Zmkaf kk k jgo . sustainably employment rises consumers spend and governments invest in their citizens A better working. world also develops talent in all its forms and encourages collaboration From core assurance tax transaction. and advisory services to our community investments that focus on supporting entrepreneurs developing. future leaders and championing the role of women in business this purpose underpins everything EY member. jek g Y jgkk l dgZ 9f Q Lmjc q ak fgl Ydgf af l Z da l Yl hmjhgk jan f kljYl q d Y jk ah Yf . innovation are at the heart of creating enduring and sustainable growth . jge f o gjek g af gjhgjYlagf lg l j kmdlk g emdlahd afl jfYlagfYd j k Yj klm a k lg l kh a . experiences of some of the world s largest companies evidence is mounting that the reconnection of business. strategy to delivering social and environmental progress is critical to long term success . Old world corporate social responsibility was about giving something back It said We contribute to society. because we are successful New world sustainability is about creating shared value It says We are. successful because we contribute to society EY s commitment to Sustainability became even more solid with. l Y ghlagf g Nakagf Yf aehgjlYfl afalaYlan l Yl eYjc gmj hjagj k Yd q Yj 2 It established. our strategy and our position for building a better working world focusing on the leadership of our business. segment Here in Turkey we have further demonstrated our commitment and passion for sustainability by. establishing our own local Climate Change and Sustainability Service line that delivers a range of advisory and. assurance services to clients in Turkey , , iscal Year 3 covered the period Buly to 3 Bune 3 . O Ydkg egn lg Y f o f j q a fl Y g af K hl eZ j af Gjbaf EYkdYc AklYfZmd o a ak gaf . lg Z YoYj oal Y D D Y jk ah af f j q Yf a f q ka f jla Yl mf j l D Core and. K dd JYlaf Kqkl e jal jaY Af Y alagf lg l Zmad af k jla Ylagf Q Lmjc q hmjkm k D jla Ylagf gj alk . gof g khY mf j l D Commercial Interiors Rating System criteria . In addition as part of our global commitment to supporting entrepreneurs we run the Entrepreneur of The Year. program in Turkey where we also involve Endeavor within the global agreement between our organizations Our. Entrepreneur Of The Year program recognizes and supports entrepreneurship in more than 140 cities in 50. countries and has been running in Turkey for 10 years . Our goal is based on Vision 2020 and on the purpose of building a better working world our clients will feel. gf fl Yf hjgm lg dafc l aj ZjYf k lg gmj ZjYf Yf YZgn Ydd l Yl gmj Y lagfk oadd afkhaj Ydd g gmj . klYc gd jk lg l afc Yf Y l af Y a j fl eYff j L mk o oadd j Y gmj gZb lan g hjgeglaf kmklYafYZd . and long lasting growth for all We want to express our gratitude and recognition to all EY Turkey people clients . suppliers and other publics that have helped us obtain our great achievements in the last year and to understand. go lg hjgna af j Ykaf dq Z ll j k jna k Oal l kmhhgjl g qgm Ydd o Yj gf fl l Yl o oadd Z YZd lg . put into practice our commitments for next year ,Mukta a zael a. EY Turkey,Country Managing Partner,2, Reyneh Gkuyan ky lear. A note from the EY Turkey Climate EY Turkey Climate Change and. Kuktainability Kerni ek Deading Partner,Change and Sustainability Leader. Q Lmjc q ak hjgm lg hj k fl alk jkl KmklYafYZadalq J hgjl hj hYj af Y gj Yf oal . dgZYd J hgjlaf AfalaYlan k JA j hgjlaf ma daf k lg gj d n d gj gmj fYf aYd q Yj Q . Bmdq lg Bmf , The reporting year covered by this report represents our base year against which we will look to build on and.
improve in future reporting periods Through the process of producing this report EY Turkey has calculated its. YjZgf gglhjafl gj Ydd alk g k af Y gj Yf oal l j f gmk Yk Hjglg gd3 gj l jkl lae O Yn . kaeadYjdq e Ykmj gmj aehY l Yf h j gjeYf af eYfq gl j Yj Yk gj l jkl lae af dm af f j q Yf . water consumption and waste generation In addition EY Turkey was the CDP Report Sponsor in Turkey for the. l gfk mlan q Yj af kaf H dYmf af Lmjc q af 4 , In order to develop this GRI G4 report EY Turkey established a Sustainability Committee5 with senior. j hj k flYlan k jge Y jgkk l Zmkaf kk l Yl ak j khgfkaZd gj Y j af l je k afl jfYd kmklYafYZadalq . kljYl q Yf afalaYlan k L KmklYafYZadalq geeall lYkck l je k KmklYafYZadalq L Ye gehjak g . EY Turkey s Climate Change and Sustainability experts with the implementation of actions agreed by the. geeall Fgo l Yl o Yn j d Yk gmj jkl KmklYafYZadalq J hgjl lg JA gj D n d al ak gmj afl flagf . to continue to build on this in future periods by improving our performance and reducing our environmental. footprint Our Sustainability Committee will convene in the near future to discuss and agree targets for the. coming periods , Gmj KmklYafYZadalq J hgjl ak bmkl gf g l eYfq afalaYlan k o Yk Y je af Lmjc q Yf afl jfYlagfYddq Yj . undertaking in our commitment to and passion for sustainability EY locally and internationally is working. with its clients to help transform them into leaders in climate change and sustainability with a range of. assurance and advisory services across all sectors . Reyneh Gkuyan ky lmar,EY Turkey, Climate Change and Sustainability Services Leading Partner. 3 Oorld Resources Institute Oorld usiness Council for Kustainable evelopeent s The Greenhouse Gas Hrotocol2 A Corporate Accounting and Reporting Ktandard . Revised Edition , 4 or the C H Turkey 2 4 Report please see2 http2 cdpturkey sabanciuniv edu sites cdpturkey sabanciuniv edu les photos C H 2 Turkey 2 Clieate 2 Change 2 . Report 2 2 4 pdf, 5 or inforeation on the EY Turkey Kustainability Coeeittee please see page .
3, At a glance EY Turkey, EY Turkey is a eeeber re of Ernst Young Global Dieited a MC coepany lieited by guarantee EYG EY Turkey represents 4 legal entities. that are listed in the GRI G4 Index in this report In this report we refer to ourselves as EY Turkey we or us or our EY refers collectively to. the global organiration of eeeber res of EYG ,Country overview o uk Anduktriek or Q 8. Autoeotive Media and Entertaineent,Headquarters G es. Astanbul Lurkey 4 Consueer Hroducts Mining Metals, Cleantech Gil Gas. People Annual Growth inancial Kervices Hower Mtilities. 4 24 includes Oealth Asset Hrivate Eiuity, Eanageeent anking Real Estate ospitality .
Capital Earkets and Construction,Our service offerings Insurance . Technology, Governeent Hublic Kector,Kerni e linek6 Telecoeeunications. Dife Kciences includes, Assurance Transaction Advisory Kervices ealthcare iotechnology . Financial Accounting Advisory Dead Advisory Medical Technology and. Kervices Transaction Kupport Hhareaceutical , Financial Ktateeent Audit Naluation usiness Modelling. Fraud Investigation ispute Advisory,Kervices Ktrategi Growth Markets initiatines2.
Herforeance Ieproveeent,Clieate Change and Entrepreneurship. Risk, Kustainability Kervices 7 Mid earket and faeily business. IT Risk Advisory, Tax Hrivate eiuity HE ,Accounting Coepliance and Ooeen business leaders. Reporting, usiness Tax Advisory,International Tax Advisory. Global Coepliance and Reporting For the EY Turkey Kervices detailed inforeation please see2 http2 www ey coe . TR en Kervices, uean capital eobility services, Clieate Change and Kustainable Kervices CCaKK operates under Assurance.
Degal Kervices Kervice Dine and provides range of Kustainability Assurance and Advisory. Tax Holicy and Controversy Kervices , Transaction Tax 0 Focus industries selected by EY global coepanies are the saee as the focus. industries for EY Turkey ,4, About this report, EMEIA . g k, North America, g k Japan, APAC , g k, Far, East. klYfZmd, Oceania, South America Bursa, g k Ankara. reaj, Q Lurkey, Gne of the biggest professional services res.
Gver eeployees and 4 partners in Turkish cities, Hrofessional services in 4 service areas. Assurance Tax Advisory Transactions, Fotes2 1 Europe Middle East India and Africa 2 Asia Hasi c. Q Lurkey and basi a ts Determining report content and materiality. 0 1 , EY Turkey has developed this report in accordance with Global Reporting Initiative. offices, GRI G4 Core Kustainability Reporting Guidelines EY Turkey was advised on the. content of its report by its in house Clieate Change and Kustainability Kervice. Y g G , 4 line teae In addition at a global level EY designed and iepleeented a systeeatic.
approach to understanding the issues that EY eeeber country GRI G4 Kustainability. reports should cover The lead expert froe the EY Turkey Clieate Change and. Fueber of staff Kustainability Kervice line is a eeeber of this global EY probect working group for. sustainability As a result the approach followed by EY Turkey had regard to the. 1 4 global EY approach to ensure standardization where applicable to those areas where. all EY country practices follow the saee approach . Materiality, Fueber of In developing the 2 4 sustainability report EY listened to our people clients and. clients app eeebers within our own service areas and to stakeholders froe various EY eeeber. res including Turkey , 2 The sustainability working group engaged local stakeholders as a eeans to identify. the perforeance indicators that stakeholders consider eaterial and relevant globally . 5, To detereine the eateriality of the sustainability related issues Medium materiality2 EY Turkey classi ed these issues . our stakeholders raised the following sources have been aspects as being ieportant or elective in eateriality These. considered2 eay include soee MAs for which a full MA or indicator list. eay not be reported , EY s Nision 2 2 purpose to build a better working world. and the strategy to deliver on this vision Dow materiality2 EY Turkey classi ed these issues . aspects as being less ieportant These were the issues that. for the period 1 July 2013 to 30 June 2014 Building a better working world 3 i4 1 About this report 01 A note from the EY Turkey Country Managing Partner 03 A note from the EY Turkey Climate Change and Sustainability Leader 04 EY Turkey at a glance 05 Determining report content and materiality 09 Stakeholders and mechanisms of engagement 10 2 About EY 12 Purpose 12 Strategy 12 Performance 13

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