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Featured New Items,THE MOVIE ART OF SYD MEAD VISUAL FUTURIST. Highly Recommended The most exten, On our Cover sive collection of Mead s visionary work. SPECTRUM ever printed compiling hundreds of images. Volume 24 sketches and concept art from a career, The Best in Contem spanning almost 40 years many of which. porary Fantastic Art have never been seen in print before Each. Our Highest Recom entry provides a unique insight into the pro. mendation Edited cesses involved in Mead s practice as well. by John Fleskes This as illuminating the behind the scenes work. volume features over involved in creating a fully realized cinemat. 500 works by more than ic depiction of the future Titan 2017. 300 diverse visionaries MOVSMH HCW 12x9 256pg FC 49 95 39 95. including Julie Bell TRUE BELIEVERS JACK KIRBY,Brom Rovina Cai 100TH ANNIVERSARY Set. Terry Dodson Cory Almost Gone Set contains 12 comics. Godbey J Anthony reprinting both original issues and combining. Kosar Anita Kunz one or more issues together The set consists. Dave McKean Tran Nguyen Karla Ortiz David of Captain America Black Panther Tales to. Palumbo Forest Rogers Dan dos Santos Astonish with the first appearance of Groot. and Allen Williams Spectrum 24 continues the Eternals 1 Avengers 4 Devil Dinosaur 1. freshness and excellence that was established Strange Tales with Nick Fury Thor vs the. twenty four years ago Flesk 2017 Hulk The Mighty Thor Inhumans Tales of. SPE24 SC 9x12 304pg FC 35 00 29 95 Suspense with Iron Man and Tales to Aston. SPECTRUM Volume 24 Hardcover ish with Ant Man and the Wasp. Flesk 2017 Marvel 2017 Out of Print, SPE24H HC 9x12 304pg FC 45 00 39 95 TRBP Comic 7x10 32pg ea FC 17 95.
Cover image Memento Mori 2017 Chie Yoshii MARVEL AGE OF COMICS 1961 1978. www chieyoshii com info chieyoshii com Oversized and enormous with a silver metallic cover Highly. Recommended By Roy Thomas Art by the,entire Bullpen With hundreds of images and. SWORDS AND DEVILTRY insider insights the book traces the birth. Limited to 500 copies A new illustrated Fafhrd and of the Marvel Age heroes and adversaries. the Gray Mouser Highly Recommended By Fritz Leib grounded in a world that readers recognized. er Art by Tom Kidd Introduction by as close to their own relatable characters. Michael Moorcock The first volume with problems struggles and shortcomings. of eight collecting these highly By the 70s the House of Ideas also elevat. original and popular stories by the ed horror sword and sorcery and martial. Hugo award winning author that arts into best selling titles The second. began in 1939 in Unknown with generation in the 1970s introduced iconic. brand new wrap around dust jacket characters like Man Thing Conan and. illustration double page illustrated Shang Chi and proved this new kind of storytelling could succeed. endpapers and color plates by the outside of the capes and tights Taschen 2017. fine Tom Kidd Embossed black MARVAH HCW 9x13 400pg FC 59 99 52 50. cloth binding blind embossed from,top quality publisher Here is the. beginning four complete stories of,Look for the star symbol These are. the legendary thinking man s sword items that are deeply discounted from. and sorcery epic The unlikely pair Fafhrd the white the original publisher s price Most of. robed princeling of the barbaric cold waste and the Gray these items have been closed out by the. Mouser a wizardling suspended between white and black publisher and we have limited copies Buy. magic Centipede 2017 now before they re gone,SWORH HC 6x9 254pg Text PC 75 00 65 00. News Notes TABLE OF CONTENTS, If you are looking for Christmas gifts get your order to us asap anything placed Artists Illustration 5.
after December 10th should probably use our RUSH SERVICE You can dependably Graphic Novels 8. use RUSH SERVICE up to December 19th or before 12am PST on the 20th The Post Comic Book Archives 9. Office is slower in December so even orders placed before December 10th can t be Comic Strip Collections 12. guaranteed Your proximity to us is also a factor Call if you need help any weekday Comic Reference How To 12. from 8am to 4pm PST Pulps Pulp Fiction 13, PS Artbooks Sale we ve brought in so many of these there has been no one place. Statues Prints Fun Stuff 13, to see them all scattered as they are across multiple catalogs Regular and slipcased. Pin Up Erotic Art 13, volumes of Planet Comics Sheena Harvey Horrors Ghost Web of Evil Rulah. Phantom Lady Eerie etc We have 147 different titles all deeply discounted You can Nude Photography 14. go on our website and search PSSALE to see them all Or watch for our next catalog Collectors Supplies 14. there will be a special section 2018 Calendars 15, We had a little extra room this catalog so you ll find a special Pin Up section on page Coming Soon 19. 24 I also feel that our backlist section Don t Miss These has some especially good Don t Miss These 20. items this time around so take a close look Featured Art Books 21. Fall has been very busy for us thanks to you for your support I like to think more Featured Pin Ups 24. people are discovering us because of the Rare and Out of Print books we ve added to Catalog Specials 27. the website and to our weekly emails Response has been very good for these We are Just Arrived 29. starting a very select special email list for these to be sent once each month This will. feature an advance look at new titles as well as some price reductions Contact us to. Key for price line codes,HC Hardcover, All the Underwood Books Publisher File Copies have also brought us new exclu.
HCW Hardcover w o dustjacket, sive books You ll find the largest selection yet on page 4 And on the back cover are all. SC Softcover, the Underwood Sale Books See our website for a more complete selection of titles as. PC Partial color,well as new ones since this catalog went to print. FC Full color, It was a bit slow last Spring and early Summer so it s nice to be very busy here as we. B W Black white, close out the year Again thanks for your orders and have a wonderful holiday season.
Very best wishes from all of us here Bud F30 Fall Winter 2017. 2 BudsArtBooks com 530 273 2166,Prince Valiant Underwood Publisher File Copies. PRINCE VALIANT STUDIO EDITION Note FREE SHIPPING OVER 300 If your. Almost Gone It s here at last order total is 300 or more and you are in the. Our Highest Recommendation, By Hal Foster Fantagraphics has U S we pay the standard shipping cost. printed the Holy Grail of comics art,a 160 page collection scanned from. Foster s rare original pages drawn,in black white pen and ink and. printed in full color But also including,several hand colored pages and color.
syndicate proofs Includes a beautiful,die cut cover and a bonus original. art size print of the famous battle on, the bridge scene 1938 This is an absolutely magnificent. book Fantagraphics 2017 Out of Print,PVSTH HCW 17x23 160pg FC 175 00. SPECTRUM Volume 1, THE PRINCE VALIANT PAGE Almost Gone Sixth printing The Best in Contemporary. Our Highest Recommendation By Fantastic Art Edited by Cathy Burnett and Arnie Fenner. Gary Gianni Foreword by Mike Mignola This lavishly illustrated book features the work of today s. Modern illustration master Gianni opens best selling creators of fantasy and science fiction art From. the vaults to his work on the legendary the popular and well regarded Spectrum annuals over 100. Prince Valiant Sunday Page written artists are represented chosen from a jury of award win. by Mark Schultz Gianni assumed the ning professionals The introduction is written by Pulitzer. helm of the strip after John Cullen Prize winning journalist Lee Stuart and some of the artists. Murphy but far too few fans have seen included are Michael Whelan James Gurney Don Maitz. his several years of pages until now Thomas Blackshear and Frank Miller. Flesk 2008 Underwood Books 2003 Out of Print, PVPH HC 9x12 112pg Text PC 29 95 9 95 SPE01 SC 9x11 176pg FC 85 00.
PRINCE VALIANT Volume 2 1938 X LG SPECTRUM Volume 1 Deluxe Signed. Original newspaper size Highly Recommended Almost Gone Signed by the jury of 8 numbered limited. By Hal Foster Edited by Rick to 500 With slipcase Underwood Books 1994 Out of Print. Norwood Original publisher copies SPE01D HC 9x11 152pg FC 250 00. The first and still only way to read these,SPECTRUM Volume 6. magnificent pages in the full original, Almost Gone Includes SF genre favorites Michael Whelan. size The first book is long sold out but,Jim Burns Don Maitz James Gurney and Donato Gi. now these two full years are available for, ancola comic artists Charles Vess Alex Ross and Joseph. a wonderful low price A full year of Hal,Michael Lisner mainstream artists Thom Ang Kinuko.
Foster s immaculately researched and, Craft Peter de Seve and David Bowers and fine artists. impeccably drawn Sunday comic strip, Kent Williams Greg Spalenka Dave McKean and Jeffrey. reproduced in full color on giant,Jones Underwood 1999 Out of Print. 17 x 22 100 lb acid free paper,SPE06 SC 8x11 173pg FC 35 00. Manuscript Press 1984, PV02SC SC 17x22 59pg FC 150 00 49 95 SPECTRUM Volume 7.
Almost Gone Highly Recommended More than 200 full, color paintings drawings and sculptures by Michael Whelan. James Christensen James Gurney Bob Eggleton Alan,Lee and more Underwood 2000 Out of Print. SPE07 SC 8x11 195pg FC 35 00,SPECTRUM Volume 7 Hardcover. Almost Gone Underwood 2000 Out of Print,SPE07H HC 9x11 195pg FC 45 00. SPECTRUM Volume 11 Hardcover,Almost Gone Highly Recommend.
ed Showcasing among others John, PRINCE VALIANT Volume 1 Howe fantasy illustrator and designer. Sunday Pages 1937 38 Our Highest Recommendation for Lord of the Rings Peter deSeve. By Hal Foster These epic adventures of Prince Valiant show conceptual artist on Finding Nemo. every delicate line and chromatic nuance of Foster s original Anita Kunz s work from Rolling Stone. masterpiece This new series is the first to feature superb and much more Underwood 2004. restored artwork Fantagraphics 2016 Out of Print, PV01H HCW 11x14 120pg FC 29 99 27 95 SPE11H HC 9x12 205pg FC 55 00. PRINCE VALIANT Volume 14 SPECTRUM, Sunday Pages 1963 64 Our Highest Recommendation Volume 12 Hardcover. By Hal Foster Foreword by Roger Stern Val goes to North Almost Gone Highly Recommend. Wales to thwart King Cidwick while Mordred plans a scandal ed With a wider reach than any. that will break the Round Table Fellowship A battle weary Val previous edition 350 works by artists. finds some respite in the Spring tournament but is interrupted from all over the world Divided into. by an army of savage Saxons Fantagraphics 2016 seven categories including one de. PV14H HCW 11x14 112pg FC 35 00 27 95 voted to comics and one to graphic. novels Among the artists included, PRINCE VALIANT Volume 15 are Justin K Sweet Brad Holland. Sunday Pages 1965 66 Our Highest Recommendation Greg Ruth Lawrence Northey. By Hal Foster Foreword by Brian M Kane with Bob Fujitani Arthur Suydam and H R Giger. After traveling the North Atlantic shipwrecks and pirate Underwood 2005 Out of Print. attacks lead Prince Arn and his newly formed crew to the New SPE12H HC 9x12 205pg FC. World Meanwhile Mordred plots his revenge and schemes 50 00. another attack on Camelot when Val and his family are at. their most vulnerable Fantagraphics 2017 We may still have several more long out of print volumes. PV15H HCW 10x14 112pg FC 34 99 27 95 available but we had too few copies to picture here See. our website or call for details,Vols 1 4 6 13 PV10H 02H etc ea 35 00 27 95.
BudsArtBooks com 530 273 2166 3,Underwood Publisher File Copies. FRANK FRAZETTA ICON TELLING STORIES The Classic, Almost Gone Revised with 32 additional pages Highly Comic Art of Frank Frazetta Super. Recommended Edited by Cathy and Arnie Fenner Over Deluxe Lettered. 65 major finished oil paintings 25 drawings and other piec Almost Gone Lim. es 32 new pages of never before published art and photos ited to 26 lettered. New material includes paintings of Woody Allen and Peter copies with print. Sellers concepts of Clint Eastwood for the movie poster to Highly Recom. The Gauntlet original concepts for the Conan book cover mended Fantasy. paintings and character drawings for the Broadway produc art s most popular. tion of Li l Abner Underwood Books 2003 Out of Print painter was also one. FFIC SC 9x12 208pg FC 90 00 of the most popular, FRANK FRAZETTA ICON Hardcover comic book illustrators. Almost Gone Comes with bonus second dust jacket during the industry s. Highly Recommended Underwood Books 1998 Out of golden age This volume celebrates the. Print rare and largely forgotten stories created, FFIH HC 9x12 164pg FC 150 00 five decades ago by this iconic artist. These jungle adventures true life tales of, FRANK FRAZETTA LEGACY heroism and dreamy love stories not only.
Almost Gone First Edition Our exhibit the skill of a master craftsman but. Highest Recommendation Edited by also provide tantalizing glimpses of where. Arnie and Cathy Fenner Following the the young artist s career would ultimately. amazing success of Icon Underwood take him Underwood Books 2008 Out. books presented their second volume of Print, with an entirely different selection of works 75 full page ma TELSSDL HCW 9x12 192pg PC. jor paintings 23 previously unpublished two color pieces 650 00. for an animated Dracula and more rare works Also 34. Thomas Blackshear and Frank Miller Underwood Books 2003 Out of Print SPE01 SC 9x11 176pg FC 85 00 SPECTRUM Volume 1 Deluxe Signed Almost Gone Signed by the jury of 8 numbered amp limited to 500 With slipcase Underwood Books 1994 Out of Print SPE01D HC 9x11 152pg FC 250 00 SPECTRUM Volume 6 Almost Gone

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