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UI Components UI Components Open,Custom Source, Some custom JavaServer Faces Components Some open source JavaServer Faces Components. UI Components Third,UI Components Code, Some third party JavaServer Faces Components Syntax for a text box component. h inputText,Syntax for a calendar component,v calendar. Syntax for a bean backed calendar component,v calendar value bean date. State Management Event Handling,Method Bindings, JSF maintains the state of components h outputText value bundle welcome.
over several requests rendered bean showWelcome,Value Change Listeners. h selectOneMenu value bean type,onchange submit immediate true. Example 1 valueChangeListener bean change,f selectItems value bean types. Example 2 h selectOneMenu,Command Actions,h commandButton action bean submit. Action Listeners, None Required h commandButton actionListener bean listen.
action bean submit,Input Validation Input Validation Errors. Standard Validators Validation Errors,h inputText id card h message for card. value bean card,required true h messages,f validateLength minimum 13. h inputText,f validateDoubleRange,f validateLongRange. f validateLength,Custom Validators,Input Validation.
Page Navigation,Converters, Standard Converters Struts like config file navigation. h inputText value bean date navigation rule, f convertDateTime from view id index jsp from view id. pattern MM dd yyyy navigation case,h inputText from outcome Success from outcome. f convertNumber to view id thankyou jsp to view id. f convertDateTime navigation case,navigation case,from outcome Error from outcome. Custom Converters,to view id error jsp to view id,h inputText value bean user navigation case.
converter com ihc custom,navigation rule,Internationalization and. Custom tag library,accessibility, Components and Converters support multiple locales You have already seen it. Resource Bundle Support, f loadBundle basename resources var res html basic tld h. Define supported locales jsf core tld f,application. message bundle resources message bundle,locale config.
default locale en default locale,supported locale fr supported locale. supported locale es supported locale,locale config. application,Deployment,Embedding HTML,Components and Renderers. Validation,Bundle Keys x y z,Let me save you,Deployment Embedding HTML. BEA WebLogic Server 8 1 SP3 HTML within JSF tags does not work. The JavaServer Faces required jars without f verbatim. commons beanutils jar,h panelGroup,commons collections jar.
commons digester jar f verbatim html f verbatim,commons logging jar h panelGroup. jsf api jar Use Exadels htmLib jar instead,jsf impl jar. jstl jar must be version 1 0,standard jar must be version 1 0. Components and,Validation, Building custom components If validation or conversion fails nothing. No simple task happens, Separate the renderer easy to do Action method bindings do not execute.
Page just comes back,Most common JSF forum post,Use h message or h messages. Bundle Keys x y z,Resource Bundles are loaded as maps. bundle userslastname works,bundle user name last fails. bundle user name last works,For properties,bean user address street works. Technical Support,Tool Support,Political Support,Technical Support Tool Support.
Google Most IDEs have limited JSF support, http www google com Eclipse IntelliJ JBuilder Netbeans. Sun Official JavaServer Faces Forum IBM WSAD Studio Creator JDeveloper Notepad. http forum java sun com forum jspa forumID 427,See recommended reading Starting with slide 31. The following IDEs provide the ability to,drag and drop components onto a page. Borland JBuilder,Oracle JDeveloper,Sun Java Studio Creator. Requires a free plugin,Just kidding,Political Support.
Recommended,Sun Reading,and a bunch of little people but after. those three it really doesn t matter,Books Sites, Books I can recommend Sun Official JavaServer Faces Page. Core JavaServer Faces http java sun com j2ee javaserverfaces. by David Geary Cay Horstmann,Sun Official JavaServer Faces Forum. JavaServer Faces in Action, by Kito D Mann http forum java sun com forum jspa forumID 427. Other books Java Community Process JavaServer Faces Page. JavaServer Faces http www jcp org en jsr detail id 127. by Hans Bergsten Sun Official JavaServer Faces implementation project. Mastering JavaServer Faces https javaserverfaces dev java net. by Bill Dudney Jonathan Lehr Bill Willis LeRoy Mattingly. JavaServer Faces Programming Components and resources. by Budi Kurniawan http www jsfcentral com, Javaserver Faces Kick Start Kick Start http www jamesholmes com JavaServerFaces.
JavaServer Faces A new face on application development in Java Brought to you by Intermountain Health Care IHC is a nonprofit organization driven by a mission of excellence and the pursuit of ever higher standards of quality As a Salt Lake City based nonprofit organization with no investors our commitment is to provide clinical excellence quality and innovation rather than

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