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GEN 5 FIBRE CHANNEL Exceptional Scalability for Gbps full duplex throughput Up to eight. Gen 5 Fibre Channel is the purpose built Demanding Workloads and ISLs can be combined together in a 128. data center proven network infrastructure Data Center Consolidation Gbps framed based trunk In addition. for storage delivering unmatched reliability The Brocade 6520 features 96 Fibre exchange based Dynamic Path Selection. simplicity and 16 Gbps performance The Channel ports in a 2U form factor DPS optimizes fabric wide performance. Brocade 6520 with Gen 5 Fibre Channel delivering industry leading port density and load balancing by automatically. and Brocade Fabric Vision technology and space utilization for data center routing data to the most efficient available. unleashes the full potential of high density path in the fabric see Figure 1 This. consolidation Designed for maximum,server virtualization cloud architectures. flexibility this enterprise class switch augments Brocade ISL Trunking to. and next generation storage, offers pay as you grow scalability with provide more effective load balancing. Ports on Demand PoD Organizations in certain configurations Moreover the. can quickly easily and cost effectively enterprise class capabilities of this switch. scale from 48 to 96 ports in 24 port yield 40 percent higher performance. increments each supporting 2 4 8 10 compared to 10 Gigabit Ethernet GbE. or 16 Gbps In addition flexible high alternatives at a similar cost. speed 16 Gbps and 8 Gbps optics allow, organizations to deploy bandwidth on Simplified Management and. demand to meet growing data center Robust Network Analytics. needs For maximum flexibility the Brocade Fabric Vision technology. switch also features dual direction provides a breakthrough hardware and. airflow options to support the latest software solution that helps simplify. hot aisle cold aisle configurations monitoring maximize network availability. and dramatically reduce costs Featuring, Industry Leading Performance innovative monitoring management. for Growing Workloads and diagnostic capabilities Fabric Vision. The Brocade 6520 delivers exceptional technology enables administrators to. performance for growing and dynamic avoid problems before they impact. workloads through a combination of operations helping their organizations. market leading throughput and bandwidth meet Service Level Agreements SLAs. utilization With the unpredictability of Fabric Vision technology includes. virtualized workloads and cloud services,throughput becomes critical to ensuring.
Monitoring and Alerting Policy Suite,MAPS Provides an easy to use. that the network does not become the,solution for pre built policy based. bottleneck With 96 ports the Brocade,threshold monitoring and alerting. 6 520 provides an aggregate 1536,MAPS proactively monitors the. Frame based Trunking 8 5 Gbps Up to Dynamic Path Selection DPS. ASIC preserves in order delivery 6 Gbps 128 Gbps Balancing data flow between. 2 Gbps multiple trunk groups,4 5 Gbps Trunk group,Trunk group DPS.
Trunk group,Up to 4 5 Gbps,128 Gbps 9 Gbps n Gbps Trunk group. Figure 1 Dynamic Path Selection DPS augments Brocade ISL Trunking. to route data efficiently between multiple trunk groups. health and performance of the SAN Brocade ClearLink Diagnostics BROCADE FABRIC VISION. infrastructure to ensure application Ensures optical and signal integrity for TECHNOLOGY. uptime and availability By leveraging Gen 5 Fibre Channel optics and cables Brocade Fabric Vision technology. pre built rule policy based templates simplifying deployment and support of an extension of Gen 5 Fibre Channel. MAPS simplifies fabric wide threshold high performance fabrics ClearLink provides unprecedented insight and. configuration monitoring and alerting Diagnostic Port D Port is an advanced visibility across the storage network with. Administrators can configure the entire capability of Gen 5 Fibre Channel powerful built in monitoring management. fabric or multiple fabrics at one time platforms and diagnostic tools that enable. using common rules and policies or organizations to. customize policies for specific ports or, Flow Vision Enables administrators to Simplify monitoring. identify monitor and analyze specific,switch elements Deploy more than 15 years of SAN. application flows in order to simplify, Fabric Performance Impact FPI troubleshooting maximize performance best practices in one click to simplify. the deployment of monitoring with, Monitoring Leverages pre defined avoid congestion and optimize.
pre defined threshold based rules, MAPS policies to automatically detect resources Flow Vision includes. actions and policies,and alert administrators to different. Flow Monitor Provides Gain comprehensive visibility into. latency severity levels and identifies, comprehensive visibility into flows network health performance latency. slow drain devices that could impact, within the fabric including the ability to and congestion issues in the fabric. network performance This feature uses, automatically learn flows and non using browser accessible dashboards.
advanced monitoring capabilities and with drill down and point in time. disruptively monitor flow performance, intuitive MAPS dashboard reporting playback capabilities. Administrators can monitor all flows,to indicate various latency severity. levels pinpointing exactly which devices, from a specific host to multiple Increase availability. targets LUNs from multiple hosts Avoid 50 percent of common network. are causing or are impacted by a, to a specific target LUN or across problems with proactive monitoring. bottlenecked port, a specific ISL Additionally they and advanced diagnostic tools that.
Dashboards Provides integrated can perform LUN level monitoring address problems before they impact. operations, dashboards that display an overall SAN of specific frame types to identify. health view along with details on out of resource contention or congestion that Identify hot spots and automatically. range conditions to help administrators is impacting application performance mitigate network problems before. easily identify trends and quickly they impact application performance. Flow Generator Provides a built, pinpoint issues occurring on a switch through intuitive reporting trend. in traffic generator for pre testing analysis and integrated actions. or in a fabric,and validating the data center, Configuration and Operational infrastructure including route Dramatically reduce costs. Eliminate nearly 50 percent of, Monitoring Policy Automation verification and integrity of optics. maintenance costs through automated, Services Suite COMPASS Simplifies cables ports back end connections.
testing and diagnostic tools that, deployment safeguards consistency and ISLs for robustness before. validate the health reliability and, and increases operational efficiencies deploying applications performance of the network prior. of larger environments with automated,switch and fabric configuration services. Forward Error Correction FEC to deployment, Enables recovery from bit errors in ISLs Save up to millions of dollars on. Administrators can configure a template CapEx costs by eliminating the need. enhancing transmission reliability and, or adopt an existing configuration as for expensive third party tools through.
performance, a template and seamlessly deploy built in monitoring and diagnostics. the configuration across the fabric In Credit Loss Recovery Helps overcome. addition they can ensure that settings performance degradation and. do not drift over time with COMPASS congestion due to buffer credit loss. configuration and policy violation,monitoring within Brocade Network. Advisor dashboards, Brocade Network Advisor The Brocade 6520 enables secure metro Maximizing Investments. Brocade Network Advisor simplifies extension to virtual private or hybrid To help optimize technology investments. Gen 5 Fibre Channel management clouds with 10 Gbps Dense Wavelength Brocade and its partners offer complete. and helps users proactively diagnose Division Multiplexing DWDM link solutions that include professional. and resolve issues to maximize uptime support as well as in flight encryption and services technical support and education. increase operational efficiency and data compression to optimize bandwidth For more information contact a Brocade. reduce costs The wizard driven interface and minimize the risk of unauthorized sales partner or visit www brocade com. dramatically reduces deployment and access With four times more in flight. configuration times by allowing fabrics encryption and compression ports than. switches and ports to be managed the Brocade 6510 Switch the Brocade. as groups Customizable dashboards 6520 supports higher data volumes over. graphically display performance and long distance The switch also features. health indicators out of the box including on board data security and acceleration. all data captured using Brocade Fabric minimizing the need for separate. Vision technology To accelerate acceleration appliances to support. troubleshooting administrators can use distance extension Internal fault tolerant. dashboard playback to quickly review and enterprise class RAS features help. past events and identify problems in the minimize downtime to support mission. fabric In addition dashboards and reports critical cloud environments. can be configured to show only the most,relevant data enabling administrators to. Brocade Global Services,Brocade Global Services has the.
more efficiently prioritize their actions and,expertise to help organizations build. maintain network performance,scalable efficient cloud infrastructures. A Building Block for Virtualized Leveraging 15 years of expertise in. Private Cloud Storage storage networking and virtualization. The Brocade 6520 provides a critical Brocade Global Services delivers world. building block for today s highly class professional services technical. virtualized private cloud storage support network monitoring services. environments It simplifies server and education enabling organizations. virtualization and Virtual Desktop to maximize their Brocade investments. Infrastructure VDI management while accelerate new technology deployments. meeting the high throughput demands and optimize the performance of. of Solid State Disks SSDs The Brocade networking infrastructures. 6520 also supports multitenancy in cloud,environments through Virtual Fabrics. Quality of Service QoS and fabric,based zoning features. BROCADE 6520 SPECIFICATIONS,System Architecture, Fibre Channel ports Switch mode default 48 72 and USB One USB port for system log file.
96 port configurations 24 port increments downloads or firmware upgrades. through Ports on Demand PoD licenses, E F M D EX ports Fabric services Monitoring and Alerting Policy Suite. MAPS Flow Vision Top Talkers for, Scalability Full fabric architecture with a maximum of E Ports F Ports and Fabric mode. 239 switches Brocade Adaptive Networking Ingress Rate. Limiting Traffic Isolation QoS Bottleneck, Certified maximum 6 000 active nodes 56 switches 19 hops. Detection Brocade Advanced Zoning,in Brocade Fabric OS fabrics larger fabrics. default zoning port WWN zoning,certified as required.
broadcast zoning Dynamic Fabric, Performance Fibre Channel 2 125 Gbps line speed Provisioning DFP Dynamic Path Selection. full duplex 4 25 Gbps line speed full DPS Brocade Extended Fabrics. duplex 8 5 Gbps line speed full duplex Enhanced BB credit recovery Enhanced. 10 53 Gbps line speed full duplex 14 025 Group Management EGM FDMI Frame. Gbps line speed full duplex auto sensing Redirection Frame based Trunking FSPF. of 2 4 8 and 16 Gbps port speeds 10 Integrated Routing IPoFC Brocade ISL. Gbps optionally programmable to fixed port Trunking Management Server NPIV NTP. speed v3 Port Fencing Registered State Change,Notification RSCN Reliable Commit. ISL trunking Frame based Trunking with up to eight Service RCS Server Application. 16 Gbps ports per ISL trunk up to 128 Gbps Optimization SAO Simple Name Server. per ISL trunk Exchange based load SNS Virtual Fabrics Logical Switch. balancing across ISLs with DPS included in Logical Fabric. Brocade Fabric OS,Extension Fibre Channel in flight compression. Aggregate bandwidth 1 536 Gbps 96 ports 16 Gbps data rate Brocade LZO and encryption AES. GCM 256 integrated optional 10 Gbps, Maximum fabric latency Latency for locally switched ports is 700 ns Fibre Channel for DWDM MAN connectivity. latency between port groups is 2 1 sec,cut through routing at 16 Gbps between Management.
locally switched groups, Encryption compression is 5 5 sec per Supported management HTTP SNMP v1 v3 FE MIB FC. node Forward Error Correction FEC adds software Management MIB SSH v2 Auditing. 400 ns between E Ports enabled by Syslog Brocade Advanced Web Tools. default Brocade Network Advisor SAN Enterprise,or Brocade Network Advisor SAN. Maximum frame size 2 112 byte payload Professional Professional Plus Command. Line Interface CLI SMI S compliant, Frame buffers 8 192 dynamically allocated Administrative Domains trial licenses for. add on capabilities, Classes of service Class 2 Class 3 Class F inter switch. frames Security AES GCM 256 encryption on ISLs DH,CHAP between switches and end devices.
Brocade 6520 Switch Today Brocade services technical support and education For more information contact a Brocade sales partner or visit www brocade com 5 BROCADE 6520 SPECIFICATIONS System Architecture Fibre Channel ports Switch mode default 48 72 and 96 port configurations 24 port increments through Ports on Demand PoD licenses E F M D EX ports Scalability Full

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