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S01 CAF 2 2020 Start Layout 1 16 04 2020 07 40 Page 2. S01 CAF 2 2020 Start Layout 1 16 04 2020 07 40 Page 3. Solutions 28,Remote learning 8, Education and telecommunications join forces across Africa. A note from the Editor,Emerging technology 9,THE CURRENT HEALTH crisis has been. How an IoT connected world could aid the fight against pandemics. challenging in many ways but two,industries in particular are responding. well Telecommunications and,Business support systems 12. broadcasting are keeping people in Why business support systems matter more than ever to African operators. touch helping them to work and,entertaining them as well as enabling VAS 14.
cashless payment and supporting Valuable customer data has long been underused but that is now changing. education Some of these valuable, roles for telecommunications and Broadcast content management 16. broadcasting during the pandemic are, covered in this issue But many other How SVOD is bringing popular African TV shows to the world. communications issues still need,addressing even now so we also look Security 17. at security the cost of infrastructure What sort of security threats occur in the mobile space And how can they be stopped. rollout business support services RAN,management better use of customer Wi Fi 19. data mobile finance and more, Wi Fi 6 is here and it s bringing with it some new cabling challenges.
Stay safe Stay healthy Our best,wishes to you all Infrastructure 20. The growing importance of asset sharing and neutral hosts. An interview with the CEO and group president of Sudatel. Mobile financial services 22, How African businesses can benefit from advances in payment technology. Tanzania 23, Mobile money in Tanzania opportunities and challenges. Radio access networks 25, How 4G and 5G have made new demands on RAN management and monitoring. Book review 26,The past and future of IoT,Newsgathering solutions 27.
The evolution of audio equipment, Editor Vaughan O Grady vaughan ogrady alaincharles com. Assitant Editor Abhishek Paul abhishek paul alaincharles com. Editorial and Design team Mariam Ahmad Prashant AP Miriam Brtkova Praveen CP. Manojkumar K Lucia Mathurin Nonalynka Nongrum Samantha Payne Rahul Puthenveedu. Deblina Roy and Louise Waters, Group Editor Georgia Lewis Head Office Middle East Regional Office. Alain Charles Publishing Ltd Alain Charles Middle East FZ LLC. Production Srinidhi Chikkars Swati Gupta Eugenia Nelly Mendes and Arjun S University House Office L2 112 Loft Office 2. Email production alaincharles com 11 13 Lower Grosvenor Place Entrance B PO Box 502207. Publisher Nick Fordham London SW1W 0EX United Kingdom Dubai Media City UAE. Telephone 44 20 7834 7676 Telephone 971 4 448 9260. Magazine Sales Manager Edward Somgal Tel 91 88841 93373 Fax 44 20 7973 0076 Fax 971 4 448 9261. Email edward somgal alaincharles com,Country Representative Telephone Fax Email. Subscriptions circulation alaincharles com, India Tanmay Mishra 91 98800 75908 tanmay mishra alaincharles com Chairman Derek Fordham. Nigeria Bola Olowo 234 8034349299 bola olowo alaincharles com Printed by Buxton Press Printed in April 2020. UAE Vishnu Vijayakumar 971 4 448 9260 971 4 448 9261 vishnu vijayakumar alaincharles com Communications Africa Afrique is a bi monthly magazine. USA Michael Tomashefsky 1 203 226 2882 1 203 226 7447 michael tomashefsky alaincharles com ISSN 0962 3841. www communicationsafrica com Communications Africa Issue 2 2020 3. S02 CAF 2 2020 Agenda Layout 1 16 04 2020 06 20 Page 4. Impacts of global pandemic on 5G markets ABI Research Egyptian Pound as. FORCED DELAYS IN vital standardisation work will threaten the US 1 7. trillion of long term economic growth that 5G for enterprise cellular. settlement currency in, promises according to an ABI Research white paper Buna platform.
The COVID 19 pandemic has forced a delay in the crucial. ARAB MONETARY FUND AMF, standardisation work that would make 5G available for enterprise use. in collaboration with the, cases The relevant standardisation body 3GPP has formally announced. Central Bank of Egypt have, a deferral of this standardisation until at least June 2020 which would. announced the inclusion of the, delay commercial rollout of industrial 5G until at least 2022. Egyptian Pound EGP in Buna,Photo Adobe Stock, Given that most industrial enterprises are looking to upgrade their.
for the clearing and settlement, communication technology in 2021 this delay will result in 5G missing. of payments alongside the US, out on at least 25 per cent of the revenue opportunities within industrial. dollar the Euro the Jordanian, enterprises Given the importance of industrial use cases for overall 5G. Dinar the Saudi Riyal the UAE, revenues this translates into 5G losing up to 10 per cent of total expected The cancellation of leading industry. Dirham and the Bahraini Dinar, 5G revenues In the long run this could result in a shortfall of several US events such as Mobile World.
This is in line with the, billion dollars in contribution to the global economy states global tech Congress in Barcelona caused more. complicated workflows for the 3GPP announcement of the launch of. market advisory firm ABI Research,the Buna regional payment. This is a blow to the standards bodies and the timeline of 5G said Leo Gergs principal analyst at ABI. platform affiliated to AMF and, Research The cancellation of leading industry events such as Mobile World Congress in Barcelona caused. as central and commercial, more complicated workflows for the 3GPP As a result the freeze of Release 16 which is of major importance. banks commence the, for 5G applications in industrial and logistics environments has been delayed until June This would in turn.
onboarding process to join the, push the rollout of 5G into warehouses shipping ports and factory floors until at least 2022. Buna platform, Even though in the short term this current pandemic is putting the timely enterprise rollout of 5G at risk. Buna is a multi currency, due to the delay in provision of a standardisation framework in the long term enterprise verticals will. payment platform that clears, consider 5G for automating workflows in factories and other industrial environments in order to keep supply. and settles cross border,chain disruptions at a minimum.
payments in eligible Arab and, However we will also see 5G applications for life critical verticals such as agriculture food production. international currencies across, to pick up pace while a growing number of countries will consider enhancing their healthcare sector with 5G. the Arab region and beyond,enabled capabilities Gergs pointed out. Opera helps provide 120 million African users with Intelsat selects SpaceX to launch Intelsat 40e. official COVID 19 information satellite,SATELLITE TELECOMMUNICATIONS. WEB BROWSER OPERA has added a,COMPANY Intelsat has selected.
speed dial to the Opera Mini browser,SpaceX as its launch partner for. and Opera browser for Android,Intelsat 40e IS 40e,equipping people with quicker access to. Photo Business Wire,The launch is planned for 2022 on. official information from local,SpaceX s American built Falcon 9. government institutions about COVID 19,Photo Opera.
launch vehicle,With this addition to the speed dial. Intelsat chief services officer Mike,Opera is helping provide millions of. DeMarco said We look forward to,users in 38 African countries with. working with SpaceX to launch A rendering of Intelsat 40e. general information about the actual The speed dial with access to official courtesy of Maxar Technologies. information from local governments Intelsat 40e in 2022. increase of COVID 19 cases per country, is available in 38 African countries IS 40e will join the Intelsat Epic high throughput satellite fleet and. tips and recommendations on how to, integrated IntelsatOne ground network to provide our customers with the.
reduce the risk of infection and the with the latest local and global news. managed hybrid connectivity they need in today s ever changing world. latest governmental statements about related to the coronavirus outbreak. SpaceX vice president of commercial sales Tom Ochinero said We. lockdowns per country The channel displays a feed of the top. are honoured Intelsat one of the world s premier satellite operators has. Our mobile browsers and news stories and most relevant local. selected a flight proven Falcon 9 to deliver its next geostationary. applications are used by nearly 120 articles as it uses the personalised AI. communications satellite to orbit, million people across the African news engine of Opera News. Intelsat 40e is an advanced geostationary satellite that will provide. continent By adding the COVID 19 Opera users can access the. Intelsat s government and enterprise customers across North and. speed dial into our mobile browsers we channel by swiping right on the home. Central America with high throughput coast to coast services The. are helping millions of people make screen of the Opera Mini and Opera. satellite s capabilities will support the growing number of customers that. more informed decisions about how to browser for Android The dedicated. depend on Intelsat s managed services and solutions to easily integrate. deal with the pandemic in their local news channel is currently available in. satellite into their overall networking and communications strategies. communities said J rgen Arnesen South Africa Algeria Angola Burkina. Intelsat has announced in February that Maxar Technologies will. head of marketing and distribution at Faso Cameroon Democratic Republic. manufacture IS 40e,Opera of Congo Egypt Ghana Guinea Ivory. This is the second launch for Intelsat and SpaceX In 2017 SpaceX. The Opera Mini browser and the Coast Kenya Morocco Mozambique. launched Intelsat 35e a satellite currently providing high throughput. Opera browser for Android have also Nigeria Senegal Tanzania Uganda. coverage for Intelsat customers in portions of North and South America. included a dedicated news channel Zambia and Zimbabwe. Europe and Africa, 4 Communications Africa Issue 2 2020 www communicationsafrica com. S02 CAF 2 2020 Agenda Layout 1 16 04 2020 06 20 Page 5. M Pesa users are now We committed to we have connected so far. be able to send any investing in additional are just the start We will. amount below KES equipment and expand continue to connect more. 1 000 for free for 90 days our West African service communities as we go along. starting the 16th of March offering Now more than,2020 This was done to ever affordable broadband. increase mobile money can make a difference in,usage in the country to our local markets.
reduce the risk of spreading Houssein Cherifh,the virus through the CEO and Founder. physical handling of cash Mauritanian satellite services. provider CSS,Our joint venture will,allow Vodacom and Uche Ofodile. Safaricom to drive the CEO,next generation of the M Pesa Lonestar Cell MTN. platform an intelligent,cloud based platform for the. smartphone age We urge licensees to,work with us for the.
bene t of all South,Africans in a collaborative,effort so that the emergency. release of the spectrum can,make a meaningful,Michael Joseph contribution to curb the. spread and atten the curve,of the Covid 19 pandemic. This project highlights,the major bene ts of Shameel Joosub. satellite internet in CEO,bridging the digital divide Vodacom Group.
as well as the ef ciency of,the solutions deployed by. the Konnect Africa teams Our continued network,expansion is our way of. Jean Claude Tshipama ensuring that in the,CEO most remote parts of. Konnect Africa,Liberia people can now,on plans to connect several. connect to their families and Dr Keabetswe Modimoeng. thousand schools across the, Democratic Republic of Congo loved ones using the MTN Acting Chairperson.
to the internet network The communities ICASA South African regulator. www communicationsafrica com Communications Africa Issue 2 2020 5. S02 CAF 2 2020 Agenda Layout 1 16 04 2020 06 20 Page 6. Zain report highlights technology role in circular economy Western Cape human. ZAIN GROUP A mobile telecom company in eight markets across the settlements app now. Middle East and Africa has released its annual thought leadership report available. The Circular Economy Embedding Sustainable Solutions in a bid to. SOUTH AFRICA S WESTERN,Save the Planet,Cape minister of human. Photo Adobe Stock, The report highlighted how the circular economy fits into helping. settlements Tertuis Simmers, address some of the devastating impacts of climate change This type of. went live on Facebook to, economic model is essentially based on the principles of designing out. launch the much anticipated, waste and pollution keeping products and materials in use and.
human settlements app, regenerating natural systems according to the report Current linear. The circular economy can easily be The app gives citizens easy. economic models utilise raw and non renewable materials to create embedded into the Information. access to information on, products and once the product is consumed it becomes waste which is Communication and Technology. government housing, neither efficient nor sustainable the report said The negative impact of ICT sector. dition 2 2020 features broadcasting are keeping people in touch helping them to work and entertaining them as well as enabling cashless payment and supporting education Some of these valuable roles for telecommunications and broadcasting during the pandemic are covered in this issue But many other communications issues still need Security addressing even now so we also look at

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