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Why add live streaming pre recorded,videos or private virtual sessions to. your business, With the global coronavirus pandemic fitness businesses all. over the world raced to offer their classes online and keep The video plan template has the following sections. their members busy with pre recorded workouts Virtual fitness Executive summary. is here to stay too After their local fitness studios and gyms. re open 43 of Mindbody app users say that in addition Organization and management. to returning to their regular fitness routines they plan to use. Equipment and retail,video fitness,Pricing and retention strategies. Permanently adding video to your fitness offerings adds. value for your current clients and can extend your reach and Marketing and sales. strengthen your brand Video is a powerful acquisition tool and. Financial projections, a chance for you to bring your signature workouts and attitude. to anyone eager to try With video in Mindbody you can bring Key performance indicators and future vision. your brand to people all over the world, How can you prepare for going virtual with Don t worry we ll break down each section with you As we.
video Start with a plan explore topics like pricing staffing promotions and more you. can fill out the template with your studio or gym s plan You ll. Before you hit record or go live for the long term it s important get the basics some things to consider best practices and. to think about why you want to add video to your service links to further resources you can explore. offerings You wouldn t open a new fitness studio location. without a plan and you shouldn t rush into investing time and. effort into video without one either, Use our Business Plan Template for Your Fitness Video. Offerings in tandem with this step by step guide,Explore video in Mindbody mindbodyonline com. Executive summary, When tackling the executive summary you want to give a general. overview of what you want video at your business to look like What. are you hoping to gain in bringing virtual offerings to your business. You re probably busy enough as it is so it s important to have a clear. idea of what you re hoping to gain in pursuing video. Is video something you re adding to give extra value to. memberships Or are you hoping to grow your brand and build a. following for video all its own The latter means you re targeting. a new market segment How are your competitors approaching. video Now that you re offering video you re competing with global. players How will you differentiate The answers to these questions. will guide how you set up your video operations, Importantly you need to identify what type of video offerings you. want to provide maybe it s all three detailed below. Which type of video offering is best for your, There are three main ways to approach your new video fitness.
offerings live streaming classes hosting private sessions over a. video chat and sharing pre recorded videos clients can access on. Not sure which one s for you Here are the main differences between. these video options and when to opt for one over the others. Explore video in Mindbody mindbodyonline com, Choose to live stream classes Choose pre recorded workouts Choose private virtual sessions. when when when, You want to create or maintain a sense There s a series of movements that you You want to meet one on one or in a small. of community Even though you re not only need to demonstrate once but you private group Virtual sessions are a great. in the same room there s a certain want your audience to repeat or do as a way to give personal attention to your. energy and accountability that comes prescribed routine or regimen clients. with live streaming, You want to be able to choose your best You re introducing clients to complicated. You want to move fast and keep it real takes and edit the content movements where it s important for you. You can always post a recording of the to see their form Virtual sessions can help. You want shorter content or even, live stream workout later but it s really all clients feel how a movement is supposed. about being in the moment to when it might be otherwise difficult in a. You don t care if the audience watches fast moving class. Your audience can easily do your,now or later, workout in their living room Your client has an injury is pregnant or.
You want to share a workout of the has some other condition that requires. You want to interact with your clients in, day that clients can do at any time modifications or special attention and care. You re looking to scale You want to customize a workout. You want to help clients set goals,Explore video in Mindbody mindbodyonline com. Organization and,management, Once you have an idea of what your aim for video is it s time to get into. the logistics Is video something you re going to have your team help. you with Will you appoint or hire someone who will wholly focus on. video Consider if there will be any modifications in pay or incentives for. employees who help with video efforts, You ll need to consider when filming and or private sessions will occur Is. this something you want to do outside of your normal studio or gym hours. This likely depends on what type of video you re hoping to pursue. Whether you delegate to your team or go it alone here s how to get. started with these popular video offerings,How do you start live streaming.
Live streaming can feel awkward when you re first getting started After. all you re used to being in a space full of clients There s a different energy. when it s just you in front of a camera and oftentimes without music. Live streams are an excellent way to bring your community together Lean. into the social aspect and open the live stream 15 minutes before class. so your clients can chat amongst themselves beforehand Let them linger. after class too The social component is yet another reason why they ll. want to join your live streams, Check out our blog post for more details on how to start live streaming. fitness classes and see how you can make sure your virtual classes get. the widest audience possible,Explore video in Mindbody mindbodyonline com. Some best practices for live streaming, Look clean fresh and wear clothing that has your brand on it. Prioritize good lighting natural is best and the cheapest. Consider acoustics you don t want the room to be overly echo y. Make sure the area you re filming in is clutter free and won t distract your. Secure your camera a tripod s great and ensure it s at an appropriate. height and oriented to shoot horizontally, Ensure your internet connection is stable and the camera battery is full. Do a trial run and test everything before your first live stream. Greet clients as they join but make sure to mute all live stream attendees. before starting the class, Read our blog post with more best practices and things to avoid when.
you re live streaming, If you re having instructors on your team lead live streams on their own. make sure that they re well versed in these best practices too. Before any instructor streams his or her first live class have them lead a. practice one with the rest of your team as attendees Your instructor will get. more comfortable in front of the camera after a bit of practice and you can. work out any kinks together, Have fitness instructors on your team who will be handling streaming Give. them our handy checklist,Explore video in Mindbody mindbodyonline com. How do you create top notch pre recorded,workout videos. With Mindbody you can readily share access to your complete video. library with your members But before you share you want to make. sure you have something for your members to watch, Some best practices for creating pre recorded videos.
Film all of your content horizontally, Bring professionals in to help you film and edit or even enlist. knowledgeable friends to help, Use a tripod or rest the camera on a sturdy surface to reduce. Choose a spot to film that has bright and natural lighting and. minimal noise, Make eye contact with the camera and treat it like a client you re. working with one on one,Practice and invite feedback. Remember It s all about authenticity not perfection. Here are more tips from an expert on how to produce professional. looking workout videos,Explore video in Mindbody mindbodyonline com.
How do you offer private virtual sessions, When you re meeting with clients one on one or in a small. group you want to be focused on your clients It s important. that you set up your virtual sessions properly so you and your. clients don t have any distractions,Set yourself up for success by. Having clients fill out an intake form beforehand so. everyone knows what to expect,Offering an initial consultation. Helping clients set up their space before getting started. Asking the right questions during the session to ensure. proper form, Supplementing sessions with live stream classes or on. demand videos,See more best practices on virtual sessions.
Explore video in Mindbody mindbodyonline com,Equipment and retail. You might feel especially out of your element when it comes to considering audio visual equipment It of course depends on what you re. hoping to achieve and on your fitness modality, Do you need to invest in additional audio visual equipment to create your video offerings When you re first getting started it s hard to know. what s a necessity and what might be overkill, What audio visual equipment do you need How will you approach equipment that your. If you re live streaming or hosting virtual sessions you re likely to. clients regularly use, want to use a phone or a computer web cam If you re opting for For many looking to work out at home needing lots of equipment. pre recorded videos you can get good footage from an iPhone is a non starter Make sure you clearly indicate what equipment. or simple DSLR camera is needed so no one starts working out only to realize they can t. continue Consider tailoring your workouts to be more home. No matter what virtual offering you choose and what equipment. friendly with less equipment or suggest substitutes for household. you use make sure you re familiar with it before you start. items like laundry detergent and soup cans and or rent out your. shooting or go live,equipment to clients, Get advice from Mindbody customers who have experience with.
Learn more about renting out equipment, Better yet you can sell branded equipment online that anyone. See what you should consider when you re looking at. can buy to supplement their workouts Items like hand weights. exercise balls and stretching straps can help your clients get more. from their workout and bring your business additional revenue. Explore video in Mindbody mindbodyonline com,How will you approach music. Music gets complicated when it comes to video It s important. to know that you need the proper sync license to legally. use music in videos you re posting It can also be difficult. to hear an instructor when ambient music is playing in the. background during recording For these reasons you may. want to forego music in your video workouts,If you re determined to include music. Share the playlist for your live stream or video with your. clients As you email out a link to join a live stream class you. can also share a link to the playlist on Spotify or Apple Music. to accompany it Clients can play the music on their end while. still supporting artists, Use royalty free music Sites like Artlist io or Premium Beat. have great options, Use a microphone If you re using music during a live stream.
you can use AirPods or another external mic so you re still. Note Please consult local legal counsel for advice. Explore video in Mindbody mindbodyonline com,Pricing and retention. strategies,How should you price your video offerings. Pricing is part art part science Pricing your live stream classes on demand. videos and virtual private sessions depends on many factors Video offerings. have never seen such demand and because of that pricing for it is still shifting. As video is increasingly popular in fitness it s important to stay informed about. general industry trends Search virtual on mindbody io to see how virtual. classes similar to yours are priced Even after you decide your pricing strategy. check back in frequently to ensure your prices are in line with general industry. Depending on your business you may need to approach pricing differently for. members drop ins and potential new clients,Here are best practices for pricing now. Explore video in Mindbody mindbodyonline com,Marketing and sales. What are the best and easiest ways to promote your video offerings. Once you decide what sort of virtual offerings your business will pursue it s important to get the word out about them Video can help your. business extend its reach but only if people know that you have video available The last thing you want to do is live stream to no one. A few ways to promote your virtual offerings, List your live stream on Mindbody Email email email.
Make sure you re using the word VIRTUAL in all caps before the Your virtual offerings are for everyone on your email subscriber list. regular title of your class so it s easy for anyone in the world to find It s easy with Marketing Suite to keep everyone in the loop. Bringing Video into Your Fitness Business A Step by step Guide Explore video in Mindbody mindbodyonline com Why add live streaming pre recorded videos or private virtual sessions to your business With the global coronavirus pandemic fitness businesses all over the world raced to offer their classes online and keep their members busy with pre recorded workouts Virtual fitness is here

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