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BRAHMA SUTRAS,TEXT WORD TO WORD MEANING TRASLATION. AND COMMENTARY BY,Sri Swami Sivananda,Published by. THE DIVINE LIFE SOCIETY,P O SHIVANANDANAGAR 249 192. Tehri Garhwal Uttarakhand Himalayas India,Price 2008 Rs 230. First Edition 1949,Second Edition 1977,Third Edition 1999.
Fourth Edition 2008,1 000 Copies,The Divine Life Trust Society. ISBN 81 7052 151 3, Published by Swami Vimalananda for The Divine Life Society. Shivanandanagar and printed by him at the Yoga Vedanta Forest. Academy Press P O Shivanandanagar Distt Tehri Garhwal. Uttarakhand Himalayas India,Sri Vyasa Bhagavan,Sri Jagadguru Sankaracharya. Srimad Appayya Dikshitar,SRI SWAMI SIVANANDA, Born on the 8th September 1887 in the illustrious family. of Sage Appayya Dikshitar and several other renowned saints. and savants Sri Swami Sivananda had a natural flair for a life. devoted to the study and practice of Vedanta Added to this. was an inborn eagerness to serve all and an innate feeling of. unity with all mankind, His passion for service drew him to the medical career.
and soon he gravitated to where he thought that his service. was most needed Malaya claimed him He had earlier been. editing a health journal and wrote extensively on health prob. lems He discovered that people needed right knowledge most. of all dissemination of that knowledge he espoused as his own. It was divine dispensation and the blessing of God upon. mankind that the doctor of body and mind renounced his career. and took to a life of renunciation to qualify for ministering to the. soul of man He settled down at Rishikesh in 1924 practised. intense austerities and shone as a great Yogi saint sage and. Jivanmukta, In 1932 Swami Sivananda started the Sivanandashram. In 1936 was born The Divine Life Society In 1948 the. Yoga Vedanta Forest Academy was organised Dissemination. of spiritual knowledge and training of people in Yoga and. Vedanta were their aim and object In 1950 Swamiji undertook. a lightning tour of India and Ceylon In 1953 Swamiji convened. a World Parliament of Religions Swamiji is the author of over. 300 volumes and has disciples all over the world belonging to. all nationalities religions and creeds To read Swamiji s works. is to drink at the Fountain of Wisdom Supreme On 14th July. 1963 Swamiji entered Mahasamadhi, It need not be over emphasised that the Bhrahma Sutras or the. Nyaya Prasthana of the triad of Indian Philosophical treatises hold. supreme sway over the later rationalistic and scholastic develop. ments Right from the mighty brain of Sankara down to the master in. tellects like Sriharsha Chitsukha and Madhusudana the main. polemics have been occupied with the task of establishing the doc. trine of absolute Monism and refuting the views contrary to it by ap. peal to logic as well as authority alike which find their seeds already. sown in the Brahma Sutras The founder of a new religious and philo. sophical school had simply to write a new commentary on the Brahma. Sutras so that his view may be accepted by the mass of people Such. is the authority of the Brahma Sutras the work of Baadarayana. Commentaries there have been many on the Brahma Sutras. but either they are too short and insufficient to be useful for a compre. hensive study of the Sutras or are extremely tough and abstruse to. be utilized by men of ordinary understanding This work of Swami. Sivananda is of a unique type in itself unrivalled by any other This. commentary is neither too short to be useless nor too verbose to be. unintelligible but follows a via media course useful to one and all. mainly the spiritual aspirants who want thought not mere word. Swamiji has got his own inimitable way of writing which is a. boon to the inquisitive student on the spiritual path All real aspirants. after Truth should possess this book for it is a guide light that is capa. ble of steering them across the sea of ignorance and doubt. Swamiji has left nothing unsaid that may be useful to the student. of the Brahma Sutras and in addition has given useful information. which will not be found in other notes and commentaries The division. of each Pada into the relevant Adhikaranas marking at the same time. the number of Sutras they contain the subject matter they treat of. and the accompaniment of each Sutra by the serial number from the. very beginning is for the use and guidance of the student An elabo. rate introduction precedes the work in addition to a short introduction. and a summary of the different Adhikaranas preceding each Pada. These are all a boon to the student of the Brahma Sutras for which the. incomparable Swamiji has to be eulogised Each Sutra also contains. a word by word meaning and a running translation, More need not be said than that the production is a marvelous. one Swamiji has completed his annotations on the Prasthanatraya. with his Brahma Sutras His writings are too famous to necessitate. further introduction, The text of the Brahma Sutras has been included herein to en. able the readers to do Svadhyaya and get them by heart for purpose. of meditation THE DIVINE LIFE SOCIETY,mZ X na gwIX Ho db kmZ y V.
mVrV JJZg e V d m Xb,EH Z d b Mb gd Yrgm j yV,mdmVrV JwUa hV gX Jw V Z m 1. I prostrate myself before that Guru the Existence devoid of the. three Gunas beyond comprehension the witness of all mental func. tions changeless and pure one and eternal transcending the pairs. of opposites expansive like the sky reachable through the sentences. like Thou art That the Mass of Absolute Wisdom,e dm g wnmgVo ed B V o V doXmp VZmo. m m w B V mUnQ d H V V Z m H m,Ah W O ZemgZaVm H V r m gH m. gmo dmo dXYmVw dmp N V b bmo ZmWmo h a 2, He whom the Saivas worship as Siva the Vedantins as the Ab. solute Brahman the Buddhists as Lord Buddha the logicians the. experts in the theory of knowledge as the Creator those following the. teachings of Jaina as the Arhat and the ritualists as the Sacrifice may. that Hari the Lord of the three worlds give you the desired object. mg d Uw d n H b bV g mo Xm X Xrq,dm g R doXemIm gZH a qf Y rO hm V.
nm amU gy m aM XW mo maV M qV V,H U nm Zm gwaZa X VO ny OV nyO o h 3. I worship the great Rishi Vyasa who is called, Krishna dvaipayana who is worshipped by gods men and Asuras. alike who is the form of Vishnu who is like the light of the rising sun to. the darkness of the impurities of the age of Kali who belongs to the. family of Vasishtha who divided the Vedas into different sections. who is the seed of Dharma who wrote the Puranas the Brahma. Sutras the Mahabharata and the Smriti,lr e H amMm mZ. n mgrZ em V ZaV Z m aVw md,mbo m Vm p V Ma wIm moO Xrdamj. H wJ rd H am m dhV dbg nw VH kmZ w m,d Jrdm U w ZV OZdaX md o e am 4.
I contemplate on Sankaracharya who is seated in Padmasana. who is tranquil who is established in self restraint whose glory is like. that of the enemy of Cupid who wears the sacred ashes shining on. his forehead whose smiling face resembles the blossomed lotus. who has lotus like eyes whose neck is conch like holding book in. one hand and indicating Jnana mudra with another hand who is. adored by the foremost of gods who gives boons to those who pros. trate to him,lr h Vm bH mMm da MV,lr e H aXo eH m H. d XVm Ibem gwYmObYo hVmon Zf H WVmW ZYo,X o H b o d b MaU d e H aXo eH o eaU 1. 1 O ocean of the nectar of illumined knowledge of the whole. Satras Thou hast revealed the treasure of the meaning of the great. Upanishads I meditate on Thy pure Lotus Feet in my heart O. Sankara Desika Acharya be Thou my refuge,H Umd Umb nmb m dgmJaXw I dXyZ X. a MVm IbXe ZV d dX d e H aXo eH o eaU 2, 2 O ocean of mercy Protect me who am afflicted sorely by the. pains of Samsara Thou hast expounded the truth of the various. schools of philosophy O Sankara Desika be Thou my refuge. dVm OZVm gw IVm dVm ZO moY dMmaUMm Vo,H b o daOrd ddoH dX d e H aXo eH o eaU 3.
3 By Thee the humanity has attained happiness Thou art en. dowed with a fine intellect reflecting Self knowledge I meditate on. Thee who expounded the identity of Jiva and Isvara O Sankara be. Thou my refuge,d Ed dm Z V o ZVam g Om V MoV g H m Vw H Vm. dma moh hmObqY d e H aXo eH o eaU 4, 4 Thou art my God thus thinking my mind became full of joy. Remove the great ocean of delusion in me O Sankara be Thou my. gwH Vo YH Vo h Ym dVmo dVm nXXe ZbmbgVm,A VXrZ n anmb m d e H aXo eH o eaU 5. 5 It is through various meritorious actions done by me for a long. time that I have got in me a love for the vision of Thy lotus Feet Pro. tect this humble self O Sankara be Thou my refuge,OJVr dVw H bVmH V mo dMap V hm hg bVm. A h m ew adm d m g nwamo d e H aXo eH o eaU 6, 6 For the redemption of mankind great souls like Thy Self move.
about from place to place Thou seems to me like the pure and re. splendent sun O Sankara be Thou my refuge,Jw nw Jd nw JdHo VZ Vo g Vm Vm Z h H mo n gwYr. eaUmJVd gb V d ZYo d e H aXo eH o eaU 7, 7 O best of Gurus O Lord Siva It is impossible for anyone to. gauge Thy mental poise O Protector of the refuges O Repository of. Knowledge O Sankara be Thou my refuge,d XVm Z m deX H H bm Z M qH MZ H m mZ p V Jwamo. V od dYo h H nm ghOm d e H aXo eH o eaU 8, 8 I have not been able to find any treasure worthy of possession. except Thee O Preceptor Have mercy on me which is Thy natural. quality O Sankara be Thou my refuge,Dhyana Slokas 9.
Sri Sankaradesikashtakam by Hastamalaka 11,Brahma Sutras Sutrapatha 15. Introduction 3 8,SAMANVAYA DHYAYA,Section 1 Sutras 1 31 9 49. Section 2 Sutras 32 63 50 75,Section 3 Sutras 64 106 76 112. Section 4 Sutras 107 134 113 142,Chapter II,AVIRODHA ADHYAYA. Section 1 Sutras 135 171 143 181,Section 2 Sutras 172 216 182 233.
Section 3 Sutras 217 269 234 283,Section 4 Sutras 270 291 284 304. Chapter III,SADHANA ADHYAYA,Section 1 Sutras 292 318 305 327. Section 2 Sutras 319 359 328 366,Section 3 Sutras 360 425 367 429. Section 4 Sutras 426 477 430 470,Chapter IV,PHALA ADHYAYA. Section 1 Sutras 478 496 471 491,Section 2 Sutras 497 517 492 508.
Section 3 Sutras 518 533 509 522,Section 4 Sutras 534 555 523 537. INDEX to Important Topics Discussed 539 542,LIST OF ABBREVIATIONS. Chh Up Chhandogya Upanishad,Tait Up Taittiriya Upanishad. Kau Up Kaushitaki Upanishad,Ait Up Aitareya Upanishad. Mun Up Mundaka Upanishad,Bri Up Brihadaranyaka Upanishad.
Katha Up Katha Upanishad,Kena Up Kena Upanishad,Prasna Up Prasna Upanishad. Svet Up Svetasvatara Upanishad,Sat Br Satapatha Brahmana. lr emaraH r m gmXe Z,1 Okmgm YH aU gy0 1 ZoVamo Zwnn mo 16. AWmVmo Okmgm 1 oX nXoem 17,2 O m YH aU gy0 2 H m m ZmZw mZmnojm 18. O m V 2 Ap M V moJ emp V 19,3 em mo Z dm YH aU gy0 3 7 A Va YH aU gy0 20 21.
em mo Z dmV 3,A V V m nXoemV 20,4 g d m YH aU gy0 4. oX nXoem m 21,V mw g d mV 4,8 AmH mem YH aU gy0 22. 5 B j m YH aU gy0 5 11,AmH me V b mV 22,B jVoZm e X 5. 9 mUm YH aU gy0 23,Jm U o m e XmV 6,V R mojmonXoemV 7 AV Ed mU 23. ho dmdMZm 8 10 mo V aUm YH aU gy0,dm mV 9 24 27,J Vgm m mV 10 mo V aUm YmZmV 24.
lwV dm 11 N Xmo YmZm o V Mo VWm,6 AmZ X m YH aU gy0 12 19 MoVmo n U ZJXm mWm. AmZ X mo mgmV 12 h Xe Z 25, dH mae Xm o V Mo mMw m V 13 yVm XnmX nXoemonn mo d 26. V oVw nXoem 14 CnXoe oXm o V Mo mo p,m d U H od M Jr Vo 15 damoYmV 27. BRAHMA SUTRAS TEXT WORD TO WORD MEANING TRASLATION AND COMMENTARY BY Sri Swami Sivananda Published by THE DIVINE LIFE SOCIETY P O SHIVANANDANAGAR 249 192 Tehri Garhwal Uttarakhand Himalayas India Price 2008 Rs 230 Published by Swami Vimalananda for The Divine Life Society Shivanandanagar and printed by him at the Yoga Vedanta Forest Academy Press P O Shivanandanagar Distt

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