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TABLE OF CONTENTS,Warranty 3 Freezer Section,Protection Agreements 4 Ice Bin 33. Important Safety Instructions 5 7 Pullout Drawer 34. Electrical Grounding Requirements 7 Durabase 34,Parts and Features 8 9 Durabase Divider 34. Refrigerator Installation 10 25 Care And Cleaning 35 36. Unpacking Your Refrigerator 10 General Cleaning Tips 35. Installation 11 Exterior 35, Removing Replacing Your Refrigerator and Inside Walls 35. Freezer Handles Doors and Drawers 12 16 Door Liner And Gaskets 35. Reversing Doors and Handles,Plastic Parts 35,Drawer Model 17 20. Reversing Doors and Handles Condenser Coils 35,Swing Model 21 24 Light Replacement 36.
Leveling and Door Alignment 25 Power Interruptions 36. Using Your Refrigerator 26 34 When You Go On Vacation 36. Setting the Controls 26 27 When You Move 36, Automatic Icemaker 28 29 Connecting the Water Line 37 39. Food Storage Guide 30 Troubleshooting Guide 40 46,Refrigerator Section Kenmore Connect 47. Adjusting Shelves 31 Service Back Cover,Humidity Controlled Crisper 32. Pantry Drawer 32,Door Bins 33,Dairy Bin 33,1 MFL67855601 Eng indd 2 2013 7 25 8 51 17 AM. REFRIGERATOR WARRANTY,Kenmore Elite Limited Warranty.
When this appliance is installed operated and maintained according to all supplied instructions the following. warranty coverage applies To arrange for warranty service call 1 800 4 MY HOME 1 800 469 4663. One Year Limited Warranty on Appliance, For one year from the date of purchase free repair will be provided if any non consumable part of this appliance. fails due to defects in material or workmanship If the appliance is ever used for other than private family. purposes this coverage applies for only 90 days from the purchase date. Five Year Limited Warranty on Sealed System, For five years from the date of purchase the sealed refrigerant system of this appliance is warranted against any. defects in material or workmanship New system components will be supplied for defective ones free of charge. You are responsible for the labor cost of component installation after the first year from the date of purchase. If the appliance is ever used for other than private family purposes this coverage applies for only one year from. the purchase date,Ten Year Limited Warranty on Linear Compressor. For ten years from the date of purchase the linear compressor of this appliance is warranted against any defects. in material or workmanship A new linear compressor will be supplied free of charge You are responsible for the. labor cost of installation after the first year from the date of purchase If the appliance is ever used for other than. private household purposes this coverage applies for only two years from the purchase date. This warranty covers only defects in material and workmanship and will NOT pay for. 1 Consumable parts that can wear out from normal use including but not limited to filters belts light bulbs and. 2 A service technician to instruct the user in correct product installation operation or maintenance. 3 A service technician to clean or maintain this product. 4 Damage to or failure of this product if it is not installed operated or maintained according to all instructions. supplied with the product, 5 Damage to or failure of this product resulting from accident abuse misuse or use for other than its intended. 6 Damage to or failure of this product caused by the use of detergents cleaners chemicals or utensils other than. those recommended in all instructions supplied with the product. 7 Damage to or failure of parts or systems resulting from unauthorized modifications made to this product. Disclaimer of implied warranties limitation of remedies. Customer s sole and exclusive remedy under this limited warranty shall be product repair as provided herein Implied. warranties including warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose are limited to one year or. the shortest period allowed by law Sears shall not be liable for incidental or consequential damages Some states. and provinces do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages or limitation on the. duration of implied warranties of merchantability or fitness so these exclusions or limitations may not apply to you. This warranty applies only while this appliance is used in the United States or Canada. This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state. In Canada in home repair service is not available in all areas nor will this warranty cover user or servicer travel. and transportation expenses if this product is located in a remote area as defined by Sears Canada Inc where an. authorized servicer is not available, Sears Brands Management Corporation Hoffman Estates IL 60179.
Sears Canada Inc Toronto Ontario Canada M5B 2C3,1 MFL67855601 Eng indd 3 2013 7 25 8 51 17 AM. PROTECTION AGREEMENTS, Master Protection Agreements Power surge protection against electrical damage due. to power fluctuations, Congratulations on making a smart purchase Your new. Kenmore Elite product is designed and manufactured 250 Food Loss Protection annually for any food. for years of dependable operation But like all products spoilage that is the result of mechanical failure of any. it may require preventive maintenance or repair from covered refrigerator or freezer. time to time That s when having a Master Protection. Agreement can save you money and aggravation Rental reimbursement if repair of your covered. product takes longer than promised,The Master Protection Agreement also helps extend. the life of your new product Here s what the 10 discount off the regular price of any non covered. Agreement includes repair service and related installed parts. Parts and labor needed to help keep products Once you purchase the Agreement a simple phone call. operating properly under normal use not just defects. Our coverage goes well beyond the product warranty is all that it takes to schedule service You can call at. No deductibles no functional failure excluded from any time day or night or schedule a service appointment. coverage real protection online, Expert service by a force of more than 10 000 The Master Protection Agreement is a risk free purchase.
authorized Sears service technicians which means If you cancel for any reason during the product warranty. someone you can trust will be working on your product period we will provide a full refund or a prorated refund. anytime after the product warranty period expires, Unlimited service calls and nationwide service as Purchase your Master Protection Agreement today. often as you want us whenever you want us,Some limitations and exclusions apply. No lemon guarantee replacement of your covered, product if four or more product failures occur within For prices and additional information in the. twelve months U S A call 1 800 827 6655, Product replacement if your covered product can t be Coverage in Canada varies on some items For full. fixed details call Sears Canada at 1 800 361 6665, Annual Preventive Maintenance Check at your request Sears Installation Service.
no extra charge For Sears professional installation of home appliances. garage door openers water heaters and other major, Fast help by phone we call it Rapid Resolution home items in the U S A or Canada call. phone support from a Sears representative on all 1 800 4 MY HOME. products Think of us as a talking owner s manual,PRODUCT RECORD. In the space below record the date of purchase model and serial number of your product You will find the model and. serial number printed on an identification label located on the interior liner of the refrigerator compartment Have these. items of information available whenever you contact Sears concerning your product. Model No Date of Purchase, Save these instructions and attach your sales receipt for future reference. 1 MFL67855601 Eng indd 4 2013 7 25 8 51 17 AM,IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS. BASIC SAFETY PRECAUTIONS, This guide contains many important safety messages Always read and obey all safety messages.
This is the safety alert symbol It alerts you to safety messages that inform you of hazards that can kill. or hurt you or others or cause damage to the product. All safety messages will be preceded by the safety alert symbol and the hazard. signal word DANGER WARNING or CAUTION These words mean. DANGER You will be killed or seriously injured if you do not follow instructions. WARNING You can be killed or seriously injured if you do not follow instructions. Indicates an imminently hazardous situation which if not avoided. CAUTION may result in minor or moderate injury or product damage. All safety messages will identify the hazard tell you how to reduce the chance of injury and tell you what can happen. if the instructions are not followed, To reduce the risk of fire electric shock or personal DO NOT store or use gasoline or other flammable. injury when using your product basic safety precautions vapors and liquids in the vicinity of this or any other. should be followed including the following appliance. Read all instructions before using this appliance DO NOT allow children to climb stand or hang on the. NEVER unplug your refrigerator by pulling on the refrigerator doors or shelves in the refrigerator They. power cord Always grip the plug firmly and pull it could damage the refrigerator and seriously injure. straight out from the outlet themselves, Immediately repair or replace all power cords that Keep fingers out of pinch point areas clearances. have become frayed or otherwise damaged Do not between the doors and cabinets are necessarily small. use a cord that shows cracks or abrasion damage Be careful closing doors when children are in the area. along its length or at either the plug or connector end. Unplug your refrigerator before cleaning or, Do not modify or extend the power cord length It making any repairs. could cause electric shock or fire, When moving your refrigerator away from the wall be NOTE It is strongly recommended that any service be. careful not to roll over or damage the power cord performed by a qualified technician. SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS,1 MFL67855601 Eng indd 5 2013 7 25 8 51 18 AM.
Before replacing a burned out or broken light bulb DO NOT touch the automatic ice making mechanism. unplug the refrigerator or turn off power at the circuit while the refrigerator is plugged in. breaker or fuse box in order to avoid contact with a live DO NOT refreeze frozen foods which have thawed. wire filament A burned out light bulb may break when completely The United States Department of. being replaced exposing the wire filament Agriculture in Home and Garden Bulletin No 69 says. NOTE Some models have LED interior lighting and You may safely refreeze frozen foods that have. service should be performed by a qualified technician thawed if they still contain ice crystals or if they are. still cold below 39 F 4 C, WARNING Setting either or both controls to the OFF Thawed ground meats poultry or fish that have any. position does not remove power to the light circuit off odor or off color should not be refrozen and should. When you are finished reconnect the refrigerator to not be eaten Thawed ice cream should be discarded. the electrical source and reset the controls Thermostat If the odor or color of any food is poor or questionable. Refrigerator Control and or Freezer Control depending dispose of it The food may be dangerous to eat. on the model to the desired setting Even partial thawing and refreezing reduces the. eating quality of foods particularly fruits vegetables. This refrigerator must be properly installed in and prepared foods The eating quality of red meats. accordance with the Attention Installer Instructions that is affected less than that of many other foods Use. were taped to the front of the refrigerator refrozen foods as soon as possible to save as much of. After your refrigerator is in operation do not touch the their quality as you can. cold surfaces in the freezer compartment when hands. are damp or wet Skin may adhere to the extremely cold. SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS,DANGER RISK OF CHILD ENTRAPMENT. Junked or abandoned refrigerators are dangerous even BEFORE YOU THROW AWAY. if they are sitting for only a few days If you are getting YOUR OLD REFRIGERATOR. rid of your old refrigerator please follow the instructions OR FREEZER. at right to help prevent accidents child entrapment and. suffocation Take off the doors,Leave the shelves in place so that. children may not easily climb inside,1 MFL67855601 Eng indd 6 2013 7 25 8 51 18 AM. CFC HCFC DISPOSAL, Your old refrigerator may have a cooling system that If you are throwing away your old refrigerator make.
used CFCs or HCFCs chlorofluorocarbons or hydro sure the refrigerant is removed for proper disposal. chlorofluorocarbons CFCs and HCFCs are believed to by a qualified technician If you intentionally release. harm stratospheric ozone if released to the atmosphere refrigerant you may be subject to fines and imprisonment. Other refrigerants may also cause harm to the under provisions of environmental legislation. environment if released to the atmosphere,ELECTRICAL GROUNDING REQUIREMENTS. IMPORTANT Please read carefully USE OF EXTENSION CORDS. TO CONNECT ELECTRICITY Because of potential safety hazards under certain. 3 WARRANTY REFRIGERATOR WARRANTY Kenmore Elite Limited Warranty When this appliance is installed operated and maintained according to all supplied instructions the

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