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Table of Contents,Registration Information 3,For Recall Information 3. If You Need Help 5,Parts List 6,Warnings to Parents and Other Users 7 9. Assembling the Booster Seat 10 11,Assembling the Back Support 12 17. Weight and Height Limits 18 19,Vehicle Seat Location Requirements 20. Vehicle Seat Belt Requirements 21 22,SAFE Vehicle Belt Systems 21.
UNSAFE Vehicle Belt Systems 22,Using your Graco Booster Seat 23 25. Booster Seat Positions 26,Securing your Child in Vehicle 27 30. Adjusting the Head Support 31,Removing the Back Support on certain. models to Use as Backless Booster 32,Securing Child in Vehicle with. Shoulder Belt Positioning Clip 33 36,Airplane Use 37.
Cupholders 37,Instruction Sheet Storage 38,Care and Maintenance 38 39. Body Pillows on certain models 40,Replacement Parts 40. Registration Information,Model Number,Date of Manufacture. Purchase Date,Register Your Booster Seat,Please fill in the above information The model. number and date of manufacture can be found, on a label underneath your booster seat Fill out the.
prepaid registration postcard attached to the seat. cover and mail it today, Child restraints could be recalled for safety reasons. You must register this restraint to be reached in a. recall Send your name address and the restraint s,model number and date of manufacture to. Graco Children s Products Inc,150 Oaklands Blvd,Exton PA 19341. or call 1 800 345 4109,or register online at,http www gracobaby com carseatregistration. For Recall Information,Call the U S Government s Vehicle Safety Hotline.
at 1 888 327 4236 TTY 1 800 424 9153 or go,to http www NHTSA gov. Graco 1 800 345 4109 or www gracobaby com,NEVER PLACE THIS BOOSTER SEAT. IN A VEHICLE SEATING,LOCATION THAT HAS AN,AIR BAG If an air bag inflates. it can hit the child and booster,seat with great force and cause. serious injury or death to your,child Refer to your vehicle.
owner s manual for information,about air bags and booster seat installation. If You Need Help,Please contact our Customer Service Department. with any questions you may have concerning parts,use or maintenance When you contact us please. have your product s model number ready so that,we may help you efficiently This number can be. found on a sticker on the underside of your booster. 1 800 345 4109 or www gracobaby com,Booster Seat Useful Life.
STOP using this child restraint and throw it away 10. years after the date of manufacture,Look for this sticker on the bottom of the child. Parts List,Adult assembly required,Tool required Philips screwdriver. Left right armrests,Shoulder belt,positioning clip. Height adjustment screw 2,On certain models,Lower back support. Head support,Body Pillows,Armrest covers,Warnings to Parents and.
understand how to use it,FAILURE TO PROPERLY USE THIS. BOOSTER SEAT INCREASES THE RISK OF,SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH IN A SHARP. TURN SUDDEN STOP OR CRASH Your,child can be injured in a vehicle even if you are. not in a crash Sudden braking and sharp turns can, injure your child if the booster seat is not properly. installed or if your child is not properly secured in. the booster seat,According to accident statistics CHILDREN.
ARE SAFER WHEN PROPERLY,RESTRAINED IN REAR VEHICLE. SEATING POSITIONS RATHER THAN,FRONT SEATING POSITIONS For a vehicle. with a front passenger air bag refer to your,vehicle owner s manual as well as these. instructions for booster seat installation,NEVER LEAVE YOUR CHILD. UNATTENDED,NEVER LEAVE A BOOSTER SEAT,UNSECURED IN YOUR VEHICLE An.
unsecured booster seat can be thrown around and,may injure occupants in a sharp turn sudden. stop or crash Remove it or make sure that it is,securely belted in the vehicle. REPLACE THE BOOSTER SEAT AFTER,AN ACCIDENT OF ANY KIND An accident. can cause damage to the booster seat that you,cannot see. DO NOT MODIFY YOUR BOOSTER SEAT,or use any accessories or parts supplied by other.
manufacturers,NEVER USE BOOSTER SEAT IF IT HAS,DAMAGED OR MISSING PARTS DO NOT. use a cut frayed or damaged vehicle seat belt,THE BOOSTER SEAT CAN BECOME VERY. HOT IF LEFT IN THE SUN Contact with these,parts can burn your child s skin Always touch the. surface of any metal or plastic parts before,putting your child in the booster seat. THIS CHILD RESTRAINT CONFORMS,to all applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety.
Standards and is certified for use in motor, vehicles This restraint is NOT certified for use in. aircraft because there is no shoulder belt available. NEVER GIVE THIS BOOSTER SEAT to,someone else without also giving them this. NEVER USE A SECOND HAND BOOSTER,SEAT or a booster seat whose history you do not. NEVER USE THIS BOOSTER SEAT without,the armrests attached to the base. DO NOT USE BOOSTER SEAT without seat,Assembling the Booster Seat.
Insert armrest into base,as shown until buttons,snap into slots on side of. base 1 SNAP,Select the desired,armrest height for your. child then insert the,height adjustment,screw 2 and tighten. Repeat for other,To adjust armrests,remove screw and press 3. in button on side of,base as shown to raise,or lower 3 Reinsert.
screw and tighten,CHECK to make sure,armrests are securely. attached by pulling up,Slip armrest covers,on certain models. onto armrests as shown,Your Graco booster seat,is now ready to use. See page 33 Securing,Child in Vehicle,with Shoulder Belt. Positioning Clip,FOR MODELS with a,back support continue.
on to Step 6,Assembling the Back Support,on certain models. On certain models your lower back support pad may, not be attached to the back support Place lower back. support pad around edges of support as shown Then, fasten lower elastic strap to the metal hook on the other. side of the seat pad If your lower back support pad is. already attached go to Step 6a,Flip head support and lower back support over. as shown 1, Squeeze red adjustment button and slide two pieces.
together until they snap into place 2, CHECK to make sure two pieces are securely snapped. together by pulling on them, Attach elastic strap to metal hook on other side of. seat pad as shown 3 If your elastic strap is already. attached you can skip to Step 9, Flip seat over and insert the fabric from the head. support underneath the fabric on the lower back support. as shown 4, To make insertion of fabric easier slide the upper and. lower back pieces apart by squeezing the red adjustment. Attach backrest to base U shaped hooks on bottom,of backrest will interlock with bars on base 5.
Make sure that no part of the seat covering interferes. manual or call Graco Children s Products Inc at 1 800 345 4109 Vehicle Seat Location Requirements Children are safer when properly restrained in rear vehicle seating positions Whenever possible secure the Graco booster seat in the center position of the seat directly behind the front seats However

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