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WELCOME TO THE, The Book Thief one of the most enduring stories of our time was published more than. a decade ago and has been treasured by readers of all ages ever since Since its release. Markus Zusak has been hard at work crafting a new masterpiece Gather your book. club friends to revisit the genius of The Book Thief or seize this moment to pick it up for. the very first time in anticipation of Bridge of Clay In this guide you will find questions. to spark a lively and thoughtful conversation about The Book Thief as well as the new. world of the Dunbar boys,THE BOOK THIEF, The Book Thief is just a small story really about among other things a girl some words. an accordionist some fanatical Germans a Jewish fist fighter and quite a lot of thievery. It is 1939 Nazi Germany The country is holding its breath Death has never been. busier and will become busier still,Praise for THE BOOK THIEF. Brilliant and hugely ambitious The New York Times Book Review. Zusak doesn t sugarcoat anything but he makes his ostensibly gloomy subject. bearable the same way Kurt Vonnegut did in Slaughterhouse Five with grim darkly. consoling humor Time,BRIDGE OF CLAY, Bridge of Clay is the breathtaking story of five brothers who bring each other up in. a world governed by their own rules As the Dunbar boys love and fight and learn to. reckon with the adult world they discover the moving secret behind their father s. disappearance At the center of the Dunbar family is Clay a boy who will build a bridge. for his family for his past for greatness for his sins for a miracle The question is how. far is Clay willing to go,ABOUT THE AUTHOR, Markus Zusak is the author of the extraordinary international.
bestseller The Book Thief and I Am the Messenger an LA Times. Book Award Finalist and a Printz Honor Book He is the. recipient of the Margaret A Edwards Award for significant and. Elena Seiber t, lasting contribution to writing for teens and lives in Sydney. Australia with his wife and children,DISCUSSION QUESTIONS FOR THE BOOK THIEF. Discuss the symbolism of Death as the omniscient narrator of the novel What are. Death s feelings for each victim Describe Death s attempt to resist Liesel Death. states I m always finding humans at their best and worst I see their ugly and. their beauty and I wonder how the same thing can be both p 491 What is ugly. and beautiful about Liesel Rosa and Hans Hubermann Max Vandenburg Rudy. Steiner and Mrs Hermann Why is Death haunted by humans. What is ironic about Liesel s obsession with stealing books Discuss other uses of. irony in the novel, The Grave Digger s Handbook is the first book Liesel steals Why did she take the. book What is significant about the titles of the books she steals Discuss why she. hides The Grave Digger s Handbook under her mattress Describe Hans Hubermann s. reaction when he discovers the book What does the act of book thievery teach. Liesel about life and death Explain Rudy s reaction when he discovers that Liesel. is a book thief How does stealing books from the mayor s house lead to a friendship. with the mayor s wife Explain how Liesel s own attempt to write a book saves. Liesel believes that Hans Hubermann s eyes show kindness and from the beginning. she feels closer to him than to Rosa Hubermann How does Hans gain Liesel s love. and trust Debate whether Liesel is a substitute for Hans s children who have. strayed from the family Why is it so difficult for Rosa to demonstrate the same. warmth toward Liesel Discuss how Liesel s relationship with Rosa changes by the. end of the novel, Abandonment is a central theme in the novel The reader knows that Liesel feels. abandoned by her mother and because of the death of her brother How does she. equate love with abandonment At what point does she understand why she was. abandoned by her mother Who else abandons Liesel in the novel Debate whether. she was abandoned by necessity or choice, Guilt is another recurring theme in the novel Hans Hubermann s life was spared.
in France during World War I and Erik Vandenburg s life was taken Explain why. Hans feels guilty about Erik s death Guilt is a powerful emotion that may cause a. person to become unhappy and despondent Discuss how Hans channels his guilt. into helping others Explain Max Vandenburg s thought Living was living The. price was guilt and shame p 208 Why does he feel guilt and shame. Compare and contrast the lives of Liesel and Max Vandenburg How does Max s life. give Liesel purpose At what point do Liesel and Max become friends Max gives. Liesel a story called The Standover Man for her birthday p 223 What is the. significance of this story, Death says that Liesel is a girl with a mountain to climb p 86 What is her. mountain Who are her climbing partners What is her greatest obstacle At what. point does she reach the summit of her mountain Describe her descent What does. she discover at the foot of her mountain, Hans Junior a Nazi soldier calls his dad a coward because he doesn t belong to the. Nazi Party He feels that you are either for Hitler or against him How does it take. courage to oppose Hitler There isn t one coward in the Hubermann household. Discuss how they demonstrate courage throughout the novel. Describe Liesel s friendship with Rudy How does their friendship change and grow. throughout the novel Death says that Rudy doesn t offer his friendship for free. p 51 What does Rudy want from Liesel Discuss Death s statement The only. thing worse than a boy who hates you is a boy who loves you p 52 Why is it. difficult for Liesel to love Rudy Discuss why Liesel tells Mr Steiner that she kissed. Rudy s dead body, How does Zusak use the literary device of foreshadowing to pull the reader into. Liesel Meminger lived to be an old woman Death says that he would like to tell the. book thief about beauty and brutality but those are things that she lived How does. her life represent beauty in the wake of brutality Discuss how Zusak s poetic. writing enhances the beauty of Liesel s story,GET READY FOR BRIDGE OF CLAY. Now that you have read or reread The Book Thief round out your discussion by talking. about Markus Zusak s new novel Bridge of Clay,PRE READING.
The character development in The Book Thief is truly remarkable Liesel and Max. jump off the page What types of characters and relationships are you expecting to. see in Bridge of Clay, Death as omniscient narrator is one of the most recognizable and distinctive. aspects of The Book Thief What do you think will stand out in the new novel. Why do you think Clay is building this bridge, The cover is a collage of a number of images How do you think they relate to. ARE YOU READY,TO MEET THE,DUNBAR BOYS,Break the seal for. Bridge of Clay specific,discussion questions,SPOILERS AHEAD. DISCUSSION QUESTIONS FOR BRIDGE OF CLAY, The book starts with a striking scenario In the beginning there was one murderer.
one mule and one boy What expectations did this give you for the novel Do you. think this is representative of the story as a whole. Penny s and Michael s upbringings are very different Do you see reflections of their. childhoods in the way they choose to bring up the boys What do you think was the. purpose of focusing on their family history, Each of the Dunbar brothers seems to be connected to one of the pets Can you draw. connections between these relationships and the animals literary names. Why are Michael and later Clay determined to build the bridge Do you believe that. they are doing it for different reasons, Clay and Carey s relationship is a cornerstone of his story why do you think he was. able to tell her things that he couldn t tell his brothers How do you think her death. affected the remainder of his story, Readers go over the story of Penny s death a few times throughout the later sections. of the narrative What more do we learn about her character and about how her. passing transformed all the boys How do each of the boys react. On pg 9 Matthew says,Let me tell you about our brother. The fourth Dunbar boy named Clay,Everything happened to him.
We were all of us changed through him, Discuss the changes this is referring to How are each of the boys different by the. end of the story, The action that makes up the bulk of the novel has already happened when Matthew. tells us the story Were you still surprised by the conclusion and where all the boys. At first it is not clear why Matthew is narrator but later on pg 490 he says. For starters this story wasn t over yet,And even then it wouldn t be him. The story was his but not the writing,It was hard enough living and being it. Why do you think it was important to tell this story What can you assume about. Matthew s relationship with Clay following the events in the book. Bridge of Clay is about the complexity of the relationships within the Dunbar family. As you read their story did you find anything relatable Was there anything you. found hard to empathize with, Markus Zusak has said Bridge of Clay is about Clay Dunbar who builds a bridge to.
honor his parents He builds a bridge for his brothers but he s also building the. bridge for himself That s his one attempt at greatness And I think he really wants. to produce a miracle as a kind of cure for the tragedies he s endured and he wants to. make one great thing to transcend humanness I think at the end of the day even if. he falls short he just wants it to be a great attempt and that to me is what the book. is really about How do you assess Clay s great attempt. The much anticipated new novel from the,1 New York Times bestselling author of. THE BOOK THIEF,Let me tell you about our brother,The fourth Dunbar boy named Clay. Everything happened to him,Text 2018 by Markus Zuzak. BOOK CLUB The Book Thief one of the most enduring stories of our time was published more than a decade ago and has been treasured by readers of all ages ever since Since its release Markus Zusak has been hard at work crafting a new masterpiece Gather your book club friends to revisit the genius of The Book Thief or seize this moment to pick it up for the very first time in anticipation of

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