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BB 15 Chaube Pundhir Crop Diseases and their Management 5. BB 99 Chaube Pundhir Crop Diseases Their Management 10. BB 16 Conn E E Outline of Biochemistry 22, BB 100 Dabholkar A R Elements of Biometrical Genetics 10. BB 17 Dahama O P Education and Communication for Development 51. BB 18 Das D K Introductory Soil Science 20,BB 19 Dash C Civics for everyone 10. BB 20 Datt Rudar Indian economy 10, BB 21 Desai R G Agricultural economics models problems and policy 7. BB 22 Desai Vasant Rural development in India past present and future 4. BB 23 Devlin R M Plant Physiology 26,BB 24 Dewett K K Modern Economic theory 49. BB 25 Dunn Sinnat Principles of Genetics 5, BB 101 Ebbels Principles of Plant Health Quarantine 1.
BB 26 Egelhard Arthur Soilborne plant pathogens Management of Diseases with Macro. W and Microelements 3,BB 102 Gangawane L V Crop Diseases 2. BB 27 Gardner E J Principles of Genetics 34,BB 28 Gupta P K Elements of Biotechnology 5. BB 29 Hari Har Ram Vegetable breeding principles and practices 10. BB 30 Hari Har Ram Crop Breeding and Genetics 5, BB 31 Hari Har Ram Vegetable Breeding Principles and Practice 10. BB 103 Hari Har Ram Vegetable Breeding Principles Practices 15. BB 104 Hari Har Ram Crop Breeding Genetics 29, BB 32 Hartman H T Plant Propagation Principles and Practice 16. BB 105 Havlin etal Soil Fertility and Fertilizers An Introduction to Nutrient. Management 3,BB 33 ICAR Handbook of Agriculture 38.
BB 34 Indian Soc of Soil Fundamentals of Soil Science 20. BB 35 Janick J Horticultural Science 37, BB 36 Jha D K Laboratory Manual on Plant Pathology 4. BB 106 Jha D K Laboratory Manual on Plant Pathology 1. BB 107 Jha D K Laboratory Manual on Plant Pathology 1. BB 37 Johl S S Fundamentals of Farm Business Management. BB 38 Kalia Manoranjan Food preservation and processing 10. BB 39 Klasassen Curtis Caserett Doulls Toxicology the basic science of poisons 9. BB 40 Koleisnkov V Phal Javikee 30,BB 41 Kotler P Marketing Management 10. BB 108 Kuby Immunology 7,BB 109 Lynton Pareek Training for Development 5. BB 42 Mamoria Joshi Principles and practice of marketing in india 10. BB 43 Matthews R E F Plant Virology 5,BB 44 Mavi H S Introduction to Agrometerology 10. BB 45 Mishra R D Manual on irrigation Agronomy 40,BB 46 Misra Kaushal Phaslon Ki Unnat Bagwani H 5.
BB 47 Misra S K Advanced economic theory 10,BB 48 Misra S K Advanced microeconomic theory 10. BB 49 Morgan C T Introduction to Psychology 10,BB 110 Mudambi Fundamentals of Foods Nutrition 2. BB 50 Mudambi S R Fundamentals of Food Nutrition 5. BB 51 Nayar K K General and Applied Entomology 40,BB 52 Pelczar M J Microbiology 26. BB 111 Peterson R G Agriculture Field Experiments 6. BB 53 Potter Food Science 5,BB 54 Potter Norman N Food science 4. BB 55 Prasad Kumar Green House Management for Horticulture Crops 10. BB 56 Price Peter W Insect Ecology 5, BB 112 Rajendra Prasad Text Book of Field Crop Production 40.
BB 57 Ranga Swami G Agricultural Microbiology 20,BB 58 Rao V S Principles of Weed Science 40. BB 113 Rao V S Principles of Weed Science 40, BB 59 Ray G L Extension Communication and Management 10. BB 114 Reddy Reddy Principles of Agronomy 40, BB 60 S Prasad Kumar Principles of Horticulture 10. BB 61 Sadhu A N Fundamentals of agricultural economics 10. BB 62 Samuelson P A Economics 29,BB 115 Sandhu A S Extension Programme Planning 5. BB 63 Sardana Vijay A Guide to HACCP Implementation. BB 64 Sharma Kali Bharat ki Pramukh Phaslen H 5, BB 65 Sienko M J Chemistry Principles and Applications 11.
BB 66 Sienko M J Chemistry 17,BB 67 Sigh T A Mrada Urvarta Evam Urvarak H 5. BB 116 Singh Disease Insect Resistance in Plants 10. BB 117 Singh Bohra Dairy Farming in Moutain Areas 25. BB 118 Singh Singh Disease Insect Resistance in Plants 10. BB 119 Singh Singh Modern Techniques of Raising Field Crops 5. BB 68 Singh Breeding for Resistance to Abiotic Stresses 5. BB 120 Singh B B Plant Biotechnology 10,BB 69 Singh B D Plant Breeding 38. BB 70 Singh C Modern techniques of Raising Field Crops 40. BB 121 Singh D P Genetics Breeding of Plant Crops 5. BB 122 Singh Phundan Essentials of Plant Breeding 10. BB 71 Singh R S Agricultural Statistics 8,BB 72 Singh R S Diseases of vegetable crops 5. BB 73 Singh R S Introduction to Principles Plant Pathology 39. BB 74 Singh R S Plant Diseases 37,BB 75 Singh R S Plant Pathogen Prokaryotes 40. BB 76 Singh R S Plant Pathogen the Fungi 38,BB 123 Singh R S Plant Diseases.
BB 77 Singh S J Advances in diseases of fruit crops in India 1. BB 124 Singh S J Advances in Fruit Crops in India 14. BB 78 Singh Tribhuwan Seed technology and seed pathology 2. BB 79 Snedecor G W Statistical Methods 10, BB 80 Stebbins G L Process of Organic Evolution 15. BB 81 Strickberger M W Genetics 47, BB 82 Subba Rao N S Biofertilizers in Agriculture and Forestry 20. BB 125 Taiz Zeiger Plant Physiology 20,BB 83 Tauro P Introduction to Microbiology 26. BB 84 Thind T S Diseases of Fruits and Vegetables and their management 3. BB 85 Tisdale S C Soil Fertility and Fertilizers 40. BB 86 Tripathi Singh Soil Erosion and Conservation 20. BB 87 Tripathi D P Introductory plant virology 5,BB 88 Trivedi P C Nematode Management in Plants 3. BB 89 Venkata Reddy K Agriculture and rural development 10. BB 90 Verma Joshi Post harvest Technology of Fruits Vegetables vol 1 4. BB 91 Verma Joshi Post harvest Technology of Fruits Vegetables vol 2 4. BB 92 Vishunavat Kolte Essentials of Phytopathological Techniques 5. BOOK BANK TEXT BOOKS,College of Veterinary Sc,Sr No Author Title.
BB 251 Current Veterinary Index,BB 201 Adams O R Lameness in Horse 5. BB 202 Amresh Kumar Veterinary surgical Techniques 29. BB 203 Arthur G H Veterinary reproduction and Obstetrics 8. Sr No Author Title, BB 204 Banerjee G C Textbook of Animal Husbandry 75. BB 205 Bhardwaj R L Applied anatomy of domestic animals 5. BB 206 Bhardwaj R L Applied anatomy of domestic animals 5. BB 207 Bhatia B Pashu Keet Vigyan 27,BB 208 Blood D C Veterinary Medicine 25. BB 252 Carter Wise Essentials of Veterinary Bacteriology Mycology 15. BB 209 Carter Dorla Essentials of veterinary bacteriology and mycology 5. BB 210 Carter G R Essentials of Veterinary Microbiology 21. BB 211 Cheville N F Introduction to Veterinary Pathology 25. BB 212 Dabas Y P S Veterinary Jurisprudence Postmortem 27. BB 213 De Sukumar Outline of Dairy Technology 5, BB 214 Dellmann Textbook of Veterinary Histology 8. BB 215 Duke H M Physiology of Domestic Animals 22, BB 253 Ettinger Stiphen Text book of Veterinary Internal Medicine 2.
BB 254 Ettinger Stiphen Text book of Veterinary Internal Medicine 2. BB 216 Frandson R D Anatomy Physiology of Farm Animals 23. BB 217 Freifelder David Essentials of Molecular Biology 10. BB 218 Garg Sathish K Veterinary Toxicology 10, BB 219 Goodman Pharmacological basis of therapeutics 7. BB 255 Gracey Collins Meat Hygiene 5, BB 220 Hafez Hafez Reproduction in Farm Animals 10. BB 221 ICAR Handbook of Animal Husbandry 26, BB 222 Jones L M Veterinary Pharmacology Therapeutics 36. BB 223 Joshi B P Meat hygiene for Developing Countries 27. BB 256 Kaneko Harvey Clinical Biochemistry of Domestic Animals 10. BB 224 Lumb W V Veterinary anesthesia 20,BB 225 Martin S W Veterinary Epidemiology 27. BB 226 McDonald P Animal Nutrition 21, BB 227 Merchant I A Veterinary Bacteriology Virology 27.
BB 228 Mountney G J Poultry Product Technology 2, BB 229 Noden D M The embryology of Domestic Animals 4. BB 230 Oconnor J J Dollar s Veterinary Surgery 26, BB 231 Presscott Baggot Antimicrobial therapy in veterinary medicine 4. BB 232 Purohit S S Biotechnology 10, BB 233 Rajesh Chandra Diseases of Poultry and their control 5. BB 234 Rang H P Pharmacology 2,BB 235 Rao N S N Elements of Health Statistics 27. BB 236 Roberts S J Veterinary Obstetrics Genital Diseases 28. BB 237 Roy B K Veterinary Pharmacology and Toxicology 10. BB 238 Sane C R Reproduction in Farm Animals 10,BB 239 Sastry G A Veterinary Pathology 26.
BB 240 Singh A P Veterinary Radiology 26,BB 241 Singh H P Veterinary Clinicians Guide 40. BB 242 Singh Ramadhar Essentials of Animal Production Management 10. BB 257 Singh Vir Dairy Farming in Mountain Area 25. BB 258 Sloss KZ Veterinary Clinical Parasitology 5. BB 243 Sze S M VLSI Technology 2, BB 244 Thapliyal D C Fundamentals of Animal Hygiene Epidemiology 26. BB 245 Thrusfield Veterinary Epidemiology 5, BB 246 Tizard I R Veterinary Immunology An Introduction 5. BB 247 Tizard Ian R Veterinary Immunology An Introduction 10. BB 248 Tyagi R P S Ruminant Surgery 27,BB 249 Urquhart G M Veterinary Parasitology 5. BB 250 Vegad J L Text Book of Veterinary General Pathology 10. College of Basic Sciences Humanities,Sr No Author Title.
BB 901 Berg Tymoczko Stryer Biochemistry 10,College of Home Sc. Sr No Author Title, BB 801 Naik Shailaja D Traditional Embroideries of India 5. BOOK BANK TEXT BOOKS,College of Technology,Sr No Author Title. BB 301 Aggarwal A Civil Estimating Costing Valuation 10. BB 302 Agrawal B L Basic Statistics 5,BB 303 Agrawal S K IC Engine 2. BB 304 Aho Ullman Principles of Compiler Design 10. BB 305 Arora C P Refrigeration Air Conditioning 9, BB 306 Arora S P Textbook of Railway engineering 13.
BB 307 Arora C P Thermodynamics 5,BB 308 Arya A S Design of Steel Structures 18. BB 309 Avner S H Introduction to Physical Metallurgy 13. BB 310 Bahl B S Essentials of Physical Chemistry 7. BB 311 Balaguru E Numerical Methods 5,BB 312 Balagurusamy E Programming in Basic 9. BB 313 Ballaney P L Theory of Machine 6,BB 314 Ballaney P L Thermal Engineering 20. BB 315 Banerjee S Principles Practice of management 19. BB 594 Basak N N Surveying Leveling 2,BB 316 Basu S K Work Organization Management 12. BB 317 Bawa H S Workshop Technology Vol 1 5,BB 318 Bawa H S Workshop Technology Vol 2 5.
BB 319 Beckwith T G Mechanical Measurement 4, BB 320 Bharat Singh Fundamentals of Irrigation Engineering 10. BB 321 Bhatt N D Elementary Engineering drawing 7,BB 322 Bhatt N D Machine Drawing 8. BB 323 Bimbhra P S Electrical Machinery 10,BB 324 Bimbhra P S Power Electronics 20. BB 325 Birdie G S Water Supply Sanitary Engineering 10. BB 326 Biswas N N Fortran IV Computer Programming 10. BB 327 BJastrzebski D Nature Properties of Engineering Materials 17. BB 328 Black P H Machine Design 17,BB 329 Bowles J E Foundation Analysis Design 4. BB 330 Buffa E S Modern Production operations Management 30. BB 331 Castle F Four Figure Mathematical tables 19. BB 332 Chakraverty A Post Harvest Technology of Cereal Pulses Oil Seeds 10. BB 333 Chakroborty Das Principles of Transprtation Engineering 6. BB 334 Chambers T Century Dictionary 8,BB 335 Chapman W A J Workshop Technology pt 1 15.
BB 336 Chapman W A J Workshop Technology pt 2 18,BB 337 Chapman W A J Workshop Technology pt 3 18. BB 338 Chauhan H S Prarambhik Krishi Abhiyantrikee 10. BB 339 Choudhury H S K Element of Workshop Technology pt 2 2. BB 340 Choudhury H S K Elements of Workshop Technology pt 1 2. BB 341 Church A M Mechanical Vibrations 18, BB 342 Clayton A E The Performance Design of D C Machines 3. BB 592 Comer David J Digital Logic State Machine Design 4. BB 593 Cooklin Introduction to Clothing Manufacture 5. BB 343 Cooper W D Electronic Instrumentation Measurements Techniques 7. BB 344 Crawford F S Waves 8,BB 345 Crouse W H Automative Mechanics 20. BB 346 D Azzo J J Feed Back Control System Analysis Synthesis 10. BB 347 Dalela Suresh CAD CAM 1,BB 348 Dandekar M M Water Power Engineering 16. BB 349 Das P N Introduction to Automatic Telephony 2. BB 350 Dayaratnam Design of Rein Forced Concrete Structures 10. BB 351 De Garmo E P Engineering Economy 4, BB 352 Deb S R Robotics Technology and Flexible Automation 5.
BB 353 Deitel H M Introduction to Operating Systems 6. BB 354 Dekker A J Electrical Engineering Materials 9. BB 355 Deltoro V Principles of Electrical Engineering 18. BB 356 Dhamdhere Applied operating system concepts 2. BB 357 Dhamdhere Systems Programming and Operating Systems 10. BB 358 Dhamdhere D M Compiler Construction 10, BB 359 Dhamdhere D M Introduction to System Soft Ware 9. BB 360 Domkundwar S Course in Power Plant Engineering 18. BB 361 Donovan J J Systems Programming 10,BB 362 Dossat R J Principles of Refrigeration 5. BB 363 Dubey G K Thyristorised Power Controllers 27. BB 364 Duggal K N Elements of Public Health Engineering 10. BB 365 Dutta B N Estimating costing in Civil Engineering 8. BB 366 Eminister Joseph A Theory and Problems of Electromagnetism 10. BB 367 Fernandez Elias L Multimedia Graphics 4,BB 368 Fitchen F C Transistor Circuits 16. BB 369 Fitzgerald A E Basic Electrical Engineering 2. BB 370 Flyn Michael J Computer Architecture 5, BB 371 Frevert R K Soil Water Conservation Engineering 6. BB 372 Gaonkar RS Microprocessor Architecture 6,BB 373 Garg H P Industrial Maintenance 5.
BB 374 Garg S K Irrigation Engineering Hydraulic Structures 18. BB 375 Garg S K Sewage Disposal Pollution Engineering. BB 376 Garg S K Water Supply Engineering 19,BB 377 Garg Sathish K Veterinary Toxicology 10. BB 378 Gerling H All About Machine Tools 14, BB 379 Ghanshyam Das Hydrology and soil Conservation Engineering. BB 380 Golding E W Electrical Measurements Measuring Instruments 1. BOOK BANK TEXT BOOKS College of Agriculture Sr No Author Title BB 93 Soil Survey Manual 5 BB 94 Handbook of Agriculture 40 BB 01 Acharya S S Agriculture Marketing in India

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