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BOGS Activities and Events,74TH FOUNDATION DAY CELEBRATIONS Held at the Park. Hotel Kolkata the inauguration ceremony involved Senior. members and Past presidents in lighting the lamp Nearly. 250 members attended in the program structured by the. Clinical Secretary Dr Bhaskar Pal and ably anchored by. Drs Jayita Chakraborty and Mousumi De Banerjee,Dr Avishek Bhadra Dr Sangeeta Dubey of R G Kar. walked away with the top two spots in the Dr Tapasi Nag. Memorial Talent Search Session Dr Bijan Patua of Kolkata. Medical College stood 3rd The Dr M N Sarkar Memorial Debate had Fetus as a Patient is a. luxury in India to munch on Dr Mayurika Sinha s response was judged as the best Dr. Anindita Singh of Chittaranjan Seva Sadan and Dr Theja of CMCH won the 2nd and 3rd places. respectively A symposium on the estrogen free pill Dr Seetha Ramammurthy and newer. Rx approaches to anemia Dr Ashis Mukhopadhyay followed The post lunch program saw. Prof N Rajamaheshwari deliver the 15th Dr Bamandas Mukherjee Memorial Foundation Day. Oration on the Evidence based Surgical Management of Pelvic Organ Prolapse An. interesting panel discussion on NDVH and SUI and moderated by Drs Sudip Chakraborty amd. Sajal Datta was the last scientific session of the day The prize distribution ceremony. included the B C Lahiri B Halder Memorial Awards for the highest marks in MS and DGO The. winners were Drs Aradhana Kalra and Neha Mahendru President Dr Kusagradhi Ghosh also. handed over the Dr C S Dawn President s Appreciation award for to Prof Dr Sajal Datta. the immediate Past President of the society Prof Subhas Chandra Biswas offered the vote of INDEPENDENCE DAY CELEBRATION Unlike. thanks while a lucky draw marked the end of a successful day s events last year the 63rd Independence Day. celebrations was a solemn affair Held at,Pratishruti the event consisted of hoisting. the National Flag by Society Office bearers,in the presence of several EC members. PERINATOLOGY CME One of the most CME ON FERTILITY REGULATION MTP Dr. active sub committees in the society the Alok Basu Chairperson Fertility Regulation. Perinatology Committee churned out a MTP Committee was instrumental in. brilliant CME on Aug 7 at Gahanananda Hall organizing this CME on Oct 01 2010 at. RKM Attended by 83 delegates a Pratishruti Presentations on MVA MA WORKSHOP ON SAFE MOTHERHOOD. symposium on varied topics Obesity Nuvaring Mirena were followed by a panel Organized by the Safe Motherhood. Nutrition in Pregnancy Amniocenetesis CVS discussion on Contraception at extremes Maternal Mortality Committee on Sep 18. Fetal awareness was followed by a panel of reproductive life 2010 at Eden Hospital the workshop was. discussion on Unresolved issues in Preterm well attended by 81 delegates including. Labour moderated by Dr Sukumar Barik PGTs Issues in Emergency Obstetrics. The efforts of Dr Mousumi De Banerjee AMTSL Eclampsia PPH were discussed. Chairperson Perinatology Committee were The talks were followed by an interactive. appreciated by one and all panel discussion on Why mothers die. FORCE 2010 An anagram of FOGSI Review moderated by Drs Md Alauddin Sebanti. Course for Examinations FORCE 2010 was Goswami The effort of Dr Sudhir Adhikari. held on the 4th to 6th Sep 2010 at towards organizing the event was. Ramakrishna Mission Seva Pratishthan appreciated, Kolkata It was the first effort by the FOGSI FOGSI USHA KRISHNA QUIZ The Society.
CME Committee along with ICOG to conduct CME IN OBEROI GRAND The CME on. Round of FOGSI Quiz was held in IPGMER Contraception in the Consumer Age was. a CME for postgraduate trainees Nearly 75 after the Dr Chunilal Mukherjee Memorial. PG students attended the viva voce stations held on 21st Aug 2010 at the Oberoi Grand. Oration The topic Why Mothers die saw The focus was on understanding the. and bedside case discussions conducted by seven teams in the elimination round which. local and national faculty Faculty meets consumer better to provide them tailored. was reduced to four for the final round products like estrogen free pills and. with students at the end of the day s After nine rounds of intense quizzing. proceeding to highlight deficiencies and live combined vaginal rings The MSD sponsored. involving buzzer rounds visuals rapid program saw more than 130 delegates. video recording of the practical sessions fire the team of CMCH represented by Drs. were the highlights of the CME enjoying the ballroom ambience. Mayurika Sinha and Anupama Kumari, DR S C BOSE MEMORIAL ORATION Dr emerged victorious The winning team will DR CHUNILAL MUKHERJEE MEMORIAL. Sanjib Mukhopadhyay summarized his represent the BOGS at the Zonal Rounds in ORATION Held on 10th Sep 2010 at IPGMER. lifetime experience in As I had practiced it Bhubaneswar where the zonal quiz will be the orator was Prof Tapan Kumar Lahiri who. for the Dr Sudhir Chandra Bose Memorial held as part of the East Zone Yuva FOGSI spoke on Reproductive Tract Infections in. Oration at Calcutta Medical College Conference on 14th Nov 2010 Gynaecology An Overview. 2 BOGS Times,MESSAGE FROM TEAM BOGS 2010 11,From the Desk of the President. Durga puja festival is like high tide in Bengal We brace ourselves for it to approach ride its crest. and as soon as it is gone look forward for the next We all have sweet memories of clutching our. fathers reassuring hand as a child hopping from one pandal to the other with a running. commentary of how the Goddess killed the demon Years go by and we enter medical college. Puja festivities hold a different meaning then as we graze around with friends marveling at the. sparks and colours around Internship houseofficership and postgraduate days were particularly. painful when we had to slog out our labour room rota on astami nights Thank God the days are over and the. baton has been passed, Puja festivities over the Bijoya greetings start as a way of reinforcing brotherhood It is a wonderful way of. keeping in touch and making our friends and the loved ones know that we fondly remember them. This year the celebration of Bijoya has a different connotation in my life As President of the prestigious Bengal Obstetric and. Gynaecological Society I feel a sense of all pervading brotherhood with 1200 odd members of our society Our executive. committee has organized a well planned cultural get together on Sunday 31st of October at the BOGS building Pratishruti I. sincerely hope our members come with their families to the Bijoya celebration take part in the cultural festivity make their. foot loose with the rhythm of the dhaak and enjoy Afterall we all work hard throughout the year and we do know all work and. no play makes Jack a dull boy or Jill a dull girl for that matter. Long live BOGS Warm Subho Bijoya wishes to all,Dr Kusagradhi Ghosh. President BOGS,Hony Secretary speaks,Dear Members,Happy Vijoya greetings.
Hope all of you have enjoyed the puja holidays in the highest festive mood Vijoya Sammilani to celebrate. the Vijoya Dasami is not merely a gettogether it has great significance especially to us the Gynaecologists. The basic purpose behind the festival Dasara which is also known as Navaratri is to worship feminine principle. of the Universe in the form of the divine mother Essence of this celebration at social level is to remind and. respect all the women who are the pivots of the family culture and national integrity to take lead in times of. crisis to guide the humanity towards the path of social justice equality love and divinity Our vow on this. occasion is for the empowerment of women and for the improvement of Women s health. We are almost in the middle of the year Our team with all the members has tried best to serve through various programs and. activities Yet many things have to be done We solicit your suggestions and criticism. Pranam to my seniors Best wishes and and love to all. Dr Arup Kumar Majhi,Hony Secretary,BOGS Times 3,FACE TO FACE WITH A STALWART. PROF AJIT KUMAR SARKAR, PROF AJIT KUMAR SARKAR is an icon of Bengal in Gynaecological discipline A true gentleman to the core there are many. things in his life which should inspire the future generations BT entrusted the ever dependable Dr Kalidas Bakshi to unravel. Prof Sarkar s journey to the pinnacle of success in life. BT Our readers would want to know BT You have ornamented The Bengal Obstetric. of your family background academic Gynaecological Society in various disciplines and became the. career and achievements president in the year 1987 the question is when did you join. the society and what were your aspirations and,AKS I was born on 29th July 1929 at achievements. Balaram Bati presently donated, to Ramakrishna Mission situated in AKS I joined BOGS as EC member in the year 1964 I was the. Ram Kanta Bose Street North vice president in 1982 83 In 1987 I became the President of. Calcutta My father was the BOGS I am the only member of the Society till date who did. legendary figure Dr M N Sarkar in not do Secretaryship to become the President. whose honour BOGS organises an, Oration annually for which I am very I was the pioneer in organising the Rural Health Camp with.
much indebted My mother is the members of BOGS at Sundarban Namkhana etc I. a granddaughter of Sri Balaram Bose disciple of Sri received laparoscopy equipment as a President. Sri Ramakrishna BOGS from the Government of West Bengal to do. camps I also received laparoscopy equipment, My qualifications MBBS 1952 DGO 1955 from the Rotary Club as a token of. from Calcutta Medical College MRCOG appreciation for my activities in rural Bengal. 1958 FRCOG 1975 Besides this I have, been an eminent Rotarian since 1986 I categorically appreciate Dr Dipika Sinha. in charge of the Family Welfare Dept for, My academic career started as a medical organizing the laparoscopy camps in. officer cum DMO from 1959 to 1963 in different parts of Bengal Doctors who were. Jalpaiguri district I was thereafter involved donated a part of their. appointed as RS cum additional lecturer at remuneration to the Building Fund of BOGS. Eden Hospital Kolkata from 1963 to 1967 I Since then the Society had been collecting. then progressed to Lecturer Asst Professor donations from members It gives me. Reader in R G Kar Medical College Kolkata immense pleasure and I convey my gratitude. from 1967 to 1974 I was Professor Director to the whole BOGS team under whose. officiating Principal from 1974 till 1987 supervision the present building has been. Retirement I was the Chairperson of the Rural erected. Obstetric Committee of FOGSI from 1989 to 1993, I organised two medical camps fortnightly called as Day. BT When did you marry Mahamaya di rather Prof Camp at Sarisha and one on the fourth weekend of every. Mahamaya Sarkar presently one of the most eminent month I organised Sagar Island Camp where laparoscopy. gynaecologists in Bengal and immunisation were done These activities were. continued in collaboration with the government till 1991. AKS I married Dr Mahamaya Sarkar in the year 1959 She when the brutal incident at Bantala forced closure of the. hailed from East Bengal Dhaka and had a brilliant academic camps But from 1993 99 I restarted the camps with RKMSP. career and Rotary, BT So Mahamaya di from East Bengal and you being from BT Do you think these young brigades at present are.
West Bengal how do you manage to bridge the two Bengals following your path as you have directed. culturally and linguistically, AKS I feel sorry that these types of Rural Health Camps are. AKS Though she is from East Bengal there was no difficulty not organised by BOGS which I earnestly requested to start. in cultural or linguistic adjustment between the two families According to my opinion CME and Conference in Hotels with. But one point I admit that I do not like hilsha fish with brinjal glamour and grandeur will not help the poor people in any. or gourd as it is said to be a ritual preparation on the way in our State. auspicious day of Saraswati Puja in East Bengal,4 BOGS Times. FACE TO FACE WITH A STALWART, BT Your daughter Dr Adrija Sarkar Ghosh and her husband BT How do you maintain your health and still continue with. Dr Kusagradhi Ghosh both are well reputed in our discipline practice. In fact your son in law is the present president of the Society. How do you measure the activities and achievements of your AKS The things that matter most in life are self satisfaction. son in law as President sincerity and love in your profession I am a happy man with. my wife children and grand children My advice is to look. AKS Though I feel proud of my daughter and son in law I feel after one s family and do justice to the other members of the. there is a lot of scope of improvement of the Society I will be family. happier if he gives his valuable service to the needy people of. West Bengal by doing Public Awareness Programme and. organising voluntary medical camps, BT What is your hobby and how do you manage your pastime. AKS I loved to play football better than cricket I am a tall. man and played in the position of goal keeper in different. clubs and colleges Unfortunately I broke my thumb and. subsequently started playing in left winger position After. receiving an injury in my left knee which needed surgery I. left playing football forever, I also love reading books in my leisure times and also get.
acquainted with modern development in the field of. Dr Pradip Kumar Mitra Dr Ashis Kumar Mukhopadhyay Dr Sukanta Misra Dr Kalidas Bakshi Dr Arup Kumar Majhi Dr Sudhir Adhikari Dr Subhash Chandra Biswas Dr Bhaskar Pal EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE 2010 2011 Members Dr AbinashChandraRoy Dr AlokBasu Dr BasabMukherjee Dr BibekMohanRakshit Dr BulbulRaichaudhuri Dr DibyenduBanerjee Dr JayitaChakrabarti

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