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Please purchase a composition book to use as your journal any color write. your name First and Last on the front with a black marker. Example of the first page in your journal,Blood on the River Jamestown 1607. By Elisa Carbone,Your Name First and Last, Example of the first page of the Chapter assignments vocabulary in your. Chapter 1 Vocabulary,Do not write on the back page of your title. page start your assignment on the next,sheet of paper in your journal Complete. your Vocabulary and Word Analysis,Assignment for Chapter 1 on this page per.
the instructions in your packet, Example of the second page of the Chapter assignments questions in your. Chapter 1 Questions,Go to the next sheet of paper in your. journal do not write on the back of the,pages Answer the questions for Chapter 1. on this page per the instructions in your,packet Answer in complete sentences. You do not have to write the question but,please remember to number each question.
During Reading,Vocabulary and Word Analysis Assignment. As you read the novel it is critical that you acquire an understanding of words that develop the. storyline as well as words specific to the time period Designate a journal or notebook to new. words that you come across,Directions, 1 In every chapter choose AT LEAST TWO words that are unfamiliar to you. 2 In your journal notebook write the word and label the chapter and page number. where you have found the word, 3 Write the sentence from the book utilizing the word you have chosen and underline. 4 Use Context Clues within the sentence or even paragraph in which the word appears in. order to write down your own definition of the word. 5 Underneath write the dictionary definition part of speech and a synonym of the word. 6 Use the word in your own sentence and underline the word again Your. sentence CANNOT restate the definition of the word. magistrate chapter 2 page 6 The magistrate mumbled something about having a son my. age pulled me out of my dark jail cell after just two days and marched me down to the. Personal definition I believe the word magistrate means someone that is in charge at a jail or. responsible for following the laws, Dictionary definition for magistrate noun a civil officer charged with the. administration of the law synonym judge, My sentence The magistrate will delegate the consequences for those convicted of being.
During Reading,Comprehension of the Story, As you read the novel it is crucial that you stop between chapters to truly analyze the. information in order to retain it Complete the following questions after reading each designated. chapter Respond to all questions in detail and in complete sentences see the example in the. first question,Chapter One, 1 Think about the quoted prophecy that begins the chapter What is a prophecy Do you. think the prophecy will turn out to be accurate, According to the Merriam Webster dictionary a prophecy is a statement that. something will happen in the future I predict the prophecy will turn out to be accurate. or will not be accurate because Complete this sentence stating what you think and. support your answer, 2 Why is the locket so important to the boy Would you have gone through the same. trouble to get something back that was important to you Explain why or why not. Chapter Two, 1 Each chapter opens with a quotation from a primary source Discuss the value of primary.
sources in learning about history Discuss the fact that journals are written from the. perspective of individuals Might another person write something different about the. same event Do you think journals and diaries are important for people to keep today. 2 List the names of the three ships that sail from England to the New World Which of. the ships is the smallest Which ship does Samuel take. STOP and REVIEW Copy this information in your journal on its own. page title the page Jamestown, Who What Where When Why for the settlement at Jamestown. Who financed it The Virginia Company of London financed the settlement. What was Jamestown It became the first permanent English settlement in. North America, Where did they build the settlement A narrow peninsula by the James. River It was chosen because it could be easily defended from attack by sea. the water was deep enough for ships to dock and the settlers thought there. was a good water supply,When May of 1607, Why As an economic venture for the Virginia Company of London The. colonists were to find silver and gold find new resources to send back to. England locate a water route to the Orient open new markets for trade and. convert the natives to Christianity,Chapter Three, 1 On page 17 Samuel reveals his philosophy Trust no one What circumstances led him. to have that philosophy Why would that philosophy be important in the poorhouse on. the streets or in an orphanage Do you think it is a good philosophy. 2 Reread the last paragraph on page 18 How do you think power can be more. damaging than fists,Chapters Four and Five, 1 The boys hear the sailors telling stories about the Indians they expect to encounter in.
the New World These stories focus on the aspects of Native American culture that are. very strange to the English Do you think these stories are giving a completely accurate. and true depiction of what the Native Americans will be like Explain why or why not. Chapter Six, 1 The story of the whale is used by John Smith as a metaphor concerning Master. Wingfield Should there be bigger fish in the sea of people. 2 How do you feel about discriminating between lower born and higher class people. Should people be treated as equal to one another Do you think that distinctions like. lower born and higher class still exist in our society today. Chapters Seven and Eight, 1 On pages 54 56 Samuel gets into a fight and Captain Smith disciplines him. Explain the discipline and discuss whether or not you think it was effective. 2 Cooperation is something Samuel needs to learn about What happened after the fight to. make Samuel realize that cooperation is needed in order to survive. 3 A major theme in the novel is presented on page 58 when Captain Smith says Don t let. your anger get the best of you Samuel Learn to channel it and it will become your. strength rather than your weakness Give an example of how this advice could have. helped Samuel in a past chapter,Chapter Nine, 1 On pages 71 and 72 the colonists trade glass beads and copper for food Discuss how. different people s perspective their worldview shaped by their upbringing culture. etc affects the value of different things to them How does where we come from and. who we are affect the value we place on things and or people and relationships. Chapters Ten and Eleven, 1 Why do you think the Indians attacked the colonists at this time Are the colonists. invading the Powhatans land What effect did the Indians raid have on the colonists. 2 On pages 81 and 82 Samuel is very upset and feels guilty over James s death Could. he have done anything differently, 3 How has Samuel changed since the beginning of the book.
Chapter Twelve, 1 Captain Smith recommends that Samuel learn the Algonquian language He explains. that I want you to learn these words They will be better protection than any weapon. p 89 Explain how it is that words for communication can be better protection than. 2 Reverend Hunt continues to implore Samuel to use his heart in making decisions On. page 96 he advises Samuel that if he makes a choice out of love then it will be the right. choice What is the choice that Samuel has to make How can his decision be made out. 3 What would you do in Samuel s predicament,Chapter Thirteen. 1 It turns out that not all of the Powhatan Indian tribes were involved in the large scale. attack that occurred in chapter ten Some of the tribes were friendly to the colonists and. others were hostile Who were the friendly tribes and why were they friendly Who were. the hostile tribes and why were they hostile,Chapter Fourteen. 1 Discuss attributes that make John Smith a good leader positive Discuss his. negative characteristics as well List one other leader that you have learned about in. history and analyze good bad attributes of each Draw the following T Charts. John Smith Other Leader s Name,Positive Negative Positive Negative. Chapters Fifteen and Sixteen, 1 These chapters are full of historical information We learn of the gentlemen s plan to.
leave the colony John Smith s experience with the Powhatans the offer of cannons to. the Indians the arrest of John Smith and the arrival of a new ship Discuss each of. these events, 2 At the end of chapter fifteen Samuel can no longer contain his anger Do you think. Samuel was right or wrong to throw the rock at Master Archer How did you feel when. he hurled the rock,Chapter Seventeen, 1 In this chapter the boys meet Pocahontas You may have seen movies about Pocahontas. before Make a list of characteristics of the historical Pocahontas as depicted in this. chapter taken from the original records How old is she What is her real name How. does she wear her hair What clothing does she wear What is her relationship to Captain. Smith How does this compare to the fictional Pocahontas of the movies. Chapter Eighteen, 1 Discuss some of the new things Samuel is experiencing as a result of having. Namontack coming to live with the colonists, 2 Samuel is shocked to discover that Captain Smith s brush with death at the hands of. the Powhatans was actually just a dramatic ritual In the Author s Note the author. explains that historians still debate about whether or not Pocahontas saved Captain. Smith s life or if the event happened at all pages 229 230 What is the difference. between a historical myth and a historical fact, 3 The Powhatans look at Captain Smith as being one of them now This has caused.
Chief Powhatan to take care of the colonists because he considers them one of his. tribes Samuel believes this is a good thing but is worried about what the gentlemen. will think if they find out that Chief Powhatan is treating them as one of his tribes. Why is Samuel concerned about this, 4 Namontack sails with those returning to England Discuss the new things he will. see Coming from a different cultural perspective what might he think of England. Chapter Nineteen, 1 What do you think of the decree He that will not work shall not eat What if this. was the law in your town, 2 Discuss Smith s leadership style of not asking others to do what he is not willing to. do himself Is this good or bad, 3 Two women arrive in the colony What year is this Discuss the pros and cons of. having women in the colony, 4 How is the colony planning to try to make a profit now for the Virginia Company.
5 How do you think Powhatan will feel about being a prince under King James. 6 What is your reaction to the following perspective based on page 150 If the thought. of being Chief Powhatan s subjects would be distasteful to the gentlemen then I. imagine that becoming subjects of King James would be just as distasteful to the. Powhatan people,Chapter Twenty, 1 Do you think King James was honoring Powhatan by making him a prince or was. he trying to gain power over him, 2 Describe the New World masquerade that Samuel witnessed. 3 Which place would you rather live in Namontack s village or James Town Discuss. the positives and negatives of each, 4 How has Samuel changed his mind about how he feels about the natives Why has he. changed How have the natives treated him,Chapter Twenty One. 1 Reverend Hunt has another conversation with Samuel about making right. decisions Do you believe it is true that you will always know the right decision. when you choose from love Give examples of how this may or may not be true. 2 On pages 171 172 Samuel says to Reverend Hunt Thank you for treating me. like I was worth something What does Samuel mean by this What difference. did Reverend Hunt make in Samuel s life How might Samuel have been different. without his influence,Chapter Twenty Two, 1 Life in the Warraskoyack village is very different from life in James Town and yet.
in some ways they are similar Describe parts of each culture by creating a chart. use a ruler to draw straight lines in your journal like the chart below for. example government economics specialization jobs customs religion etc. Aspect of Culture Warraskoyack Jamestown,Government. Jobs Specialization,Chapter Twenty Three, 1 On p 189 Samuel understands what Captain Smith meant by power is like weights. in a balance and when someone gains power someone else loses power In your. own words what does this mean,Chapter Twenty Four, 1 When Captain Smith leaves Samuel recalls another lesson he learned from Reverend. Hunt When I lose someone I should not close my heart to everyone but should find. someone else to fill the empty place Predict what you think Samuel will do next. Chapter Twenty Five, 1 Captain Smith gives Samuel several gifts before he leaves Discuss the tangible gift. of the beads as well as the intangible gifts of the things that Samuel has learned from. Captain Smith, 2 Should Samuel take baby Virginia Do you think this is a good idea or a bad idea.
Would it be an action taken out of love,Chapter Twenty Six through the Afterword. 1 When the new settlers arrived what did some of t. Blood on the River James Town 1607 by Elisa Carbone The following summer enrichment assignment must be completed by the 2014 2015 eighth grade Social Studies Pre AP students Be sure to thoroughly read the novel paying close attention to details in the characters plot and setting for the content of the story revolves around the subject

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