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IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR USERS,Installation and Operation of Dlglplan Equipment. 11 is important that Digiplan molion control equipment IS installed and operated in such a way that air applicable. safety requirements ara met It is your resp nSlbllity as a user to ensure that you idenlHy the relevant safety. standards and comply with them failure to do so may resuH in damage to equipment and personal injury In. particular you should study the contents ollhis user guide carefully before installing or operating the. Under no circumstances will the suppliers of the equipment be liable for any incidental consequential or special. damages of any kind whatsoever including but not limited 10 Iosl profits arising from or in any way connected. with the use of the equipment or this user guide,SAFETY WARNING. High periormance mOlion oonlrol equipment is capable of producing rapid movement and very high forces. Unexpected motion may occur especially dUring the development 01 controller programs KEEP WELL CLEAR. of any machinery driven by stepper or servo motors Never lauch It while it IS In operation. This product is sold as a motion control component to be installed in a complete system using good engineenng. practice Care must be taken to ensure that the product IS installed and used in a safe manner according to. local safely laws and regulations In particular the product must be enclosed such that no part is accessible. while power may be applied, The information in this user guide including any apparatus meUlOds techniques and concepts described. herein are the proprietary property 01 Parker Digiplan or its licensors and may not be copied disclosed or. used lor any purpose not expressly authorised by the owner thereof. Since Diglp1an constantly strives to improve all of its products we reserve the right to modify equipment and. user guides without pnor notice No part of thiS user guide may be reproduced in any lorm without the prior. consent 01 Oigiplan,Digiplan Division of Parker Hannlfln pic 1995. All Rights Reserved,User Guide Change Summary, The following is a summary of the primary changes to this user guide.
since the last version was released This user guide version. 1600 135 08 supersedes version 1600 135 07, When a user guide is updated the new or changed texl is. differentiated with a change bar in the outside margin this paragraph. is an example If an entire chapter is changed the change bar is. located on the outside margin of the chapter title. CONTENTS i,List 01 Figures iii,List 01 Tables iii,Installation Prcx ess Overview v. Chapter 1 INTRODUCTION 1,Chapter Objectives 1,Product Description 1. Product Featur s 2,Theory of Operation 2,Controls and Indicators 3. Chapter 2 GETTING STARTED 5,Chapter Objectives 5,What You Should Have 5.
Pre installation Test 6,RS232C Controller 9,Testing the BL System without a Positioner 10. Testing the BL System with a Positioner 11,Chapter 3 INSTALUITION 13. Chapter Objectives 13,Environment 13,Mounting the Drive 13. Mains Transformer 15,Voltage Adjustment 17,DC Power Input 18. Power Dump Ratings 18,Drive Signal Connections 20,Using an Exlernal 24V Supply 23.
Using an External Positioner 23,Rewiring the Motor Connections 24. Direction of Rotation 24,Tach Feedback 24,Setling Up the Drive 24. Initial Precaution 24,Setling the Driv Jumper Links 25. Tuning the Drive 29,Tuning the DriVE without a Positioner 29. Chapter 4 HARDWAIRE REFERENCE 3t,Chapter Objectives 31.
BL Drive Specification 31,InpuVOutput Sp 3cification 32. Brushless Motor Drive Packages 33,Transformer Dimensions 35. Fuse Ratings 37,Chapter 5 MAINTENANCE TROUBLESHOOTING 39. Chapter Objectives 39,General 39,Repairs 39,Drive Removal 39. Drive Fault LED 39,i BL SERVO DRIVES USER GUIDE,Overtempera tu r l LED 40.
Powe r On LE D 40,Incorrect Ope rat Jn 40,Returning the Sy stem 4 t. Inserting in line connectors 43,Proprietary CablE Types 44. CONTENTS III,list of FiglJres,Figura 1 1 Basic BL Drives with Positioner 1. Figure 1 2 BL Drive System Schematic 3,Figure 1 3 Jumper Unk Setting Schematic 4. Figure 2 1 Pre installation Test Configuration 240V AC Mains Supply 6. Figure 2 2 Pre installation Test Configuration 120V AC Mains Supply 7. Figure 2 3 Pre installation Test Configuration Positioner equipped Systems 8. Figure 2 4 Controller to Positioner RS232C Connections 9. Figure 3 1 Mounting the Drive 14,Figure 3 2 240VAC Connections 16.
Figure 3 3 120VAC Connections 16, Figure 3 4 Total inertia plotted against motor speed 18. Figure 3 5 Connectol s and Indicators 20,Figure 3 6 Jumper Unk Setting Schematic 25. Figure 3 7 ReseVDis ble Input Circuit Options 27,Figure 4 1 Motor Type ML l 620 Dimensions 33. Figure 4 2 Motor Type ML 2340 Dimensions 34, Figure 4 3 Motor Type ML 3450 ML 3475 Dimensions 34. Figure 4 4 Transformer Dimensions for T092 T0170 and TOI 71 mm ins 35. Figure 4 5 MotorlDrive Packages Torque Curves 36,list of Tables.
Table I 1 BL Drive Type Variants 2,Table 2 1 BL Dnve Ship Kit 5. Table 3 1 Optional Mains Transformers 15,Table 3 2 Transformm Connections 17. Table 3 4 Motor Connector 21,Table 3 5 Motor Feedback Connector 22. Table 3 6 AC Input Connector 22,Table 3 7 24V Supply Connector 23. Table 3 8 Current Limit Link Settings 28,Table 3 9 Recommended Peak Current 28.
Table 4 1 BL Servo Drives Specification 31,Table 4 2 User 1 0 Specification 32. Table 4 3 Bnushless Motor Data 33,Table 4 4 BL Fuse Ratings 37. iv BL SERVO DRIVES USER GUIDE, How To Use This manual is designed to help you install develop and maintain. This Manual your system Each chapter begins with a list of specific objectives. that should be met after you have read the chapter This section is. intended to help you find and use the information in this manual. Assumptions This user guide assumes that you have a fundamental. understanding of the following, Basic electronics concepts voltage switches current. resistors etc, Basic motion control concepts torque velocity distance etc.
With this basic level of understanding you will be able to effectively. use this manual to install develop and maintain your system. COntents of This The following information is included in this user guide. Chapter t This chapter provides a description of the product and a brief. Introduction account of its specific features, Chapter 2 Getting This chapter contains a detailed list of items you should have. Started rE ceived with your BL system shipment It will help you become. fa miliar With the system and ensure that each component functions. properly In this chapter you will perform a preliminary configuration. or the system, en pter 3 This chapter provides instructions to enable you to properly mount. Installstlon the system and make all electrical and non electrical connections. Upon completion of this chapler your system should be completely. configured installed and ready to perform basic operations. Chspter4 Information on the motorldrive packages available from Digiplan is. BL Motor Drive provided in this chapler, Chapter 5 Tl is chapter contains drive speCifications dimensions and. Hardware performance and information on mains transformers available from. D giplan suitable for use with the dove It may be used as a quick. reference tool far proper switch settings and 1 0 connections. Chapter 6 TI is chapter describes the recommended system maintenance and. Maintenance snd troubleshooting procedures It also provides methods for isolating. Trouble shootlng and resolving hardware and software problems. CONTENTS v, Installation To ensure trouble free operation you should pay special attention to. Process the following,The environment in which the system will operate.
The system layout and mounting,The wiring and grounding practices used. These recommendations are intended to help you to easily and. safely integrate the system into your equipment Industrial. environments otten contain conditions that may adversely affect solid. state equipment Electrical noise or atmospheric contamination may. also aHect the system, Installation Before you attempt 10 install this product you should complete the. Recommendations following steps, Step 1 Review this entire manual Become familiar with the manual s. contents so that you can quickly find the information you need. Step 2 Develop a basic understanding of all system components their. functions and interrelationships, Step 3 Complete the basic system configuration and wiring instructions. provided in Chapter 2 Getling Started Note that this is a. preliminary configuration not a permanent installation usually. performed in a bench top environment, Step 4 Perform as many basic moves and functions as you can with the.
preliminary configuration You can perform this task only if you have. reviewed the entire manual You should try to simulate the task s. that you expect to perform when you permanently install your. system However do not attach a load at this time This will give. you a realistic preview of what to expect from the complete. configuration, Step 5 After you have tested all of the system S functions and used or. become familiar with all of the system s features carefully read. Chapter 3 Installation, Step 6 After you have read Chapter 3 and clearly understand what must be. done to properly install the system you should begin the installation. process Proceed In a linear manner do not deviate from the. sequence or installation methods provided, Step 7 Belore you begin to customize your system check all of the system. functions and features to ensure that you have completed the. installation process correctly,VI BL SERVO DRIVES USER GUIDE. The successful completion of these steps will prevent subsequent. perlormance problems and allow you to isolate and resolve any. potential system difficulties belore they affect your system s. Developing Your Befor you attempt to develop and implement your application you. Application should consider the following, Recognize and clarify the requirements of your application.
Clearly define what you expect the system to do, Follow the guidelines and instructions outlined in this user guide. Do not skip any steps or procedures Proper installation and. implementation can be ensured only if all procedures are. completed in the proper sequence,CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION 1. Chapter 1 INTRODUCTION, Chapter The information in this chapter will enable you to understand the. Objectives product s basic functions and features, Product The BL Series drives are high performance low loss pulse width. Description modulated DC servo drives suitable for use with Digiplan brushless. ML range servo motors The drives can be supplied with an. integral positioner which accepts motion control commands over an. RS232C link They are designed for rack or panel mounting and. power plate technology makes them capable of delivering a. continuous output power of 1OOW to 2kW Adjustable current. limiting allows them 10 be matched to a wide range of motors. The drives are fully protected against damage caused by. overheating and by short circuits across motor connections or to. earth Additional protection circuitry monitors the vottage rails within. the drives and disables the power switches if these fall outside the. specification,AOAPTOR I CB,F OSmONEA PCB,REAR LEOS s r.
P IVE PCB II,AOJUST MENTS,HEAT511 1 1 iiill,CONNECTOAS. BLX30 lX75 BLX150,Figure 1 1 Basic 91 Drives with Positioner. The buill in power supply operates from a single AC input voltage. and uses a switching regulator to generate low vo age supplies. including power for the optional positioner The supply has a built in. power dump circuit which protects its circuits by absorbing the power. generated by the motor during deceleration,2 BL SERVO DRIVES USER GUIDE. Protection Clrcuhs Adjustable Current Limit,Overcurrent. Overtamparature Motor or dnve,Overvo age,Output short circuil.
Function Inclicators Current Limit,Drive Fauij,Overtemperatura. l ogic Supply On,Adjustments Tachometer gain,Time constant. Outputs and Inputs HesetiDisable,Differential velocity torque demand input. Fault output,Incremental encoder oulpulS,Other Features Power dump. Euro rack system,Variant I tennatlo D ositioner Fitted not fitted.
MounlinQ RacK L bracKet or packaged,l able 1 1 BL Drive Type Variants. Theory of The drive contains all the necessary circuitry to control a brushlass. Operation DC servo motor It must be used in conjunction with a mains. i olating transformer as this produces a suitable AC supply voltage. from the AC mains supply,CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION 3, The input to the drive is an analogue signal source for example an. analogue servo controller Dr simply a potentiometer When the. optional positioner is fitted commands entered at an RS232C. terminal or from a computer resu in signals from the positioner to. the drive which produce the commanded motion control function. The drive generates motor currents required to achieve the motion. from the servo motor and an encoder provides feedback to complele. the basic system shown in Figure 1 2,I TRANSFORMER SUPf LY. iv BL SERVO DRIVES USER GUIDE How To Use This Manual Assumptions COntents of This Manual Chapter t Introduction Chapter 2 Getting Started en pter 3 Installstlon Chspter4 BL Motor Drive Packages Chapter 5 Hardware Reference Chapter 6 Maintenance snd Trouble shootlng This manual is designed to help you install develop and maintain your system Each chapter begins with a list of specific

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