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Program for the 5th Symposium on,Biological Data Visualization. Friday July 10,8 30 8 45 BioVis Welcome Kay Nieselt. 8 45 9 45 Keynote Lecture Visual data science Advancing science through visual reasoning. Speaker Torsten M ller University of Vienna Austria. 9 45 10 30 Primer Four Levels of Visualization Session Chair Sean O Donoghue. Speaker Min Chen Oxford e5Research Centre University of Oxford UK. 10 30 11 00 Coffee Tea Break, 11 00 12 40 BioVis Papers Omics Data Visualization Session Chair Michel Westenberg. 11 00 11 25 PathwayMatrix Visualizing Binary Relationships between Proteins in Biological. Pathways T N Dang P Murray A Forbes, 11 25 11 50 Extended LineSets A Visualization Technique for the Interactive Inspection of. Biological Pathways F Paduano T N Dang P Murray A Forbes. 11 50 12 15 PanWTetris an interactive visualisation for PanWgenomes. A Hennig J Bernhardt K Nieselt, 12 15 12 40 BactoGeNIE A LargeWScale Comparative Genome Visualization for Big Displays.
J Aurisano K Reda J Leigh G E Marai A Johnson, 12 45 14 15 Lunch Break with Lunch Box and Beverages. 14 15 15 00 Primer How to Visualize Data Session Chair Sean O Donoghue. Speaker Robert Kosara Tableau Software, 15 00 15 30 Short Poster Talks Session Session Chairs Alex Lex and Michael Westenberg. 15 30 16 00 Coffee Tea Break, 16 00 17 15 BioVis Papers Visualizing Imaging Data Session Chair Jos Roerdink. 16 00 16 25 PhysicallyWbased In Silico Light Sheet Microscopy for Visualizing Fluorescent Brain. Models M Abdellah A Bilgili S Eilemann H Markram F Sch rmann. 16 25 16 50 Visual parameter optimisation for biomedical image processing. A J Pretorius Y Zhou R A Ruddle, 16 50 17 15 GRAPHIE Graph based Histology Image Explorer. H Ding C Wang K Huang R Machiraju, 17 15 17 30 Poster Fast Forward Chairs Alexander Lex Michel Westenberg.
17 30 19 30 Poster Presentation and Reception with Drinks and Finger Food. Saturday July 11, 8 30 9 30 Keynote Solving complicated problems in knowledge representation and. visualization cBioPortal Pathway Commons Precision Medicine. Speaker Chris Sander Sloan Kettering Genome Cancer Center New York USA. 9 30 10 45 BioVis Papers Proteins and Structures Session Chair Jan Aerts. 9 30 9 55 MoFlow Visualizing Conformational Changes as Molecular Flow Improves. Understanding W Rumpf S Dabdoub A Shindhelm W Ray, 9 55 10 20 ReactionFlow Visualizing Relationships between Proteins and Complexes in. Biological Pathways T N Dang P Murray A Forbes J Aurisano. 10 20 10 45 Integrated visual analysis of protein structures sequences and feature data. C Stolte K S Sabir J Heinrich C J Hammang A Schafferhans S I O Donoghue. 10 45 11 15 Coffee Tea Break, 11 15 12 15 Challenges Session Session Chair Kay Nieselt Sean O Donoghue. 11 15 11 45 New Advanced Solutions for Genomic Big Data Analysis and Visualization. Speaker Nacho Medina Computational Biology Lab University of Cambridge UK. 11 45 12 15 Visualizing 3D Genomes, Speaker Marc Marti7Renom Genome Biology Group Barcelona Spain. 12 15 14 00 Lunch Break with Lunch Box and Beverages. 14 00 15 40 BioVis Papers Omics Data Visualization Session Chair Nils Gehlenborg. 14 00 14 25 miRTarVis An Interactive Visual Analysis Tool for microRNAWmRNA Expression. Profile Data D Jung B Kim R Freishtat M Giri E Hoffman J Seo. 14 25 14 50 VisRseq RWbased visual framework for analysis of sequencing data H Younesy T. M ller M C Lorincz M M Karimi S J M Jones, 14 50 15 15 Epiviz a view inside the design of an integrated visual analysis software for.
genomics F Chelaru H Corrada Bravo, 15 15 15 40 XCluSim A visual analytics tool for interactively comparing multiple clustering. results of bioinformatics data S L Yi B Ko D Shin Y 5J Cho J Lee B Kim J Seo. 15 40 16 00 Coffee Tea Break, 16 00 17 00 Design Contest Presentations Session Chairs Eamonn Maguire and Ryo Sakai. 17 00 17 30 Awards Ceremony and Closing Remarks Liz Marai. 17 30 18 30 Bring your own problem, The Symposium on Biological Data Visualization BioVis established in 2011 is the premier. international and interdisciplinary event for visualization in biology This year BioVis is again a. SIG at ISMB the Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology conference held in July in Dublin. Ireland The BioVis symposium is held on July 10 11 preceding the main conference. Biology researchers face enormous challenges as they attempt to gain insight from large and. highly complex data sets Computational visualization and interaction techniques are essential. to this process and touch on all aspects of biology from molecular to cell tissue organism. and population biology The symposium brings together researchers from the visualization. bioinformatics and biology communities with the purpose of educating inspiring and engaging. visualization researchers in problems in biological data visualization The prime motivation for. collocating BioVis with ISMB is to allow bioinformaticians and biologists attending the main. ISMB conference an in depth introduction into state of the art biological data visualization and. foster communication and exchange of ideas between researchers from the different. communities The symposium also serves as a platform for researchers in biology and. bioinformatics to share pressing visualization challenges and potential solutions in their fields to. initiate interdisciplinary collaborations and to provide an outlet and training ground for junior. visualization researchers with a keen interest in biological problems. Given the goals of the meeting the symposium solicited submissions in three categories. i papers original significant biodata visualization techniques ii posters describing work in. progress and preliminary results previously published work from journal venues and. visualization challenges relevant to the BioVis community iii data analysis and design contest. entries consisting of short paper submissions and system demonstrations tackling a specific. problem related to the domain of functional neuroimaging. This year the proceedings contain two different types of papers i papers which are also. accepted as journal papers in the thematic series on Biological Data Visualization of the journal. BMC Bioinformatics ii papers which were accepted for the conference only From the 21. paper submissions 14 were eventually accepted for the conference 67 acceptance rate and. 9 of these have also been accepted into the journal BMC Bioinformatics 43 acceptance rate. This year the review process consisted of two rounds In the first round the submitted papers. were assigned to Program Committee PC members and external reviewers based on a match. between paper topics and keywords and the declared expertise of the reviewers Each paper. was reviewed for novelty and contribution by at least two program committee members and on. average by two additional external reviewers For each paper experts from both the. visualization and biology bioinformatics communities were consulted during the review process. When all reviews were completed a discussion phase was initiated wherein reviewers of each. paper could anonymously express their opinions with an opportunity to adjust their reviews. and or scores and make an acceptance recommendation The Program Chairs then finalized. the decisions to either accept conditionally accept or reject the papers for the conference. In the second review round all accepted or conditionally accepted papers were judged for. acceptance into BMC Bioinformatics or final acceptance into BMC Proceedings by the reviewers. and the Paper Chairs as well as by the respective BMC Editors. Poster submissions were reviewed by the Poster Chairs for quality and relevance to the BioVis. venue with the goal of being as inclusive as possible and encouraging cross domain. interactions 16 of the poster submissions were accepted for presentation at the symposium. The poster session includes 5 posters from the Data and Design Contest see below. Best paper and poster awards, To select the best paper the Program Chairs have nominated four papers based on the review. scores and best paper recommendations of the reviewers A best paper committee BPC. consisting of three experts from the BioVis domain was assembled Each member of the BPC. independently ranked the selected papers with a short justification for each Subsequently the. Program Chairs proposed a combined ranking of the selected papers that along with the. individual justifications was circulated to the BPC This process resulted in awarding the best. paper prize to the highest ranked paper with an honorable mention for the paper that ranked. The best poster will be chosen during the BioVis 2015 symposium by a small panel of Program. Committee members to be recruited by the Posters Chairs judging will be based on the quality. of the presented posters and optional demos videos on display during the poster session. Data Analysis Contest, The BioVis Data Analysis contest brings the pressing needs of grand challenge biological data.
analysis and visualization problems to the visualization community and provides access to data. and domain experts to support the visualization community in creating cutting edge solutions to. these important and pressing problems Entries were judged by two panels one composed of. visualization experts and the other of biologists with an overall winner chosen by consensus. Additional awards were given for entries deemed noteworthy by the judges. BioVis 2015 features two Keynote talks, The first BioVis 2015 Keynote Talk is titled Visual data science Advancing science through. visual reasoning and will be given by Torsten Moller professor at the University of Vienna. Austria The talk discusses the latest visualization approaches and challenges in modeling and. reasoning with uncertainty, The second BioVis 2015 Keynote Talk is titled Solving complicated problems in knowledge. representation and visualization cBioPortal Pathway Commons Precision Medicine and will. be given by Chris Sander chair of the computational biology program at the Memorial Sloan. Kettering Cancer Center in New York The talk focuses on the challenges and advances in. analyzing and simulating biological processes at different levels of organization. Challenges, A challenges session will cover developments in a broad range of active research topics in. modern biological data visualization, Ignacio Medina University of Cambridge will talk about the challenges in genomic Big Data. analysis and visualization, Marc Mart Renom Centre Nacional d An lis Gen mica Spain will talk about visualizing.
genome data in 3D and will show how such visualizations can assist navigability. comprehension and discovery, The program features two primer talks to introduce the visualization background and major. visual design challenges that are relevant to biological data visualization Since BioVis 2015 is a. SIG at ISMB the primer talks are aimed at making the BioVis paper presentations more. accessible to researchers from biology and bioinformatics who do not have a background in. visualization, Min Chen Oxford e Research Centre University of Oxford will describe disseminative. observational analytical and model developmental visualization in the context of bioinformatics. Robert Kosara Tableau Software will give an introduction to the basics of data visualization. show specific common techniques and tools and walk the audience through several examples. Acknowledgments, Many people have contributed their time and energy to making the symposium a success We. thank the Paper Chairs Jan Aerts and Daniel Weiskopf as well as the Publication Chairs. Cydney Nielsen and Marc Streit for their efforts and smooth collaboration We thank the. Primer Chairs Miriah Meyer and Sean O Donoghue as well as the Poster Chairs Alexander. Lex and Michel Westenberg for their contribution The energetic efforts of Contest Chairs. Eamonn Maguire Ryo Sakai Raghu Machiraju William Ray and Jason Bohland of the. Challenges Chairs Julian Heinrich and Greg Carter of the Industry and Fundraising Chairs. Cagatay Turkay Harry Hochheiser and Hanchuan Peng of the Publicity Chairs Hendrik. Strobelt and Andreas Hildebrandt and of the Website Chairs Tengfei Yin and Tuan Dang. are very much appreciated We thank the Program Committee and the external reviewers for. their timely careful considered and balanced feedback We all greatly benefited from the. online submission and reviewing system provided by Precision Conference Solutions PCS and. the steady support of James Stewart as well as the help of the BMC section editor and editorial. team for coordinating the publication in the journal BMC Bioinformatics and in the BMC. Proceedings, We thank our BioVis 2015 supporters Autodesk platinum sponsor and Battelle bronze. sponsor for their generous contributions and acknowledge the support of BMC Finally we. thank the Steering Committee Larry Hunter Jessie Kennedy Nils Gehlenborg Raghu. Machiraju and Jos Roerdink for their gentle guidance and feedback It has been a great. opportunity and privilege for all of us to work as a team in so many ways to make the Fifth. BioVis symposium a success,Kay Nieselt and G Elisabeta Marai.
General Chairs 5th Symposium on Biological Data Visualization. Keynote Speakers,Torsten M ller, Head of research group of Visualization and Data Analysis. University of Vienna Austria, Visual data science Advancing science through visual. Data Analysis Contest The BioVis Data Analysis contest brings the pressing needs of grand challenge biological data analysis and visualization problems to the visualization community and provides access to data and domain experts to support the visualization community in creating cutting edge solutions to these important and pressing problems

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