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Biohacker s Handbook, Upgrade yourself and unleash your inner potential Sleep. Version 1 0,Biohacker Center BHC Inc,PO Box 955,FI 00101 Helsinki Finland. Teemu Arina Olli Sovij rvi Jaakko Halmetoja 2015,Layout and illustrations Lotta Viitaniemi. Advisor and studio critic Dr Sam Inkinen,English translation Otto Lehto. ISBN 978 952 68458 0 7, This book is based on the personal experiences of its authors and the advice it contains is based on a combination of.
experience and scientific reseach This book and the viewpoints that it expresses should not be treated as medical advice. Consult with your doctor before ordering or using any of the herbs or supplements mentioned in this book. by Ben Greenfield author of the New York Times Bestseller. Beyond Training Mastering Endurance Health and Life. When Teemu Arina first sent me a sneak peek of the detail that you simply will not find by Googling or. Biohacker s Handbook I have to admit that I was speaking to a sleep physician As the chapter spills. a bit wary After all biohacking is nowadays such into a thorough description of how your circadian. a trendy over used term that much of the current rhythms operate you realize that nearly every. literature on everything from self quantification sentence is backed with multiple relevant research. to smart drugs to sleep is simply the same old studies Then the even better stuff begins tools for. advice copied repeated and presented in new ways upgrading sleep in which you discover everything. You ve no doubt experienced this phenomenon from the best mattress and futon choices to the. when reading an article on optimizing your health optimum humidity to which plants are best in your. and encounter instructions to sleep in a dark room bedroom along with a host of other advice that you. exercise using high intensity intervals and mix fats won t find elsewhere. in your coffee Yawn, This book is different Fresh Real It s a combination. So when I began reading the first chapter of the of obvious time spent in the trenches and rigorous. handbook I was pleasantly surprised The chapter scientific research I could barely contain my. opens with an explanation on sleep and sleep cycles excitement to finish the sleep chapter and move on. that engages you with incredible detail on what to the content on exercise mind work and nutrition. happens to your brain and body during sleep, Then my suspicions about authors Teemu Jaakko I will readily admit that I m very cautious about. and Olli were confirmed when I traveled to Finland which books I recommend However when it comes. to speak at the Biohacker Summit I was transported to a cookbook for enhancing your brain your body. into a biohacking world unlike any other I had and your life using every cutting edge tool and. experienced a world that combined natural living technique imaginable and doing so in a manner that. concepts such as forest foraging for wild mush takes into account your health and longevity along. rooms and superfoods detoxifying in old wooden with the latest research you will not find a better. smoke saunas absorbing minerals and engaging in companion than the Biohacker s Handbook This. cold thermogenesis while swimming in the Baltic Sea book now holds a prioritized well deserved spot. on my list of go to resources for optimizing the, A world that also combined cutting edge modern human machine and I m pleased that you too have. concepts such as light sound machines that build discovered the magic within the pages you are. new connections in the brain chairs equipped with about to read Enjoy the experience. pulsed electromagnetic frequencies and rings that,measure respiration body temperature heart rate. variability and more,Ben Greenfield, Better yet this new and unique version of well Author speaker biohacker.
researched holistic biohacking was free of snake BenGreenfieldFitness com. oils sales pitches and pseudoscience It was, legitimate thorough and steeped in studies In other. words I realized that these guys are the real deal. Introduction, Dear reader You are holding in your hands the This book is written for the busy person who burns the. Biohacker s Handbook which weaves together novel candle at both ends Some have tried to find equilibrium. perspectives on technology nature and self develop by lifestyle changes for example through dietary. ment The biohacker sees his or her body as a complex interventions exercise routines and time management. system that can be probed analyzed understood techniques only to end up back at square one Indeed. and put to test Such controlled experimentation i e how can people learn to know themselves find a. biohacking can be used to pursue self development balance and successfully execute their plans for. and deeper self understanding change when they are so stressed. The idea for writing this book which combines studies This book contains tools for those of you who are self. insight and visual materials was born from the insatible made pioneers journeying into the unknown towards. thirst of its three authors for optimizing bodies and a higher understanding of yourselves It teaches you. minds both on the individual and collective levels to go deeper to dismantle inner locks to open new. Technology expert Teemu Arina nutritional expert doors to test your own beliefs and to overcome any of. Jaakko Halmetoja and medical doctor Olli Sovij rvi the limits of your own body and mind. met in the spring of 2013 to discuss the big challenges. of our time work pressure and incessant stress and Whatever your background or goal finding a balance. their consequences to health and well being with your environment is paramount. Olli Sovij rvi Medical Doctor, My reception takes care of each and every human being in a holistic way and provides individually. tailored health planning A large proportion of my patients today have problems that are. increasingly brought on by chronic stress caused by a wide variety of factors It is important to. seek out the root causes of illness and provide healing right at the source From this position we. can restore health and also balance body mind and spirit By restoring our own regenerative. processes each of us can be cured of a number of different illnesses. The fundamental reason for writing this book is also based on the above lesson self recognition. The meaning of life is to recognize oneself and never stop learning how to become better To. live is to be in motion and in play staying put and becoming stagnant are the very opposite. of living When a person comes to terms with his or herself they can also muster the courage to. be responsible for their own well being,Jaakko Halmetoja Nutritional Expert. I have always been interested in matters of health physical stamina the capacity of our minds and. most importantly the question Who or what are we really For many years now I have allowed. myself to pause every now and then in order to discover the deeper underlying directions and. passions of my life Every time the correct answer has been practically staring me in the face So. how does the body of the human being function Who am I really. Listening to the signals sent by our own bodies and pausing in the middle of today s information. overload can be a daunting task with the noise of the traffic and the seemingly endless list of. tasks ahead New technologies can offer tools to listen to yourself and to upgrade yourself. Teemu Arina Technology Expert, Technological development has made it possible to know one s self in unprecedented ways.
A number of technologies and sources of information that were previously available only for. the privileged few are now available for everybody After curing myself of a stress related illness. by measuring myself with the help of various technological tools sensors internet databases. experts in different fields and personal experiments I am convinced that technology is an. extension of our bodies and minds, The Biohacker s Handbook treats the human organism as complicated machinery How does this. system actually work Whether it s your sleep work exercise nutrition or mind that you wish to. improve upon the book provides access to hackable systems and a guide to upgrading them. with the help of technological and biological tools Since the perceived changes and actual effects. vary from individual to individual we provide tools for personal experimentation monitoring and. measurement, Know yourself and upgrade yourself so you can give more to others. There is hope in men not in society not in systems not in. organized religious systems but in you and in me,Jiddu Krishnamurti 1895 1986. Increased Improved,performance health,Work Nutrition. Increased Life,productivity extension,Mind Sleep,How to use this book.
Each chapter of the book is composed of five essential parts Use your mobile device to read the following QR code. or open the link in your browser to have access to the. 1 An introduction based on a story book s bonus materials. 2 A theoretical section that discusses the,hackable systems. A technological section that describes the,3 biological and technological tools needed. for upgrading oneself biohack to sleep,A measurement section that describes the. 4 tools needed to track progress,A collection of tips for optimizing different. 5 situations,Please use the above site to give us feedback and.
suggestions and and if you find our advice useful, In addition every section contains product recommen tell your friends about the book. dations bonus materials videos audio recordings book. and article recommendations references with hyperlinks If you need a QR code reader open the following link. and the opportunity to send us your feedback These into a browser http biohack to qr and download a. features are accessible in a browser or a mobile device suitable application. Sleep is the best meditation,Dalai Lama,Man should forget his anger before he lies. down to sleep Thomas De Quincey,If you can dream it you can do it. Walt Disney,Sleep is half of my training,triathlonist Jarrod Shoemaker. I ll read just one In the morning the noise of the alarm pierces his. dormant mind In confusion John rolls around in bed. more article for another 10 minutes He doesn t feel like waking up. although he absolutely must He only has 45 minutes. to get out of the apartment His thoughts are fuzzy. John is a modern day knowledge worker who despite,and unfocused and his willpower is gone In stress.
the fact that it is already late decides to browse. he charges out of the bed He doesn t have time to, through just one more article before going to sleep. prepare breakfast or eat anything Driving out of his. Some vital emails are also awaiting his response, garage he almost collides with another car Close call. On top of it all tomorrow s presentation is still not. ready The rainy Thursday night is destined to be long. I must get a cup of coffee At the conference cafeteria. like many previous nights Although his eyes feel heavy. face flushing red he quickly downs a cup of coffee. push on he must,followed by another waiting for the conference to. start After a while it is his turn to take the stage John s. Despite John s mounting tiredness the presentation. presentation doesn t go exactly as he envisioned He is. gets finished It is 3 o clock at night already John shuts. mixing up with his words slides appear to have spelling. down his computer and goes to bed even though, mistakes and arguments seem disintegrated and clumsy. plenty of work remains He has difficulty going to sleep. Final judgement from the audience lukewarm applause. although the alarm is set to ring in 4 hours and 30. Well that wasn t exactly my best performance, minutes He is dead tired Anxiety lurks as thoughts.
about tomorrow s presentation wander through his,At lunchtime he gobbles down more food than usual. mind The sound of cars passing beneath the window, After the meal he visits the restroom His stomach is. disturbs his rest John stares at the blue light, acting up and his chest hurts too What a nighmarish. emanating from the wireless router His eyes are red. day he mumbles He feels like going straight back to. and squinted He wastes another hour twisting and, bed to make up for those lost hours of sleep but his. turning in bed until sleep finally descends upon him. various afternoon meetings are right around the corner. 12 Ugh At least it s Friday,WHY SLEEP MATTERS, John s case underlines the importance of a The common marker of FACT.
inflammation C reactive, good night s sleep for performance cognitive function. protein CRP may also Forty eight percent,ing and health Using appropriate strategies John. increase 1 of Americans report, could have fallen asleep earlier improved the quality. insomnia occasionally, of his sleep and faced the challenges of the day with. Sleep deprivation has been while 22 percent experi. ease John was already tired to begin with and the, shown to raise systolic blood ence insomnia every or.
night stretched even longer due to decreased produc almost every night. pressure and increase the, tivity With sufficient sleep behind him he would have. Source Nation Sleep,consumption of fat heavy and, achieved better results in a shorter time frame The Foundation. Biohacker s Handbook which weaves together novel perspectives on technology nature and self develop ment The biohacker sees his or her body as a complex system that can be probed analyzed understood and put to test Such controlled experimentation i e biohacking can be used to pursue self development and deeper self understanding The idea for writing this book which combines

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