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A river is capable of purifying itself We all have seen a river with crystal . clear water, water But how does this biological process work . The principle,How does water purification work , Example of a small river where the. existing rocks provide the necessary, oxygen to purify the passing water . The rocks on the bottom of the river are constantly overflown by the water. current A thin layer of biological film is built up on these rocks This biofilm. attaches firmly to the stones so that it can not be washed away . To be able to purify the passing water it is from the utmost importance that. oxygen is available , available, The natural movements of the water caused by the obstacles in the river . allow a swift and optimal absorption of oxygen , The bacteria inside the biofilm feed from the polluted parts when the water.
flows over the rocks and stones This perfect example of natural. collaboration results in a purification process that provides crystal clear. water , Inspired by this biological example from nature ecobeton water. technologies succeeded in matching this purification process The. use of a carrier material inside the bioreactor of the treatment plant. provides a possibility for the bacteria that are already present in the. wastewater to attach and form a biofilm The aeration and movement of. the water in the bioreactor ensures a constant and optimal contact between. organisms on the carrier material fixed bed and the foul flow . the micro organisms, The fixed bed is shaped like a long cylinder with built in lamella on the. inside where the biofilm can attach in a safe and durable way This surface. provides a reliable protection against washing away of the biofilm and. ensures the optimal circumstances for the purifying process The specific. surface and the design itself of the carrier material makes it possible that a. larger amount of organisms can settle in the same volume This results in a. smaller treatment plant that needs less space than most treatment. systems The fixed bed carrier material is delivered in modular bundles . Biofixe, water with ID, learned from nature , The fixed bed. What s the removable fixed bed , The carrier material named removable fixed bed is Using the technology with the removable fixed bed . designed to form the ideal housing for the bacteria to grow the Biofixe wastewater treatment system achieves. on where they can attach firmly and safely They form a purification results that are more performant than the. performant biofilm that enables the wastewater treatment requirements of the CE EN 12566 3 specifications . system to remove both carbon and nitrogen Although 95 What s more this robust installation is perfectly. of the fixed bed s structure is hollow it has a surface capable of handling peak moments an installation of 5. increase of 200 m m P E can handle peak loads up to 10 P E . The biofilm is formed in a double layer Thanks to aeration. bringing the necessary oxygen into the system this. biological system is able to realize both nitrification as well. Purification results , as denitrification Parameter Unit Results.
The result of this biological process is that the existent. nitrogen in the wastewater is converted into nitrogen gas so Biochemical Oxygen. mg L 17, that the nitrogen itself is mostly removed from the water Demand BOD5 . Chemical Oxygen, N Demand COD , mg L 72, O O O O . Suspended Solids SS mg L 30, Ammonium Nitrogen, mg L 3 1. NH4 N , NH4 NO NO , Nitrification nitrogen consumption pH value 6 5 8. Nitrogen total Ntot mg L 18, NO N Phosphorus total Ptot mg L 4 2.
Denitrification nitrate consumption , 200 test after the normal 38 weeks test this installation. was successfully tested during an additional 4 weeks with. an influent load of 200 This means that a system of 5. P E is able to handle the wastewater of a 10 P E keeping. the same purification results Low occupation test a. weekend 5 2 test has also been performed successfully . The test results show , Better purification results than the EN 12566 3. requirements , Nitrification and denitrification in the double layer A very strong removal of COD . biofilm ensure a strong nitrogen removal BOD SS and nitrogen . Biofixe, water with ID, removable for cleaning , an optimal hydraulical concept the pre settlement. pre compartment,Biofixe the removable fixed bed,Why a removable fixed bed .
Every static material like the fixed bed that is used as. a carrier material in this technology will eventually silt. up because of the continuous growth of the bacteria . Therefore it is extremely important that the carrier. material can be taken out of the tank to be cleaned . At ecobeton water technologies we made sure that the. modules can be easily removed from the manhole , This is not only due to the concept and form of the. modules but also because of their clever positioning. within the manhole ,Swift and handy , The carrier material is light weight . even when fully grown with bacteria , and easy to handle . After being taken out the modules can, be cleaned under high pressure and. be put back in the tank , Biofixe, water with ID, clean for re use.
is used for the whole 100 the risk for clogging is excluded . the removable fixed bed Biofixe, Safe and easy , There are no electrical parts inside the purification tank all. electrical components are situated outside the tank Inside the. system the technical requirements are ensured by compressed. air a sure and maintenance friendly solution This way most. faults and derangements are excluded , a compact system up to 16 P E in one single tank . 2 3 1, Purification process , process, 1 Pre settlement The grey shower sink and the black water toilets of the house are. conducted to this compartment , compartment This is where the heavy sediment parts can. settle down and liquefy , liquefy From here on the gravitary system ensures that the.
wastewater is sent to the bioreactor , 2 Bioreactor This is where the modules of the fixed bed are situated where the bacteria. can grow on to form the biofilm The, Th bacteria spread out over the modules. in the bioreactor and attach firmly to the carrier material so they can not be. 4 5 flushed out providing an ideal environment and a guarantee for a good. biological purification , 3 Aeration Air and oxygen is administered through thet membrane aeration tube . situated on the bottom of the bioreactor This tube can easily be removed. after taking out the modules of the carrier material Aeration a vital element. for the bacteria to be able to develop and grow is intermittent and is. controlled by the electronic control system , 4 Airlift and The airlift sludge return . sludge ensures a re circulation of the settled sludge on. post settlement the bottom and conducts it back to the pre settlement. pre compartment where it, is integrated again in the purification process .
5 Outlet The purified wastewater leaves the wastewater treatment system and is. returned to the warm and natural embrace of the environment . Biofixe, water with ID, Electronic control intel EC. intel, What is the intel EC, EC control system, system . During the development of our small wastewater, treatment systems we attached a lot of importance to the. design of a simple but at the same time reliable electronic. control system for the plant , The electronic Intel EC control system . A system that works automatically and, autonomously .
Simple functional and easy to work with no, need for a portable computer for programming. or operation , An innovative system specially designed for. small wastewater treatment systems , Electronic operation manual included . With independent differential , With pre programmed start up phase when. using for the first time , With minimal intervention of technician and or.
end user , LED control signs on the front of the switch cupboard. indicate the operational condition of the treatment plant . All functions can be controlled and checked quickly at any Switch cupboard conform . moment using the test program button cfr machine regulations 2006 42 EG . Swift and efficient , Instructions for transport installation electronic control . connections start up and use for the treatment system are. situated on the inside of the switch cupboard , Easy control . Visual control if the system is active or not , An eventual malfunction is indicated visually by the LED sign . LED, Integrated test program to check the functions of the different components .
Biofixe, water with ID, Electronic control intel EC. A complete system , 1 Indication of the total operating time of the installation . 2 Indication of the sequence of the airlift function . 3 Integrated electronic operation manual , indication of . power failure, malfunction of , the aeration system. the airlift, 4 Easy programming of the intel EC control system .
duration of the start up phase, determination of the aeration sequence. determination of the airlift sequence, programming of time and date. 5 Indication of the total aeration time , 6 Indication of active inactive aeration and airlift . Minimal energy consumption , The electronic control Intel EC has been designed. specially for wastewater treatment systems for, individual households .
Our engineers made sure that all important features. are included that the system is reliable and easy to. operate and that the total energy cost is very, reasonable . Central control system , system, GPRS telemetry is available with the. possibility to expand the system, several pumps cell phone. cell module, etc , Biofixe, water with ID, Biofixe. the strengths of ecobeton water technologies , Professionalism Quality en craftsmanship .
craftsmanship Tried tested results , Professional experience and Unique high quality concrete tanks using Small wastewater treatment. expertise in individual the most recent and modern concrete systems with excellent. wastewater treatment technologies purification results purification. governmental and technical Wastewater treatment system in one single tests and trials cfr EN 12566 3 . demands concerning small concrete tank with cover . cover VLAREM have proven that we, wastewater treatment systems are Monolithic tank in one single production T can present magnificent results . becoming more severe every day and I walls included . That is the reason why we All connection pieces are fitted and included. continuously invest in the best and in the tank concrete production process NBN EN 12566 3. latest purification technologies Total water tightness is therefore guaranteed. Our knowhow based on 35 years between the different compartments . compartments Our installations are produced and, of experience in wastewater Concrete quality C35 45 45 assembled in series . treatment combined with a close Cement HSR , collaboration with the best Resistance class . renowned national and EE3 frost contact with rain . international organisations and EA2 average aggressive environment. institutes allow us to provide the according table 2 of NBN EN 206 1 2001 . necessary certificates and Environment class , attestations This guarantees XC4 alternating wet and dry .
when used properly a perfect XF1 moderate water saturation without. working treatment plant thaw salts , XA2 moderate aggressive chemical. environment according table 1 of, your distributor NBN EN 206 1 2001. 2001 ,ecobeton water technologies nv sa, ecobeton water technologies Hasseltsesteenweg 119 I B 38OO Sint Truiden I Belgium Tel 32 O 11 68 OO 92 I Fax 32 O 11 68 39 32. Office Li ge Avenue Rogier 22 I B 4OOO Li ge I Belgium Tel 32 O 4 252 88 28 I Fax 32 O 4 252 88 18 www ecobeton be I info ecobeton be I. BTW TVA BE O42O 217 163 I RPR RPM Hasselt KBC 453 6213631 95 I BIC KREDBEBB I IBAN BE76 4536 2136 3195 I. Biofixe wastewater the water in the micro organisms The fixed bed inside where provides a reliable ensures the surface and larger amount smaller treatment systems The of purifying itself We all have seen a river with crystal But how does this biological process work of a small river where the rocks provide the necessary purify the passing water the bottom of the river are constantly

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