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02 THE BIGBALER RANGE,Professional baling from New Holland. New Holland has led the big baler segment for over 25 years introducing a string of pioneering firsts that have revolutionised big. baling throughout the world Ultimate baling performance is guaranteed in all crops and all farms Hay and forage operations straw. contractors biomass business and large scale arable farmers will be won over by the new Plus models which have an 80cm longer. baler chamber and deliver consistent best in class bale quality with up to 10 more density. BigBaler design BigBaler the ultimate choice, Today s BigBaler range has undergone an extensive testing The four model BigBaler range enables you to pick the baler that. programme in just about every crop and condition possible is right for your business The range extends from the standard. across the globe We have tirelessly looked to get the most out 80x70cm model right through to the largest 120x90cm variant. of every feature so you can rely on your BigBaler for ultimate You can also specify the crop processing method standard. productivity Packer Cutter or CropCutter options,Bale Width Height Bale length Minimum PTO. Models Version available,cm Minimum Maximum cm power hp. BigBaler 870 Plus Standard Packer Cutter CropCutter 80 70 100 260 102. BigBaler 890 Plus Standard Packer Cutter CropCutter 80 90 100 260 102. BigBaler 1270 Plus Standard CropCutter 120 70 100 260 122. BigBaler 1290 Plus Standard CropCutter 120 90 100 260 130. 04 OVERVIEW,Introducing,the latest Plus baler range.
Choose plus for your baling operations, The new Plus models take the BigBaler range to a whole new Single piece super wide. level of productivity and efficiency Enjoy the following features opening front shield for. easy maintenance,Up to 10 higher density,Consistent day long density. Improved bale shape,Reduced risk of twine snapping. Bale even in the hottest conditions,Gentler bale drop. Easier and more accessible maintenance,Easier to clean.
Distinctive styling,Large IntelliView IV colour, touschscreen monitor Ultimate capacity thanks to the. MaxiSweep pickup,PLM Connect,Large flywheel for telematics Bright LED. smooth running compatibility lighting package,Extended railings. for enhanced safety,Storage for up to 32 twine balls. Pivoting twine box,for easy cleaning,Plus models have 80cm.
longer bale chamber,Highly accurate,Active Weigh,technology. Auto Steer large wheel tandem axle,Roller SmartFill technology. windguard for perfectly shaped bales,06 HISTORY,A history of modern baling by New Holland. Built in Zedelgem, The flagship BigBaler models are built in Zedelgem Belgium home to New Holland s global Centre of Harvesting Excellence. It was here over 100 years ago that Leon Claeys built his very first threshing machine that revolutionised the way farmers. harvested Yet New Holland s baling heritage spans both sides of the Atlantic with New Holland developing the very first self. tying pick up baler in 1940 Today 25 years after the first of thousands of large square balers rolled off the line the big baler. is still the world s number one large square baler and yellow blooded engineers are still committed to developing the next. generation of baling products The sophisticated product development process and the extensive knowledge of a dedicated. workforce of a World Class Manufacturing facility ensure the BigBaler range together with all flagship harvesting products the. CR CX and FR ranges continue to set the harvesting benchmark. 1 9 8 7 1 9 8 7 1 9 8 8 1 9 9 5 1 9 9 9 1 9 9 9, 1987 Twenty five years ago New Holland entered the large square 1999 The InfoView monitor made it even easier to control all.
baler segment A whole host of pioneering features including baler parameters on one screen from the comfort of the cab. double knot technology electronic proportional density control including auto greasing management. full bale eject functionality and the very first 80x90 bale size. followed A quarter of a century later these have all become 1999 The BB900 series introduced the ultimate in gentle bale delivery. industry standards Where New Holland leads others follow thanks to soft drop bale chute technology. 1987 The very first pre compression chamber that could be adjusted 2004 Choice is a big baler hallmark and the BB A offers the both four. to swath density appeared on the D2000 and revolutionised and six knot technology Furthermore monitor technology stepped. the world of bale density Dense New Holland bales have been up a gear with the introduction of the IntelliView monitor. produced ever since, 2008 The production milestone of 15 000 big balers produced was. 1988 The giant among giants the 120x130cm model was unveiled achieved on 20th May 2008 in Zedelgem. High capacity harvesting stepped up a gear, 2008 IntelliView III colour touchscreen monitor compatibility significantly. 1995 The D1010 was the first large square baler available as a Packer enhanced the operator experience with the BB9000 series. Cutter for efficient chopping, 2009 The multi award winning ActiveWeigh on the go bale weighing. 1999 People are at the heart of farming so the single piece pull out was launched on the BB9000 range. knife draw on BB900 CropCutter models which enabled easy. sharpening proved a hit with users 2012 The BigBaler range features state of the art bale shape. technology with strikingly distinctive styling, 1999 The BB900 introduced another pre compression chamber first. dedicated fingers which accurately measure the density of each 2015 Introduction of the IntelliCruise feature which controls the. flake for even greater precision density control tractor s forward speed through ISOBUS Class III technology. 2016 Launch of the Plus models with longer bale chambers and. increased density,2 0 0 4 2 0 0 8 2 0 0 9 2 0 1 2 2 0 1 5 2 0 1 6.
08 MAXISWEEP PICK UP AND FEEDING,Clearing fields at high speed. The pick up is perhaps the most important part of your BigBaler New Holland has completely redesigned the MaxiSweep pick up. for unbeatable collecting performance Two different widths are available the ultra wide 2 35m is perfect for the widest straw swaths. from todays high capacity combines and the standard 1 96m width is the ideal choice for silage operations The heavy duty 5 coil. 5 5mm on CropCutter models have been designed to increase durability when working on the roughest stoniest ground. An S shaped advantage, The MaxiSweep pick up side shields have a distinctive S shape design to maintain smooth crop flow at all times and to prevent crop. snagging which in the past meant stopping the baler altogether When working in heavy silage and negotiating tight swath corners. this technology keeps you going Additional flanges have been added to the edge of the pick up side shields to assist the final tines. to make sure that every blade of crop safely makes it into the baler. Maintaining crop connection, Spring loaded pick up floatation suspension system is adjusted. via a simple adjusting plate to provide just the right amount of. vertical movement to maintain pick up contact with the ground. On rough uneven terrain the reactive setting means the pick. up can quickly adapt to undulations maintaining contact 100. of the time,Smooth crop flow Guaranteed, The roller wind guard continually rotates to guarantee an even. flow of crop into the baler eliminating any disturbances which. could lead to crop loss or density impacting air pockets to. increase crop processing efficiency,Ultimate feeding performance.
A brand new feeding logic has been developed which is set to. significantly improve baler efficiency, Two contra rotating overshot and undershot augers direct and. merge the crop flow to ensure that it is the same width as the. rotor or feeder, Efficient throughput has been further enhanced with the. addition of a feed assist roller which positively directs the crop. into the rotor or feeder to maintain a constant crop flow at. Flexible pick up wheel offering, Pick up height adjustment is easily controlled by a robust pin. which regulates pick up wheel height, During use these wheels can be speedily fitted without tools. For transport you can choose to remove just the wheel or. both the wheel and the support depending on the required. transport width,10 CROP PROCESSING,Flexible crop processing solutions.
As no two baling operations are the same the BigBaler offers a whole host of crop processing options with different chop lengths to. suit your individual requirements From the standard direct flow option through to the Packer Cutter and CropCutter variants the. BigBaler has the solution no matter what the crop growing conditions usage profile or conservation method used. When baling in extremely abrasive conditions the new heavy duty rotor has been developed ideal when baling tough crops The rotor. has an abrasive finish which can extend its life by up to four times. Model BigBaler 870 Plus BigBaler 890 Plus BigBaler 1270 Plus BigBaler 1290 Plus. No of knives Knife distance mm,Packer Cutter 6 114 6 114. CropCutter medium cut 9 78 9 78 15 78 15 78,CropCutter short cut 19 39 19 39 29 39 29 39. Not available,CROPCUTTER PROCESSING OPTION, Highly efficient CropCutter system Easy slide knife drawer for efficient sharpening. The renowned W shape rotor pattern on the CropCutter The CropCutter knife drawer slides out for easy knife. system guarantees an even spread of the cutting force for a sharpening and replacement. smooth cutting action and uniform chopping performance. The design divides the power requirement equally over the two. rotor halves and ensures an equal distribution of the crop to. match the width of the pre compression chamber intake for. uniform density, Two chopping lengths can be selected a medium 8cm chop. which is perfect for bedding or a fine 4cm chop for silage. fodder and biomass applications,PACKER CUTTER PROCESSING OPTION.
Excellent chopping with the Packer Cutter, The Packer Cutter offers the ultimate in baling flexibility. Available on the BigBaler 870 Plus and 890 Plus models three. six double tine packer forks efficiently transfer the crop from. the MaxiSweep pick up to the pre compression chamber. When chopping is required six knives are available and are. automatically engaged from the cab to significantly enhance. the density and nutritional value of silage bales,STANDARD PROCESSING OPTION. Standard processing for direct flow, The standard processing system features two or three cranks. with each crank having two or three fingers, No chopping occurs long unbroken straw or hay is fed directly. into the chamber for dust free fodder or bedding perfect for. livestock and equine businesses,12 DENSITY,Perfectly formed dense bales as standard.
Density is king when it comes to producing big bales Whether they are straw bales with an improved combustion profile for biomass. operations tightly packed silage bales with enhanced fermentation characteristics or simply bales that take up less space for easier. storage or transport density is at the heart of big baling excellence The best in class SmartFill bale direction sensing system. ensures the operator feeds the crop in an even manner and the strong reinforced monocoque frame machined from reinforced steel. guarantees durability season after season,Intuitive density control. The density of completed bales is continually monitored by three sided density control This system combines the sensor reading. from the completed bales with continual monitoring of the load on the plunger if it changes bale density does as well and hydraulic. pressure on the side doors and the top chamber rail are automatically adjusted to restore uniform bale production. High plunger speed for greater throughput, The heavy duty gearbox has increased plunger speed by 14. to 48 strokes per minute, The heavy duty plunger has substantially improved throughput. and enables higher ground speeds, The plunger on Plus models is even more durable and has. been reinforced to deliver a 50 longer lifespan,Industry leading pre compression technology.
The BigBaler s best in class pre compression chamber forms. a uniformly dense wad before transferring it into the bale. The stuffer fork accelerates the crop delivering it from the. rotor or feeder into the chamber and filling it uniformly until. the required density is reached, A trip sensor then activates the C shaped shuttle which. accelerates the crop into the bale chamber, The operator sets the density via the cab mounted IntelliView. Transmitting power and reliability, The BigBaler s gearbox has been significantly strengthened to. guarantee up to a 20 capacity increase, The large diameter up to 800mm on the BigBaler 1290. high inertia flywheel has increased energy by up to 48 to. compensate for uneven swaths so no reduction in ground. speed occurs, Furthermore direct drive technology has been employed.
so 100 of the power is transmitted to the plunger for. unsurpassed baling efficiency,The era of intelligent balers. The best in class SmartFill bale direction sensor ensures. that every bale is perfectly uniform, A network of sensors are located at the entry to the. pre compression chamber and record the intake crop flow. If one sided crop entry is detected the operator is informed via. 1995 The D1010 was the first large square baler available as a Packer Cutter for efficient chopping 1999 People are at the heart of farming The pick up is perhaps the most important part of your BigBaler New Holland has completely redesigned the MaxiSweep pick up for unbeatable collecting performance Two different widths are available the ultra wide 2 35m is perfect for the

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