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200 Years in the Making, Celebrating the Bicentennial of Louisiana Statehood. Desk Reference for Educators, Developed for the Louisiana Bicentennial Commission. Office of the Lieutenant Governor,Louisiana State Museum. Department of Culture Recreation and Tourism,State of Louisiana. www crt state la us,For information please contact.
Richard Hartley Special Projects Director,Office of the Lieutenant Governor. rhartley crt state la us,Memory Seymour Director of Education. Louisiana State Museum,mseymour crt state la us, The Desk Reference for Educators is available for free download. at www crt state la us education, The 200 Years in the Making Celebrating the Bicentennial of Louisiana Statehood 1812 2012. Desk Reference for Educators was funded by the Louisiana Historical Legacy Inc. 200 YEARS IN THE MAKING,Louisiana Bicentennial Commission.
The Louisiana Bicentennial Commission was created to mark the 200th anniversary of Louisiana s attainment of statehood as the eighteenth. state in the Union Through both education and celebration the Commission s goal is to commemorate our Bicentennial in every corner of the. In accordance with Act 550 of the 2010 Regular Session of the Legislature as codified in R S 25 1232 the Bicentennial commission was. formed The following are members of the commission Sen Dan Claitor Baton Rouge Windell Curole Galliano Rhyn Duplechain. Opelousas Randy Haynie Lafayette LTG Retired Russel Honor Baton Rouge Sheila McCant Baton Rouge Rosemary Patterson Bossier. City Sen Karen Carter Peterson New Orleans Buddy Stall Metairie Roger Villere Jr Metairie Sen Mike Walsworth W Monroe and. Michael Wynne of Alexandria,ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS, 200 Years in the Making Celebrating the Bicentennial of Louisiana Statehood Desk Reference for Educators was made. possible by the contributions of the following individuals. Historical Research and Education Committees, Ray Berthelot Louisiana State Parks Charlene Bonnette State Library of Louisiana Anne Campbell Education Consultant Charles. Chamberlain Louisiana State Museum Steve Cohen Windell Curole Bicentennial Commission Cliff Deal Museum Consultant Richard. Hartley Office of the Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Hamilton State Library of Louisiana Melanie Hanley East Baton Rouge Parish School. System Howard Hunter Louisiana Historical Society Rebecca Hamilton State Library of Louisiana Karen Leathem Louisiana State. Museum Sen Karen Carter Peterson Bicentennial Commission Matthew Reonas Louisiana State Museum Julie Rose West Baton Rouge. Museum Memory Seymour Louisiana State Museum James Wilson Louisiana Historical Association Michael Wynne Bicentennial. Commission,Content Reviewers, Dr Barry Ancelet ULL Dept of Francophone Studies Dr Jeff Anderson ULM Dept of History Turry Flucker Louisiana Center for Civil. Rights and Social Justice Dr Sam Hyde SLU Center for Southeast Louisiana Studies Dr Gary Joiner LSU S Red River Regional Studies. Center Dr Michael Martin ULL Center for Louisiana Studies Dr Henry Robertson Louisiana College Dr Laura Rouzan Dillard. University Dr Christopher Stacey LSU A Dr John Sutherlin ULM Social Science Research Lab. Dear Educator, The beginning of the 2011 2012 school year presents the educators of this state with a unique. opportunity to engage all students in the birthday celebration of Louisiana s 200th year of statehood. Admitted as the eighteenth state into the Union on April 30 1812 Louisiana with its diverse heritage is. perhaps the most distinctive of all states I encourage you to celebrate Louisiana s statehood 200 years. in the making in all classrooms elementary middle and secondary and across the curricula. To help educators incorporate the statehood celebration into their classroom the Louisiana. Bicentennial Commission chaired by Lt General Retired Russell Honor and the Department of. Culture Recreation and Tourism have developed a standards based desk reference which will be. accessible to teachers across this great state The lesson plans and projects designed for ease of. implementation and aligned to the state standards and GLEs will assist educators in actively engaging. all students in learning about Louisiana Some of the activities and materials that will be available to all. educators include, The Louisiana Statehood Bicentennial Desk Reference for Educators complete with.
primary sources historical essays and lesson plans. An Internet based education site www crt state la us education. A Web based interactive Louisiana history timeline. Statewide teacher workshops, Additionally opportunities for student involvement across the state will be tremendous as. during 2012 Louisiana communities will commemorate not only the 200th anniversary of statehood but. also the bicentennial anniversary of the beginning of the War of 1812 and the sesquicentennial of the. Civil War This convergence of events provides an unprecedented opportunity for educators and. communities to positively impact student learning, Therefore as we join to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Louisiana s statehood I urge you to. take advantage of the educational materials and opportunities provided by the Louisiana Bicentennial. Commission and the Office of the Lieutenant Governor s Department of Culture Recreation and. Tourism Please visit the Louisiana Statehood Bicentennial Internet site. www louisianabicentennial2012 com or the Department of Culture Recreation and Tourism site. www crt state la us education for more information about our educational resources and opportunities. Jay Dardenne,Celebration of the,TABLE OF CONTENTS,Introduction 7. Extent of Louisiana 8,Medley of Cultures 20, A New American Territory 37 Louisiana has a story unlike any. other state I am pleased to participate in, Gaining Statehood 1812 45 the planning and celebration of this.
Growth and Change 69,Cities and Towns 84 Jay Dardenne. Lieutenant Governor,Geographic Regions 94 State of Louisiana. Pick Your Passion,Student and Family,Projects 98,We want full participation from. Appendix 109,every city town and parish around the. Benchmarks GLEs 115 state in celebrating the birthday of. Louisiana s statehood It s a time for us to,be proud of our state and we want.
everyone to be excited about the,commemoration and take part in the. celebration,Lieutenant General Retired Russel L Honor. Grade Level Expectations GLEs,Louisiana Bicentennial Commission. Social Studies and English Language Arts GLEs,are given for lessons and activities Please see. pages 115 and 116 for the text of each GLE and,for additional GLEs Lessons and activities.
incorporate basic literacy strategies and,Comprehensive Curriculum instructional ideas. and methods,200 YEARS IN THE MAKING,INTRODUCTION April 14 1812 President James. Madison signed the bill,approving statehood The bill. designated April 30 1812 as the,day of formal admission. Although there were,n April 30 conflicts regarding law.
1812 the United States language politics and culture. admitted Louisiana as the Louisiana s distinctive French. eighteenth state into the Union Catholic Creole culture. Louisiana was the first state to eventually blended with the. have a majority Catholic French American English Protestant. and Spanish speaking culture to create a distinct, population reflecting its origins Creole American society. as a colony under France from Two hundred years after. 1699 1763 and Spain from statehood Louisiana remains. 1763 1803 one of the most distinctive,Admission of the states in the union The state s. Orleans Territory as a state rich Creole heritage is evident. followed years of lobbying in the use of the civil law. efforts by prominent citizens system the organization of. both American and Creole Men parishes as local political units. such as the French born planter and the celebration of Catholic. Julien Poydras and American traditions such as Mardi Gras. attorney Edward Livingston Louisiana is also one of the. sought the greater political most patriotic of states with. rights that statehood bestowed consistently high rates of. By 1810 they had convinced military service and an all. Territorial Governor William C American spirit Therefore as. C Claiborne that the Orleans Louisiana commemorates this. Territory qualified for important bicentennial event. statehood In late 1811 and we can also celebrate the. early 1812 Louisianans wrote distinct Creole American. the first state constitution culture that U S statehood has. which Congress approved On fostered,200 YEARS IN THE MAKING. 1 Extent of,Guiding Questions,1 Why were the political boundaries of the. new state of Louisiana different from the,boundaries of the Louisiana Territory.
W hen Louisiana was,admitted as a state in 1812 its political. 2 Following the acquisition of statehood,which events and individuals helped. define the boundaries of the young state,boundaries were far different from those of the. 3 How have location and physical features,expansive Louisiana Territory that was. influenced both historical events in,purchased by the United States just nine years.
Louisiana and the development of the,8 DCRT Education www crt state la us education. Colonial Boundaries Right The,Iberville Stone,In 1682 Ren Robert. Louisiana State,Cavelier sieur de La Salle Museum,took possession of the. Mississippi River its STUDENT,tributaries and all the lands ACTIVITY. Make your own,drained by the river for Louis Iberville.
XIV king of France The vast stone See,territory claimed by La Salle page ten for. directions,included the Mississippi River,valley north to Canada and the. Missouri River valley as far,west as the Rockies La Salle. named this vast expanse,Louisiane in honor of his,In the eighteenth. century French settlements,began to define the boundaries.
of Louisiana Pierre Le Moyne Boundary Changes,sieur d Iberville established. the first French settlement in The Seven Years War. Louisiana on the eastern shore also called the French and. Opposite Page Carte de la of the Bay of Biloxi Other Indian War effectively redrew. Louisiane et du Cours du, Mississipi settlements followed at the European colonial boundaries. Guillaume Delisle mouth of the Mississippi River in North America In the face. and at New Orleans Inland of significant British victories. Louisiana State Museum, strategic fortifications were France transferred Louisiana. Carte de la Louisiane is a west of the Mississippi and the. foundation map that was located at Opelousas and, widely copied by early Attakapas and along the Red Isle of Orleans to Spain with. eighteenth century cartographers the 1762 Treaty of. River at Fort St Jean Baptiste, present day Natchitoches Fontainebleau A year later.
MAP INVESTIGATION, With the exception of a few the Treaty of Paris formally. 1 What is a foundation, map posts established along the ended the war placing Spanish. 2 Why is Delisle s map northern sections of the Florida and French Louisiana. considered a foundation east of the Mississippi River. map Mississippi and its tributaries, 3 What is different and most French settlements in under British control For. important about Delisle s,colonial Louisiana were administrative purposes. first and second editions of, located inside the borders of Britain divided her new.
the present state primarily Florida colony into East and. Visit http lsm crt state la us 3 West Florida However. 4a htm for information about this around New Orleans The. British rule along the Gulf, map and answers to the three majority of the territory. questions shown above Coast was short lived,remained a wilderness. DCRT Education www crt state la us education 9,During the American San Ildefonso ultimately. Revolution Spanish troops benefitted the United States. led by Bernardo de Galvez Although Napoleon,governor of Spanish Bonaparte envisioned a. Louisiana seized British renewed French empire in, outposts at Baton Rouge in North America his troops.
1779 and later captured could not suppress the,Mobile and Pensacola In rebellion of enslaved. 1783 another Treaty of Paris Africans in the sugar. ended the American producing colony of Saint,Revolution and returned both Domingue modern day. East and West Florida to Haiti Without Saint, Spain It also gave the young Domingue there was no. United States control of land reason to hold Louisiana. located between the Napoleon agreed to sell, Appalachian Mountains and Louisiana to the Americans. the Mississippi River These in 1803 for 15 million. new boundaries extended, Above Governor Bernardo de Galvez Spain s empire in North United States Territory.
Louisiana State Museum,America but brought it,directly into conflict with a On December 20. STUDENT ACTIVITY, Read the surrender terms for the 1779 Battle new rival the United States 1803 French colonial. of Baton Rouge Access the desk reference at The retrocession of prefect Pierre Cl ment de. www crt state la us education for the URL Laussat transferred control. Louisiana from Spain to, France in the 1800 Treaty of of Louisiana to United States. ART ACTIVITY IBERVILLE STONE,GLEs Grade Eight 4 71 72 Grade Three 48 53 54 55. Encourage students to commemorate the bicentennial of Louisiana s statehood by exploring interesting. Celebrating the Bicentennial of Louisiana Statehood 1812 2012 Desk Reference for Educators 2011 Developed for the Louisiana Bicentennial Commission by the Office of the Lieutenant Governor and the Louisiana State Museum Department of Culture Recreation and Tourism State of Louisiana www crt state la us For information please contact Richard Hartley Special Projects Director Office of the

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