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Before the Lesson, n Collect items for the activities you plan to use referring to the Classroom Supplies and Learning Lab Supplies listed in. n Make photocopies of the Growing Together handout at the end of this lesson to send home with your children. n Pray for your students and for God s direction in teaching the lesson. This Lesson at a Glance, What Children Will Do Classroom Supplies Learning Lab Supplies. Welcome Welcome Receive a warm Family Name Tags p 128. markers scissors tape or safety,welcome from the teacher and. make name tags pins,Attention Made to Obey Obey a sound. Grabber during a fast paced game and,talk about why obedience is.
Bible Timothy Listen to several Bible CD player,Exploration Scriptures that Paul wrote to. Timothy and talk about how,Application many times Timothy is given a. command to obey, Blind Obedience Follow Bible newsprint tape marker. partners directions to draw paper pencils,pictures and talk about why. it s hard to obey then listen to,Deuteronomy 6 6 9 and find.
out that parents set rules out of,obedience to God. Heavenly Obedience Learn Bible scissors markers, what it means to obey whole construction paper glue. heartedly and create an art newsprint or whiteboard. project to learn Psalm 119 2 11a Heavenly Heart p 150. colored paper, Closing Quick Obedience Learn that Bibles CD player. quick obedience is pleasing to,God and sing a song as a promise. to obey their parents,142 Hands On Bible Curriculum Grades 1 2.
Timothy Obeys Lois Eunice and Paul, SUPPLIES Family Name Tags p 128 scissors markers tape or safety pins. Greet each child individually with an enthusiastic smile. Thank each child for coming to class today, As children arrive ask them about last week s lesson and. Growing Together discussion Use questions such as How did. you show forgiveness to someone this week and How did you. feel when you forgave someone How did it feel when someone. forgave you, Say Today we ll learn that God wants children to obey their parents. Help children attach the name tags they made during Lesson 10 to their clothing If. some of the name tags were damaged or if children weren t in class previously have. them make new name tags using the photocopiable handout. Tell children that the attention getting signal you ll use during this lesson is clicking. the creature clicker three times Ask children to respond to the signal by snapping their. fingers as they stop talking and focus their attention on you Rehearse the signal with. the children telling them to respond quickly so you ll have plenty of time for all the. fun activities planned for this lesson,Attention Grabber. n Made to Obey,SUPPLIES none,Have kids form two teams the Shakers and the.
Clickers Have the Shakers and Clickers mingle together. and crouch down Choose one person to be It and give. him or her the large maraca and the creature clicker. Say This game will test your listening skills,It s important to say the Bible Point. When It shakes the large maraca all of the Shakers will jump up do one. just as it s written in each activity, jumping jack and then crouch down again When It clicks the creature. Repeating the Bible Point over and, clicker all of the Clickers will jump up spin around in a circle and crouch over will help children remember it. down again Ready and apply it to their lives, Have It shake the maraca and click the clicker in a fast paced random pattern. for a couple of minutes Make sure It includes a brief pause after each noise to allow. children to do their actions Every so often change the actions that the Shakers and the. Clickers do For example the Shakers might jump up and shout Hooray while the. Clickers might jump up and shout Uh huh Give several children a chance to be It. After a few minutes of play collect the items and return them to the Learning Lab. Gather all the children and congratulate them on their quick reflexes. Say In this game you had to be quick to obey the sounds you heard. Ask What was easy or hard about obeying the sounds It was easy. because I could tell when she was about to shake the maraca it was hard because I kept. thinking he would click the clicker instead of shaking the maraca it was hard because I. kept following what the person next to me did but he was in the other group. Hands On Bible Curriculum Grades 1 2 143, What did you think when you jumped up at the wrong time I was.
embarrassed I was mad at myself I felt silly I decided to try harder. Say Today we re going to talk about obeying You were obeying when you. responded to the sounds that you heard You jumped up and did the action. quickly just as I asked you to, Ask What do your parents ask you to do Clean my room be nice to my. sister help with the yardwork stop watching TV finish my homework finish my. Do you always obey your parents as quickly as you obeyed in this. game Why or why not No because they ask me to do things that aren t fun no. because I d rather do what I want yes I know that I m supposed to obey my parents. Why is it important to obey Because God tells us to because you get into. trouble if you don t you might get hurt if you don t follow the rules. Say It s hard to obey all the time Sometimes we forget what the rules. are Sometimes we don t agree with what we re told to do and we disobey. on purpose Sometimes we just get confused and we mess up by mistake. just as many of us did during this game But God wants children to obey. their parents So today we re going to find out about someone who obeyed. his parents He also obeyed someone else who was like a parent to him Let s. find out what happened to him,Bible Exploration Application. Bible Insight n Timothy, First Timothy was written SUPPLIES Bible CD player. from Macedonia or northern Cue the CD to track 14 Timothy Say Paul wrote several. Greece while Timothy letters to his young friend Timothy Show kids 1 and 2 Timothy. was in Ephesus western in your Bible Let s listen to this CD to learn more about Paul. Turkey Second Timothy and Timothy s friendship In this story Paul tells about his. was written during Paul s relationship with Timothy and reads parts of his letters to. second imprisonment in Timothy,Rome Asked by Paul to. Gather the children and have them get in a good position to listen Tell them to. come to Rome during his,last days Timothy did set out.
count the number of times Paul says something that Timothy should obey After the. for Rome but it is unknown story ends turn off the CD player and ask. whether he reached the city Why was Paul so proud of Timothy Timothy listened to Paul Timothy. before Paul s death obeyed Timothy spread the news about Jesus. How many things did Paul say for Timothy to obey Do you have that. many rules to follow I counted 14 commands I have that many rules but they re. easier to follow I don t have that many rules to follow. What kinds of good things happened to Timothy because he obeyed. He became a good teacher he made his mom proud he made Paul proud he taught. many people about God, What kinds of good things might happen when you obey Maybe I can. teach others about God I ll make God proud of me my parents will give me a reward. for cleaning my room right away when they ask,144 Hands On Bible Curriculum Grades 1 2. Timothy Obeys Lois Eunice and Paul, Say Timothy knew it was wise to obey his mom and his grandmother He. also obeyed Paul because Paul was teaching him how to please God Because. Timothy obeyed many people came to know about God God wants. children to obey their parents because good things happen when we obey. HANDS ON BIBLE, You ll need a small smooth stone for each child and colorful. markers Say We re going to make something to help us remember. to trust God even when it s really hard to have faith. Help kids find Do You Really Trust Me in Genesis 22 of their. Hands On Bibles Have kids form pairs and direct partners to take turns reading. Genesis 22 1 19 When kids have finished reading help them follow the directions. for the activity, Ask Why might it have been hard for Abraham to trust God He had to.
do something really hard he didn t want to hurt his son. Why was obeying such a good thing for Abraham His son was saved he. didn t have to hurt his son God sent a lamb, When is it hard for you to obey When I have to do something I don t. want to do if someone tells me to do something that s scary or dangerous. Say Whenever God asks us to do something we should always obey. God knows what is good for us and he will make good come out of obeying. him Abraham obeyed God and Isaac obeyed his father God rewarded. Give this activity a twist to show, them both for their obedience how it is impossible to follow. different directions at the same,time Draw another design on. n Blind Obedience a sheet of paper and keep that,paper out of sight Hang a blank. SUPPLIES Bible newsprint tape marker paper pencils sheet of newsprint and have a. Before class tape a sheet of newsprint to the wall and draw the illustration that volunteer or two stand near it. appears in the margin Cover it with another sheet of newsprint so none of the children Show your secret design to the. can see the drawing rest of the class keeping it out of. the sight of your volunteer Tell, Help kids form pairs and have partners decide who will be the artist and who will be.
the class to give verbal directions, the art teacher Have the pairs sit back to back with art teachers facing the newsprint and. to the volunteer instructing him, artists facing the opposite wall Give each artist a sheet of paper and a pencil or her to draw the design you. Say Art teachers under this newsprint is a drawing that you ll describe showed to the class Ask. to the artists Describe the picture to your artist partner so he or she can What made it hard to draw. draw it You can talk to your artist partner as much as you want but you Everyone was yelling directions. can t look at your partner s drawing The artists can t talk at all or look no one told me the same thing at. at my drawing all they can do is follow your instructions You ll have two the same time. minutes How is that like trying to obey, Remove the top sheet of newsprint and have the art teachers describe the drawing your parents when others are. to the artists After two minutes call time by clicking the creature clicker Wait until the telling you other things It s. children have snapped their fingers and turned their attention to you Then have the hard to obey when my friends. pairs compare their drawings to the one on the wall want me to come over to their. house I don t want to obey when, Ask What was it like to draw a picture of something you couldn t see It. what others are telling me is more, was hard but my partner helped a lot it wasn t very hard because I got good directions.
it was hard because I couldn t talk to my partner at all it was easy because I followed. the good directions my partner gave,Hands On Bible Curriculum Grades 1 2 145. What was it like to explain the drawing to the artist It was really hard. because I couldn t look at what my partner was drawing my partner tried to follow my. directions but she didn t understand, What would have made this project easier It would have been easier if I. could have asked questions it would ve been easier if I could have seen the drawing on. the wall it would ve been easier if I could ve seen what my partner was drawing. Say It s hard to teach someone what to do And it s hard to follow. instructions exactly Sometimes it s hard to obey the instructions that. parents give us, Ask What makes it hard to obey your parents Sometimes my dad. doesn t make sense sometimes they ask me to do things I don t know how to do. sometimes I don t feel like listening to my mom I sometimes don t like what my. parents are telling me to do, What can you do to make it easier to obey I can listen more carefully I can. ask questions I can pay attention I can follow their directions right away so I don t. forget I can do what they say when they say it to get it out of the way. Say Our parents job is to teach us how to live so we stay healthy and. so we please God In fact they re obeying God when they set rules for us. Listen to what the Bible says about that Read Deuteronomy 6 6 9. Ask What does this Scripture tell parents to do To teach kids to obey. God to make children obey to always remember God s commands. What would happen if parents didn t do what God tells them to do. Children wouldn t know how to please God we wouldn t know how to obey. Say Parents work hard to teach us what to do how to follow God. Sometimes it s a hard job because we don t understand what they ask us to. do But it s important to do the best we can to obey because God wants. children to obey their parents When we obey our parents we please them. and we please God Let s find out more about how we can please God by. obeying parents,n Heavenly Obedience, SUPPLIES Bible scissors markers construction paper glue newsprint or whiteboard.
Heavenly Heart p 150 colored paper, Before class photocopy the Heavenly Heart onto different colors. of paper and cut out the heart patterns You ll need two hearts for. each child Also cut pieces of construction paper into eighths so you. have one rectangle for each child Also cut out one 6x1 inch strip of. Show kids 1 and 2 Timothy in your Bible Let s listen to this CD to learn more about Paul and Timothy s friendship In this story Paul tells about his relationship with Timothy and reads parts of his letters to Timothy Gather the children and have them get in a good position to listen Tell them to

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