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B Sc Aircraft Maintenance 2014 15 onwards CCII Page 2 of 44. III Practical Jet Engine Maintenance 4 3 40 60 100 4. III Practical Piston Engine Maintenance 4 3 40 60 100 4. IV Skill Based Subject III Maintenance Practices II 3 3 20 55 75 3. IV Skill Based Subject IV Practical Maintenance Practices II 3 3 30 45 75 3. III Elective III 4 3 20 55 75 3,III Elective IV 4 3 20 55 75 3. III Practical for Electives III 2 3 20 30 50 2,III Practical for Electives IV 2 3 20 30 50 2. Third Year Semester VI,III Project work Viva Voce ON JOB TRAINING 250 10. TOTAL 3500 140,LIST OF ELECTIVES, List of Elective papers Colleges can choose any one of the paper as electives. SUBJECT SUBJECT TITLE,Elective I Airplane Dynamics and Structure.
Helicopter Dynamics and Flight control,Elective II Airplane System. Helicopter System,Elective III Helicopter Maintenance. Light Aeroplane Maintenance,Elective IV Gear box and Rotor Maintenance. Heavy Aeroplane Maintenance,PROJECT WORK ON JOB TRAINING MARKS 250. On successful completion of five semesters the students proceed to their final semester where. they will undertake six months On Job Training related to aircraft maintenance airport. management ground handling cargo management and air traffic movements They may carry. out this project at major scheduled non scheduled airlines maintenance repair organizations. MRO s aircraft component repair shops flying clubs etc. During this period the students will work on live and airworthy aircraft and aircraft components. thereby gaining professional hands on experience in their chosen trade This enables the students. to attain the level of competency required for entry into the aviation industry It also empowers. the students to shoulder higher responsibilities within the aviation industry at a younger age. For subjects without practical,For subjects with Practical.
For Project Report 80 Marks Viva Voce 20 Marks, No University Examinations Only Continuous Internal Assessment CIA. No Continuous Internal Assessment CIA Only University Examinations. B Sc Aircraft Maintenance 2014 15 onwards CCII Page 3 of 44. CORE I BASIC AERODYNAMICS,Objectives, To help students to understand the theoretical concepts underlying the development of lift drag. and movement forces on aeronautical vehicles,Introduction to Aviation. History of Aviation Aeronautical terms and definitions Atmosphere Atmosphere layers. composition of Air Inertia of air Effect of temperature and pressure on Density Density of. air Pressure of the atmosphere Decrease of pressure and Density with altitude Effect of. temperature humidity and its effect International Standard Atmosphere ISA application to. aerodynamics,Aerodynamics, Airflow around a body Boundary layer laminar and turbulent flow free stream flow relative. airflow up wash and downwash vortices stagnation The terms camber chord mean. aerodynamic chord profile parasite drag induced drag centre of pressure angle of attack. wash in and wash out fineness ratio wing shape and aspect ratio Thrust Weight Aerodynamic. Resultant Generation of Lift and Drag Angle of Attack lift coefficient Drag coefficient stall. Aerofoil contamination including ice snow frost,Theory of Flight.
Relationship between lift weight thrust and drag glide ratio steady state flights performance. Theory of the turn Influence of load factor stall flight envelope and structural limitations Lift. augmentation,Flight Stability and Dynamics, Static stability Dynamic stability Subsidence and Divergence Longitudinal stability lateral. stability and Directional stability Factors influence longitudinal stability Factors affecting. lateral stability Factors governing directional stability Stability requirements roll with yaw. Basics for atmospheric radioactivity, Atoms and radiation Radiation and matter Source of ionizing radiation Natural radiation. Radioactivity in the natural environment Personnel exposure Radiation effects System of. radiation protection,Books for Study, Aircraft Basic science by Kroes Rardon TATA Macgraw Hill 7th Edition. Mechanics of Flight by A C Kermode Published by Dorling kindersley India Private Ltd. Airframe Power plant Mechanics General Handbook EA AC 65 15A by Federal Aviation. Administration Shroff publishers Edition 2012, Aerodynamics By L J Clancey Sterling Book House Mumbai Indian Edition 2006. B Sc Aircraft Maintenance 2014 15 onwards CCII Page 4 of 44. CORE II WORKSHOP PRACTICES I, To make the students understand the importance of workshop maintenance practices.
Safety Precautions Aircraft and Workshop, Aspects of safe working practices including precautions to take when working with electricity. gases especially oxygen oils and chemicals Also instruction in the remedial action to be taken. in the event of a fire or another accident with one or more of these hazards including knowledge. on extinguishing agents, Common hand tool types Common power tool types Lubrication equipment and methods. Operation function and use of electrical general test Equipment Care of tools control of tools. use of workshop materials Dimensions allowances and tolerances standards of workmanship. Calibration of tools and equipment calibration standards. Precision Instruments, Construction operation and use of precision instruments Micrometers of various types. internal micrometer external micro meter depth micrometer tube micrometer purpose usage. and calibration and error correction Vernier calipers purpose usage and calibration Vernier. bevel protractor Dial gauge optical flat slip gauge usages. Fits and Clearances, Drill sizes for bolt holes classes of fits Common system of fits and clearances Schedule of. fits and clearances for aircraft and engines Limits for bow twist and wear Standard methods. for checking shafts bearings and other parts,Welding Brazing Soldering and Bonding.
Methods of joining materials Welding Soldering Brazing and Bonding Types and. equipments used types of welded joints types of flames Gas welding procedure and. technique welding faults Inspection of welded and brazed joints inspection of bonded. Book for Study, Shop Theory by James Anderson Earl E Tatro McGraw Hill 6th edition. Aircraft General engineering by Lalit Gupta Himalayan Book presentation 2008. 1 Airframe Powerplant Mechanics General Handbook EA AC 65 9A by Federal Aviation. Administration Shroff publishers Edition 2012, 2 Civil Aircraft Inspection Procedures CAP 459 Part I Basic by CAA UK Sterling book. House Mumbai Edition 2006, B Sc Aircraft Maintenance 2014 15 onwards CCII Page 5 of 44. ALLIED ELECTRICAL FUNDAMENTALS, To make the students understand the principle and concept of Aircraft electricity. Generation of Electricity, Structure and distribution of electrical charges within atoms molecules ions compounds.
Molecular structure of conductors semiconductors and insulators Static electricity and. distribution of electrostatic charges Electrostatic laws of attraction and repulsion Units of. charge Coulomb s Law Conduction of electricity in solids liquids gases and a vacuum. The following terms their units and factor affecting them potential difference electromotive. force voltage current resistance conductance charge conventional current flow electron flow. Production of electricity by the following methods light heat friction pressure chemical. action magnetism and motion,DC sources of electricity. Construction and basic chemical action of primary cells Secondary cells lead acid cells. nickel cadmium cells other alkaline cells Cells connected in series and parallel internal. resistance and its effect on a battery construction materials and operation of thermocouples. Operation of photo cells, DC Circuits Ohms Law Kirchhoff s Voltage and Current Laws calculations using the above. laws to find resistance voltage and current significance of the internal resistance of a supply. Resistance Resistor, Resistance and affecting factors specific resistance Resistor colour code Values and tolerance. preferred values wattage ratings Resistors in series and parallel Calculation of total resistance. using series parallel and series parallel combination Operation and use of potentiometers and. rheostats Operation of Wheatstone Bridge Positive and negative temperature coefficient. conductance Fixed resistors stability tolerance and limitations methods of construction of. potentiometers and rheostats Construction of Wheatstone Bridge. Power Power Work and energy kinetic and potential Dissipation of power by a resistor. Power formula Calculations involving power work and energy. Capacitance Capacitor, Operation and function of a capacitor Factor affecting capacitance area of plates distance. between plates number of plates dielectric and dielectric constant working voltage voltage. rating Capacitor types construction and function Capacitor colour coding Calculation of. capacitance and voltage in series and parallel circuits Exponential charge and discharge of. capacitor time constant Testing of capacitor, B Sc Aircraft Maintenance 2014 15 onwards CCII Page 6 of 44.
Book for Study, 1 Aircraft Electricity and Electronics by Thomas Eismin Macgraw Hill Publication 6th Edition. 2 Aircraft mechanics Hand Book Airframe by FAA by Federal Aviation Administration Shroff. publishers Edition 2012, 1 Electrical Technology by B L Theraja Publisher Chand New Delhi 6th edition. 2 Aircraft Electrical System by E H J Pallett Publisher Dorling Kindersley 3rd edition. SEMESTER II,CORE III AIR LAW AIRWORTHINESS REQUIREMENTS. To make the students understand and familiarize with the air law and airworthiness requirements. Aircraft manual India Aircraft Act 1934 Aircraft Rules 1937 Various circulars and orders. issued by DGCA Airworthiness Advisory Circulars Aeronautical Information Circulars ITSO. CAR Section 2 Series A Part III CAR Section 2 Series B Part I II Car Section 2 Series C. Part I II III IV Car Section 2 Series D Part I to IX Car Section 2 Series F Part I to XXII. 2 CAR series H Part I CAR series I Part I to VIIII CAR 66 and GM to section A of CAR 66. CAR series L Part I to XI CAR series M CAR series O Part I to XIV CAR series R Part I. to VI CAR series S Part I II CAR series T Part I II CAR series X Part II to VIII. CAR 145 Approval of Maintenance Organisations Facility requirements Personal. requirements Certifying and support staff Equipments tools and material Acceptance of. components Maintenance data Production planning C of M Occurrence reporting Safety and. quality policy, Maintenance Organisation Exposition Privileges limitations and changes to the Organisation. Use of CA form 1 for maintenance Organisation approval class and rating system Various forms. Fuel tank safety training, CAR M General Accountability Continuing airworthiness Maintenance standards.
Components Maintenance organisation Continuing airworthiness management organisation. CRS Airworthiness review certificate, Acceptable means of compliance to CAR M Continuing airworthiness Maintenance standards. Components Maintenance organisation Continuing airworthiness management organisation. CRS Airworthiness review certificate CAR M Section B Procedure for DGCA. B Sc Aircraft Maintenance 2014 15 onwards CCII Page 7 of 44. CAR 21 Sub part A General Sub part B Type certificates and Restricted Type certificates. Sub part D Changes to Type certificates and Restricted Type certificates Sub part E. Supplemental Type Certificates Sub part F Production without production organization. approval Sub part G Production organization approval Sub part H C of A restricted C of A. and Export C of A Sub part I Noise certificates, CAR 21 Sub part JA Design organization approval Sub part JB Parts and appliances Sub. part K Parts and appliances Sub part M Repairs Sub part O Indian Technical Standard. order authorizations Sub part P Permit to fly Sub part Q Identification of projects Parts and. appliances,Book for Study, 1 Aircraft Manual by DGCA Sterling book House Mumbai Up Dated Latest Edition. 2 Civil Aviation Requirements Section 2 Airworthiness by DGCA Sterling book House. Mumbai Up Dated Latest Edition, 3 Aeronautical Information Circulars relating to Airworthiness by DGCA Sterling book. House Mumbai Up Dated Latest Edition, 4 Airworthiness Advisory Circulars by DGCA Sterling book House Mumbai Up Dated.
Latest Edition,www dgca nic in,CORE IV AIRCRAFT MATERIALS AND HARDWARE. To make the students understand and familiarize with the aircraft materials and hardware. Aircraft Materials, Characteristics properties and identification of common alloy steels used in aircraft Testing of. ferrous materials for hardness tensile strength fatigue strength and impact resistance. Characteristics properties and identification of common non ferrous materials used in aircraft. Wood Structures Construction methods of wooden airframe structures. Characteristics properties and types of wood and glue used in aeroplanes Preservation and. maintenance of wooden structure Types of defects in wood material and wooden structures The. detection of defects in wooden structure Repair of wooden structure Fabric covering. Characteristics properties and types of fabrics used in aeroplanes Inspections methods for. fabric Types of defects in fabric Repair of fabric covering. Chemical fundamentals Formation by galvanic action process microbiological stress. Theory of Flight Aerodynamics By L J Clancey Sterling Book House Mumbai Book for Study Shop Theory by James Anderson Earl E Tatro

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