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Meer informatie over deze en andere uitgaven kunt u verkrijgen bij. BIM Media B V,Postbus 16262,2500 bg Den Haag,tel 070 304 67 77. www bimmedia nl, Gebruik onderstaande code om dit boek eenmalig toe te voegen aan je boekenplank op. www AcademicX nl,Let op je kunt deze code maar n keer gebruiken. 2014 BIM Media,Academic Service is een imprint van BIM Media B V. Omslagontwerp Studio Bassa Culemborg,Ontwerp binnenwerk Holland Graphics Amsterdam.
isbn 978 90 395 2939 3, Alle rechten voorbehouden Alle intellectuele eigendomsrechten zoals auteurs en databankrechten ten aanzien. van deze uitgave worden uitdrukkelijk voorbehouden Deze rechten berusten bij BIM Media B V en de auteur. Behoudens de in of krachtens de Auteurswet gestelde uitzonderingen mag niets uit deze uitgave worden. verveelvoudigd opgeslagen in een geautomatiseerd gegevensbestand of openbaar gemaakt in enige vorm of. op enige wijze hetzij elektronisch mechanisch door fotokopie n opnamen of enige andere manier zonder. voorafgaande schriftelijke toestemming van de uitgever. Voor zover het maken van reprogra sche verveelvoudigingen uit deze uitgave is toegestaan op grond van artikel. 16 h Auteurswet dient men de daarvoor wettelijk verschuldigde vergoedingen te voldoen aan de Stichting. Reprorecht Postbus 3051 2130 kb Hoofddorp www reprorecht nl Voor het overnemen van gedeelte n uit. deze uitgave in bloemlezingen readers en andere compilatiewerken artikel 16 Auteurswet dient men zich te. wenden tot de Stichting pro Stichting Publicatie en Reproductierechten Organisatie Postbus 3060 2130 kb. Hoofddorp www cedar nl Voor het overnemen van een gedeelte van deze uitgave ten behoeve van commerci le. doeleinden dient men zich te wenden tot de uitgever. Hoewel aan de totstandkoming van deze uitgave de uiterste zorg is besteed kan voor de afwezigheid van. eventuele druk fouten en onvolledigheden niet worden ingestaan en aanvaarden de auteur s redacteur en. en uitgever deswege geen aansprakelijkheid voor de gevolgen van eventueel voorkomende fouten en. onvolledigheden,BABE 2 indd 2 13 01 15 11 56,How should I use this book. Better at business English Vocabulary is designed to help you help yourself. when it comes to improving the quality of your written and spoken English. The tips offered here aim to assist you in expanding your vocabulary so. that you will be able to express yourself effectively in whatever activity is. required for your studies and your future career in a professional business. environment,Practise with the exercises on AcademicX nl. AcademicX nl is the exercise and test portal of Academic Service You will. nd many exercises tests and assignments related to the topics dealt with. in this book You will receive feedback on your results pinpointing the areas. you still need to work on,Logging in, To register and log in on AcademicX nl you need an activation code This. can be found on the opposite page When you have registered you will have. unlimited access to the extra practice material,Personal progress.
AcademicX nl remembers your score even if you leave a test un nished You. can miss questions out or go back to earlier questions That is useful because. you sometimes only understand something when you have already answered. a number of questions You can follow your progress per test and see your. score and your achievements so far In this way you can work independently. C The light indicates handy tips and reminders,Visit AcademicX nl for practice material. BABE 2 indd 3 13 01 15 11 56,The Beter in series,Many examples. The Beter in series is unique in its very accessible approach with a. minimum of theory and a maximum of directly usable guidelines and. examples The many examples are clearly and systematically presented in. easy to navigate chapters This makes it easier to expand your vocabulary. and use English correctly in a professional context More information about. other titles in this series e g Better at business English Communications Beter. in spelling Beter in Nederlands Beter in gesprekstechnieken Beter in presenteren. Beter in argumenteren and Beter in rapporteren can be found on the AcademicX. Who is it for, Better at business English is written for students in the Netherlands in profes. sional higher education hbo Thanks to its clear compact layout it is ideally. suited for both classroom use and independent study It is designed to be a. practical tool based on the actual needs of teachers and students. The way students in higher education learn today is different from how. their predecessors learned The Beter in series recognises this It provides. short understandable explanations with examples taken from real business. situations and online exercises with clear feedback available 24 7 at the. AcademicX nl portal,Exercises in the book and online. Test your knowledge per topic with short exercises Topics are presented. point for point accompanied by a wide variety of exercises Extra exercises. on each topic can be found on the AcademicX nl portal. We would like to thank a number of people for their support encouragement. and insightful advice during the preparation of this book We are grateful to. Aleth Bolt and Taalcentrum vu for their kind permission to use some of our. jointly designed course materials included in Chapter 2 A special word of. thanks goes to Marieke Boonstra for teaching us about visual thinking and. second language learning We also express our gratitude to Pien Rotterdam. for commenting on the chapter dealing with multi sensory learning strate. gies for the bene t of all second language learners but particularly for visual. thinkers and dyslexics Chapter 4 Finally we would also like to thank Astrid. and Andy Baxter for suggesting some improvements to the text of this book. BABE 2 indd 4 13 01 15 11 56, 1 Text Types Language Styles and the Wonderful World of.
Dictionaries 9,1 1 What s in this chapter 9,1 2 A few words on dictionaries 9. 1 3 Informative and entertaining texts formal and informal elements 10. 1 4 Reports formal elements 12, 1 5 Textbooks and journals formal language and technical jargon 14. 1 6 Popular language 16,1 7 UK English and American English 16. 2 Words and Phrases Never Walk Alone 21,2 1 What s in this chapter 21. 2 2 Collocations 21,2 3 Verbs and prepositions 22,2 4 Idiomatic phrases and sayings 24.
2 5 Word webs 26,2 6 Thematically related words 29. 3 Characteristics of Words 31,3 1 What s in this chapter 31. 3 2 Root words 31,3 3 Pre xes and suffixes 31,3 4 Word families 34. 3 5 Synonyms and antonyms 35, 4 Multi sensory Learning Tips for Everyone especially Visual. Learners and Dyslexics 39,4 1 What s in this chapter 39.
4 2 Background information and general tips 39,4 3 Building your passive vocabulary 42. 4 4 Enhancing your active vocabulary 43,4 5 Visual help for word retention 44. 4 6 Auditory help for word retention 45, 4 7 Tactile kinaesthetic help for word retention 46. 4 8 YouTube videos 47,5 The Internet is your Friend 49. 5 1 What s in this chapter 49, 5 2 Online reference materials general dictionaries and dictionary.
of collocations 49,BABE 2 indd 5 13 01 15 11 56,Better at business English. 5 3 English for academic purposes for both writing and speaking 50. 5 4 Visual dictionaries 51,5 5 Translation websites 51. 5 6 Expert and company websites 52,5 7 Online newspapers magazines and journals 53. 5 8 Effective use of search engines 54,6 Your Own Personal Glossary 57. 6 1 What s in this chapter 57,6 2 The words you use 57.
6 3 Your personalised vocabulary notebook 58,7 Vocab Fun 61. 7 1 What s in this chapter 61,7 2 False friends words and expressions 61. 7 3 Mother tongue habits and cultural in uence 63,7 4 The Plain English Campaign 64. 7 5 Quizzes and games 65, 7 6 Testing your vocabulary Word Dynamo and Free Rice 65. 7 7 Word clouds 66,8 Answer Suggestions 69,BABE 2 indd 6 13 01 15 11 56.
Before we begin, This book aims to help you expand and improve your English vocabu. lary from level B2 the minimum achievement level set for Dutch higher. secondary education to C1 and beyond In other words it aims to help you. become truly pro cient, You will not nd exhaustive lists of words and phrases that are commonly. used in your speci c area of study and that you need to memorise what you. will nd is a series of strategies tools tips and exercises to nd store and. memorise your own vocabulary items of interest,In sum this book will help you help yourself. One nal consideration lasting success requires dedication and persever. ance and expanding your vocabulary is no different What you need is an. active combination of the following, 1 Discipline Make it a long term habit to hunt for new words and. phrases as well as to consider their contexts, 2 Focus Make conscious and concentrated attempts to.
memorise new vocabulary in ways that suit you best. 3 Con dence Be convinced that your hard work will pay off in the. end your pro ciency levels will improve slowly but. The useful websites listed in this book have been around for quite some time. and are expected to stay where they are for some time to come However. should you nd that any of them has been migrated you can use clever. search terms by selecting key words and your own internet search skills to. locate the new web address Of course you are also actively encouraged to. start looking for helpful sites yourself, We sincerely hope that this book will give you all the tips and instructions. you need to become an effective and successful manager of your own. learning process,BABE 2 indd 7 13 01 15 11 56,BABE 2 indd 8 13 01 15 11 56. 1 Text Types Language Styles and the,Wonderful World of Dictionaries. During your studies you will come across various types of text and different. language styles All of these will help you build your vocabulary allowing you. to select purposeful and effective language to communicate whatever you. need to communicate This chapter elaborates on the help that dictionaries. can offer and illustrates how vocabulary items of interest can be found in. various types of text Then it is up to you to nd your own relevant texts and. start expanding your own vocabulary toolbox,1 1 What s in this chapter. 1 2 A few words on dictionaries exercise, 1 3 Informative and entertaining texts informal and formal elements.
1 4 Reports neutral and formal language exercise, 1 5 Textbooks and journals formal language and technical jargon. 1 6 Popular language slang exercise,1 7 uk English and American English exercise. 1 2 A few words on dictionaries, To discover the world of words and phrases the rst thing you need is a. reliable learner s dictionary that lists the meanings of words their pro. nunciation and grammar codes partner words expressions synonyms. opposites and usage tips You will likely be able to use Dutch English and. English Dutch dictionaries but English English dictionaries have a special. added advantage because they offer total immersion in English the risk of. mother tongue interference will be greatly reduced. Reliable top quality English English dictionaries include the following. Longman s Dictionary of Contemporary English with cd rom for. reference and vocabulary practice, Oxford s Advanced Learner s Dictionary with vocabulary builder and. cd rom with topic vocabulary banks and integrated dictionary of. BABE 2 indd 9 13 01 15 11 56,Better at business English.
Cambridge Advanced Learner s Dictionary with cd rom containing the. complete dictionary and recordings in British and American English. Collins cobuild Advanced Dictionary of English,New Oxford American Dictionary. Merriam Webster s Learner s Dictionary, Some of these dictionaries can be consulted on the Internet free of charge. but their online versions are generally less exhaustive than the print. editions Online dictionaries can be found at, www m w com www oxfordlearnersdictionaries com de nition english. and www ldoceonline com or http dictionary reference com. Of course many publishing companies also issue thematically related or. industry speci c specialist dictionaries for use in business and economics. science and computing engineering and various elds within the care. sector You are invited to investigate which dictionaries would be useful for. you search the Internet for publishers and include your area of interest as a. search term,Exercise 1, Find a reliable learner s dictionary book or online version and look up the. words listed below Check,pronunciation and grammar codes.
meaning and partner words, Care Sector fragile ambulatory de ciency exposure struggle. Science and Technology practicable operational inference system. amplify elaborate, Economics entrepreneurial scarce commodity acquisition. merge purchase,1 3 Informative and entertaining texts formal and. informal elements, The extracts presented in this section contain formal elements correct and. suitable for official communications as well as informal elements casual. more relaxed forms of language When you study texts related to your own. eld of study try to determine which words and sentence fragments could. be termed formal and which would be informal Of course you should look. up important words that you do not recognise but which are vital to a proper. Better at business English 6 5 3 English for academic purposes for both writing and speaking 50 5 4 Visual dictionaries 51 5 5 Translation websites 51 5 6 Expert and company websites 52 5 7 Online newspapers magazines and journals 53 5 8 Eff ective use of search engines 54 6 Your Own Personal Glossary 57 6 1 What s in this chapter 57

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