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MOTOR CONNECTING SHAFT INSTALLATION 2,Inward Mounting Outward Mounting. 1 Motor may be mounted inward or outward,This is determined by the way the motor. mounting plate is attached Attach the motor,mounting plate for the desired orientation. using the 4 large countersunk bolts provided,2 After attaching the motor mounting plate. attach motor to bed lift system by sliding,motor over the hex shaft at the top of the.
motor rail the one with the micro switch wires protruding from the top and. securing with the two Philips bolts and star washers provided. 3 Make certain that the drive trolleys lower trolleys are at the same height on. both sides of trailer, 4 Install cross shaft by sliding open end of shaft over the hex shaft on the side. opposite the motor Make sure cross shaft is fully seated. 5 Loosen set screw in collar of cross shaft where gold hex shaft protrudes. 6 Draw out hex shaft and insert it into motor until E clip is seated against motor. Be sure opposite end of cross shaft remains seated Note It may be. necessary to rotate the cross shaft very slightly one way or the other to get the. shaft to engage the motor Side to side level will be affected no more than. by so doing,7 Tighten set screw in cross shaft collar. Draw hex shaft 3,into motor until,E clip is fully Tighten Set Screw. seated against,WIRING THE SYSTEM 3,POWER PIGTAIL,1 Bring 12VDC and Ground from the CONNECTOR. RV s power supply to motor location Chassis Ground. 10 gauge multi strand wire,2 Connect 12 line to the SOLID.
WHITE wire of the supplied power,pigtail and the Ground wire to the. BLACK STRIPED wire of the pigtail Same not opposite order. When holding, 3 Run the telephone style reverse pin the locking tabs. out RJ 11 cord from the Up Down toward you the, switch location to the motor location wire colors are. the same right,4 Plug the power pigtail telephone to left. switch connector motor connector,brake connector and two micro.
switch connectors red plugs into the,PNP CONTROL MODULE. 5 Secure the control module to the RV,using the mounting holes at each end. 6 Install the Up Down switch assembly,by routing or drill sawing a 1 5 hole. in wall or cabinet panel where switch,is to be mounted then drawing the. RJ 11 switch cable out through the,7 Plug the switch cable into the printed.
circuit board on the back of the switch,then put the switch in place over the. hole and secure with the screws,provided Make sure the switch is. positioned such that BOTH screws,will grab securely. CAUTION Make sure printed circuit,board is not in contact with any. metallic surface or object,TESTING THE SYSTEM,1 While pressing UP ensure that the.
trolleys travel upward If they go down re,check the orientation of the 12 VDC and. ground connections to the power pig tail,2 While running the system upward toggle the. upper micro limit switch with a stiff wire or,large paper clip Test requires 2 people. Each time the micro limit switch is,depressed the drive trolley should stop If. the trolley fails to stop when the switch is,depressed recheck all connections and 12.
and ground wire orientation,The micro limit switches are located behind. the two small Phillips screws near the top,and bottom of the rail below the motor. 2 Check the lower micro switch in the same,manner while going down. 3 If the system fails to operate recheck all,connections Also check to see that the. wires punched down into the micro switch,connectors small red ones are tightly.
secured Press these firmly in place with a,small screwdriver blade if necessary to. ensure that the pins in the connector bite,through the insulation on the wire. MOVING THE LIMIT SWITCHES, If desired the limit switches can be moved from their factory setting to one of the alternate. positions To reposition the switch remove the two small Phillips screws move the switch to. the new location and reinstall the screws CAUTION Do not over tighten the screws as this. can damage the switch Tighten slowly just until switch is snug and does not move. On upper switch be, sure to move physical If the lower micro limit switch is moved from it s. stop screws in rail lowest possible setting these stops screws must. sides as well One be added at the new switch location Screws. on each side of rail are a 10 x 3 8 self threading screw. adjacent to micro limit,switch NOTE It may be necessary to add wire to.
switches to accommodate switch movement,Failure to do so will. result in damage to,the system,EMERGENCY MANUAL OPERATION. Note Before manually cranking the bed lift the brake must be released. and the motor unplugged from the PNP Control Module. Brake release,for manual,Motor unplugs from,Control Module. Module location may,be different but will be,in close proximity to motor. CRANKING POINT One on each side,FOR MANUAL OPERATION.
May be covered with yellow caps,Use hex socket wrench. Cranking is easier if 2 people crank,one on each side of the coach. To Manually Raise the beds To Manually Lower the beds. Do the following in the order listed Do the following in the order listed. 1 Unplug the motor 1 Unplug the motor,2 Release the brake 2 Release the brake. 3 Turn hex shaft with ratchet 3 Bed will drift downward. 4 Re apply break at desired bed height 4 Re apply break at desired bed height. 5 Reconnect motor lead 5 Reconnect motor lead, CAUTION BEFORE RELEASING BRAKE IN MANUAL MODE MAKE SURE THERE ARE. NO OBSTABLES BELOW THE BED PLATFORMS KEEP HOLD OF THE BRAKE LEVER. AS THE BEDS DECEND AND BE PREPARED TO REAPPLY THE BRAKE IF NECESSARY. BED LIFT INSTALLATION Plug amp Play Models LIFT FRAME INSTALL 1 System must be installed squarely at the same height side to side and at the same distance front to back in the RV with vertical rails parallel side to side Leave wooden packing strips in place until system is secured to the RV Motor Connecting Shaft Vertical Rails 4 C

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