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8 9yr olds so you might need an, adult to read alongside you The it looks remember what you need to make sense. most important thing is that you Today we would like you to say Now you need to work out how your. find out what the main character draw the opening and build up main character is going to solve the Draw the ending onto your story. Mak has come across as his big part of your story Think of a Now you need to think of a problem in the story map and now practice retelling. problems during his adventure in main character and draw problem that your main your story You could use a. the jungle Once you ve finished pictures to introduce them and character can encounter This Now draw the problem part of your cuddly toy or make a puppet to. reading list all of the dangers show how they would be getting will be different depending story onto your story map tell the story to someone else. and problems Mac has ready to go on an expedition on where your adventure is. encountered think about where they will go taking place Look back at the You must save your story map as. and what they need to pack to story you read on Monday to next week we will be using it to. think about the problems or write the story, be certain that they will dangers an explorer could. survive encounter Please send photos of your,Now draw the problem part completed story maps to. of your story onto your story admin ravensdalei derby sch uk. How about another competition Follow the link for a challenge making an origami bookmark. https offschool org uk competition zone bookmark competition. Maths 1 Division Division Division Division Division. Using a 100 Square https www bbc co uk teach supe Complete some or all of the lessons in https www bbc co uk teach sup https www bbc co uk teach super. Circle all the multiples of 5 on a rmovers ks1 maths division with the following link dated 1st June ermovers ks1 maths movers ks1 maths multiplication. 100 square What do you notice mighty red zrh9scw multiplication and division with and division with clara the. about the numbers https whiterosemaths com homelearni clara the hen zbt9scw hen zbt9scw. Can you explain the pattern Pencils can be sold in packs of 10 ng year 2. How does this help you to divide How many packs of ten could be Have a go at the Multiplication Division 1 step word problems. these numbers sold here and Division Assessment sheets. NB Can you show this as a https www topmarks co uk maths. Questions to answer division sentence Can you show Remember to read the questions games hit the button times tables. this as a bar model carefully and to think about and division. There are 20 lego blocks How what you need to show. many towers of 5 can the,children make Mr Wood has 70p in his pocket. Share the 50 cubes equally made up of 10p coins Draw a. between 5 boxes picture to show how many 10p,15 children are put into 5 coins he has.
teams There are 90 children in Year, Can you draw a pictures to show 2 The children get into groups. your answer of 10 How many groups do,Can you write a number sentence. when done to show this Can you show your answers using. a bar model see below and by,writing a number sentence. Then try the medal tasks,divided by,Complete the medal tasks. Topic 90 PE SCIENCE ART STEM Science technology PE. minutes This week our Art lesson looks at the engineering and maths. We haven t completed many work of William Morris and. https www activederbyshire org u science experiments yet this term Repeating patterns Again there is a We always try to have a go at a https www activederbyshire org. k young peopleactive at home and there are lots of scientific lesson from Miss Harris but you can STEM challenge in each topic at uk young peopleactive at home. things that explorers would need to create your repeating pattern using school In the home learning folder we. know In school this week we will be whatever media you like In the video have put some STEM challenge cards. looking at different materials and Miss Harris doesn t add colour to her for you to have a go at let us know. trying to find out which are artwork but I m sure you could using if you give any of these a try and. waterproof so that when we are crayons felt tips pencil crayons or how you got on. building shelters in the wild we even paints,know what to cover our shelter in.
to make sure we stay dry You There are some examples of William. could have a go at covering a Morris art work below if you need. small shelter for a cuddly toy in some inspiration or if you can t access. different materials paper tin the lesson online,foil a balloon some fabric then. pour on a small cup of water and https classroom thenational academy. check if your teddy stayed dry lessons to create repeated patterns. 4ae78a activities 1,There are also some stay at home. pirate science activities for you in,the home learning folder if you d. like to try any of them out,Example of a Story Map. ur phoneme spotter Read the text together Either print off from resource list and highlight ur words or use the website creating 8 columns labelled ur ir er ear and or at the top if no printer at home continue on the website Look through the best guess poster and discuss Can you think of a sentence using some of the words children to soundtalk each word as you draw sound

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