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Trademarks, The official name of Windows Vista is Microsoft Windows Vista Operating System. The official name of Windows 7 is Microsoft Windows 7 Operating System. The official name of Windows 8 1 is Microsoft Windows 8 1 Operating System. The official name of Windows 10 is Microsoft Windows 10 Operating System. The official name of Windows Server 2008 is Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Operating System. The official name of Windows Server 2012 is Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Operating System. Microsoft Windows Windows NT and the brand names and product names of other Microsoft. products are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the US and other countries. Apple AppleTalk Macintosh Mac Mac OS Safari iPhone iPod touch TrueType AirPrint AirPrint. logo and iPad are trademarks of Apple Inc, IOS is a trademark or registered trademark of Cisco in the U S and other countries and is used. under license, Adobe Acrobat Reader and PostScript are trademarks or Adobe Systems Incorporated. Mozilla Firefox and the Firefox logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Mozilla. Foundation in the U S and other countries, IBM AT and AIX are trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation. NOVELL NetWare and NDS are trademarks of Novell Inc. FLOIL is a registered trademark of Kanto Kasei CO Ltd. MOLYKOTE is a registered trademark of Dow Corning Corporation. KAPTON is a registered trademark of E I du Pont de Nemours and Company. Sankol is a registered trademark of SANKEIKAGAKU CO Ltd. e STUDIO e BRIDGE and TopAccess are trademarks of Toshiba Tec Corporation. Other company names and product names in this manual are the trademarks of their respective. 2011 2016 TOSHIBA TEC CORPORATION All rights reserved. Under the copyright laws this manual cannot be reproduced in any form without prior written permission. of TOSHIBA TEC CORPORATION,GENERAL PRECAUTIONS REGARDING THE SERVICE.
The installation and service shall be done by a qualified service. technician,1 Transportation Installation, Be sure not to hold the movable parts or units e g the control panel ADU or RADF when. transporting the equipment,The equipment must be grounded for safety. Select a suitable place for installation Avoid excessive heat high humidity dust vibration and. direct sunlight Install the equipment making sure that the original glass is level. Provide proper ventilation since the equipment emits a slight amount of ozone. To insure adequate working space for the copying operation keep a minimum clearance of 80. cm 32 on the left 80 cm 32 on the right and 10 cm 4 on the rear. The equipment shall be installed near the socket outlet and shall be easily accessible. Be sure to fix and plug in the power cable securely after the installation so that no one trips over. When the equipment is used after the option is removed be sure to install the parts or the covers. which have been taken off so that the inside of the equipment is not exposed. 2 General Precautions at Service, Be sure to turn the power OFF and unplug the power cables during service except for the. service should be done with the power turned ON, After the power cable is disconnected an electric charge may remain in the boards of the. equipment Therefore be sure to disconnect or connect the connectors when about 1 minute. e g the time for taking off the rear cover has passed after the power cable is disconnected. Unplug the power cable and clean the area around the prongs of the plug and socket outlet once. a year or more A fire may occur when dust lies on this area. When the parts are disassembled reassembly is the reverse of disassembly unless otherwise. noted in this manual or other related documents Be careful not to install small parts such as. screws washers pins E rings star washers harnesses in the wrong places. Basically the equipment should not be operated with any parts removed or disassembled. The PC board must be stored in an anti electrostatic bag and handled carefully using a antistatic. wrist strap since the ICs on it may be damaged due to static electricity. Caution Before using the antistatic wrist strap unplug the power cable of the. equipment and make sure that there are no charged objects which are not. insulated in the vicinity, Avoid expose to laser beam during service This equipment uses a laser diode Be sure not to.
expose your eyes to the laser beam Do not insert reflecting parts or tools such as a screwdriver. on the laser beam path Remove all reflecting metals such as watches rings etc before starting. Be sure not to touch high temperature sections such as the exposure lamp fuser unit damp. heater and areas around them, Be sure not to touch high voltage sections such as the chargers transfer belt 2nd transfer roller. developer high voltage transformer exposure lamp control inverter inverter for the LCD. backlight and power supply unit Especially the board of these components should not be. touched since the electric charge may remain in the capacitors etc on them even after the. power is turned OFF, Make sure that the equipment will not operate before touching potentially dangerous places e g. rotating operating sections such as gears belts pulleys fans and laser beam exit of the laser. optical unit, Be careful when removing the covers since there might be the parts with very sharp edges. underneath, When servicing the equipment with the power turned ON be sure not to touch live sections and. rotating operating sections Avoid exposing your eyes to laser beam. Use designated jigs and tools, Use recommended measuring instruments or equivalents.
Return the equipment to the original state and check the operation when the service is finished. Be very careful to treat the touch panel gently and never hit it Breaking the surface could cause. malfunctions, Do not leave plastic bags where children can get at them This may cause an accident such as. suffocation if a child puts his her head into a bag. Plastic bags of options or service parts must be brought back. There is a risk of an electric shock or fire resulting from the damage to the harness covering or. conduction blockage To avoid this be sure to wire the harness in the same way as that before. disassembling when the equipment is assembled disassembled. 3 General operations, Check the procedures and perform them as described in the Service Manual. Make sure you do not lose your balance, Avoid exposure to your skin and wear protective gloves as needed. 4 Important Service Parts for Safety, The breaker IH coil door switch fuse thermostat thermofuse thermistor batteries IC RAMs. including lithium batteries etc are particularly important for safety Be sure to handle install them. properly If these parts are short circuited and their functions become ineffective they may result. in fatal accidents such as explosion or burnout Do not allow a short circuit and do not use the. parts not recommended by Toshiba TEC Corporation,5 Cautionary Labels.
During servicing be sure to check the rating plate and cautionary labels such as Unplug the. power cable during service CAUTION HOT CAUTION HIGH VOLTAGE CAUTION. LASER BEAM etc to see if there is any dirt on their surface and if they are properly stuck to the. 6 Disposal of the Equipment Supplies Packing Materials Used Batteries and IC RAMs. Regarding the recovery and disposal of the equipment supplies packing materials used. batteries and IC RAMs including lithium batteries follow the relevant local regulations or rules. 7 When the option has been installed, When the EFI printer board has been installed be sure to unplug the power cable before. performing maintenance and inspection otherwise troubles such as a communication error may. Dispose of used batteries and IC RAMs including lithium batteries according to this manual. Se d barrasser de batteries et IC RAMs us s y compris les batteries en lithium selon ce manuel. Entsorgung der gebrauchten Batterien und IC RAMs inclusive der Lithium Batterie nach diesem. 1 OUTLINE 1 1,1 1 About MFPs 1 1,1 2 Types and Features of Options 1 1. 1 3 Definition of terms 1 2,1 4 Mechanism of MFPs 1 4. 1 5 HDD Memory Map 1 5,1 6 Adjustments 1 12,1 7 Firmware Update 1 14. 1 8 Preventive Maintenance 1 15,1 8 1 Overview 1 15.
1 8 2 Preventive maintenance parts PM parts 1 15,1 8 3 Overhaul 1 15. 1 8 4 Conceptual drawing 1 15, 1 9 Notes when Connecting or Disconnecting Connector Harness 1 16. 1 9 1 General connector 1 16,1 9 2 Flat cable connector 1 17. 2 COPY PROCESS 2 1,2 1 General Description 2 1,2 1 1 Expression of Colors 2 1. 2 1 2 4 Step Copy Process 2 2,2 2 Description of Operation 2 3.
2 3 Functions 2 4,3 GENERAL OPERATION 3 1,3 1 Overview of Operation 3 1. 3 2 Description of Operation 3 2,3 2 1 Warming up 3 2. 3 2 2 Ready ready for copying 3 3, 3 2 3 Drawer feed copying 1st drawer paper feeding 3 3. 3 2 4 Bypass feed copying 3 6,3 2 5 Interruption copying 3 6. 3 3 Detection of Abnormality 3 7,3 3 1 Types of abnormality 3 7.
3 3 2 Description of abnormality 3 7,4 CONTROL PANEL 4 1. 4 1 General Description 4 1,4 2 Items Shown on the Display Panel 4 2. 4 2 1 Display 4 2,4 2 2 Message 4 3, 4 3 Relation between the Equipment State and Operator s Operation 4 9. 4 4 Self diagnostic mode 4 11,4 5 Error Cord 4 12,5 SCANNER 5 1. 5 1 General Description 5 1,5 2 Construction 5 2,5 3 Functions 5 3.
5 4 Description of Operation 5 6,5 4 1 Scanning operation 5 6. 5 5 Electric Circuit Description 5 7,5 5 1 Exposure Lamp Control Circuit 5 7. 5 5 2 General Description of CCD Control 5 8, 5 5 3 Automatic Original Size Detection Circuit 5 9. 2011 2016 TOSHIBA TEC CORPORATION All rights reserved Basic Manual. 6 IMAGE PROCESSING 6 1,6 1 General Description 6 1. 7 LASER OPTICAL UNIT 7 1,7 1 General Description 7 1.
7 2 Structure 7 2,7 3 LED print head 7 6,8 PAPER FEEDING SYSTEM 8 1. 8 1 General Descriptions 8 1,8 2 Composition 8 3,8 3 Functions 8 4. 8 4 Description of Operation 8 6,8 4 1 Drive of rollers 8 6. 8 4 2 Operation of bypass pickup roller 8 6,8 4 3 Operation of drawer pickup roller 8 7. 8 4 4 Separation of paper 8 8,8 4 5 General operation 8 9.
9 PROCESS UNIT RELATED SECTION 9 1,9 1 General description 9 1. 9 2 Composition 9 3,9 3 Functions 9 4,10 TRANSFER UNIT 10 1. 10 1 General Descriptions 10 1,10 2 Composition 10 2. 10 3 Functions 10 3,10 4 General description of operation 10 5. 10 4 1 Printing in the color modes 10 5,10 4 2 Printing in the black mode 10 6.
10 4 3 Color registration control 10 7,11 IMAGE QUALITY CONTROL 11 1. 11 1 General Description 11 1,11 2 Composition 11 2. 12 FUSER UNIT 12 1,12 1 General Description 12 1,12 2 Composition 12 2. 12 3 Functions 12 3,12 3 1 Heat source section 12 5. 12 3 2 Fuser drive section 12 5,12 4 Description of Operation 12 6.
13 DUPLEX SECTION 13 1,13 1 General Description 13 1. 13 2 Composition 13 2,13 3 Functions 13 3,13 3 1 Duplexing unit 13 3. 13 4 Description of Operations 13 4,13 5 Method 13 5. 14 EXIT SECTION 14 1,14 1 General Description 14 1. 14 2 Composition 14 3,14 3 Functions 14 4,14 3 1 Paper exit unit 14 4.
14 3 2 Bridge unit 14 4,14 4 Description of Operations 14 5. Basic Manual 2011 2016 TOSHIBA TEC CORPORATION All rights reserved. 15 Maintenance Part List 135,REVISION RECORD 138, 2011 2016 TOSHIBA TEC CORPORATION All rights reserved Basic Manual. Basic Manual 2011 2016 TOSHIBA TEC CORPORATION All rights reserved. This manual describes basic features of the MFP Multifunction Peripherals Refer to the Service 1. Manual or Service Handbook for the specific features of each model. 1 1 About MFPs, MFP is a device that performs a variety of functions based on a copier including at least one of the. 1 2 Types and Features of Options, The types of options that can be installed to an MFP are shown below. Some options are equipped as a standard device while others are not set as an option Check Service. Manual for options available for each model,Type Name Function.
Options related Reversing Automatic This option automatically scans both sides of an. to original Document Feeder original, feeding Automatic Document This option automatically scans only one side of an. Feeder original, Original Cover This option holds an original placed on the original. glass This is required when neither the RADF or the. ADF is installed, Options related Paper Feed Pedestal This option consists of multiple drawers except for. to paper some models to be used in combination with the. feeding drawers of an MFP making three or four drawers. C available This enables users to select different media. types or paper sizes simultaneously by placing them in. each drawer, Large Capacity Feeder This option feeds a large amount of paper at one time. Although the paper sizes available are limited,thousands of sheets of paper can be placed in it.
2011 2016 TOSHIBA TEC CORPORATION All rights reserved BASIC MANUAL. Type Name Function, Options related Finisher This option exits paper according to a function selected. to exiting copier fax or printer When the copier or the printer. function is selected paper can be made to exit and in. addition be sorted and stapled, Bridge Kit This option is used in combination with the Finisher and. transports paper from the inner receiving section to the. BASIC MANUAL Model Publish Date April 2011 File No SME100005G0 R100321I5904 TTEC Ver07 F 2016 04

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